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First Submission

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Carrie hesitated before knocking on the door. She had agreed to meet him here, in this hotel room, to go out to dinner and return for play, but now all her doubts and second thoughts rose to the surface of her mind, and she felt as if she couldn't breathe. But if she turned back now she would never know what she had missed, and the need pulled at her with a strength she could not deny.

Her hand reached out, almost of its own accord, and she rapped timidly against the panel.

They had reached each other through her personal ad on the net, and corresponded through e-mail for quite a while. She was a novice, with dark fantasies she'd never thought would come true, and never dared to tell another soul. He was an experienced initiate, who had patiently educated her in the ways of dominance and submission. After many messages back and forth, in which he had directed her education and commanded her to do a number of things, including several self-bondage adventures, they had finally met. At that first meeting, he had gently introduced her to bondage at his hands. Now, though her pulse raced and she trembled slightly, she was eager to experience it again.

"Come in." The voice of her Master, bidding her enter.

She entered, and shut the door behind her. She clasped her hands together in front of her, and lowered her head submissively, as he had taught her. She shyly looked up at him through her lashes. "Your slave is ready for your commands, Master", she said softly.

Her Master strode across the room, reached out and took her gently by the shoulders. Pulling her to him, he kissed her on the lips. She melted against him, lips parting to admit his questing tongue. She moaned with pleasure, briefly losing all sense of herself. Then he was gone, and she blinked in surprise, finding him standing a few feet away, watching her.

"Welcome, slave", he said. "Now strip, and assume Position Two. You have one minute.

"But", she stammered, "I thought we were going out to dinner." Her trembling began again.

"We are, slave. But we have a few things to do first. You now have forty five seconds." He looked pointedly at his watch.

Carrie, hands trembling, quickly began to take off her clothes. She pulled them off hurriedly, and then dropped to her knees. 'Position Two' she thought. She closed her eyes and crossed her wrists behind her back, lips parting slightly.

"Wider, slave. And you were too slow. You will be punished for that."

She heard him move around the room. She thought of opening her eyes, just a crack, to see what he was doing, but knew she didn't dare.

A blindfold was slipped on her. Then she felt the cold metal of handcuffs on her wrists. The click as they locked on sounded impossibly loud to her. Then something was shoved roughly into her mouth and a strap buckled tightly around her head. The penis gag, her tongue told her, the thick latex dildo filling her mouth and stifling any protest even before it could begin. Her heartbeat thundered in her ears, and her mind reeled, as she wondered what would come next...

To be continued...

Chapter 2.

Carrie was on her knees. Naked. Hands cuffed behind her back. A

blindfold kept her in darkness. The big penis gag in her mouth kept her silent. She was totally at the mercy of this man who was her Master.

"Stand, slave", said her Master.

She stood, and then felt his hand on her arm. He pulled her toward him, then pulled her down, across his lap -- he was sitting on the edge of the bed, she realized. Now she was across his lap, and she knew what would happen next.


She cried out involuntarily at the first slap of his hand on her vulnerable behind, but the gag turned the cry to a low, muffled grunt. "MMMPPHH!"


He spanked her several times, and each time she cried out, but the gag effectively silenced her. She lost track of the number of times, but it probably wasn't many. Nonetheless, her bottom was warm and stinging when he stopped.

He pulled her to her feet, and led her a few steps from the bed -- but her disorientation was complete, and she had no idea where in the room she was. "Position Six, slave. The table is right in front of you." He guided her down to the table's surface, her bare breasts lying on the cold tabletop. Then he began caressing her body, rubbing her bottom, soothing it...hands tracing lightly over her back, her thighs, spreading them...running fingers through her hair, rubbing her arms. She moaned and purred into the gag, like a satisfied kitten. He began to kiss her as well, on her back and her neck. Then she felt something cold at her puckered rear hole -- his lubed finger, sliding its way in. She stiffened.

"Mmmpp, nmmphh!" She tried to speak, to plead with him not to do that to her, but the gag kept her voice unintelligible. His finger probed in, lubing her rear passage well. His other hand began to rub her pussy, probing inward, and fingering her clit. She began to relax again. Then his finger left her ass, and she breathed a sigh of relief. Her respite was short-lived however, as she felt something else suddenly at her anus -- something that slowly, gently, but inexorably forced its way inside.

She protested again -- she knew it had to be that butt-plug, and she didn't want it -- but to no avail. "Quiet, slave. This is your punishment. Get used to it, and you may actually enjoy it." After the first few seconds, it didn't hurt anymore -- but it was such an odd feeling, such a strange fullness. She didn't think she'd ever get used to it. She certainly wasn't going to forget it was there.

He pulled her to her feet again, and once more began to caress her, all over, and kiss her neck and her shoulders. His hands cupped her breasts, and pinched her nipples gently.

She moaned again, not sure whether in pleasure or pain. As he held her, she felt so helpless, yet so safe in his arms.

He turned her around, then released her. "On your knees, slave," he said. "Position Two."

She carefully lowered herself -- not such an easy task, blindfolded and with hands cuffed behind her -- but she sensed his presence close beside her, and knew that he would not let her fall. She assumed Position Two, as best she could. Then he unbuckled the strap of her gag, and it slid out of her mouth.

She worked her jaw a couple of times, and swallowed some saliva. When she was ready to talk, she said "Master, do I have to wear the plug?" She could feel it there, with every movement.

"Yes, slave, it's part of your punishment. Don't question your Master's wishes. Now, are you ready to taste your Master's cock?"

"Yes, Master," she said, and opened her mouth wide. She felt the head of his penis touch her cheek, and she reached for it with her mouth -- but was stopped short, by her Master holding her by the hair. He wouldn't let her move her head, so she reached out with her tongue, managing to touch the head of her Master's penis. She licked it as best she could, and pulled against the grip on her hair, trying to get her mouth on it.

After a few seconds of this, her Master pulled her head forward, at the same time pushing his cock fully into her mouth. The head pressed against the back of her throat, and she gagged for a moment, but then began to suck, moving her mouth up and down the shaft.

After a few minutes of this, Master pulled free of her mouth. "That's enough for now, slave," he said. "We have other things to do." Her blindfold was removed. She blinked against the light, then looked up. Her Master stood over her with a strip of black leather in his hands. It had a buckle, and looked like some kind of short belt -- or, she realized, a collar!

Master knelt down directly in front of her, so that his face was only a few inches above hers. She met his direct gaze shyly. He brought the collar to her neck, and buckled it on.

"Now, slave, you are mine, and that collar will remind you of it -- and proclaim it to any who see it."

He stood, and motioned for her to rise. He stepped behind her and removed the cuffs. Then he told her to get dressed, and to use the bathroom if she needed to -- but to leave the door open, and that if she removed the plug, she had better put it back in.

She did as he told her. Her protests had no effect on him. He simply said, "Slave, the plug is your punishment, and, along with the collar, a reminder of your status.

During dinner, you will not forget you are my slave, even in public. My belt is also a reminder for you." Her Master was wearing a wide, black leather belt. "If you disobey or make too much fuss during dinner, I may spank you with this. If you are bad enough, I just might take your panties down in the restaurant, and spank you in front of everyone." She gasped. 'He wouldn't really do that -- would he?' carrie thought.

After she was fully dressed, they went down in the elevator. As soon as the elevator doors closed, her Master grabbed her, kissed her hard and forced his tongue deep in her mouth, as his hands grasped her breast and reached under her skirt to stroke her pussy. Then the elevator stopped, and he released her, but put his arm around her waist possessively. An older couple got in, and the elevator began to descend again.

Suddenly, his hand reached under her skirt from behind, and wiggled the plug in her ass. She had to bite back a squeal, and the old couple looked at her for a second, then returned to their own conversation.

They reached his car without further incident. When she sat down in the car, the plug was forced further into her ass, causing her to squeal again. Once safely inside the car, he produced another belt and the handcuffs. He wrapped the belt about her thighs, just above the knees, and buckled it tight. He then cuffed her hands together, with the chain of the handcuffs around the belt, so that her hands were held down at her thighs. Then the seat belt went around her, making her bondage even more secure.

"Now, slave carrie," he said, "I'll give you a choice. Which do you want to wear on the drive to the restaurant -- the ball-gag, or the blindfold? If you pick the right one, you will wear it. If you pick the wrong one, you will wear BOTH. So which do you choose, slave?"

Carrie thought for a second, then blurted out her choice. Her Master smiled, and said "Wrong, slave." He then quickly pushed the ball-gag between her lips, buckling it tightly behind her, and the whole world vanished as he added the blindfold. She shook her head and grunted, trying to plead with him not to do this to her. As He started the car, she could only wonder, 'How many traffic lights are there between here and the restaurant?'

To be continued...

Chapter 3

Carrie moaned into her gag. Her wrists were cuffed, and the cuffs secured to the belt binding her thighs together. The seat belt was buckled tightly around her, increasing her helplessness. The blindfold hid the world from her, but at least gave her the feeling that she was also hidden from the world. Intellectually, she knew that was not the case, but she was living in a world of feelings and emotions now, not the rational world she had been in before tonight.

They were driving. She knew that, but she knew nothing about where they were or where they were going.

She only knew that she was totally at the mercy of this man, who had taken her fantasies and made them her life. He was in control, and she could do nothing but go along for the ride.

The illusion of invisibility the blindfold had given her was dispelled at the first traffic light, when she heard a voice say "Hey, look at that!", and then whistles and a horn blowing, as they sped away. She blushed from her head to her toes, but she also felt the heat rising in her loins.

Tonight was a night when all her secret fears and desires would come out to play.

As they drove, from time to time she felt a sudden touch -- at her breast, or a stroke along the inside of her thigh, a touch upon her cheek. They stopped at two more traffic lights, and each time she held her breath, certain that someone was going to see her, but she heard nothing but the sound of her own heartbeat --

which sounded, to her, louder than anything she had ever heard.

And during the whole trip, her Master never said a word.

They reached their destination. The blindfold was removed, and the first thing she saw was her Master, gazing directly into her eyes, a slight smile on his face. He stroked her cheek and smoothed her hair, and his eyes never left her face. For her part, she could not have broken her gaze from his eyes if her life had depended upon it.

"You look beautiful gagged, slave carrie", he said, softly. "It brings out your eyes." He looked away for a moment; when he looked back, his face was stern. "When we are in the restaurant, you will of course not call me Master. I will call you carrie, but it will mean "slave"; you will call me by name, respectfully, and you will mean "Master". You will wear your collar and plug; they will keep you from forgetting your status." He unbuckled the seat belt, and removed her cuffs and the belt around her thighs. Lastly he removed her ball-gag. "And, slave," he said, patting his belt, "Do not forget what I promised to do if you do not behave yourself. Do you understand, slave?"

She swallowed. "Yes, Master," she said, submissively. Her lip trembled.

She could not believe she was actually doing this. For a moment, she had the wild urge to flee. She almost called it all off, right then, but she knew that he would be displeased if she did that. And she so wanted to please him.

They entered the restaurant, hand in hand, looking like any other couple.

She was sure that everyone could see; that her status had to be as plain to them as it was to her. But no one one looked their way, or stared, or pointed. A waitress seated them, and her Master ordered them each a glass of wine.

Throughout dinner, she could not concentrate. The plug kept stirring inside her with her every movement;

she was certain people were staring at her collar. In truth, the only one who seemed to notice it at all was the waitress. The buckle was hidden by her hair; it could appear to be a simple choker. She thought the waitress realized what it truly was, but she could not be sure.

She had two or three glasses of wine -- her Master kept having her glass refilled. She was feeling the effects when they left the restaurant. At least, she thought, she had managed to avoid being spanked in the middle of dinner.

In the car, her Master returned her to her former state -- bound, gagged, and blindfolded. On the way back to the hotel, he suddenly swore softly, and slowed the car, pulling over and stopping. "The police", he said.

Carrie's heart skipped a beat. He had to be fooling her. She'd just die if they were discovered. She was almost sure that he was just toying with her, when she heard a voice that was not her Master's say, "Good evening. What's going on here?"

There following some rapid explaining, which required the removal of her gag and blindfold. Her Master showed the policeman his ID and hers. The policeman asked if that was who she was, and if she was sure she was all right. She assured the policeman that she was not being kidnapped. Once the policeman was sure everything was all right, her Master commanded her to ask the policeman if he would like to put her gag back in. Nervously, she did so, and the policeman smiled, took the gag, and awkwardly put it into her mouth and buckled it behind her head.

They reached the hotel without further incident. She was freed from her bondage, and they went in, and got into the elevator. Once alone in the elevator, her Master produced his handcuffs. He quickly cuffed her hands behind her back, and then kissed her tenderly. His hands began to caress her breasts, her thighs, her buttocks. She was pressed against the wall of the elevator by his body;

his tongue was probing deeply into her mouth. Then the elevator stopped, before reaching their floor. Her Master released her, but her hands were still cuffed behind her! The doors opened, and in walked the same elderly couple that had walked in on them before -- getting in on the fifth floor, going up! Her Master rolled his eyes, and carrie held her breath, trying to keep her handcuffed wrists out of their view.

Fortunately, they never noticed. When the elevator reached their floor, they got out, leaving the old couple arguing in the elevator, headed back down to the lobby.

She was still handcuffed, as he led her to his room. Her heart was pounding; any minute she expected someone to step out of one of the rooms and see her. They reached his door, and he opened it with his key.

Before leading her inside, he took her in his arms, and kissed her, then whispered, "Dinner is over, slave.

Now comes dessert..."

To be continued...

Chapter 4

Her Master led carrie into the room. Her hands were still cuffed behind her. She still wore her collar, and she still had that butt-plug in her ass. The room was softly lit by a single lamp. Her Master shut the door behind her, after putting the "Do not disturb" sign on the knob, and locked the door.

He removed the cuffs from her wrists. He told her to use the bathroom if she needed to, and to be naked when she emerged. She got a little respite from the plug for a few minutes while she was in the bathroom, but when she was done, she knew that she had to put it back in, or he would be displeased.

She returned to the room, wearing only her collar. Her master stood in the center of the room. He grasped her shoulders, and turned her around gently. He then placed the ball gag in her mouth, and buckled it in tightly. "On the bed, slave carrie. Position Five," he said. She obediently got on the bed, on her hands and knees, and lowered her face and torso toward the bed, leaving her ass sticking up in the air. She felt so vulnerable and humiliated in this position. It was so lewd -- nothing a good Catholic girl should ever be seen doing.

He repositioned her knees, spreading them even further apart than she had had them. She whimpered at this, unsure of what he intended. He ignored her complaints, reaching forward and grasping her arms, he pulled them back between her knees. He cuffed her wrists together with his steel handcuffs. He then took a cloth tie, and tied it first to one of her ankles, then ran it through the chain of her handcuffs, and then tied it tightly about her other ankle. She was now in sort of a reverse hog-tie -- on her knees, ass in the air, leaning forward on her breasts, chin, and bound arms, wrists bound to her ankles.

Her arms were in front of her, below her belly, cuffed together between her knees. She whimpered again.

Never in her life had she been in a position this vulnerable. She could move, a little -- enough to wiggle her ass in a lewd display.

He stood, and walked around her, admiring the view from all angles. She followed him with her eyes, as best she could from her position. "Now, slave," he said, "what should I do with you." He circled her again.

"Anything I want to, I suppose. You certainly can't get away from me now, can you? No, not much you could do to stop me." He reached out, and began to slowly caress her.

"I could, for instance, spank you."

The caresses continued, slowly. "Or perhaps I could whip you with my belt. Or with that new flogger I bought." 'What flogger?' she thought. His hand reached her pussy, and began to rub the outer lips. "Or I could," as his fingers entered her, "FUCK this hot little slavegirl. As long and as hard as I want. Would you like that, slave?" She could only moan into her gag. His fingers were moving around, playing with her clit.

Her breathing quickened. "Or perhaps," he said, as he touched the butt-plug, pressing it a little further into her, "I could fuck your ass. What do you say to that, slave?" She grunted muffled protests into her gag.

"What's that, slave? I can't hear you. Was that, 'Please fuck my ass, Master'?" He smiled. "Somehow I doubt it. I don't think you're ready for that, slave. For now, I think you need a spanking." His hands had stopped playing with her pussy and asshole. Now he was gently rubbing her butt with one hand. It felt so good...

SMACK! "Mmmpphh!" She cried out into her gag, as he began to spank her again. She began to struggle, but he put his free arm around her waist and held her in place, as his other hand relentlessly spanked her, over and over. "You've been a naughty girl, slave. Bad little girls deserve a spanking." She grunted and yelped into her gag as he spanked her. A few times his hand struck the base of the plug, bringing an extra-

loud cry from her. Finally he stopped, and began to rub her ass gently again, soothing it.

"There, there, slave. It's all over. You did very well. Good girl."

He untied her ankles, and unlocked one of her cuffs. He helped her to her feet. She began to rub her ass cheeks -- they were a little sore -- and made some nonsense noises behind her gag. She then felt his hands on her arms again, as he stood behind her. He held them firmly, and fastened the cuffs again, with her wrists behind her back this time.

She grunted a protest, which he ignored. He took a belt, pulled her legs together, and fastened it just above her knees, cinching her thighs tightly together. Another cloth tie or something went around her arms above the elbows, drawing them tightly together. Then he put the blindfold on her.

He turned her to face him, and then she felt the bite of a clothespin on her right nipple. "Mmmpp!

Nnmmpp!" she grunted into her gag. Then the other clothespin went on her left nipple, despite her continuing protests. Then she felt hands at her throat, adjusting the collar -- and then a click, as something was fastened to it. A leash, she realized.

He pulled on the leash, and led her across the room. She had to take short, mincing steps, careful to maintain her balance, because of her bound legs. He grasped her by the shoulders, and turned her, so that he was behind her, holding her close to him. He began to caress her, her shoulders, her arms...reaching around, stroking her breasts, playing with the clothespins on her nipples...kissing her shoulders, her neck...blowing in her ear...a hand stealing down to play with her pussy...She could feel his hardness pressing against her naked behind, and his bare chest ('when did he take his shirt off', she wondered) against her bound arms. She began to use her cuffed hands to try to undo his jeans. He wiggled the plug in her ass, making her squeal.

He resumed playing with her pussy with one hand, as she continued trying to reach her goal, struggling with the zipper. She gasped as he removed the clothespins from her nipples, kissing her neck, and then he reached up and removed her blindfold...

Her breathing stopped for an instant as she saw herself, in the mirror he had positioned them directly in front of. She saw herself as a bound and naked slavegirl, helpless in the strong arms of her Master, gagged, collared, flushed with her own lustful desires, her pussy wet, breasts heaving, nipples hard and erect, back arched, baring her neck for her Master's kiss, her hands still seeking the hard cock that she so wanted her Master to fuck her with...

To be continued...

Chapter 5

"Do you like what you see, carrie?" her Master asked. "You see yourself as a naked slave-girl, helpless in your Master's arms." He whispered softly into her ear, "You're such a slut, you can't even wait for me to fuck you; you're trying to get to my cock already. Such a naughty little girl."

He took a step back from her, still holding her by the shoulders. "I think that'll wait for a while. I have a few more things planned for now." He reached down, and freed her legs.

Then he turned her, and unlocked the cuffs, and freed her arms. Now she was free of everything, except the gag, the leash and collar, and that plug still in her ass.

She reached up to undo the gag, but he slapped her hand away. "A slave never frees herself. That stays on until I remove it." He unclipped the leash from her collar, and he sat down on the bed. "Now, dance for me, slave carrie. Show me how much you want me."

So she began to sway seductively before him, dancing for him as best she could. She still wore the collar, and the ball-gag. The butt-plug in her ass made its presence felt with every movement. She swung her hips back and forth, and wiggled her butt for him; she caressed her own body with her hands, cupping her breasts, running a hand through her hair, then a hand down to her crotch.

After a minute or so of this, he stood, and motioned her close to him.

"On your knees, bitch," he said. She dropped to her knees, looking up at him submissively. "Now, get my cock out of my pants and get me ready."

Slave carrie reached out and finished pulling down the zipper of his jeans, and then she freed his cock from his pants. It was already hard as a rock. She stroked it with her hands, and nuzzled it with her gagged lips and her cheek. She looked up at him, as she stroked him, pleading with him to let her do what they both wanted.

He reached down and unbuckled the ball-gag. She paused only for a deep breath and to work her jaw a little, and then she wrapped her lips around his cock and got to work.

She moved her mouth up and down the shaft, her tongue working the head. She felt his hands gripping her head by the hair, and he began to move his hips, fucking her mouth as she sucked him. She sucked harder, and they began moving faster and faster, their pulses quickening, her hands running up and down the backs of his thighs, cupping his ass cheeks, feeling the strong muscles there. Then he exploded into her mouth, and she held him tightly, hands on his ass, his hands still holding her by the back of her head and her hair, as he shuddered and came.

He released her, and pulled out of her mouth. She licked her lips and wiped her face, trying to catch her breath. He let her rest for a moment, while he fastened his jeans again.

Then he picked up a gag, the penis-

gag this time, and approached her. He motioned her to her feet. She rose, and looked up at his face. He smiled, and then he took the penis-gag, and brought the thick latex dildo to her lips. "Open your mouth, slave," he said. She opened, and he slid the gag into her mouth, and fastened it behind her head. "So you can remember the feel of my cock in your mouth, slaveslut," he said.

He then showed her the blindfold, and put it on her. He left her standing there a moment, blindfolded and gagged, unbound but helpless, not knowing what was coming next. Then he took her by the wrist, and led her to the bed.

Shortly she was tied, spread-eagled, to the bed. She lay there, naked, bound, gagged, and blindfolded.

Totally helpless, totally at the mercy of her Master. And that Master proceeded to torment her.

For the next half hour or so, he teased and tormented carrie, as she lay, bound and helpless on the bed. Each time it was something different. Clothespins on her nipples. Tickling her ribs. Gentle kisses on her breasts, her stomach, her neck. Blowing into her ear. Swats of a ruler on the soles of her feet. Strokes of an ice cube, on her breasts, her armpits, her inner thighs, and the lips of her pussy. A vibrator, on her nipples, her clit, and once pressed against the butt-plug, so that the vibrations were felt deep within her rectum.

Then gentle kisses and caresses. The clothespins removed, and his mouth, sucking on her breasts, gently nibbling on her nipples. His hand, at her pussy, fingers sliding in, finding her clit. Then replaced, by his mouth, his tongue. The whole time, she grew hotter and hotter, moaning into her gag, sucking at it, pulling helplessly at her bonds.

He was licking at her pussy now, sucking on her clit, playing with it with his tongue. Her moans became louder and louder, as she neared her climax. Then, his mouth was gone, and an instant later, he entered her, his cock thrusting in, in and out, her moans joined by his, as they both got closer and closer, finally each reaching their climax in their own way, at the same time, losing themselves completely in their passion.

After a time, after they had relaxed, and some of their strength had returned, he freed her, kissing her gently.

He removed everything, even her collar and the butt-plug. Then they massaged each other, letting go of all the built up tensions in their bodies.

After that, they cuddled together on the bed, in the dark, and talked softly about the evening. As they began to drift off to sleep, he told he that he had more planned for tomorrow...

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