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Exploring Her Submission (Part 2)

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I woke up around 9:00 AM to the sounds of her making breakfast. Her husband was at the table, looking through some papers as I got up. Still in my underwear from the previous night I felt a little foolish. I grabbed my clothes and headed to the bathroom to clean myself up, but they stopped me and told me I could go upstairs and take a shower, and to stay for breakfast. I showered, and threw on the same clothes from the previous night. A little wrinkled from being thrown off, they were still clean since I hadn't worn them long. I however, did ditch my underwear, and went commando. As I returned downstairs, they were just sitting down to eat, so I joined them, and before long the topic of conversation went to the previous night. He was still under the impression her and I had gone out dancing, but we quickly disillusioned him. As we told the story, first from my perspective then hers, I could see her reaching down to massage his crotch under the table. I knew what she wanted to do, but he insisted he had to get to the office, but he would be back around 11:00, and be home the rest of the day. He invited me to stay for the afternoon, knowing I had the day off, and since I had nothing pressing, I accepted. For the next few hours her and I hung out. She wanted to get into the hot tub, but I staved off until around the time I figured her husband would be returning. Their hot tub is in a sun room, adjacent to the house, which connects to the deck outside that leads to their the pool. So despite the brisk weather outside, the room was cool, but not cold. She changed into a string bikini with a g string bottom. The top was essentially mesh, so her nipples showing through the fabric. I stripped my clothes off and climbed in naked.

We started slow, kissing, rubbing, teasing, very casually. I knew what she wanted to wait for, and since I had plans of my own, I wasn't inclined to be dominant of her just yet. When we heard her husbands car pull into the driveway, I stood up, and changed demeanor. I ordered her to suck my cock, which she took up eagerly. As she forced every inch of me down her throat, I told her that her second round of punishment started now, and that for the next sixteen hours she was not only my slave, but her husbands as well. She could not decline anything either of us wanted. She would refer to me as Sir, but him as Master. (more stuff I learned from my research.) And no matter what I said, his authority superseded mine, so if she had to pick one of us to listen to for any one task, it would be his. I hadn't told him any of this, so I hoped at some point it didn't give her the command to primarily obey me, because then we'd be stuck in a paradox. But as he got out of his car, he had a clear view of us through the large sun room windows, and he stood watching for a few seconds as she gagged herself repeatedly. Violently trying to choke herself with my rod of meat. I waved him to come inside, and he hesitated for a moment, but then entered through the door that led in from the deck. I instructed her to go her us beers, and she quickly got out of the hot tub, only pausing to grab a towel and dry herself a little. I sat back down in the hot tub and explained to him that, I was appreciative of him letting me help his wife explore this new side of her sexuality, but I didn't want to isolate it from him, and I could tell neither did she. I explained to him the commands I just gave her. He told me he was concerned that if he treats her like that, their relationship will change. That he's worried he'd become more dominant in other aspects of their life together. I tried to alleviate him of this concern, since her and I had no problems flipping the switch between good friends, and the dominant and sub roles we'd fallen into. I was also honest with him and told him I couldn't promise that wouldn't happen. Just as I finished speaking she reappeared in the doorway, clutching a small cooler of beers, looking eager for her next order. Her husband looked at her, looked at me for confirmation, than told her, "I want you to deep throat my cock so hard you pass out."

It was like the floodgates opened. She practically dropped the cooler rushing to get his pants off of him. She blew him with more ferocity than I'd ever seen, she was deep throating until her lips locked around the very base of his shaft. His dick is shorter, and not as thick as mine, but the head is bigger, and by anyones standards hes still larger than average. Not wanting to intrude, I figured I'd disappear, but before I could climb out of the hot tub, he asked me to stay because, "He's going to need some help disciplining her." He instructed her to get her pussy ready for me. From her kneeling position, she slid a hand down the front of her bikini bottom and began toying with her pussy. I moved behind her, picking her up by her hips so she was standing, bent over, fervently still sucking her husbands cock. I pulled her g-string aside, and buried my face in her ass. At first I licked it to get it wet, then ran and retrieved the bottle of lube from the previous night. I inserted finger after finger, getting four in before I felt her tense up with discomfort. I kept fingering her until I felt her cumming, legs buckling beneath her so that I had to hold her up. I stood, and said, "My turn." She, constantly aware of my first command to her, looked to her husband for confirmation. He nodded at her, telling her "to be a good little slut and do as she is told." He apparently was more comfortable with the dirty talk than me. As she spun around and took my rock hard shaft into her mouth, her husband crouched down, and buried his face into her pussy. She kept sucking until he made her cum. As she moaned with her lips wrapped right on me, her husband stood, and slid himself inside her pussy. He fucked her normally at first, then as he grew more comfortable, watching me give her orders about how to suck my cock, slapping her with it, making her gag on it, or straight throat fucking her, he began to pound her harder. I knew he was trying to make himself last as he started to slow down. I reminded him that we have her for another fifteen and a half hours. He laughed, and sped up, ruthlessly plowing her pussy, every time making her yelp, occasionally making her lose her grip on my shaft. As he announced he was going to "Fill this whore up" I had an idea. I told her to lay on her back, where her husband penetrated her again, and came in only a few second. I told her to raise her legs into the air and hang them over her head. From that position, his cum was still inside her pussy, but slowly oozing out, rolling down towards her face. I told her not to move until she had drank up every drop of cum, I moved over and angling my dick, penetrated her ass. I viciously drove my cock into her, her only way to brace herself was to push herself harder against my hips, making me fuck her so hard, she came twice by the time I filled her ass with cum. The entire time I was fucking her, she sat, open mouthed, letting her husbands cum drip into it. As the stream slowed down, he instructed her to use her hands to clean herself up. Laying herself flat, she took one hand and scooped out the last of her husbands cum from her pussy, licking it from her fingers. With the other, she plugged her asshole until she ready for her second protein meal. When she was done with that as well, I bent her back over, and shoved my dick into her ass again, fucking her, while her husband watched. This time, I let him direct what he wanted her to do. He made her lick my asshole and suck on my balls while she jerked me off. Telling her not to cum until he gave her permission as I fucked her ass, then her pussy, then her ass again. When I came, I unleashed a monster load into her mouth. He told her not to swallow. Apparently the entire time I'd been fucking her he's been jerking himself off. He moved over, and unleashed his cum into her open mouth too. He told her to play with it. So she gargled it, spit it out into her hands, rubbed it on her tits, then into her pussy and asshole. By now, he and I both needed a break, so we told her to go get herself cleaned up. She went upstairs and took a shower, while he and I talked about what we wanted to do next.

He said he wanted to see her helpless the way she'd been the night before, so, I took the "De-moralizer." and we went upstairs. She had just gotten out of the shower, and I grabbed her by the hair and pushed her towards the bed. Once there, I cuffed her hands behind her, then her ankles, lubed her up, and slid the toy into her ass and pussy. Within seconds she was shaking. Having seen this show, I left, but her husband stayed and watched. I went downstairs, had a beer, occasionally hearing him call her some string of dirty remarks, or her crying out, sometimes muffled presumably by his cock in her mouth. I actually called back the girl who had called the previous night, and set up a date for the weekend in that time. I hung up, finished my beer and headed back upstairs. She was on her back now, uncuffed, toy still in place, being throat fucked by her husband while her head hung off the bed. I moved to the other side of the bed, climbed on, and slid the vibrator from her ass, and rammed my shaft in. I fucked her until she came a couple of time, then asked him if he wanted to DP her. He and I had always maintained a three foot rule, basically my cock was never within three feet of his, but there's only one way to DP a girl. He got on to bed as I removed the other end of the toy from her pussy and cuffed her hands behind her back again. He pushed inside her pussy, and I climbed up behind her, and slid into her ass. I grabbed her hair, tugging hard to keep her from losing balance as we established our rhythm. Before long she was having one long constant shaking orgasm running into another. She cried out, but everything out of her mouth was nearly incoherent babble. We picked up the pace, pounding her savagely in both holes. He said he was about to cum, and I was close myself, so we both shot our loads at almost the same time into her. I pulled out slowly, pushing her forward so my cum wouldn't drain out. He practically shove her off of him, since she had become dead weight, unable to hold herself up to any capacity. Once both off the bed, we couldn't help it, we exchanged a high five and laughed, admiring the perfect destruction of her holes as our cum seeped out of her. I was about to leave the room again, when I heard her mutter, "Don't laugh, assholes." I looked at him, but I knew he wasn't ready to go again. I grabbed her, pulling her to the edge of the bed until her head hung off. I began throat fucking her, burying my cock in her throat until her lips were down to the base. I kept this up until I was ready to cum, and thrust myself as deep as I could. She gagged, and coughed and some of my ejaculate came out her nose. She looked up at me with a mix of loathing and lust, as she sucked on the end on my shaft. I told her, "There, now you have cum in ALL your holes." and laughed as I left the room. During this her husband had left, I found him downstairs, told him what I did and he was pissed that he had missed it.

He and I were both spent, I had cum four times in under two hours which tied an old record for me. He went back upstairs, uncuffed her and told her to make us lunch. He told me she moved to go to the bathroom, but he told her, "No. Now slave." and she came downstairs. At the site of her, I thought we had broken her. She was a disheveled mess. Cum running down her legs, dripping from her chin. She even walked with that slight limp like her ass was so tender it hurt to move. She washed up enough at the kitchen sink to handle raw meat without semen contamination, and set on making us a couple burgers. As she worked, her husband disappeared. I walked over to her and said our safe word in a questioning manner. She smiled, winked, and moved to go outside to light their gas grill. The next couple hours were pretty uneventful. After we ate lunch, she took another shower. So did I, instructing her to stay in the shower with me, where I played with her tits, fingered her ass and pussy and had her lick my cock but didn't even try to cum. Her husband passed out on the couch. Her and I climbed into their bed and fell asleep. I woke up, it was about 5 o'clock. I checked the time, she still had ten hours of slave time left. I considered waking her to fuck her again, but if she was even half as sore as I was, it would be more pain than pleasure, so I got out of bed, taking note of a couple of hooks in the ceiling I had overlooked earlier, and went this downstairs. Her husband was sitting at the kitchen table doing some paper work. He looked up as I entered, I was still naked since my clothes had been discarded in the sun room, so I walked past him, grabbed them, and threw them on. When I entered again he asked me, "Do you think this slave stuff applies to doing this for me." I reminded him, "I think that qualifies as letting this effect you in other areas outside you sex life." He laughed, agreed, and went back to work. I sat down on the couch, threw on the TV, and watched some football.

She came down a short while later, dressed now in a black latex bra with the nipples cut out, a crotchless black thong. She went to him first, getting to her knees and asked her husband, "Master, how can I serve you?" He shook his head at her, grabbed her by the hair and turned her towards me. She crawled on her hands and needs across the floor to me, and asked, "Sir, can I serve you. You don't even need to undress me." I unzipped my pants, pointed to my dick, and resumed my attention of the TV. She eagerly took up her charge, slurping the head while working the shaft, sucking my balls, and deep throating me. For a while, the only sounds were the TV, papers rustling from the other room, and the wet sucking sound of her lips on my cock. When I grew bored of watching football, and hadn't cum yet (how can you while watching a bunch of dudes tackle each other) I shut off the TV and told her to play with herself for me. She backed off, sat down, spreading her legs wide and began toying with her pussy, and tweaking her nipples. She'd occasionally pause to suck her juices off her fingers, or change position. When she was on all fours, ass pointed toward me, sliding a finger into her pussy, and then her ass. I decided it was time to use her. I went upstairs, retrieved the cuffs, and came back down. There, I blindfolded her and gagged her, cuffed her wrists to the leg of the couch, and left her there. Her husband had the idea of putting in ear plugs, after reading about sensory deprivation online ( He had been doing research while we she was blowing me). For the next several hours, we took turns fucking her every way possible, cumming in both of her holes or on her multiple times each. Rebinding her in countless positions. Her only indication of who was fucking her was the shape of the cock currently penetrating her, which in some cases was both at once. We never did DVP or DAP, but he suggested it and I declined. I just don't like the idea of shaft to shaft action, even if it's inside a hot woman.

By now it was almost 10:00 PM and she still had five hours of slave time left. It was starting to get a little messy downstairs, even though I had laid the shower curtain back out. Plus, she had at least five loads of cum in her, not counting what was on her, although by then I was practically shooting blanks I'd cum so much in the past twenty four hours. I led her upstairs, threw her in the shower and ordered her to clean up. This time when she came down, she was wearing a full fishnet body suit. Apparently I wasn't the only one who had gone shopping. I plucked at it, and she informed me it felt ticklish everywhere every time she moved with it on. The way the fishnets met her crotch, it covered access without probably causing some serious rug burn, so I reached down and tore a few of the holes a little bigger, leaving only a couple of threads between her pussy and her asshole intact. Addressing her husband as 'Master' again she asked what he wanted. He pointed at the semen covered curtain, and she needed no more instruction. Initially I thought she was going to just pick it up and go wash it off, but she got down on all fours and from one corner to the other, licked every drop of cum off of it. Her ass pointed in the air towards us, we both got hard, and although neither of us came, we took turns fucking her in both her holes again as she set about her task, literally tag teaming her. Once one got tired, they'd back out and tag the other one in. For the next couple hours we kept this up, constantly keeping a cock in her, and when neither of us were ready to go, using the De-moralizer to keep both her holes wet and ready. By the time she had cleared every square inch of it with her tongue, it was soaked again with her juices, so as we continued fucking her we made her lick that off next. Obviously an endless task, as she was dripping more on faster than she was cleaning it off. We stopped for another break, but since we couldn't leave her to roam around, we brought in a deck chair from outside, removed the cushion so only the metal frame remained, and cuffed her seated in it blindfolded and gagged. I watched some TV, and would occasionally walk over and remove the gag to put my cock in her mouth, or finger her pussy or ass through the opening in the bottom, until a small puddle has accumulated beneath her on the tile floor. I uncuffed her a couple of times so she could lick it up. She had insisted, with my shaft in her mouth, that she couldn't leave it there or it might stain. Neither me or her husband had cum for since she had comedown in the fishnets, only tagging in for five or ten minutes at a time. I had just been using her as a personal sex toy, letting her play with me, but never getting close.

He had disappeared somewhere again, but when he came back he told me he had been contacting the guy she had played during my couple years out of the lifestyle, but he declined since he had left the lifestyle for a serious relationship. He asked if I knew anyone but I didn't. We looked at her deciding what to do. There were less than three hours left, and we wanted to make the most of them, but we were both so spent there was no way we were going to last. I was out of ideas. The only way to push things further was to go into the hardcore BDSM/golden shower/fucked up shit I didn't even want to think about. That for either of us wasn't even an option and neither was it for him. We were a little emasculated that after three hours this afternoon, and now nearly six more of being railed, we knew she could keep going, but we were limping towards the finish line. We decided the only way to finish was the way we knew we could reduce her to a rambling drooling mess. He came up with the perfect idea. Above their bed, they had the couple hooks where they had hung a sex swing in the past, but one was becoming so dislodged they stopped using it, rather than risk tearing apart the ceiling.The other was intact, and after weight checking it I found it able to support my full weight without a single creak. Removing the gag and blindfold, we brought her upstairs using three pairs of handcuffs linked together, and the fourth binding her wrists, hung her from the hook above the bed so that she couldn't sit, but she could kneel or stand on the bed without putting any tension on the hook.

I set to licking her pussy, and getting her wet again, while he prepared the De-moralizer for one last act. After lubing it up and inserting both ends in her, I played with her tits, snapped the tight fishnet outfit she still wore so it pinched her, and massaged her clit while the toy did it's job. This he wanted filmed, so as I prepared her he set up his camera the dresser across the room. Once it was recording, we both set in on her, teasing her, licking her nipples, burying our faces in her pussy or ass, removing one end of the toy or the other. She came over and over for the next hour descending steadily into an orgasmic stupor, by then she was having trouble standing, so she had dropped to her knees. relying on the cuffs to keep her upright. We removed the toy and I moved to beneath her. Grabbing her by the hips to lift her up, I slid my cock in her pussy, while he climbed up behind her, and penetrated her ass. Her riding me, and him railing her from behind, we pushed both our cocks in simultaneously, making her cum over and over, but we still hadn't achieved that continues orgasm she had experienced earlier. We switched, this time standing her up. Now he picked her up holding her steady and slammed her pussy as I railed her from behind. We alternated rhythms, so as one pulled out, the other penetrated. This was the trick to bring her to that constant string of never ending orgasms, that left her crying out unintelligibly. I paused momentarily to shred the fishnets around her ass, back, thighs and breasts as they were causing me some discomfort. Even after she had gone limp is his arms, not bothering to support any of her own weight on the cuffs, her whole body shaking and we continued until we both blew massive loads that had been building for the better part of six hours into both her holes. We still had another hour left, and both still hard, we unhooked her from the ceiling, and laid her down on the bed. One on each of her sides, she took our cocks, eyes shut, muttering almost to herself, she alternated sucking us dry. He told me to get the camera and film what came next.

Picking her up, he carried her into the shower, and turned the water on, cold, full blast. It rocketed her awake, and he helped her drain the semen from her. But, before he finished she had nearly gone catatonic again, so he carried her back to the bed, set her on her knees, and re-cuffed her to the ceiling, not bothered to even dry her off. I went to her front again, picking her up as he had, penetrating her pussy, while he got behind her and slid himself in her ass. I held her steady and we found our rhythm even more quickly this time, picking up the pace, slamming her from both sides as she screamed that degraded into a moan that collapsed into wordless rambling. This time he came first, filling her ass, and stayed there holding her weight so I could plow into her with such force when that I came I almost pushed him off the bed as he tried to support her. We both let go of her, easing her down until she hung by her arms above her head. He went and grabbed the camera and spread her legs, filming our cum drain down her thighs. He took some on his fingers and put them in her mouth, and she sucked passively at them. We continued this for a while, until no more of us ran from her. He looked at the clock on the bedside table, we still had thirty minutes left, but neither of us thought we could top what we'd done to her with what was available. Her husband lifted her chin, wiping a small amount of cum and drool away and slipping it into her mouth, and said. "We no longer require your services." She responded weakly with a "Thank you, Master... Sir" as we unhooked her and let her back down.

We laid her on the bed, and mirroring my concern from last night, I checked her pulse and breathing and she seemed fine, just exhausted. I went downstairs, got her some water. In the short time I was gone she had roused, and was sitting up in bed, watching the video on the camera as I entered. She took the water from me and said she wanted to watch this on the big screen all together before I went home. It was almost 3:00 AM, but I wanted to see it myself. We went back down to the living room, set the camera up, and sat on the couch with her laid out between us, her legs across my lap, with her head in her husbands, both of us still naked, and her in the tattered remains of the fishnet suit. Initially him and I remained quiet, gauging her reactions. At first she was quiet, watching attentively, then she started playing with herself. She watched us teasing her, penetrating her with the toy then our cocks, and by the time she saw us getting in position to double penetrate her she was reaching over and grabbing our cocks, sucking and teasing them. Then mounting us, fucking us slowly, bouncing her ass up and down as she watched herself being fucked on the TV, making herself cum on one of us, then switching to the other. When we got to the part where we had double fired loads into both her holes, she was bent over, sucking the last of her husbands cum off of his cock as I was thrusting into her firing another load of cum into her, never taking her eyes off the screen. As she sat down again between us, dipping her fingers into her pussy to retrieve my semen and lick her fingers clean, she watched herself getting picked up and brought to the bathroom. She had the shocked realization that she didn't remember going to or from the shower, although she did recall being in there. From that point on, she watched the video as if it had been someone else, only remembering her feelings a whole but unable to remember any details. She began sucking me off again as she watched herself being fucked the second time dripping wet from the shower and strung up. She told us us, between deep slurps of my shaft, she couldn't tell who was in which hole the second time around, she just remembered the feeling of it. She told us that it ended perfectly, and that if it had gone on any longer it would have started becoming painful probably. When we told her we considered getting another guy, she was glad we didn't, since this was something she wanted to share exclusively with us, at least for now. She said she wanted to do another full day submission fest with the two of us again soon. In particular she had enjoyed us leaving her around tied up and coming to use her as we pleased, and then tag teaming her endlessly. While she said she came the hardest while we double penetrated her, she came the most from being used and tag teamed without clean ups, us just firing load after load into her without only the briefest of pauses. Also, while she liked having cum shot on her, she said it was the warm sensation of it filling her that kept her wet and cumming. As I watched myself feeding her my cum from her pussy on the screen, I had to look down at her sucking on me to actually believe that the entire day had actually just happened. As the realization dawned on me, I shot my final load as she pushed all of me down her throat.

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