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Festival of the Ancients Chapter 4

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Chapter 4


Ken?s wife ran the garden hose this morning, spraying down the slaves one by one, watching as they washed and shaved themselves. She explained that Ken was busy getting the harness ready. She left the slaves in the position to air dry, and left to help Ken.

Patty asked, ?what harnesses??

Rosie just laughed, and said, ?wait, you will see soon. It is why we are here.?

Ken turned the corner, and bellowed at the slaves to get into the courtyard. They did as they were told, on the run. When they were in the courtyard, Ken ordered them to assume the position.

The Master and several of the other men were standing in the courtyard, surrounded by a large array of leather straps and harnesses. A roman looking chariot stood at one end of the courtyard.

?Lets get the bridles fitted first,? said the master. And with that each man took one of the slaves, and worked with the straps on the ornate bridles, fitting each onto the head of a slave.

The metal bite had been laying in the sun, and felt warm to Patty as Ken forced it between her teeth. He worked with the straps and buckles, until the bite was forced back into Patty?s mouth, but not too much. The bridle had blinkers, so the slave could only see what was directly in front of her.

The Master examined the bridle fit on each of the slaves, before giving the order to move on to the harness.

Ken passed a wide leather belt around Patty?s waist, and cinched it up very tight. Then he buckled cuffs onto Patty?s wrists. The cuffs had a snap on them, and Ken snapped the cuffs to some d-rings on the belt. The rings were on the sides of Patty, but slightly to her back. When her wrists were snapped to the belt, it forced her to bend her elbows, thrusting her tits out. A smaller leather strap was snapped to the front of the belt, passed between Patty?s legs and snapped to the belt in the back. Ken was careful when he adjusted it so that it separated Patty?s pussy lips, rubbing against her clitty.

The Master again inspected the fit of the harness, adjusting Patty?s wrist straps so they were a little farther back, pushing her tits out even more.

The spike heeled boots came next, the tops came clear up to the top of Patty?s muscular calve. Ken laced them up tight. Patty almost lost her balance when she had to stand on one, while Ken laced the other up.

Ken then made Julie and Patty stand side by side, and snapped a short piece of leather between the belts around their midsection, harnessing them to each other.

The Master walked around the matched pair, inspecting, admiring. ?we ought to win, hands down,? he told the others. ?But we will see how well they prance?. And with that he ordered the two women to begin walking. They walked in a circle, around the fountain a couple of times, the Master talking to them, adjusting their strides and posture.

Ken produced a buggy whip with a short popper on the end, and handed it to the Master.

?Now we will begin,? he said. ?I want you to prance, bringing your knees up high, and jumping with the other foot when you switch your feet. I know you do not understand right now, but I promise you will get the hang of it.?

The slaves began, and in short order Patty felt the prodding of the whip on the back of her leg.

?Up higher, this leg needs to be pulled higher when you prance,? the Master shouted.

Around the fountain the two slaves pranced, with the master guiding their every step. Patty soon realized what the prancing in the high heels was doing to their breasts. Even though their tits were firm and high, each prancing step made them jump. And the two slaves were built almost alike, the prancing made their tits jump almost alike, all at the same time.

After a number of trips around the fountain, the Master let the slaves take a breather. They were running with sweat, working hard in the morning desert air.

Doris and Rosie were next. Their ample bosoms jumping and dancing with each step. Patty thought that they would almost jump up to the slaves chins at times.

The Master worked his ponies for most of the morning, and ended the training session by harnessing the two young pony girls in front, the two older bringing up the rear, to the chariot. Standing in the chariot, he used the reins they had attached to the bridles to direct the prancing slaves. He was satisfied. The slaves were smart, and caught on quickly. Today would be a good day for him, he felt.

?Ken, wash them up and let them rest for a while. The competition starts at four. See you then.? And with that, the Master was gone. Ken quickly unhitched and unharnessed his team, and led them around to their quarters.

The slaves assumed the position while Ken used the garden hose to wash down this stock. While they were air drying. He told them what to expect at the competition later in the day.

Ken told them the competition would include single team and double team events. The single team would consist of the team being held by a lanyard and made to jump over low hurdles while prancing around in a circle, while the Master encouraged them with his buggy whip. The double team is two teams pulling the chariot with the Master on it. Judges would decide who had the best match teams, how well they pranced, how together they were, and of course, how well their tits would jump. ?So you better prance high, and make them titties jump,? Ken laughed. ?Now, get a little rest, we leave for the Amphitheater in a couple of hours.?

The slaves were made to carry their own harnesses down to the show arena. Patty knew it was going to be hot, but did not realize it was going to be this hot. The slaves were all sweating freely when they arrived at their spot under the grandstand.

Ken and several of the others began putting the harnesses on the slaves, turning them into Pony girls.

The ponies were more than ready to go when Ken came and got them. They had been standing in their spike heels with their wrists attached to the wide belt around their midsection for a while. Patty thought any movement would be good.

?Our compound has a lot of money bet on this competition, and I would not want to be you if you loose,? Ken said.

As they entered the arena, Patty noticed the post and auction block were still in the middle, but with the blinkers on her bridle, she could not see much more. She did notice that the stands were full of people, all of them looking at her, naked, and she began to get apprehensive again.

The Master attached a lanyard to the bridle of Patty, and with a switch of his buggy whip, the pony girls went to work. Bringing their knees up high the team pranced over the low obstacles in the arena with ease, the bright feathers that were attached to their bridles fluttering in the breeze.

Patty began to sweat, trying to concentrate on pulling her knees high, and keeping in step with Julie the whole time. The bit of her bridle was keeping her from breathing like she would have wanted, distracting her.

The buzzer finally sounded. The team had not knocked over any obstacles, and the Master seemed very happy. He came over to the team, and massaged each of the pony girls tits for a few seconds. The girls were standing, sweating in the hot sun, and breathing heavily through their mouths.

?Ken,? the Master said, ?take them over into the shade and get them some water. We will do the doubles in a few minutes.?

Ken led the team over to where Doris and Rose were standing, already hitched to the chariot. Turning Patty and Julie, he hitched them to the chariot as well.

Patty heard him saying, ?remember to keep your knees up, and prance hard. Make them titties jump.? Patty opened her mouth wider to accept the water Ken poured, some of it running down the front of her already glistening body. ?And stay in step, goddammit,? Ken admonished.

Patty had not caught her breath when she felt the flick of the Masters buggy whip on her shoulder. They were off, pulling their knees up high, prancing. Patty though her tits were going to jump right off her chest.

By the reins attached to their bridles, Patty and Julie guided the four-girl team around the arena, doing as the Master bided. Finally, the buzzer sounded, and the Master pulled the reins, stopping the team. All four of the pony girls were winded, bending over at the waist, trying to catch their breath with the bridle bits in their mouths.

The Master seemed elated, rubbing each of the pony girls titties, encouraging them to stand up straight to catch their breath.

Ken was squirting cool water on the ponies, trying to cool them down. Patty though that this is how those boxers she had seen on tv must feel.

Patty heard the loud speaker begin to announce the winners. She and Julie came in a close second to a team that had worked together for several years. She heard the Master and Ken and the others congratulating each other on the hard work. When the doubles were announced, the group went nuts. They had won the doubles, which is what they had wanted all along. Laughing and slapping each other on the back, the Master went up an accepted a large silver cup, holding it up in triumph.


Fred wakened with a start. At first he thought he was in another earthquake, but it was only Jane shaking him awake.

?Ken is going to go down and wash the slaves,? she said. ?You probably need to get up and get going. There is coffee in our place.?

Fred swung his legs over the side of the bed, and almost yelped in pain. His ass was on fire from the caining just a few hours before. He got up and put on a tunic and sandals, and glanced over at Mary. Jane had already laid down beside her, spooning with her. The two nude figures presented a beautiful sight. Fred smiled as he noticed several stripes on Jane?s ass, and rubbed his own as well.

As he left the villa and walked into the courtyard, he was surprised to meet Rita. She looked as though she was sleep walking, and gave him a peck on the check as she walked by, and winced as he let his hand trail over one of her hanging naked tits. Fred watched as she made a beeline for the bed he had just left as well.

Grabbing a cup of coffee as he went through Ken?s villa, he found Jack already leaning over the back wall, looking down on the slave?s quarters. All the others in the compound were there as well, drinking coffee and watching Ken wash the slaves.

Fred said to no one in particular, ?We will put them through their paces this morning, get them used to being a pony. Then let them rest a while, and head down to the competition this afternoon.? And then to Jack, ?will you take care of getting our bets down today??

?Sure thing,? Jack said. ?I think we have a shoo in for the doubles. Those two younger bitches have great muscle definition, and with the two older, heavy breasted slaves prancing behind them, the competition doesn?t have a chance.?

Fred returned to his villa to fetch his buggy whip. He noticed that all the women in the compound had now found their way to his bed. Six babes, if not a little older, were in his bed. He had a hard-on when he left.

The men in the compound all pitched in to harness and help train the slaves for the afternoon pony girl contest. It was going to be a hot day, and Fred did not want to tire out the slaves by training them too much. When he was satisfied they knew what was expected of them, he decided to let them rest. And he needed a nap, badly. Walking back into his villa, they noticed that all the women in the compound had made it to Fred and Mary?s bed. Jack got his digital camera and took several pictures of the six naked women sleeping the day away, all in one bed.

Fred laid down on one of the couches, and was asleep in a second.

Fred was glad he had brought his sunglasses. It was bright on the floor of the amphitheater. And hot. Very hot. Sweat was running down his sides, and off his forehead.

Ken was harnessing their two sets of pony girls to the chariot. The doubles competition would start in a few seconds.

Both teams were sweating as much as Fred, probably a lot more. Fred took the bottle of water and poured some into the mouths of the bridled slaves, and let a little run off onto their heaving chests. Then he climbed onto the chariot.

The buzzer signaled Fred to start his run at the double team competition. Talking to his teams, he used the reins to guide them across the floor of the amphitheater. Occasionally he would flick the buggy whip at one of the prancing pony girls, but it was more for show than anything. The teams worked had, and could see the sweat running down their backs.

The buzzer sounded, and he guided the pony girls over to the edge of the floor.

Ken was pouring more water into the mouths of the pony girls, squirting water all over them, trying to cool them down.

Fred waited in anticipation while the other doubles teams performed. Finally the announcement came that Fred had won the doubles, Fred, Ken and the rest yelled and congratulated each other.

Fred was excited as he accepted the trophy, a silver cup, for the doubles competition.

As the group moved into the compound after the pony girl competition, Fred walked up to the line of slaves bringing up the rear of their group. They looked tired, but the day was only beginning. ?As a reward for such a job will done today, tonight, I will give two of you to the public whipping post at the Great Hall.?

As Ken led the slaves past Fred, he chuckled to himself. He could tell that some of the slaves were happy, and some were very worried about what he had just told them.

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