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It was a rainy day, and I was wearing a trenchcoat over my black dress, with calf high heeled boots. I was going to go on a blind date later that my friend had set up for me, and she had said the guy liked sexy outfits and was a total hottie. I was ready to have a good time.

As I sauntered down the street, I noticed one man in particular stayed behind me at every street corner. Was he stalking me? Panicked, I took sudden turns and crossed the street just before the light turned red, and finally looked back and he was gone. I sighed in relief. Suddenly as I rounded a corner, a hand clamped a wad of cloth over my mouth and nose. I struggled fiercely, but my captor was amazingly string, and kept my arms pinned until my struggles ceased and I went limp.

When I awoke, it was in a warm room with a single light illuminating it. I sat in a chair, my hands were bound behind me, and there was a cloth tied around my mouth in a cleave gag. Then I heard a voice behind me, and I twisted in my seat to see the speaker. He was tall and muscular, with dark, brooding good looks. "I hope I didn't hurt you. Allow me to introduce myself," my kidnapper said. "I am your master. You may call me either Daddy or sir. From this point forward, you will do exactly as I say or suffer the punishment. Understood?" My heart pounded wildly. I had always fantasized about situations like this, and here was my chance! Fear gave way to excitement, and I nodded my head yes. "Good." said Daddy. "Stand up and come here." I awkwardly rose to my feet, and stood before him. He reached over and unbuttoned my coat, then cut it away from me with a pair of scissors. He did the same to my dress and bra, leaving me standing in my lacy black panties. I glanced at his pants and saw that he was getting hard, and my stomach tingled with anticipation. He gripped my arm and propelled me over to a low doctor's examination table that sat in the middle of the room. Rings were welded all around the sides, and he made me lay down on top of it on my stomach with my head hanging off the end.. He tied my ankles together, then came around to my head and ripped the gag from my mouth. "Alright, slut," he snapped, "you are going to suck my cock. And each time I pull out, I want to hear you say, Thank you. And be sure to address me properly. Or you will be punished." With that, he unzipped his pants and inserted his huge cock into my mouth. He rammed it to the back of my throat, and I gagged. When he pulled it out, I gasped for air and he slapped my face. "What do you say?" he demanded. "Thank you, Daddy," I choked out, and he started fucking my face diligently, smacking me every time I didn't thank him. I began to enjoy the wordplay, and soon I started adding to my lines. He pulled his cock out of my mouth again, and I screamed "Thank you, sir! Please fuck my face, sir!" and he continued thrusting until I felt his dick swell and pulse. He pulled it out and shot hot cum onto my back and face. "Thank you sir, for cumming on me," I breathed, and he smiled and picked up the cloth he had gagged me with. Instead of putting it in my mouth again, he blindfolded me with it. He walked away, and I heard him open the door to the room. Two sets of footsteps entered the room, and the door closed again. "How's it going so far?" a deep voice chuckled. "Great," said Master, "I just fucked her face." Both strangers laughed, and I was pulled off the table and made to kneel on the floor. My ankles and wrists were untied, and Master grabbed me by the hair and made me crawl about five steps. I was manhandled into the doggie position, and a wide belt was fastened around my waist. I was tied into place to rings in the floor, and suddenly three pairs of hands were on me, exploring my body. A finger enters my pussy and I leaned backward onto it, trying to drive it further in, and it was removed. I moaned in disappointment, drawing comments of, "What a sweet little fucktoy," and "Look how wet the little whore's cunt is." Another pair of hands grabbed my breasts, groped and smacked them. All at once, I heard the sound of a zipper and a big, hard cock was shoved deep into my pussy. The unknown man (this dick wasn't Daddy's) pushed slowly in and out, then started pumping and thrusting. The belt around my waist must have had handles on it, because he grabbed it and used it to shove his dick harder into my pussy. Our hips smacked together audibly, and each time he entered me I screamed. "Do something about that, will you, Andrew?" and suddenly another dick was fucking my face. I was on sensory overload, and just then, the man fucking my pussy hit my g-spot. I came, the biggest orgasm I'd ever had, and then I started to come again as Andrew continued thrusting into my throat. Finally, both pulled out and I was left gasping on the floor. My body ached for more pleasure, but they just stood there silently. Suddenly I couldn't take it anymore and I whimpered, "Please Master, let me please you and your friends. Let me pleasure your dicks like the dirty little slut that I am." I waited, quivering, and finally they untied me and led me back to the table. "Thanks, fellas, I'll handle this." Master said, and with murmured goodbyes the two strangers left, with a parting smack on the ass from each. Daddy grabbed me and forced me to kneel again as he undid the blindfold and bound my arms behind my back. He wrapped extra rope around my torso and tied my breasts up, making each one round and erect. He laid down on the table, grabbed me by the waist, and pulled me forward until I was squatting right over his dick, which moved up in the air like it had a mind of its own. Then he pulled me down onto it, and I started to ride it. My ass came down on his hips, and he smacked it, making me scream and lift my hips up, sliding upward on his cock. My breasts bounced as I rode him and he grabbed one in each hand and used them to direct me. After a while, I felt him swelling more and we both came at the same time. The deluge of fluids coming from my pussy and the hot seed that spewed from his dick met inside me, mixing and dripping back out over his dick, still in me. We collapsed on top of each other, and I passed out. When I woke up again, I was in my bed in the dorm I shared with my friend, wearing only my panties and an unfamiliar men's shirt. My cell phone rang, and I stiffly rolled over and answered it. "Hello?" "Hello, Jenna," said Daddy's voice. "How was that for a blind date?"

We have been together now for eight months. I thought he would never manage to top that first time, but somehow he always manages to surprise me.

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