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Festival of the Ancients Chapter 5

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Chapter 5


The slaves lay on their pallets in the afternoon heat, enjoying the coolness the overhead water misters were producing. It felt good to Patty to be nude, and she realized this was probably the longest time in her life she had been without wearing any clothes at all. Her tits were sore from the early morning practice and then the afternoon competition. And Patty knew the other slaves tits were as sore as hers, maybe more.

But the afternoon siesta was far from the relaxing time it should have been. As they were making their way into the compound from winning the pony girl competition, the Master had announced to the slaves that he was so proud of them. So proud that he was going to have one of the teams given to the slave post at the Great hall tonight after the feast. Patty can remember she felt like she had been hit in the stomach. No, there was not much rest for any of them, wondering who would hang from that post in a few short hours.

And to top things off, Ken had said they would again have to go under the harness right before the feast started to parade in the Master?s gladiator for the games tomorrow.

Well, Patty thought at least she might get something to eat. And she had a fifty-fifty chance of not being the meat for the center stage tonight. And she shivered. A fifty-fifty chance she would hang from that post, as well.

Patty?s mouth was sore from the bridle bit that one of the others was buckling on her head. And her tits felt like they may fall off. But here they were, going to do this again, for some dam gladiator. Neither Rosie or Julie had seen the games that they played during the festival, so they really did not know what went on. Both said they were so tired after competition last year, they did not care, either.

After they were hitched to the chariot, Ken spent a longer time with the pony girls this time. He massaged Patty?s tits for a long while, occasionally catching her nipples between his thumb and the web of his hand. After a while, this made Patty feel pretty good.

The Master and his gladiator approached the team and the chariot. The gladiator was not what Patty had envisioned. She was a little taller than the Master, but so was Patty. She was muscular, athletic. But she was not an imposing figure. Patty figured she could take her if given the chance.

The Master was drinking wine out of the silver cup they had won this afternoon. With a flick of his whip, the team moved into action, and the pony girls pulled the Master and his gladiator around the inner pillars of the inside of the Great Hall. There were some cheers, applause, and even some boos as they went by.

By the time they were done, all the slaves were again breathing hard, sweating with the work they had just done. Patty felt light headed, hungry.

Ken and some of the others got the pony girls out of their harnesses, and quickly they were seated behind the group as they began to dine. Patty noticed that the Gladiator was sitting to the right of the Master.

Finally the same man as the night before motioned for Patty to come. She crawled over to him, and he led her under the table by he collar, assuming the same position as last night. Patty ate what he offered hungrily, and then began sucking him with gusto. She realized how sore her tits were when one of the women sitting next to him began playing with her hanging tits with a sandaled foot. He came in her mouth, and she did not let a drop get away, even waiting till he reached and stripped the last of his come into her mouth. Then she was at the next dinner plate, eating what food the woman next to him offered, and then eating the woman?s pussy. Patty notice the receding welts on the woman?s thighs, and Patty realized this was the woman that she had seen hanging on the St. Andrews cross the night before.

When Patty crawled out from under the table, she took one look at Julie and realized, the time was drawing near for the slave post. And she almost threw up.

Ken and several other men came by and grasped both Patty and Julie by the elbows, pulling them up to a standing position, and leading them toward the end of the Great Hall, where the post was standing.

Fear was turning into terror in Patty. She wanted to run, wanted to cry, wanted to pee. Ken and the rest must have known what was going through the slave?s minds. A bucket was produced, and each slave was made to squat over the bucket and relieve herself. Patty felt embarrassed, but was thankful for the bucket, and even as two men held her elbows, she did as she was told.

Patty?s wrists were bound behind her back, as were the other slaves, and they were made to stand in a straight line.

A thick piece of plywood was brought forward and placed on two saw horses. The plywood had two large holes cut in it, about a third of the way from one end, and lots of eye bolts fastened to it.

Doris jumped when two men began to force her toward the board. She realized she had just been selected. She fought, but could not do much, her hands bound behind her back. They picked her up, and swiftly laid her face down on the board, positioning her heavy breasts through the holes in the board. Straps were placed over her shoulders, and at other necessary places, to hold her so she could not move.

The board was fastened to the rope on the arm of the post by it?s four corners. Patty could here Doris crying, gently sobbing. They had not gagged her. The winch whirred, and the board and Doris were raised upward.

They stopped the board about six feet off the ground. Doris?s large tits were hanging underneath the board. They reminded Patty of punching bags. Ken walked over and began stroking her, pulling even more skin and tit through the hole in the board. Patty could hear Doris whimpering, anticipating.

Ken was taking his time, putting on a show. He sucked gently on the nipples at first, then a little harder and then real hard. Finally pulling on them, twisting them, making Doris cry out.

Patty began to think this might be all right. She knew her turn was next, and she might live through this. That was when Ken brought out the first slapper. And he began to stroke Doris?s hanging tits with it. And then a little harder strokes, and finally he was hitting her tits with everything he had. After the report of the slapper hitting her, Doris would scream in agony, and cry for a little while, and then calm down. And Ken would hit her again.

Someone handed Ken a bamboo cane. Ken had to be careful now. The instrument he held could cut very deeply with little effort on his part. He went to work, leaving deep red welts over the darkening bruises left by the slapper.

Ken finally stopped, and the whir of the electric motor signaled that Doris was being let down. Patty noticed her hands were turning a light blue, from being bound behind her back. Patty wondered what her hands looked like. But then Patty noticed some else too. Doris?s hips were moving against the board, grinding, as much as the straps would let her. One of the men leaned over and put his hand between Doris legs, and Patty could she he was fingering her. Doris come with a grunt and then a wild yell, her toes scrunching, her head back, eyes screwed shut.

The men gently took Doris off the board, pulling her swollen tits out of the holes in the board. Ken and another gently led her back behind the pillars.

Julie leaned over, and Patty felt her tit press into her arm. Julie whispered, ?I hope I am next.?

Two other men grabbed Rosie by the elbows, and Rose knew she was next. Her eyes looked around the room, looking for help. There was none.

Patty had a good view as the men bent Rosie over at the hips, her ample bosom hanging down. Ken was in front of her now, and was tying loops of white rope around her tits, as close to her chest as he could. When the let her stand upright, her breasts were bound, very tightly, already tuning pink.

Ken led her over to the slave post, and connected Rosie?s bound tits to the winch line. The electric motor whirred, and slowly, Rosie?s body was being hoisted up by her tits.

Patty heard more than a few gasps from the crowd. She could not believe what was happening to Rosie herself. Rosie?s tits were stretched drum tight, and now turning a light blue. Finally, her feet cleared the floor, and she was hanging there, her head forced back, hands tied behind her back. All of her weight hanging on her bound breasts. Ken quickly produced his slapper, and began to flog Rosie?s legs and thighs. Red welts appeared, and Rosie began to grunt after each stoke. Several pieces of rope were produced, and the loops in the ends passed around Rosie?s ankles, and the two ropes spread her legs. Ken was quick to begin to flog her pussy. Direct hits. Loud. Rosie began to swing in the air, her breath coming in rasps, sweat flowing off her hanging body.

Her tits were turning a deep purple now, and Ken quickly let the winch lower her to the ground. She was held by two men on either side of her, and Ken moved in to release her bound tits. Rosie groaned again as each tit was released, and then Patty saw Ken reach between her legs, and in a second Rosie was grinding her orgasm on Ken?s fingers. The crow cheered. The compound had put on a good show.

When the crowd began to drift away, Patty sensed the show on the post was over. But she was still standing here, her hands bound behind her back.

Patty noticed the man and woman that had feed her earlier walk up to them. They whispered something to Ken, and then walked a short distance away.

Ken walked up to Julie?s and said, ?they would like your company tonight slave.? He snapped a leash on Julie?s collar and led her over to them. Patty watched as the naked and bare footed Julie, hands still bound behind her back, was led out of the hall. Patty knew what was in store for her tonight.

Ken then walked up to Patty. ?The Master has loaned you to the management of the Festival for the evening. I hope you are up for being the center piece of a gang bang?. Ken led her by the elbow over to a part of the Great Hall seldom used by the festival goers. In between the pillars there was a group of men gathered. They were the people that catered and served the meals. Ken took Patty into the middle of the group. ?She is all yours boys. Please don?t mark her, and remember, I will come back for her around three.? And then he was gone, and Patty was naked, hands still bound behind her back, in the middle of a bunch of horney men.

One of the men forced her onto one of the many couches. A big, good looking kind of a guy, put his hand between her legs, and drew back in surprise. ?My god, she is as wet as hell,? he said. ?She must have thought she was next during the last show.? They all laughed at that, and were still laughing as he stuck his cock in her wet pussy.

The night turned into a blur for Patty. The first several took her without even untieing her hands. She could not remember all the cocks she was forced to suck, some of the younger ones not being able to wait their turn at her pussy, and came in her mouth, or pulled out and shot over her face.

After a while Patty asked one of them for a towel to try to clean her pussy, laying on her back she had come up to her shoulder blades. And several times, she was allowed to go to the can, as they called it. And each time, she had a number of people watching her. But by now, she did not care.

Ken returned like he said he would, and was happy to find Patty still servicing the paid help. Ken called out last call, and waited until several others had their last turn at Patty.

?Come on slut,? he said to Patty, and guided her toward their compound. As she walked behind Ken and his wife, Patty noticed that she was not the only one naked. But she figured that she was the only one that had cum gurgling out of her pussy and running down the inside of her thighs with each step.

As they entered the compound, the same small knot of people were gathered around the St. Andrews cross, which leaned against the slave post. Patty noticed that the person stretched on the cross was face up, and in the dim light she could make out a brand on her pussy. She knew it was where Julie had ended up. And in the dim light, she could also make out many red welts across her body.

Rosie and Doris were already lying on their pallets, seemingly asleep. Patty lay quietly in the darkness, wishing she had something to clean herself, and listened as the night silence was periodically cut by the crack of a whip, and a muffled scream.

The Gladiator

Her old clunker of a car was belching smoke and sounding like hell as she pulled into the country club like parking lot of the office of the Festival of the Ancients. But she didn?t care. With the bucks she was going to make this weekend, she planned on driving away in a new vet. She could still hear the valets laughing as she walked into the office.

She walked up to the receptionist and introduced herself.

?Oh, you are Fred and Mary?s Gladiator. Please follow me,? said the young woman behind the desk.

Sue noticed several other men and women in the locker room area as the receptionist lead her to her locker.

?Please strip and store you clothes here, showers over there. And the medical exam room is over there, and they will be ready when you are. And be sure and shave your snatch, the air brush artists will be ready also,? the young woman said, and spun on her heels and left.

The spray of the shower felt good, traveling in that car always made her feel grimy. She soaped her muscular body, and ran her hands over her nipples. She was flat chested, nipples was all she had, and they felt hard. They were hard, it was almost like someone had glued two pecans to her chest. That stuff Mary had given her to soak her nipples in sure did the trick, even if she felt stupid leaning over and dangling her tits in two bowls of foul smelling stuff every night. If she could pull this off and win the contest, the hundred thousand bucks would sure come in handy, she thought. There were several other Gladiators in the shower area as well. Sue sized up the competition. She realized that this was not going to be a walk in the park. They were all much bigger than she was, not only their tits, which would give them a leverage advantage, but more muscular as well. One hundred thousand dollars, she thought to herself again.

Sue felt pumped after the medical exam. The doctor had run his fingers over her nipples as she lay on the table, with her legs spread.

He whistled in appreciation. ?Those things are pretty stiff,? he said. ?I think I know who I am going to bet my money on,? he laughed.

The air bush artist was next, and he wasted no time in painting the symbol of Fred and Mary?s compound on her lower belly, just above her pussy.

?At first they wanted them on the shoulder, but with your arms pinned back, they realized no one would be able to see them, so they opted for the same marking as a sex slave,? he told her.

Sue didn?t care. For a hundred k, they could paint her whole body it they wanted.

The staff provided Sue with the tunic from Fred and Mary?s compound and showed her to the waiting room where transportation would pick them up and take them to the Great Hall.

There were over thirty Gladiators waiting when the golf carts arrived to haul them up to the feast. Sue was looking forward to seeing Fred and Mary again.

The damn heat of the desert hit her as the left the waiting room. She knew that tomorrow would be worse. She would have to keep her wits about her to win this thing, and that would be hard to do in this heat.

She recognized Mary in the crowd that had gathered outside the Great Hall. Sue stepped off the cart, and made her way over to her. They embraced warmly, and Sue noticed right away that Mary was wearing her tunic so one of her pink tipped tits was exposed. And she could not pass up the opportunity to give it more than a few knowing squeezes. And she felt Mary respond.

Fred walked up, and Sue was disappointed the moment was interrupted. She gave him the hug he wanted, but would rather have kept on hugging Mary. She didn?t mind Fred, she just liked his money a little better.

?Come on Sue,? said Fred. ?We have to make a grand entrance, and the teams are waiting.?

?Teams??, thought Sue. And her question was answered as soon as they crossed through the pillars into the Great Hall. Standing in front of a chariot looking cart, and hitched to it, were four very attractive women. Sue noticed right away the brand they had on their shaved pubic mound was exactly like the one she was wearing. She had messed around with some guys one time that liked the fetish of pony girl stuff, but they had ignored her, because she could not jiggle her titties if she wanted to. These women were beautiful, and the way they were harnessed, with their elbows back, accentuated their breasts even more.

Sue had not expected all the excitement, the fan fare. People blowing horns, beating drums, carrying banners. When Fred cracked the buggy whip and sent the pony girls in motion, Sue almost lost her balance when the chariot began to move. Fred guided his teams into the line of the procession. She found herself trying to lean out over the side of the cart to watch the show the ponies were putting on. She was amazed at how high these women could pull their knees, at how hard their tittes were jumping around. But then she noticed that everywhere there were people lining up to get a look at the Gladiators, at her. They did not care much about the pony girls.

?In case you did not know, a lot of money will be wagered on tomorrow?s games,? said Fred. ?So everybody wants to get a good look at all the contestants.?

As they passed under the slave post, Fred noticed Sue was gazing at it.

?That is the slave whipping post,? he said. ?And tonight, these two big titted bitches right here in front of us will hang from it, and put on a show for the entire crowd. And the crazy part about it all is, they fucking love it?

Sue could not believe all the food that was served to the people in the hall. And was very amused at the way the sex slaves were treated. She even felt envious of them, for one of them got to eat Mary?s pussy for most of the evening, and watched out of the corner of her eye as the same slave sucked off Fred.

After dinner, everyone stood up, and began milling around a little. Sue noticed the slaves were drug off in a hurry.

Most everybody had moved to the end of the hall where the post was located, and Sue and Mary and Fred were on the outer edge of the crowd.

They made small talk for a few minuets, and then Fred asked Sue about her conditioning for tomorrow?s matches.

Sue almost felt embarrassed at first, as she pulled the top of her tunic down so Fred, and then Mary, could feel her nipples and pull on her rings. But she didn?t mind when Mary reached up under the hem of her tunic and gently pulled on the rings in her pussy, her hand lingering long enough to find her clit. When they were done examining her, she pulled the shoulder strap of her tunic back, hiding her assets from the inquiring eyes of those around her.

Sue was amazed at the bondage show they put on at the whipping post. When the crowd cheered after each slave was hoisted up and whipped, she realized they would be cheering for blood the next day. Her blood.

The show over, Fred wandered off for some reason, and Sue followed Mary over to the area between the pillars. Rock and roll music was playing, and there were many couches, pillows, and rugs scattered everywhere. She had gotten a little ahead of Mary, and then she felt Mary?s hands encicle her waist. Sue hart jumped when Mary?s breath found her ear, and she heard her whisper for Sue to lay down on one of the couches, that she would take the edge off the evening for her.

Mary?s soft blond hair tickled Sue?s thighs, and Sue knew she would not last long when Mary?s knowing mouth found her pussy, her clit.

After a time, Sue felt Mary slide up along side of her, and they lay together, Sue enjoying the afterglow of several fairly intense orgasms. She knew Mary was nude, and stroked her body, playing with her titties for a long time. Finally, Sue began to work her way down Mary?s body, starting with her full lips, kissing her deeply, and then her neck, her breasts, taking a long time so suck on each nipple, pulling it into her mouth as deeply as she could. Mary?s pussy smelled and tasted like heaven to Sue, and she feasted between Mary?s parted thighs for a long time.

After a time, it was Sue?s turn to slide up and watch as Mary lay in the orgasmic afterglow. Sue noticed that the slave dancing on the platform had the same brand on her that she was wearing, and then she recognized the dancer as one of the woman they had hoisted up on the slave post earlier in the evening. She had a few welts on her tits, but considering what she had just gone through, she looked pretty good to Sue.

Sue noticed that there were other Gladiators mixed in the groups around them, and she smiled, for they too had not bared their breasts, or let anyone suck on them, just as Sue had not.

Sue someone in the group produced a huge dildo, and a tub of lube.

?Come on,? Ken said to the group as a whole. ?Lets see who can take the most of this little toy here.?

One of the slaves yelled back at him, ?I can take as much up my ass as you can, Ken.?

The group laughed.

?Alright, you are on,? Ken said, as he set the huge toy on one corner of the stage. Standing with his feet on the floor, he backed his nude body over the already lubed toy. The group gathered around and watched in the bright light as Ken tried to work the dildo into his ass. And he tried, and he tried. The crowed laughed as he gave up, and said to the sex slave Doris, ?Ok you win. But can you take any at all is the question.?

Doris walked up to the stage, and with her feet on the floor, she squatted over the dildo just as Ken had done. But she was successful, and took a third in her after the first few tries. More pumping up and down and more of the toy disappeared into Doris.

Sue could not believe someone could take that much up their ass. She didn?t mind anal, but really preferred it in her pussy. Unless she was with two guys, then she loved getting a cock in both places at once.

Now Sue recognized the other slave that had hung on the post, and she was kneeling in front of the slave Doris, eating her pussy, matching her head to the pumping rhythm of Doris?s moving ass.

The show got Sue and Mary started again, and as they were sixty-nining each other, Fred gently tapped both on them at the same time.

?It is getting late, and tomorrow is going to be a very big day,? said Fred. ?We need to get back and get some rest.?

Sue and Mary separated, and the three of them walked back to the compound. Sue noticed again that she was the only one that had any clothes on.

Walking into the compound, the smack of leather hitting flesh attracted Sue?s attention. She noticed someone stretched on some type of restraining device, and others around the person with whips.

But Fred did not stop, and soon, he, Sue and Mary were laying in the huge bed in the villa.


The Great Hall was as full of festival goers as Fred had ever seen. Mostly because it was Saturday night, and also the Gladiators would be paraded tonight. Everyone would get a chance to get a close up look at his or her favorite. Fred and Mary waited beside their harnessed teams of pony girls. Fred absently stroking the tits of the one nearest to him, playing with her nipples, the whole time watching the path that led from the main gate up to the Great Hall.

Finally, the golf carts arrived, bringing with them what they festival people had termed the ?Gladiators?. The Gladiator had to be sponsored by a compound, so the spark of ?us against you? filled the air. Fred saw his champion in the second cart. Mary rushed over to embrace her.

Sue was not the largest of the people that were being unloaded at the Great Hall. She was slim, about five foot five, short length blondish hair, and no tits, almost flat chested. She was not the image one may have of a champion.

Mary gave her a warm hug, as one of her tits was out of her tunic. Sue squeezed back, and before they parted gave the exposed breast a stroke or two as well, playing with the nipple.

Fred and Sue embraced each other as a greeting, but it was obvious she was more into embracing the softer flesh.

?Come on my champion, we shall tour the Hall, and let everybody have a look at you,? said Fred.

The parade of Gladiators was indeed a spectacle. Some compounds had horns, drums and banners to usher their Gladiator through the Great Hall. Some had male slaves hoist a platform on their shoulders on which the Gladiator sat. Others, like Fred and Mary, had their pony girl slaves pull a chariot through the Great Hall, on which the Master and Gladiator rode. The color of the plums on the bridles of the pony girls matched the color of the tunics the Master and Gladiator wore. The compound symbol was displayed on the side of the chariots as well as prominently branded on the bodies of the pony girl slaves. Fred toasted the people he knew with the silver trophy cup full of wine as they passed by.

Fred?s ass hurt as he sat on the hard chair at the feast. And again, he had to wrestle the face of the slave Julie from Mary?s pussy, so he could enjoy his after dinner blow job. When the meal was over, Ken and several others gathered up the compound slaves. Concerned that they may have changed their minds, Ken bound the wrists of all of the nude slaves behind their backs, and hurried them toward the whipping post.

Fred wondered what kind of punishment Ken had in store for the sex slaves on this night. He regarded Ken as a master of handing out torment, especially tit torment. And two of the slaves had breasts that begged to be punished. Fred did not have to wait too long. He watched as the slave Rosie was hoisted up on some kind of board looking restraining device, with her heavy tits hanging down, loose and easily accessible. Ken wasted no time in going to work on them with his leather slapper.

Sue, Mary and Fred looked on from a short distance. Fred was more interested in Sue, and her training.

?How do you think our formula worked?? he asked Sue.

?Find out for yourself,? she said, and pulled down the one shoulder strap on her tunic. Both of her tits were exposed. But mostly nipples. Nipples almost as big as Fred?s thumb and both were pierced with large hoops in each. Fred reached with both hands and grasped her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. Pulling, twisting, and pulling again. ?They feel ready to me. Very tuff, almost crusty. Mary, what to you think?? asked Fred.

Mary?s hands went to Sue?s tits. She examined them in the same manor, but then her fingers found the opening in the hoops, and she pulled with some intensity. Sue only smiled.

?I have been soaking them in that concoction you sent me every day for a month now,? said Sue. ?And then, every evening I hook them on the tea cup hangers you screwed on my wall, and pull back with all my might. I do that for about ten minutes every day. I think I am ready.?

?And your pussy?? Mary asked. Her hands sliding down Sue?s body, and under the hem of her tunic.

?I am not sure about that. I pulled through on my left lip last March during a sparring match. Have not had much luck in getting it tuffened up, but then, nobody else has either, I suspect,? said Sue. ?I have been working on my technique, and hope to use my nipples to get a pull through on their pussy as well, all the time trying to keep mine out of the way, you know.?

?Sounds good,? mutter Fred. ?I attended a meeting yesterday, and they decided to use the elbow restraints as a anchor point in breaking any stalemates. You got any problem with that??

?No,? responded Sue. ?I like it better that way than using the wrists or a belly band. And I can keep my hips thrust forward, and try to use my nipples as much as I can.?

Just then, the crowd noise caught the attention of the group. Fred followed everyone else gaze.

Ken had pulled Doris up on the whipping post. But only by cords tightly tied around the base of her tits, which were big, and turning purple, the skin looking drum tight. Doris hung there, head force back, and her back arched toward the rope she was hanging by. The slapper came next, and Ken began working Doris over. After a few minutes, he had two people pull on ropes attached to her ankles, spreading her legs so he could apply the slapper directly to her spread and exposed pussy. Ken let her down after a short period, her tits had turn a deep purple. The crowd cheered.

Fred shook his head. ?I think Ken has even topped last year, huh?? he asked no one in particular.

?I am glad I don?t have any tits,? said Sue, shaking her head as well.

Jack and Rita found Fred. Jack whispered something in Fred?s ear, and Fred nodded in the affirmative.

Fred worked his way through the now dissipating crowd. He found Ken over by one of the pillars, massaging the blood back into Doris?s large breasts.

?Jack and Rita want the slave Julie for tonight, and send the slave Patty over to service the hired help. Mary does not want to work that hard anymore,? Fred said to Ken.

Ken nodded in agreement. He motioned for Doris to rub her own tits, and went over to the to the two slaves who were still standing right were he had left them, their hands still bound behind their back. They looked scared, even though several of the on lookers had taken the opportunity to feel their tits and finger fuck them as they stood helpless. Ken realized they thought their turn on the post was next. He chuckled to himself. A good mind fuck on these slaves as well.

As he walked up to Julie and Patty, the onlookers went on their way. ?Master wants you to go with them for the night,? he said to Julie, as he pointed to Jack and Rita.

Julie briskly walked over to them, and they put a leash on her collar. They did not stop to untie her hands, still bound behind her back.

Ken watched as the couple led their slave out of the Great Hall. He muttered to no one, ?I would not want to be her tonight.?

And he turned to Patty. ?I would not want to be you tonight, either. Follow me.?

Fred watched as Ken led the new slave over to the area of the Great Hall where the hired help usually partied. I hope they don?t miss Mary too much tonight, he thought to himself.

Fred made his way back toward Mary and Sue, and found them on a couch in the party area between the rows of pillars. Mary had her head between Sue?s legs, and from the look in Sue?s eyes, she was going to cum in short notice.

Fred noticed Ken and Jane leading the two other slaves over to the party area, and Fred decided he had better try to massage some of those big titties as well.

Fred walked through the gate of their compound, one arm around Mary, the other around Sue. Fred was not sure were they had left their tunics, but did know that the cool night air felt good on his nude skin.

Fred recognized the naked figure hanging on the St. Andrews cross to be the slave Julie. And in the dim light of the Tiki torches, he could tell Jack and Rita were enjoying the evening by the dark red stripes on the slaves body.

But the threesome did not stop, instead walking directly into Fred?s villa. Tonight they would party together, and maybe get some rest. Tomorrow would be a big day as well.

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