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Christmas Break

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I was 19, Darius was the same age. I was home from college on my Christmas break and so was he. He had been a star football player at the high school we attended and he was now playing for the State?s University. He was going to leave the day after Christmas headed back to college because his team had to get ready for the bowl game on New Years Day. We were never an item and to be completely honest we couldn?t have been more opposite if we tried. The only dealings we really ever had was a Senior English class we shared and a mutual friend named Cheryl!

Cheryl had once mentioned to me during our senior year that Darius wanted to hook up with me, but I never put any energy into it and made it a point to avoid him like a plague. It wasn?t because he wasn?t attractive because the truth is he was 6?3?? 210 pounds of muscle. He was dark skinned with pearly white teeth. I often would watch him in the gym during PE playing basketball with the other guys without a shirt and my temperature would rise. He looked like he had been chiseled from a slab of granite. All the girls would lose their minds around him and go out of their way to get his attention. Several of the girls in school had been overheard talking about his sexual skills and how physically blessed he was. The reason I didn?t pursue his interest was simple. He was from the projects and my parents, although great parents had a tendency to be a bit elitist. They basically hand picked all of my so called boyfriends. They were all usually nice guys but a bit on the boring side. On our graduation day immediately following the ceremony, Darius had made it a point to find me. He gave me a hug just out of the blue and whispered in my ear how disappointed he was that he wasn?t good enough for me and how he was hurt that he couldn?t ever have a chance because of it. He didn?t hang around for a response, and he didn?t have to because that hurt me to the very core. It bothered me so much that I thought about his words at least twice a week every week during the first semester.

It was December 21st 2005 around noon (I?ll always remember the date and time) as I walked slowly up to the front door of Darius?s grandmother?s apartment. Cheryl had given me the directions but she refused to go with me, saying she wasn?t trying to be a third wheel. I was nervous and I think secretly I was hoping he wasn?t home. I pulled the screen door open and I tapped on the front door. Darius opened the door. He was on the cell phone. He was wearing a pair of baggy basketball shorts with no shirt, socks or shoes. He looked so good standing there I felt a sudden need to go to confession. He quickly recognized me and he looked like he had seen a ghost. He told whomever he was on the phone with he had to go and snapped his phone shut. He smiled, moved towards me and gave me a big hug. He then stepped aside an invited me into the small dimly lit apartment. We sat on the couch and I jumped right into my apology. I explained everything to him and pleaded for him to believe me about not thinking I was too good for him. It wasn?t long before I was tearing up. Darius got up from his seat and kneeled down on both knees directly in front of me. He tried to make me feel better by saying he really didn?t think that and that he had just wanted a reason to get close to me that day. As he was talking Darius had his large hands grasping each one of my knees. They rested on the bare area between my boots and the bottom of my skirt. I was suddenly feeling hot and my mood went from sad to excited in a hurry. He must have sensed it because he started to message my knees. He didn?t say anything he just smiled and messaged. Slowly his hands started to move upwards under my skirt. I remember them gripping the top of my thighs. I remember him pulling me to the edge of the couch and pushing my thighs apart so that he could move in close to me and position his body between my legs. I remember him slipping his sweet tongue in my mouth where my own tongue was anxious to meet his. I remember him gently removing my panties and sliding his hand into my dripping wet pussy. I don?t really remember our trip back to his bedroom, but I can still feel it as he pushed me back on that bed I was still fully clothed minus the panties. He parted my legs widely and started to suck on my pussy lips like they were a delicacy. I remember the room spinning as I lost count of my orgasms. That?s probably because I had never had my pussy eaten before. Never understood until that day why women always looked forward to that from their man. I slightly remember him picking me up off the bed, helping me stand up and undressing me. He pushed me down on the bed face first. I was lying on my stomach as he started to lightly bite on my ass. After he finished he moved down and started nibbling on the back of my ankles. Then he went to the back of my knees the middle of my back and back to my ass. He rolled me over and started licking my clit. He grabbed the back of my knees with his hands and pushed them towards their respective shoulders. This position left me helpless and open. He slipped his tongue deep into my pussy and started using it like a miniature dick. He stopped for a quick moment looked up at me with this devilish smile; I got even more turned on when I saw that his entire mouth was covered with my natural pussy lubricant. He feasted for a while and would have gone longer if I wouldn?t have stopped him and begged him to fuck me. That gave him a license to become very dominant towards me. He stood up grabbed a massive bulge in his baggy shorts and ask with a very cocky attitude if I knew what I was asking for. I nodded?not really sure of my self but hell I was on fire and he had to put it out. He looked at me and said, if I start giving this to you are you going to take it like a woman? Again I nodded. He turned around opened a drawer and pulled out a condom. He tore the package open, looked at me and dropped his shorts. OH MY GOD! It was massive. The condom left about two inches uncovered at the base of his dick. He walked over slid the tip in and slowly started to stretch my pussy open with his large dick. He pushed it in until I started to tremble. He pulled it out a little giving me momentary relief and then he slid it in again and again going deeper each time. I was hot and my pussy was wet. I guess that?s the only reason it didn?t cause some type of trauma. He started slow and picked up speed. He started to really catch a rhythm. After several dozen strokes he asked if I was ready to really get fucked. I nodded through clinched teeth as he started to pound my pussy. I had fucked only one other guy in my life and we did it several times during my senior year and the summer prior to me going to college. He wasn?t small but I had never had anything close to this and it was good. He was sweating and so was I. Our bodies were slapping together and I could feel the mother of all orgasms brewing in my gut. I mumbled that I was going to cum. Darius never missed a stroke and he said "NO! You better not cum on my dick." I cried out that I couldn?t stop. He warned me loudly that if I came he was going to punish me. He didn?t mean a word of it?he knew he was turning me on even more with his dominance. This made me cum even harder. I cried out that I was sorry as I exploded. I remember losing control of the muscles in my face, my legs went numb and I couldn?t open my eyes as I came. He laughed this evil laugh and said ?Yep this dick will do that to you!? He was a cocky bastard but Damn if he wasn?t backing it up!. I started to settle down, so I thought. He continued to pound my pussy. He suddenly jumped up rolled me over and pulled me up on my hands and knees. He wasted no time entering me from behind. He picked up right where he had left off when we were in the missionary position. He was purposely pulling his dick out as far as he could and pushing it in as far and as fast as he could. His stamina was unbelievable. He slapped my ass a couple of times and roared like a wounded lion as he came. I figured it was over but what he did next was out of this world. He rolled me onto my back and ate my pussy one more time!

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