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Cheating led us to swinging pt 2

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After the epiphany that night with all my wife's grand openings. We ending up hooking up with Jim and Judy soon after. We didn't even wait until the next Sat. and got together midweek. This time it was just an one on one with Judy and me in one bed and Jim and my wife in the other. We left for home once everyone was completely satiated and talked about how the both of us were comfortable with the fact that we could fuck someone else as long as we were in the same room. Amy blew me on the drive home and told me how yummy my cock was covered with another woman's sex. My wife is so wonderful and sexy. I asked her about checking out a swinger website and she was all for it so we signed up for one and I put in our info. We used Wet and Wilder and I had one pic of our bedroom sheets with a big wet spot in the middle. The next day we had several inquires and we were both acting like excited little children as we viewed them. We decided to get together with one that had a private pic of a woman sucking on a huge cock. Her attractive face and his big dick and we were both sold. We emailed them and that weekend we were to meet them at a restaurant. The both of us were so excited and we could barely wait for Saturday to arrive.

We meet Jack and Diane that Sat. and I admit we were a little nervous but they were wonderful. After dinner we stayed and continued drinking wine to the point where we were all a little tipsy. We told them how we were newbies to the lifestyle and that seemed only to excite them more. In fact Diane was definitely into my wife and flirted with her constantly. When Jack asked us if we like to go to their house and Amy stated that she wanted to have another drink. I don't know if she was still a bit apprehensive but Jack ordered a round of shots to speed things up and said we could have some more drinks at their home. He was eager to leave and so was I. Amy relented after downing the last drink and off we went. Diane was all over Amy as soon as we walked through the door. Diane led my wife into the bedroom as Jack got the two of us another drink. We entered their bedroom and both of their tops were off and Diane was greedily sucking on my wife's titties. It wasn't long before both of their bottoms were off too. Jack made a comment loud enough for everyone to hear about how beautiful Amy was and his wife was in complete agreement. I think it put my wife a little more at ease. Lips and hands where everywhere as they explored each other's bodies. I tried not to act overly excited as I sipped on my drink and watched these two vixens at work. Diane was an expert lesbian love maker and I wondered how many women she had been with before. The girls were making out and taking turns sucking on each others soft white breasts while their hands mutually rubbed each others' vaginas without actually entering them. I saw Jack start taking off his clothes and I put down my drink and did the same. Once undressed I saw Jack's semi rigid dick and I could tell it was the big one from the pic as advertised. He was a good 9 inches and really thick and I let my wife know it.

"Babe, do you see what Jack has for you?" I asked.

She took a quick glance and saw Jack waiting primed and ready and she took everything up a notch. I knew she was fantasizing about being fucked by his massive cock even while his wife was making love to her.

"Are you ready to cum now?" Diane asked.

"No, no." my wife replied.

NO? I couldn't figure that response out. Her body actions told you that she was ready but her mouth was telling us no. Diane just continued rubbing her clitoris and Amy kept squirming even more. Her moaning was fever pitched and this time Diane didn't ask. She dove between her thighs and began to eat her out. My wife was going crazy as Diane was one woman who knew how to eat pussy. She told us how good Amy tasted and continued drinking from her fountain. She was driving Amy wild but each time I thought that she might cum she either pushed her away or moved away herself. Diane gave us a quizzical look and continued even harder.

"Comon honey, Cum for me." she cooed.

But Amy continued to squirm away each time she got close. I told Diane that she might be worried about gushing all over her nice bedspread since she was such a squirter. Diane said 'fuck the bedspread' and told Amy not to worry about it but still she resisted. That's when I told Jack to get in there. I knew once his cock was embedded inside my wife's cunt that she would not be able to stop from cumming. He told his wife to move aside and to let him take a crack at it. His cock was rock hard and very thick in girth and it was exactly the kind of rod my wife loved to be fucked by. He entered my wife's wet pussy and drove his dick deep inside her. She squealed like a kid at Christmas. Jack fucked her gently but firmly and Amy's legs wrapped around his torso like a boa constrictor. It was just a couple of minutes before she started screaming like a banshee and then she finally came. She was still yelling like but this time the fluid was flying out non stop. I never saw her gush like this as it was one long continuous stream. I thought that she might have broken her fountain and it sprayed like an open fire hydrant. She eventually stopped cumming and her legs fell limply to the bed. Jack stopped and got off her and my wife lay there panting with her ass in the middle of a huge wet spot on the bedspread.

"Fuck! That was so intense," Jack remarked.

Diane didn't give Amy any time to recover and pushed her husband away from my wife. She dove between her thighs once more and my wife's engine picked back up just as fast. She was eating Amy so furiously and the moaning grew louder each second.

"Give it to me. Give it to me." you could hear Diane mumble as her mouth was glued to Amy's cunt.

Diane wanted it and my wife gave her what she asked for. She hosed her mouth down with another thunderous burst. Diane was prepared and sucked on her gush as much as she could handle even though a lot of it ran down her chin and caused the wet spot to grow even bigger. She didn't stop until Amy was all out of juice. Diane set up and wiped her chin off.

"Your wife is awesome!" she announced. "And now it's my turn."

Diane proceeded to scramble over Amy and sat on her face.

"Eat me!" she cried.

Amy did just that. Diane was in a full state of lust and needed to be serviced and my wife obliged. She sat upright over Amy and rolled her erect nipples between her own fingers as my wife now ate her out. She was an erotically charged state and yearn for the action my wife's trapped mouth was giving her. Soon Diane lean forward on her hands as my wife licked and sucked her wanting cunt. When Diane started rocking her pussy over my wife's mouth she too began to moan loudly. She humped her face spastically and everyone knew she was about to climax.

"Watch this." Jack whispered to me as if I could tear my eyes off the both of them.

Diane's asshole was somewhat visible from her bend over angle and I saw it start to protrude outward just as my wife's does just before she would gush. I thought to myself, no way, Diane wasn't about to gush too. I was wrong. Diane ground her cunt hard against Amy's mouth pushing her face into the mattress and then she exploded too.

"Aaahhhh!" she shrieked.

She let loose a huge gush that matched the one Amy had previously unloaded. It took me by surprise, heck it shocked the hell out of Amy too. Amy tasted gush for the first time and drank as much as she could but it still overflowed and ran down her neck and chest. When the squirting slow down I saw my wife grab Diane's ass and pull her down and she ate her some more. Now it was Diane's turn to squirm and her sensitive cunt tried to pull away but Amy wouldn't let go. Diane began to let go with multiple little squirts that slipped out time and again and as her ass jerked around a good sized squirt hit the top of Amy's tits and splattered all over her. It was like a run away firehose that covered her mouth and tits with spray. She emptied herself and after that Diane finally broke away as her cunt was too sensitive to handle anymore. She plopped on her back breathing large gulps of air. My wife was completely soaked. It was one of the hottest spectacles I had ever seen. Within seconds Diane caught her breathe and her hot little twat still wanted more.

"Fuck me. Fuck me now." she stated.

I was more than ready and climbed on top and drove my rock hard dick into her. I didn't take my time like Jack had done with my wife. Diane wanted it as her pussy was still on fire and I fucked her fast and hard. I saw my wife reach out to Jack and I told her to suck him first. I wanted him to experience what a good cocksucker my wife was. She didn't disappoint and as I pummeled his wife my Amy was coating his entire 9 inches with saliva. I noticed that even she was having trouble taking him deep down her throat as his cock was so thick but she kept on trying. I kept fucking his wife harder and my wife finally got his shaft all the way down. He was loving it but Diane's screaming let me know she was about to cum once again. Her pussy was wet and tight and I fucked her as hard as I could and then I felt that familiar warm bathing feeling that before tonight only my wife had given to me. Diane's fountain burst forth once again and it was all I needed as my shaft began to tingle and I jetted one big load of hot lava into her Mt. Vesuvius. I grunted out loud as we came together, I continued grunting loudly to announce that I was pouring my load into her. Filling his wife with my seed was the ultimate high and I pumped until I had nothing left. Diane had a big smile on her face and told me how much I had satisfied her. We laid locked together and started watching our significant others as my wife continued deep throating his enormous cock. I kissed Diane and rolled off her. Diane positioned herself directly in front of the two of them and spread her legs seductively apart.

"Look what your husband gave me." she said childishly as she dipped her fingers into her cunt and pulled out some of the gism that I had deposited there.

She put her fingers into her mouth and sucked them off. She was teasing my wife and it worked. My wife saw this and pulled Jack's cock out of her mouth.

"Please fuck me." she begged.

Jack pushed onto her back and mounted her. I saw the fire in my wife's eyes as he plunged his huge cock deep into her hot pink. Then Jack gave it to her but good. He fucked her hard this time and filled her cunt with all the man meat she could handle. He drove her ass into the mattress with every stroke and the moaning intensified. It didn't take very long as his cock filled her cunt to the maximum. My wife was on her way to another orgasm and I watched to see if she had any fluid left. He screaming intensified as her gush begins to pour forth. She came hard and then Jack started groaning too. He slammed her hard one last time and his huge cock began to pump out his pent up load. His entire body would jerk with each squirt. As hard as my wife was cumming she was done long before his monster cock quit squirting. He lay on top of her and continued pumping hot semen for what seemed like an eternity. I didn't think her tiny pussy could hold it all but it did. He really did cum in buckets before he eventuallyrolled off and collapsed next to her. I moved over to Amy to hold her and I saw a white bead of gism immediately began to show it's head an the entrance to her used cunt. I lifted her up and held her in my arms and when I gazed down between her legs I saw her cunt began to pour our white goo. It just continued leaking for several minutes and I knew she had never had such a big load deposited inside her by one man before. It ran down the crack in her ass and puddle on the bedspread in one large pool. It turned me on watching another man's seed spilling from my wife's cunt. They were definitely going to have the bedspread dry cleaned tomorrow. We all took a break and the women cleaned up and we had another round of drinks. It was fun just setting around buck naked and necking with each others wife before we got went back to fuck some more. The women came again but they were all out of gush but the men weren't and we filled each others respective wives full of semen one last time. On the drive home we both were all smiles but as sexually satisfied as we both were we still managed a quickie at home before going to sleep. I was going to have to check out the site tomorrow as it was a freakin goldmine for sexual encounters.

The next morning Amy beat me to it. She was already checking out the website as I stumbled into the kitchen. I poured some coffee and asked her if she found anything interesting. The smile on her face told me she had. She told me to take a look at their bio. SubMrswife had the top sexuality factor and the few pics were intriguing. Average looking couple with a fairly big difference in age. He was 38 and she was 22. It seemed they were into freaky but fun sexual stuff and I immediately locked in on the picture of her wearing a crouchless black latex body suit laying face down and butt up on the bed. Her pussy was clean shaven and backside was hot looking and I could see myself ass fucking this young vixen. No pics of his dick except he said that there were no complaints about his size except for it being too large and I'm sure that Amy hadn't missed that comment about him. We discussed the fact that the couple was into some weird stuff but we decided that it would be exciting and worth it. She wanted them and I let her have her choice this time but told her that I would pick next one. We sent them a email and received a reply the next day and it was set. They lived in another town about an hour away and we rented a motel room for the weekend and it was all set. We both abstained the entire week and both of us were pretty frisky by Friday afternoon and looking forward to another new adventure. My cock was aching for some action. We had a meet and greet set up at a club they recommended and they walked in at 8'oclock sharp. Dave and Debbie joined us at our booth and we got to know each other. Dave was only about 6' tall but he was an imposing man. He was pleasant if not a little gruff and Debbie was the tall and slender type. She was athletically built and was wearing a simple little cotton dress which made her even look younger than her 22 years. She had long coal black hair and was delightful if not somewhat reserved. After only a few drinks Amy winked at me and I knew she felt comfortable with the two of them. I asked them if they would like to go back to the motel but Dave invited us to go to his place. He whispered to me that he had a lot of toys at his house that we might be interested in and so it was settled and we followed them home.

At their house Dave sat next to my wife on the sofa and I ended up in a lounge chair and he asked us if we would like another drink. We agreed and Dave told his wife to get into something more comfortable and to serve us. She retired to the bedroom for a few minutes and when she returned I almost gasped out loud. She walk in with her dark hair in a ponytail and was wearing a lacy black corset. It cupped around her breasts leaving them totally exposed and had garter straps which held up her seamed black hose. The outfit had no panties and her completely hairless pussy left nothing the imagination. She had on some 5 inch stilettos which accentuated her long slender legs. She walked directly to the bar and made the drinks. Amy gave me a quizzical look and we both knew that this was going to be one interesting evening. She brought two drinks over to Dave and Amy and leaned over the coffee table as she set them down in a tantalizingly slow way. Her eyes never left my wife's and Amy knew that Debbie was there to serve her for the rest of the night. She slowly walked back for my drink giving me a tantalizing look at her hind side. And when she got back she turned her backside to me and leaned slowly over as she placed my drink down. She almost stuck her ass in my face. She stayed there for awhile and I got a good eye full. Debbie's cunt was perfectly shaped and her slit was erotically inviting. Her ass was athletic looking slender, tight and taunt. Not that her butt was skinny but her padding was just the right proportions. My cock began to quiver. Blood was racing down there and it was getting stiffer by the minute. I wanted to sink my hard dick into her and I knew that it was only a matter of time before I could. She stood up and looked over her shoulder at me with a sly smile on her face as to say 'did you like that'. She set down in the chair at the other end of the coffee table and made an exaggerated showing of crossing her legs directly in front of me. She made sure that I couldn't miss the beaver shot she had just performed for my benefit. My dick was drilling holes through my underwear and as I reached for my drink and I tried to nonchalantly to rearrange myself. I sipped on my bourbon never taking my eyes off of her. She seemed completely at ease considering that she was the only one naked in the room. Debbie crossed her legs the other way again giving me another sweet beaver shot. She knew what she was doing and it was teasing the crap out of me. My crouch was bursting and I squirmed to alleviate the discomfort.

"Looks like you're a little jammed up down there," Dave stated. "Baby, why don't you make our guest a little more comfortable."

Debbie stood up and began to walk towards me.

"On the floor!" Dave ordered.

She immediately dropped to her knees and crawled over to me. So this is where the handle SubMrswife came from. She was subservient to any command that he gave her. She moved like some serpent as she slinked her way over. When she got there she unbuckle my belt and proceeded to pull my pants down. Once they were down around my ankles she started pulling down my underwear too. She had to lift the waistband up high and my erect cock sprang out like fresh daisy. She gently took it in her hand. I took one big swig of my drink before she started licking the sides of my dick. Her tongue flicked the shaft and all around the head of my cock and her eyes never left mine. I wanted her to blow me in the worst way and when her mouth covered my erect knob my dreams were coming true. She sucked me and acted like she truly was enjoying it. I didn't think my cock could get any bigger but it did swell even more thanks to her educated mouth. Then her head started bobbing up and down and her tongue would licked the underside of my balls. She could suck cock just as good as my wife and soon I was going to blow my wad into sweet young mouth. I was getting close to the point of no return.

"Enough!" Dave yelled.

And that was a good thing and bad thing too because I couldn't have lasted much longer and didn't want to waste one of my loads this early. She pulled her mouth off of my dick and looked up at me and licked her gloss covered lips. This babe was smoking hot. Dave told her that she had another guest and she crawled over to my wife. When she got there she put her hands on my wife's knees and slowly pushed up Amy's dress. She began caressing and rubbing her fingers around her inner thighs. Amy looked over to me for some instructions but I had none to give her. I was too enthralled just watching Debbie doing her thing. She was seductively playing with my wife. Soon she slipped my wife's shoes off and then came her cotton panties. She threw them to her husband and her caught them in mid air. Now she was rubbing around my wife's vagina so gently without actually entering her. She knew her stuff and Amy began to involuntarily spread her legs farther apart. Her fingers began to brush against my wife's clitoris and it started to swell. My wife was melting before my eyes and spread her legs even further apart. That was all the room Debbie needed. She placed her head between her thighs and began licking around her mons. Amy just laid her head back and enjoyed it all. Her breathing was rapid and irregular and when Debbie finally started tonguing her slit my wife began to moan. I saw Dave put his nose in my wife's panties and inhale deeply.

"Sweet, so sweet." Debbie muttered.

Debbie's lips were locked on Amy's cunt and my wife hand was squeezing Dave's upper leg as she allowed his wife to lap her rapidly juicing pussy. Her desire was growing by leaps and bounds. Amy closed her eyes and would have let her continue eating until she climaxed but once again Dave told her to stop. He told Debbie to go to the bedroom and wait for us. He recommended that we all retire there also and I almost tripped pulling my trousers up and heading back there. Debbie was bending over the bed with her hands on top of it. Her heels and long legs formed a perfect inverted v and she stayed that way just waiting for more instructions. Dave told me that she would serve any request that I wanted and I wanted it all tonight. I was trying to calm myself down because I knew that if I shoved my cock into her that I would pop almost immediately. So I told him that I wanted to eat her pussy. Amy heard me and spoke up also saying that she wanted Debbie to finish eating her pussy too. That sounded good to me and there was no reason we both couldn't have a piece of her. I told my wife to get on the bed. She ripped her clothes off and laid down on her back. I told Debbie to finish her and she climbed between her out stretched thighs. She began eating my wife and I had an up close and personal view of her lovely vagina and her tight little asshole perched above it. She left her heels on which was an especially nice touch and I drew my face near her backside and inhaled deeply. I could smell her sex and it was intoxicating. I began kissing her butt and around her vaginal area. I wanted to eat her out and I wanted to do it doggie style. My nose was right up against her ass and it smelt fresh and clean. After I got her pussy juiced up I went for it and licked her sweet slit from stem to stern. She moaned as she continued eating my wife. It was so erotic and stuck my tongue into her cunt and it was wet and warm. I ate her and she just got wetter and wetter. Both of them were moaning in a chorus line. My nose pressed hard against her butthole as I tried to shove my tongue as deep as I could into her cunt. I decided that I wanted to lick her ass and as freaky as they were I didn't think it would be a problem. My cock twitched just thinking about it. I extended my tongue and licked her asshole. She gave out an approving groan and I continued to eat her ass. I gave her my first rim job as I alternately ate cunt and ass. Her pussy and butt were so sweet and I savored her nectar from behind. I even stuck my tongue up her asshole occasionally which I had never done before but this vixen was begging for it. It was such a turn on doing something that would be consider taboo in most circles.

"Oh baby, she eating my ass!" someone cried out and it was my wife..

I guess Debbie took my lead and was also tonguing Amy's butt as well. It was a big daisy chain of eating pussy and ass. I could hear my wife's moans getting louder and louder and I knew she was going to gush anytime now. I wanted to watch her cum so I mounted Debbie from behind. I go between her legs and slipped my dick into her wet pink and it was wonderful. I gently fucked her sweet cunt and was able to see my wife squirming in the middle of the bed. As good as her pussy felt I was still mesmerized by the ravenous way Debbie was eating my wife. I watched her tightly grip Amy's hips and then she dropped her head down even further.

"Oh shit! She fucking my ass with her tongue." Amy squealed.

I was fucking her and she was tongue fucking Amy. Dave had his clothes off by this time and he had the biggest cock I had ever seen. I mean this bad boy was John Holmesish big but even thicker. It wasn't fully erect yet and it still hung half way down his upper thigh. Amy was lost in fucklust and I don't think she even knew what Dave had in store for her. Her body was squirming all over as Debbie tongue fucked her asshole. Amy finally begged her to suck on her clit and Debbie did exactly that. Now Amy's entire body began to shake as she approached her orgasm. I watch Amy reach down and grab Debbie's head and hold it tight against her pussy and then my wife shrieked.

"OH FUCK!" she screamed.

And then I heard that familiar groan of hers as she expelled out her watery cum. She squirted her female ejaculate into Debbie mouth like a garden hose. She came so hard that I thought she was going to drown Debbie if she didn't let go of her. Debbie never pulled back and accepted all of her gush. Amy was pushing her ass up off of the bed as she hosed her down. She was squirting out one huge amount of gush. When she finished she collapsed onto the mattress. Dave gave me a look of admiration and acknowledgement to my wife's gushing display and also asked permission to fuck my wife. I nodded yes. Dave stated that he liked fucking pussies that gushed as it made it easier for them to handle his rod. I find it to be exactly the opposite as it washes away the sweet lubrication that only a woman's cunt can produce but maybe a flow of female water could cool the friction that his thick poker was bound to cause my wife's tiny pussy. I had stopped fucking Debbie and pulled my dick out of her but I was so into watching all the things that were going on and I wanted to see my wife's reaction to Dave's monster schlong. Dave crawled over to my wife who was still basking in the after glow. Her eyes were half closed and rolled back in their sockets. She must have sensed his presence and turned her head towards him. Then her eyes almost popped out of her head.

Oh shit!" she yelled.

She finally saw what was hanging between his legs and it shocked the hell out of her. I saw her tentatively reach out to touch his enormous member. She grasped it with her right hand and gently squeezed it. She was in awe of the size of him but it didn't take long for her to get over it and she began to kiss the head and eventually start sucking on it. He wasn't fully erect and she still could barely get him into her mouth but she tried. Her hand was around the base and her mouth was trying to gobble down the top half. Debbie turned around and asked me if I wanted her to finish me off. I mumbled yes or something to that effect as I was still engrossed with watching my wife trying to handle Dave's big dick. Now both of the girls were sucking another man's cock. Dave was getting stiffer and it was also getting harder for my wife to accommodate him. His girth was filling my wife's mouth completely full and no amount of slobber was going to help her get anymore cock down her throat. Her mouth was completely stuffed and she only had half of him. If he shoved forward he could have skewered her like a shishkabob.

"Damn, you wife can suck cock." Dave stated.

She wasn't able to deep throat his gigantic dick as she usually did but that might have been as much dick as he ever got into a woman's mouth before. His wife was doing a pretty good job as well but I was too much into watching my wife and Dave that I pulled my cock away. I couldn't believe I was passing up a blow job from this hot young sexy thing but I wanted to see how Amy was going to handle his huge cock. She got off her knees and pouted.

"You can fuck me in the ass if you like." she said.

I kissed her and told her that I would take her up on that later but right now I just wanted to watch. She stay next to me and began running her hands all over my body as we watched my wife sucking Dave. He eventually pulled his dick out and had her lay on her back. Debbie whispered to me that he was going to give my wife the fucking of her life and I was more that ready to see how she was going to react to his rock hard cock inside her cunt.

"I bet you've never fucked a cock as big as mine before." he chuckled.

Amy just spread her legs further apart to receive him. I watched him place his enormous head at her entrance and he shoved it in. His German Helmet wasn't even fully in when my wife began to groan. Shit, I thought if she can't handle just the head how is she going to take the rest of him inside her .He kept pressing and little by little more of his shaft disappeared into her hole. She was groaning like someone was shoving an unlubricated cock up her ass but this one was only going into her cunt. He only got as much of it in her that she had been able to get in her mouth before he slowly started fucking her. She was in obvious discomfort and it never abated the entire time he was slowly fucking her. Dave just continued fucking and my wife just continued groaning. It took a long time before she seemed to adjust and although she had stopped groaning she still wasn't moaning either.

"That's it baby, that's it." he said reassuringly.

Debbie was stroking my cock during all this and it started feeling pretty good. As my wife had settled down I told Debbie to get some lube and lather me up. She did as she was told and soon she was stroking my lubricated dick. I had her get down on all fours in front of them. I slid my cock into her sexy ass and started to fuck her. Her ass felt great and I fucked and I watched all at the same time. I noticed that Dave was getting more and more of his dick inside Amy's cunt and she finally looked comfortable receiving his massive offering in fact she was moaning some but you could just barely hear her. Dave hooked her legs under his arms and shoved them back towards her chest. This cause her legs to spread even further apart leaving her cunt completely defenseless to the fucking he was going to administer. He positioned himself directly over her and was pounding her at almost a 90 degree angle. From this position he was able to get even deeper into her.

"I love fucking tight pussy!" he cried.

Her cunt was being stretched to the max but her moaning did intensified. Amy was getting use to his enormous size. My slutty wife just loves big dicks. Dave picked up the pace and depth as he plowed my wife's back forty. She was definitely into it and those familiar squeals came faster and faster. I saw her asshole which was lifted up off the bed began to pucker. The little nympho was going to cum even when her cunt was stuffed to over flowing. She was screaming her head off and I didn't know if it was a good scream or a painful scream. Her head was thrashing wildly and her body language was screaming orgasm but it wasn't until I saw her fluid that I knew for sure that she was having a climax. Being completely stuffed it didn't pour out like it usually did. It only came to the surface as he would withdraw his dick on the out stroke. It reminded me of a plumber pulling out a plunger from a stopped up commode. Dave was almost fully embedded inside her by this time and I knew he was reaching the back of her cervix as he pounded her tiny pussy. She was shrieking loudly and her asshole pouched out as she strained. Her gush was coming out in little squirts Yeah my wife was definitely cumming. Debbie's ass was wrapped around my shaft tightly and it felt so sweet but I could help but think that my wife's cunt was wrapped around Dave's shaft even tighter. I saw her asshole return to normal and my Amy was finally finished and her legs went limp. They just bounced around as Dave drove her ass into the mattress. He wanted to fill my Amy up but there wasn't any room left that I could tell. He slammed her harder and asked her if she wanted his seed. Her response was barely audible. It was one of acceptance and resignation.

"Yes cum. Please cum." she gasped.

I watched his cock start to twitch as he rammed her balls deep one final time.

"Here it comes." he yelled.

Dave pumped his pent up man juice down the rabbit hole and it was a load that matched the size of his cock. He came forever and just when I thought he was finished he would fuck her with a couple of quick strokes and cum some more. I watched the base of his shaft pulsate as he continued pouring his white hot semen into my wife. He filled every space and crevice that was available inside her pussy. In terms of gism sizes, there is small, medium, large and then there is Dave. It was massive. When he finished he got off of her and gently laid her legs back onto the bed. She lay motionless with her thighs splayed wide open. I don't think she even had the strength to close them. I survey what I would call the damage. It was worse then the night when she fucked five different guys. Her cunt was totally ravaged and there wasn't going to be any sloppy seconds for me this evening. I probably wouldn't have been able to touch both sides with my smaller cock. He had totally reamed her out. My wife had just received the hardest fucking of her young life.

"Now THAT was some tight pussy." Dave gruffed.

The operative word in that statement actually being 'was'. But Debbie's small cunt had felt nice and tight to me earlier as I was fucking her and so I assumed Amy's would return back to normal in a few days but right now I was enjoying Debbie's tight young ass. Dave moved over towards us and asked me if I was enjoying his wife's sweet butt. I grunted with approval.

"Yeah, she let all the guys fuck her ass and she enjoys it too. Everyone that is except mine." he said.

"Honey, yours is just too big." Debbie blurted out as I slammed her ass..

I bet it was and if my wife could barely handle him in her pussy no way would anyone be able to stand him up their ass. Dave looked pissed and shoved his soft cock against his wife's mouth and told her to get him hard again. She sucked him as I pummeled her backside. I was now able to concentrate on plunging my cock deep into his wife's sexy butt. I do so love fucking other woman's asses and my cock was begging for release. I told her that I was going to cum and she just ground her ass back at me. I figured she wanted me to cum inside her so I slammed her with all the force I could muster and then one final plunge and I jetted my load into her butt. It felt so intense and I emptied everything I could.

"Aaahhh. It's so warm." Debbie commented as she felt me filling her up.

When I finished cumming I just held it inside her butt as I didn't want that sensation of her ass wrapped around my cock to end. Finally my limp dick slipped out and she continued sucking on her husband's rapidly hardening cock. I moved over to check on my wife. I asked her if she was okay. She told me that she would be fine but to give her a few more minutes to recover. She added although it was tough going at the very beginning that his cock felt so wonderful at the end.

"Am I a mess down there? I don't think I have the strength to close my legs yet." she asked me.

Her pussy slit which normally would be pressed together was spread open and you could see a white pool within. Yes, she was a nasty mess. I then heard Debbie say something garbled as Dave dick was almost back to full attention once more. I couldn't believe the dude had already recovered and was ready for action.

"You want it don't you, baby." he responded as I guess Debbie had been asking him to fuck her.

He flipped her over on her back with her head on the pillows and crawled between her thighs. My wife and I moved over to the bottom of the bed and watched as he position his cock against her pussy. He shoved it in and began fucking her rapidly. He didn't start off slowly with her and she was more than ready and soon she wrapped her ankles around his ass. He was pounding her full bore and she still tried to draw his ass towards her as if to get every last centimeter of his shaft inside her. He was slamming her much harder than he had my wife. I was amazed that she could handle the pounding but I imagine he had done this 1000 times before and practice makes perfect. When she was wrapping her legs around him it hiked her ass up higher and you could now see her asshole. It wasn't gapped like I would think but it was somewhat puffy and used looking as it was also covered with excess lube and it glisten all over her anus. As Dave continued to slam her a strange thing happened. The depth of his strokes were so severe that occasionally the pressure would force out small amounts of the cum that I had deposited in her ass. She wasn't gushing like my wife but it was frickin hot to see small amounts of white male seed squirting out of her ass. Amy saw it too.

"Did you see that shit!" she exclaimed.

No, not shit, cum. It was my cum being squeezed out of her asshole as Dave fucked the hell out of her. Debbie began screaming as she was loving the hard rough fucking that Dave was giving her. The nymph came with a shriek. I forgot that she hadn't really orgasmed yet this evening and it was her turn to wail. Well, she was yelling now. Dave hammered her until she finished getting off. He left her with a big smile on her face and then he got off and looked ready for more.

"Damn Dave. You fucked the cum out of her." I told him.

He glanced down at her cunt and saw the white poodle on the sheets and just laughed. His big swinging dick was now pointed in my wife's direction. He asked Amy how she was feeling and if she wanted to fuck again. He was ready to go. Amy finally sat upright and cum began to ooze out. My wife sheepishly told him that she was mess and even though she had barely recovered Amy asked for another few minutes break. Dave didn't want to wait.

"Baby, get your ass over here and clean Amy up for me." he ordered.

Debbie crawl over to my wife and went straight down on her. I watched plunge her tongue deep into Amy's pussy and lapped the length of her slit. Strands of Dave's cum were being drawn out of her cunt. She was literally eating her out.

"Get it all." Dave ordered and she then flipped Amy on top of her.

My wife was on her hands and knees and her cum filled cunt was mere inches over Debbie's mouth when the flood gates opened. Sperm was being transferred from one wife to the other and Debbie caught it all. She would provocatively stick her tongue out every so often to lap at the stream that poured out and it was totally covered with white man goo. She swallowed over and over again as the deluge looked like it would never end. Finally it slowed down and only a few long strands would extend and the break off and Amy's pussy was pretty much emptied. Only then did Debbie bring her mouth up to my wife and she started working her clit to get her motor running for her husband. Debbie would do any depraved act her husband ordered and I thought that my wife wasn't all that much different. Amy would also suck or fuck anyone I desired but this submissive wife of Dave's was something else. I watched my wife moaning with delight and I knew she was nearly ready for some more big dick action. Dave must have thought so and got behind her doggie and rubbed his huge head along her ass crack. He took his time and seemed to be in no hurry as my wife began moaning even faster. He rubbed it around her brown button for a few seconds and Amy stopped moaning and jerked her head towards him with absolute fear in her eyes. I guess she was afraid that he was going to stick his big dick into her ass. He continued rubbing her fresh tight butthole before dropping his huge head down and shoving his cock back in her hammered cunt. He was fucking my wife for the second time tonight but I knew he was thinking about how good it would feel to fuck her tiny asshole.

"Keep eating her. " her told Debbie.

I watch the two of them servicing my wife. Dave was giving it to her good as his wife licked the both of them. Debbie's tongue was snaking all up and down Amy's slit and even covered the underside of her husband's wet shaft. I was so engrossed with this scene before me that I didn't even realize that I was jacking myself off. That's when I discovered that as much as I liked screwing other women, it was watching my own wife being fucked by other men that I got off to. Seeing their dicks penetrating a pussy that belonged to me and my wife's unbridled lust while fucking a complete stranger was my big turn on. Dave was impaling her with his massive cock and my sexy wife was receiving every inch of him. She was one hot horny slut and it only made my cock grow harder. I was ready for some action and I wanted it right now. I grabbed Debbie's ankles and pulled her over to the side. Everyone adjusted their positions accordingly and now Debbie's ass was hanging on the edge of the bed. I got between her thighs and pushed my cock into her. It was as I had expected. It felt like fucking a bowl full of warm mush. Dave had done a job on her cunt and there wasn't a lot of friction going on with my mere dick. I pressed her legs together and then shoved them against her chest. It tightened her up some but after I fucked her for awhile I knew it would take me an hour to cum this way. Dave was hammering my girl and his wife was still licking her clit. The incessant screaming my wife was making told me she was loving every minute of it. The sounds of skin slapping resonated off the walls as her backside was being slammed by Dave. He was pounding the shit out of her and my wife was still crying out for him to fuck her harder. The only thing left was my wife's tight ass. But Dave was covering her backside and I don't think he was in any mood to stop after the way he was punishing her. Then I remember Debbie's tight little asshole. I had ventured there once tonight and Dave hadn't abused it yet. I pulled out of her sloppy wet cunt and placed my forearm against the underside of her legs. Pushing them back and exposing her asshole right beneath her used vaginal slit. It was an inviting sight. Her asshole barely had any lube left after having my cum squeezed out of it but it would have to do. I lined my head up with my free hand and pushed it against her brown button. I didn't ask, I didn't warn, I just drove it in. Her ass was warm and still rather tight. That was the sensation I craved and now I was going to fuck the shit out of her just as Dave was doing to my wife. With both of my hands I pressed her thighs back firmly and with Amy sitting on her face this sex slave was going anywhere. I fucked fast and hard. She began groaning as I pounded her and her mouth was being rocked back and forth beneath the two of them. I wanted her to groan and I wanted them to notice her face being jostled around as my cock filled her ass. I wanted Dave and my wife to know that I was behind them fucking too. It became a contest to see who could fuck the other one's wife the hardest and this contest of two cocks buried inside the opposing wife's backside commenced. We made both of them yell. Dave had a head start and as furiously as he was slamming my wife I knew he was going to probably win this race. He began grunting and his cock would be spurting very soon. He shoved his huge cock to the hilt one last time and began pumping his semen deep into Amy's cunt. She was yelling non stop as she was getting off too. He poured his load for long time and my wife's screaming never abated as Debbie kept sucking on her clit. Dave finished and was exhausted after expending the last of his massive load. He collapsed onto the bed. Debbie never took her mouth off my wife's pussy and she was soon rewarded. I watched Amy's backside as I continued pounding Debbie's butt. I thought I could see Dave's handprints on the side of my wife's hips but I definitely saw their sex cocktail began to pour out of her hammered cunt and Debbie began lapping it up. My wife's asshole was puckered up as she was still cumming but she was all out of gush by now and only male seed was coming out of her pussy. I thought about moving up and tapping her fresh and unused ass but I could fuck it whenever I wanted to and besides I wanted to fill Debbie with as much cum as Dave had poured into my wife. Debbie was drinking from my wife's abused fountain for the second time tonight and the sight of that spurned me on so I was fine just where I was at. My balls were aching for release and soon there was a deep burning in my loins. That sensation coursed through my shaft and I felt every millimeter as it journeyed to the tip of my cock. My cum jetted out and filled her ass again. She was taking cum into her butt and mouth at the same time and I fucking squirted all that I had left. Afterwards I thought with all these loads in her stomach and ass that her digestive system was on a pure protein diet tonight. I pulled my sensitive dick out of her ass and beheld our just fucked and abused wife's laying together locked still mouth to cunt. Both of them had be fucked and fucked well by the both of us. We return to our hotel room and cuddled before falling asleep. We never found my wife's panties and I assumed that Dave had kept them as a memento. The next night we met up with them again and had another session but this time at our hotel room. We left our calling card the next day as the bed was covered with cum and gush. It was a wonderful weekend and only one of many to be experienced for us. Life is good.

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