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Festival of the Ancients Chapter 3

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Chapter 3


They lazed away the rest of the afternoon, taking refuge from the desert heat. A siesta.

As the sun began to set, the desert cooled a little. The compound began to stir. Patty could hear someone close by taking a shower, the water running. Others were talking and laughing.

Ken walked rapidly around the corner. ?On your feet, my pets. Assume the position!? he ordered. The slaves were up in an instant, hands behind their heads, chests out, stomachs in. Ken put a basket of soap and shampoo, toothbrushes and the like down in front of the slaves. ?Bath time,? he said, and drug a garden hose from around the corner. ?Make sure you use those safety razors to touch up those pussys, he laughed?. ?The Master hates stubble?.

He held the spray nozzle of the hose on each slave as they bathed, and when they were done, the slaves would resume the position, to drip dry in the desert air.

Then Ken motioned to the bureau, ?make yourselves beautiful, my pets,? he said. ?The Master likes to see you made up. And don?t forget, he likes jewelry as well. You will find toe rings, ankle chains, belly chains, necklaces, earrings, everything. And all the make-up you will need. We eat in an hour. I would not want to be you if you are not ready. The Master always finds some reason to hang one of his slaves from the public post every Festival? And with that, he left.

The women rushed to the make-up area. Hair, eyes, lips, perfume, jewlery.

As Patty finished the final touches to her make-up, she asked, ?does anyone know where we are going? An what is the public post??

Julie was the first to answer. ?Every evening at the Festival, everyone in the compounds come together for a feast at the public hall. It turns into a wild orgy, really. And the public post is there too. I think it is customary for every compound to hang at least one of their slaves from the post every festival.?

Doris then joined in. ?I got picked the first year I was here. That bastard Ken. They strapped my ankles to a spreader bar, and hoisted me upside down by the bar. Cuffed my hands behind my back, put a harness on my head with a ball gag in my mouth. Gag tasted like shit. Strapped my hands to the head harness, pulling my head back, out of the way, I guess. Then that bastard Ken proceeded to beat the shit out of my tits and pussy. As you can tell, I got me some big titties. I guess every time he would hit them, they would jump around. The crowd loved it. He even made me hold his slapper for him while he got a drink. Stuck the wooden handle in my pussy.?

All were ready when Ken returned.

?Here?s your clothes,? he laughed, as he threw down their sandals. ?Follow me.?

Patty realized the make up and jewelry made a big difference in the slave?s appearances. She was in the company of some beautiful women.

As they walked through the courtyard and joined the waiting group of festival goers, she noticed that most all of the people was attractive as the slaves. All had on richly decorated Greek style costumes, virtually identical. And the underlying theme of all was a symbol. On necklaces, belts, earrings, embroidered in the fabric. The same symbol that was branded just above Patty?s pussy.

As the Masters Group near the Great Hall, Patty was taking it all in. The building had double rows of columns along the outside, with colorful banners hanging from the roof. Patty noticed some of the banners had symbols on them, and found the Master?s brand right away. Walking up the tiled steps and between the rows of columns, Patty realized this was a very big building. Between the double rows of columns were thick rugs on the floors, and many couches, chairs, bean bags, and more rugs. Obviously designed as a place to lounge around. Inside the last row of columns was the main chamber of the building. Long rows of tables ran almost the entire length of the building, with a huge buffet type serving line on one end. The Master?s group found their seating area at one of the tables to be marked with a banner with his brand on it.

Julie reached and grabbed Patty?s hand, and said ?stay with me, I will show you. Might keep you from hanging on the post tonight.? Patty shivered. And squeezed Julie?s hand. Tight.

The group found their places at the table, half on one side, half on the other. Doris and Rosie, the other matched pair, had followed half of the group around to the other side of the long table. When all were at their places, they sat down, the slaves kneeled on the tile floor behind them.

Julie slightly leaned over to Patty and whispered to her, ?if they give you food, take it out of their hands with your mouth. If they drop it, at least act like you are trying to eat it off the floor. And crawl every where they motion for you to go.?

Patty nodded.

As the Hall began to fill, Patty realized the number of nude slaves sitting behind their masters was far greater than the number sold at auction earlier in the day. She realized that many of them had brought their own slaves with them, just like Rosie and Julie.

Clothed servers brought food to the table, and the group began to eat. Patty found she had time to look around. A post at one end of the Great Hall reminded Patty about the story Rosie told on herself. Patty wondered who from their group would hang from it during this festival. She also remembered the bite of Ken?s slapper on her body. She shivered in anticipation, in dread.

The food smelled good to her. She remembered she had not eaten for a long while now.

One of the group finally turned in his chair and motioned to Patty. She crawled over to him, and he grasped her by the collar. Sliding his chair slightly aside, he led her under the table, and turned her so her face was right between his legs. He adjusted his tunic so they were out of the way, and then placed food on the chair, right beside his cock and balls. Patty reached with her mouth for the food, her face brushing against the mans cock with every bite.

He fed her for several minutes in this manor, Patty gobbling up the food. She did not realize how hungry she was. The more she ate, the harder the man?s cock was becoming. Now the women sitting on either side of the man were getting into feeding Patty. They wold drop morsels of food between the man?s legs. Sometimes one would reach down and pumping him a time or two, rubbing his cock on Patty?s face. One smeared pudding on his cock, and held it for Patty to suck and lick off. The man slid forward in his chair now, and Patty began to work on sucking him off. She began to feel a little more at ease now, this was something she knew how to do. Patty began to caress the man?s thighs, tickle his balls, planting her elbows on his thighs. She felt the sandaled foot of one of the women nudge her hanging tit, pumping it up and down.

The man moved even farther down in his chair, grabbing Patty by the back of the head, pumping her head up and down. He came, spurting hot salty come into Patty?s mouth, throat. She was expecting it, and swallowed every thing he could give her, keeping his cock in her mouth, gently sucking every now and then. The man reached down, and keeping his cock in Patty?s mouth, stripped the last of his come into her mouth.

Patty felt herself being drawn by the collar toward the seat of the woman sitting next to the man she had just sucked off. The woman had arranged herself on the chair so that she could feed Patty as well. Each morsel of food fed to Patty caused her to come in contact with the woman?s pussy. But Patty did not mind it. All her life, she had gone both ways with equal gusto. Patty soon found herself sucking on a hot salty pussy, sucking on the clitty, moving down, drawing in the hot smooth pussy lips, sticking her tongue as far into the woman?s pussy as she could. And then work her way back up to the clitty again, starting all over. The woman began to moan, sliding her ass to match Patty?s tongue strokes. Patty felt the woman?s smooth thighs close in on her head, and she knew she was coming. Several strong thrust of the woman?s pelvis into Patty?s face, and the woman became still, breathing hard. Patty became still as well, lightly tickling the woman?s pussy lips with her tongue, lightly blowing on her clitty.

After several minutes, the woman regained her composure and closed her thighs.

She led Patty by the collar out from under the table. Patty crawled behind the chairs, and found Julie already there. Julie leaned over to Patty, and licked the pussy juice from Patty?s chin and neck, giving her a deep tongue kiss at the same time. Patty?s heart skipped a beat, and she almost came, just from Julie?s kiss.

The group stood now, as everyone else in the hall was getting up as well. The slaves stood, but remained motionless. Festival people where greeting old friends. Hand shakes. Hugs. Kisses. Patty noticed more than a few erect and semi-erect cocks sticking out from the folds of robes. And more exposed breasts. Some women had taken to stripping off their tops completely. Some of the greetings ended with nipple sucking or cock pumping. They were indeed good old friends.

Patty noticed music coming from the opposite corners of the room. One side had Arabic, belly dancing type music. The other had titty bar type rock and roll. Patty hoped they would head in the direction of the rock and roll. She knew she could dance to that. She was not sure about her ability to shake her hips with bells on her waist and nipples.

The Masters group was more familiar with the group of another Master, and together the two groups drifted toward the end of the hall with the rock and roll music.

Ken motioned for the four slaves to follow him, and they moved single file through the clusters of people. In the area between the rows of pillars, several vendors had set up shop. Near the source of rock and roll music, a vendor selling high heeled shoes hawked his wares. Ken picked out a particular type of shoe, and told the vendor the sizes he would need. In a few minutes, all the slaves with the same master?s brand were standing naked on a pair of 4 inch heeled sandals with a broad strap around their ankles, and a thin one across the toes.

Patty felt sexy. She knew she looked sexy. And the other slaves did too.

They followed Ken back through the scattered people, their high heels clicking on the tiled floor. More than a few people watched in admiration as the slaves made their way back to the Masters group.

The group, like a lot of other people in the hall, and gravitated toward the post at the end of the hall. Patty drew up short when she realized where they were.

Ken turned and told all of the slaves, ?You had better watch this, because before this festival is over, one of you will hang from it as well?. He then moved off to find his wife, leaving the four nude, high heeled slaves standing in a group.

Under the arm of the post stood a young, very muscular man. His wrists were bound by cuffs in front of him, which were attached to a cable running down from the arm of the post. The cable went through a pulley, across to the post, through another pulley, and down to an electric winch. The man was blind folded, with a harness strapped around his head and face which firmly held a ball gag in his mouth. Patty did not recognize the brand on his pubic area, it was a new one to her. She realized she had starting to look for familiar brands.

The man?s ankles were strapped in cuffs, which were attached to a spreader bar. The bar spread his feet slightly farther apart than shoulder width. He was wearing a leather ball gag, which had forced his balls into a nice purple color. A chain had been attacked to the ball gag, and attached to the other end of the chain, at equal intervals, were a series of round weights. The weights still rested on the floor, but Patty quickly realized, that as the man was hoisted in the air, the weights would picked up by the man?s already tormented balls.

The crowd was closing in around the post now, closing in around the nude slaves. Because they were slaves, anyone around that had the desire, could reach out and touch them. Squeeze them. Fondle them. Insert anything into them. And they did.

To the relief of the slaves, the show finally got started, and the crowed left them alone. The torment of the man at the post had begun.

Patty realized they had a pretty good view of what was about to happen. And even through it frightened her; she found she could not look away. Her heart skipped when she realized she could possibly be hanging there for all to see as well.

The man at the post was sweating now, his supple body glistening in the evening air. Patty heard the whir of the electric winch, and the man was pulled off the ground. His feet clear, his full weight hanging on his arms and shoulders. Another man stepped up from behind the hanging slave, and snapped a chain onto a link on the middle of the spreader bar. The other end of the chair was snapped onto a d ring on one of the wrist cuffs. But not before his feet and been pulled up behind him, forcing him to bend his knees, making him even farther off the ground.

With the spreader bar out of the way, the chain attached to his balls became the focal point of all watching. The whir of the winch again, and the chain tightened as the weight of one of the metal balls was added to the ball gag. The man grunted, but could do nothing but hang, turning slightly. The whir of the winch, and a second weight was added. The man grunted again. Sweat began to run off of his supple body. The winch again, but this time the man tried to scream, but the gag muffled it to a guttural noise. Winch. The ball sack of the man was turning a deep purple, he was now groaning with regularity. He was laboring with the pain on his testicles. His breathing coming in rapid gasps, sweat now running off his body in rivulets.

The man that was running the winch walked around to the front of the slave. He examined the slave?s ball sack, and nodding, walked back to the winch controls.

The last weight was lifted off the ground, the slave again grunting in agony, swinging slightly from side to side.

Patty trembled a little. It went through her mind that the man?s balls were going to be ripped from his body.

The winch operator again walked around to the front of the groaning, sweating slave. He gently ran his fingers across the purple balls. Patty realized the slaves ball sack had stretched about six inches, pulling his erect cock down to almost pointing at the floor. The man then stepped to one side of the hanging slave, and gently began to pump the slave?s cock. The pumping made the slave swing a little, making the chain with the weights swing. The slave groaned even more. The man leaned over and took the slaves cock in his mouth, pumping his head back and forth, blowing the hanging slave. Patty wonder if he could come while stretched like this. Her question was answered in a few minutes. The man let the slaves cock out of his mouth, but kept pumping with his hand. The slave?s muscles in his legs, belly, and ass contracted sending an arch of cum spurting out of the man?s cock. He grunted again, still sweating rivers.

The man let the slave down, releasing his feet so he could stand, spread legged. The crowd gave the man a round of applause, the man bowing and accepting it. The slave was still hanging by his wrists, head back, breathing in gasps. He did not take any bows.

Patty realized that during the torment, the slaves she was standing with had pressed themselves together. Julie?s pussy was pressed hard against Patty?s thigh, the others pressing against Julie as well. Patty could feel the heat radiate, even smell the hot wet pussies. And hers was no exception.

The crowd was again beginning to play with the slaves when Ken found them. He motioned for them to follow him, and the four nude, high heel clad slaves obeyed.

The Masters group was near the rock and roll speakers, laying in various stages of undress, most already having sex. A small platform was in the middle of the group. Ken told the slaves, ?Master wants you to get up on the platform, and just titty dance for a while. Take turns. Later on I got a double dong, he wants Patty and Julie to put on a girl-girl show. The other group has a couple male slaves they want to watch fuck Doris and Rosie. And if we got time, I got one of those donkey dongs, we are going to see how much each of you can take. Any questions? Patty, you are up first?.

Patty strode up to the platform and carefully walked up the two steps. She noticed the overhead light illuminated the stage very nicely, but kept the surrounding area dark, hard for her to see into. Patty was at ease on the stage. She had danced for about a year before in Dallas, made good money. She just got tired of all the hassle. The music was good to dance to, and Patty worked hard at putting on a show. Shaking her tits on occasion, deep knee bends, exposing the pink of her pussy to any that wanted to see.

The song was over, and Patty returned to the group. She realized she had worked up a sweat, and leaning against one of the pillars felt good. She had a chance to look around. In both directions, she could see groups clustered around one of the small stages, dancers sweating it out on all. Both male and female.

Patty?s turn on the stage came again, and then again. The night was wearing on when Ken walked up to them.

?Time to liven things up a little, my sluts?, he laughed. He handed Julie a larger than life double dong and a bottle of baby oil. ?Let?s make it good, alright. Lots of tongue, you know what I mean?? Both slaves nodded in agreement.

Patty followed Julie onto the stage. The music was lower now, and not as wild. They swayed to the beat for a few seconds, then embraced, smashing their tits into one another, kissing each other. Patty felt Julie?s tongue enter her mouth, searching for hers. Julie worked her way down Patty?s chest, finding her nipples, and then on to her pussy. Patty felt light headed when Julie found her clitty, sucking long and hard.

The slaves went at each other, sixty nining until both grunted out their orgasms. Then, very carefully, so as not to stab their partner with those stiletto heels, they maneuvered their pussys together and Julie inserted the double dong, first in her, then in Patty. Pumping and grinding their hips the slaves laid on their backs, their pussy rubbing against the others, fully swallowing the dong.

To Patty, it felt good, but not as good as Julie?s mouth. She had done several double dong and toy scenes for her friend in the moves, and now she was on stage again. And she realized, she had better turn in the best performance of her life. The slaves grunted and ground for a while, then faked screaming orgasms. Patty felt relieved when the dong was taken out of her.

The two slaves got up from the stage, and a smattering of applause could be heard as they returned to the pillar, joining the other slaves.

Ken motioned to the other slaves. It was now their turn on stage. Doris and Rosie were joined by two slaves from the other group. Patty felt cheated. Both of these guys were hung. Patty and Julie leaned against the pillar and watched as the four slaves on stage put on a sexual circus. They left no position or combination untouched. One male slave even fucked the other male slave in the ass while he was fucking Rosie in the ass.

The early morning air was cool, as they climbed the short distance back to their compound. Patty could not guess what time it was, but late, or early. Ken had allowed them to remove their heels before leaving the Great Hall, and they walked bare footed on the warm pavement.

As they entered the compound, tiki torches lit the plaza. The sound of the water running in the fountain was interrupted by the sharp report of leather hitting skin. All the eyes of the slaves were fully open now, realizing what had just happened.

Under the post at the end of the plaza a St. Andrews cross had been set up, and tied spread eagle to it was a nude woman. Several people stood around, all nude as well. Ken did not stop, and the slaves followed very close. As they passed by, Patty stole a glance at the figure strapped to the cross. She thought she recognized the woman who had fed her earlier in the evening.

Ken led the slaves to their quarters, and they lay on their pallets in the cool night air, listening as the stillness was periodically interrupted by the crack of leather finding its mark.


Fred?s stomach was growling. He was more than ready to head down to the first feast of this year?s festival. The group that was staying within the compound had gathered at the compounds main gate, waiting on Ken to bring up the slaves. All were dressed in their party costumes, what there was of them. Resembling those of ancient Greece, all the clothing and jewelry supported the symbol of the compound. Mary had all the tunics and jewelry made special, with Fred?s symbol on everything.

And as Ken brought up the line of collared, leashed slaves, they too had the symbol of the compound marked on them as well.

The meal was better than most, Fred thought. And the blowjob he was receiving from the slave Julie was great. Mary had the slave between her legs for most of the meal, and only at Fred?s instance did she lead the slave by her collar over to the cock of her master. Julie sucked Fred off sooner that Fred had wanted, but laid back in the glow non-the less.

The sliding of heavy chairs signaled that the eating of food part of the feast was over. People were getting up and talking to old friends, meeting new ones. Fred and Mary and the rest of the compound people were no exception.

The group moved toward the towering public whipping post set in prominence at one end of the Great Hall.

Fred signaled to Ken. ?Maybe you could hook the slaves up in some of those fuck-me pumps like we did last year. We all would love to watch them put on a show for us after the show at the post,? said Fred.

?No problem, Boss. And we brought some toys along with us as well. We will see how creative these bitches can get,? Ken laughed.

Fred and Mary stood among the crowd and watched someone put on a show with one of his male slaves. Fred could not help but to grab his balls a time or two while watching the show. He wondered how a slave?s balls could hold up that much weight and still not be damaged very badly.

After the show, the group found a place in between the rows of columns, near the rock and roll section of the Great Hall. Fred settled in and watched the dancing and sex performances his slaves put on for everybody, and enjoyed several more blowjobs as the evening went by.

Fred and Mary walked side by side up the asphalt path toward their compound. The cool early morning air felt good. Mary had not bothered to dress, she just carried her sandals in one hand and her tunic thrown over her shoulder. She was worn out.

As they walked through the compound gates, they were startled by the report of leather slapping against flesh. By the dim light put off the tiki torches, Fred could tell that someone was bound to the St. Andrews cross at the other end of the plaza. His cocked jumped. He hoped it was Rita.

Jack was standing back from the figure stretched on the X-cross, holding a wide leather slapper. Every few seconds, he would swing the slapper across a particular part of the stretched and bound person. The resulting pop would almost always followed by a guttural groan from the bound person.

Fred could see in the dim light a cross hatched series of red welts across the shoulders, back, ass and thighs of Rita.

Fred moved to the back of the cross, and pressed his face against that of the bound Rita. She was sweating, her breath coming in gasps timed with each blow. Fred reached between her widely spread legs, finding her wet pussy. He fondled one of her hanging tits, pinching the nipple, teasing it. And then her body would stiffen for a second as she received the next blow. Her ass was finally starting to move to the rhythm of Fred?s working fingers. Her pussy was sopping wet. He put his face close to hers, stuck his tongue in her ear, moved around and frenched her deeply. Rita was receptive, but still breathing heavy. He could feel the wetness of her sweat. She was working hard. The whole time Jack had not missed a stroke, Rita would moan deeply after each.

Fred was still working Rita?s pussy when he heard the metal jingle of the buckles being undone. Jack, Jane and Mary were releasing Rita from her ass out position on the cross. Fred was somewhat annoyed, he almost had her coming. Then he realized, they were only turning her around. Again the jingle of the metal buckles, and they restrained Rita back on the cross, but this time tits out.

Fred was still behind the cross, playing with Rita?s ear with his tongue, when the first blow fell on her tits. The resounding smack was answered by a scream from Rita as she struggled in the buckles. Many more followed, as Jack moved his target from her tits across her belly to her pussy and upper thighs. When Fred knew that Jack?s target was lower, he reached around and grabbed both of Rita?s tits, fondling them, pinching her nipples. He could feel several welts along the soft, smooth skin.

Rita turned her head toward Fred and said, ?Fuck me, please, fuck me.?

Mary and Jane heard Rita?s command as well. They moved to undo the buckles around her ankles and legs. Leaving her still bound by the wrists and arms, the two women picked up and spread her legs even farther, as Jack slipped a leather strap around each leg, just above the knee. The strap was attached to a length of chain, which was fastened to the top of the St. Andrews cross, holding her legs up and apart, hanging most of her weight on her wrists.

Fred pumped his cock several times, and moved his hard cock into her dripping pussy. He thrust several times, slowly, getting his cock wet with pussy juice, and then thrust it to the hilt. He began pumping her pussy, kissing her deeply, playing with her ear with his tongue.

It was on one of his out strokes that he felt the lightning bolt shoot through his body. He thrust his ass forward, trying to get away from the shock and pain, thrusting his cock as deep as it would go into Rita. Jane landed the next blow on his naked ass, again sending shocks through his body.

Mary and Jane had identical bamboo cains, and were now liberally striping Fred?s ass and thighs as he pumped into Rita. As Fred came, the blows landed faster, raising long welts across his ass.

Rita grunted out her orgasm as she felt the white hot come being pumped into her pussy.

Fred staggered back a few feet, hands on his knees, enjoying the afterglow. Jane knelt between Rita?s legs, and began eating her cum dripping pussy.

Fred watched as Jack could not let this opportunity go, and taking up his leather strap again, went back to work on Rita?s tits, and occasionally Jane?s naked back and ass.

Fred walked slowly back into is villa, and went to sleep to the occasional slap of leather hitting flesh, and the orgasmic moans of those that like to be tormented.

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