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Cecil the Sex Slave

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I thought I'd share a true story with you. My name is Jack and my wife Linda and I have been married about 8 years. She a precious little thing, about 5' 4" and has great figure and wears a 34 C cup. Her breasts aren't Pamela Andersons' but are a nice handful never the less and fit her frame perfectly. When I met her she told me she was bisexual and was in a lesbian relationship at the time. I assume after she had a taste of my 8 inch cock she turned to the straight side. I had tried to encourage her to keep some of those relationships going early in our marriage but she wasn't interested anymore. The thought of a threesome was so one of my fantasies. Our sex life is pretty hot with anal sex being the only thing that we only indulge in on special occasions. I understand how my thick cock would be a little tough to handle inside my wife's tight little butt. Otherwise my wife is a complete sexual nymph.

This story begins and ends with her good friend Cecil. She's a divorcee in her early 30s and has two kids. Very attractive and just a little plump. Not really overweight but the kind of figure women have after pushing out a couple of kids. Her breasts are enormous and she always seems to flirt with me even when my wife's around. She's always at our parties and the three of us go out on the town from time to time. At one party Cecil planted a big wet kiss on me. She was fairly drunk at the time but seemed very horny. I don't know if it's true what they say about divorcees but she fit the mold to a T. I told Linda about it after the party was over. She wasn't upset, in fact she went on to say how she felt sorry for her being alone and not having anybody. She then proceeded to rip off my pants and we fucked like rabbits. As we were falling asleep she brought it up again and told me Cecil needed to find someone with a cock like mine to make her happy. I quipped that maybe she needed a girl lover too and my wife muttered something to the fact that Cecil was totally straight or she would have taken care of her long ago. I couldn't believe my ears and past it off as Linda having a little too much to drink that night. Still I couldn't get it that thought out of my head.

As it turned out the three of us went out one weekend. The girls were both having a great time as I was chosen to be the designated driver. The whiskey flowed and the girls danced all night. Towards the end Cecil had reached under the table and placed her hand on my crouch while Linda was at the bar. She told me she wanted to see if my wife was telling the truth about my size. She then told me she sure could use some of that. The girls got totally blasted and I had to pour them into the car when we left. In the backseat they were laughing and acting like teenaged girls. Saying things like I love you so much and play kissing each other. Cecil was in no shape to drive home so I helped her to the guest bedroom. Linda was pretty looped too and when I finally got into bed with her she muttered something about needing to check on Cecil to see if she was alright. She then rolled over and went to sleep. So I got back up and went to check on her.

Cecil was past out on the bed with her pants pulled down to her ankles but not completely off. Her legs dangled over the edge of the bed so I gentle pulled them off. She had on a lacy white pair of brief panties. I then pulled off her top and her breasts were huge. They filled her bra and had to be at least 38Ds. I so wanted to see them. I pulled back the top of her bra cup which wasn't easy as they were completely stuffed. I could see her aureoles and they were large as two half dollars. Her big nipples were pinkish while her breast were milky white. I touched them gently and they felt soft and smooth. She let out a soft sigh and I quickly removed my hand. As I lifted her legs back on the bed she let out a small groan. Her legs separated slightly apart right after I had placed them onto the bed. My big boy begin to swell and I couldn't help thinking that a quick look wouldn't hurt. I pulled her panties to the side and beheld a invitingly sexy tush. Her pussy was clean shaven except for the triangular patch just above her clit. Her lips were smooth and symmetrical and her clit was wrapped by her folds and protruded out like a small penis. Her pussy was both beautiful and forbidden at the same time. I wanted to touch it. I slid my middle finger along her slit. She didn't stir so I slipped it into her vagina. It was warm and wet. I heard her moan quietly as I probed deeper into her slick hole. Then I felt her hand caress my erect cock. "Don't stop," she said as she started to rub my dick. I was shocked that she had awoke but her body language told me she was enjoying it. As I continued to finger her pussy, she pulled my cock out and leaned over and started kissing it. Her pussy was getting wetter and wetter as her mouth engulfed my cock and she sucked it with gusto. I was really getting in to it when I heard something at the bedroom door. I turned my head and there stood my wife. At first she had a look of shock on her face and then it turned into a big smile. I couldn't believe it, here I stood caught red handed getting my tool lubed by her best friend and she wasn't upset. I motioned her over and she crawled between Cecil's thighs. She removed Cecil's panties and went down on her immediately. Cecil started moaning loudly as soon as my wife started eating her. I watched as Linda's mouth worked her cunt over like an expert. I pulled Cecil's bra down and began squeezing her big soft breast. Her nipples were completely erect by now. It was an incredibly hot scene watching my wife devouring her cunt as she gave me a sloppy wet blow job. Cecil started wailing like a banshee and soon came extremely hard, "Aaaahhh!" Her body convulsed for a full minute and then she slumped lifeless on the bed. Linda got up from between her legs and stood next to me and kissed me deeply. I could taste Cecil's sex as Linda shoved her tongue down my throat. "Did you enjoy that as much as I did?" she asked me. We were still kissing when Cecil yelled, "I need some cock!" I looked at my wife and she nodded OK. As she took off her panties she told me to take it slow because she wanted to cum too. My wife crawled on top of Cecil's face and said, "If you want some of my husband hard cock, you're going to have to make me cum." Cecil started eating my wife out and I got between her thighs. I rubbed my rock hard dick against her slit and then pressed forward. Her cunt was more than ready and I heard a muffled groan as I feed her my huge rod, "Uugghhmmm!" Her pussy wasn't quite as tight as my wife's' but it was the first strange pussy I had since we were married and it felt great. I began a nice slow steady stroke and her body responded in kind. I couldn't see what was happening to my wife's pussy from this angle so I pushed my wife down toward the headboard. After that I could see Cecil's tongue darting in and around my wife's cunt. I don't know if this was her first time to eat pussy but my wife was sure enjoying it. Soon she was rocking her hips against Cecil's mouth in ernest. "Do you like the way my husband is fucking you?" Linda asked. "Oh yes, his cock is filling my pussy so full just like you said." Cecil muttered. I guess my wife had told her about how good a big cock could feel. By this time Linda seemed to be close, I was so thankful because I wasn't going to be able to hold out much longer. She was grinding her cunt hard against Cecil's face. My wife started whimpering like she does when she cums, "Uughh, uugh, uuugghhh!" It was the first time I had witnessed someone other than myself getting my wife off. Once she finished cumming, she rolled off to one side. Breathing rapidly she said,"Fuck her, fuck her good." I started pounding Cecil much faster. I felt her wrap her legs around my hips and she thrust her cunt against me roughly. "Yes, fuck me hard!" she screamed. We were both mutually pounding each other and Cecil then yelled out, "Aaarrgghh!" She once again came and flopped around like a fish out of water. Her convulsions only enhanced our fucking and I felt my sperm boiling the entire 8 inch path until it jetted deep into her cunt. Now it was my turn and I came for what felt like a full minute as I pour load after load of hot cum into her. My legs felt weak and I collapsed on top of Cecil with my cock still embedded in her. Linda lay next to us and began to kiss me and said, "Damn honey, when was the last time you came like that in me." When I finally got up off Cecil, my wife and I stared down at a completely satisfied divorcee. Cecil was covered with slick sex both around her face and her pussy. We laid down on both sides of her and fell asleep.

Being the weekend I had an early tee time with the guys. Both of girls were asleep when I left. It was hard to leave two gorgeous naked women laying in my bed. I couldn't stop thinking about what had transpired last night. When I got home I didn't know what to expect. Linda was drinking coffee at the kitchen table and I kissed her on the top of her head and told her she was the most wonderful wife in the world. She asked me how my game went because I sure missed playing some sweet holes this morning. She was perfectly cool with our threesome last night and proceeded to tell me about the girls activities this morning. It seems they showered together and ended up fucking each other again. It looked like Cecil was a pussy munching animal. I told Linda I was glad she had found herself a fuck buddie and hope they would allow me to participate from time to time. Linda then told me I didn't have to worry about that being that all Cecil could talk about was how great my cock felt stuffing her cunt. She said it was the best fucking she had ever had and the both of them had already planned for all of us to go out this next weekend. She told me she didn't realized how much she had missed eating pussy. I took Linda's hand and pulled her into the bedroom and fucked her short and sweet as we were both turned on thinking about Cecil. On Tuesday morning as I was going to work I heard Linda's cell ring and overheard her whispering to Cecil. When she came into the room I asked her what was up and she told me it was some salesman. Before I left I checked her phone and it was from Cecil. Hmmm, I thought to myself. Later that day I took off work a bit early and when I arrived home I noticed Cecil's car in the driveway. I decided not to go in and headed to a restaurant where I could observe anyone leaving our subdivision. Sure enough about 30 minutes later I saw Cecil drive away. I went home not with the intentions of catching, but more confirming what I thought my wife had been doing. I yelled, "Honey, I'm home," so that she could hear me. She came out of the bedroom with just a robe on looking a bit flustered. I gave her a kiss and she smelled of sex. I was right she had been fucking Cecil. My little hottie couldn't even wait until the weekend to eat some more pussy. "What are you doing home so early?" she asked. I told her I wanted to take her out for a romantic dinner and asked her to get ready. I asked her how her day was and she said nothing out of the ordinary. She then smiled and said she needed to take a quick bath. Sure I thought, don't mention the fact that you just finished getting fucked. I thought about bending her over the dining room table and fucking her hard and fast right then and there. But I didn't want her to know I knew. I would fuck this little slut long and hard tonight. While she was in the bath I called Cecil and told her I had seen her leaving my house around 4 o'clock today and knew what had happened. I told her not to say anything to Linda and stated that I needed to see her tomorrow morning. She said she would take the morning off from work and see me any time after her kids were off to school. I played golf every Wednesday afternoon and for me to leave a little early wouldn't cause any suspicions from my wife. I thought about what I was going to do to Cecil during our dinner. When we got home I fucked my wife for almost an hour. Her cheating lesbian pussy was going to be sore for a couple of days.

The next morning I left around 9:00 and Linda was asleep. I took some lube from the night stand on my way out and headed to Cecil's. When I arrived she met me at the door and seemed genuinely nervous. I asked her if she enjoyed my wife the other day while I was at work. She told me Linda had called her and it was all Linda's doing. I told her that I could make my wife quit seeing her if I wanted. She begged and pleaded with me and told me things like she thought I enjoyed fucking the both of them. I finally relented but told her that she would have to be my personal fuck slave if she was to keep seeing the both of us. She told me she would do whatever I wanted and wouldn't tell Linda about it. I told her we would have to see if she could hold up her end of the bargain. I then told her to disrobe. "Now, right here?" she asked. "Yes, you must do everything I ask," I commanded her. I saw in her eyes that she then understood what my agreement was all about. She was going to be my sex slave and follow my every order if she every wanted to eat my wife's pussy or have a taste of my yummy cock. She took off her clothes in the middle of the living room. As she stood naked in the middle of the room she held her arms in front of her body covering what she could. "Put your arms by your side," I ordered. I had her turn around slowly so I could see every nook and cranny. Cecil was voluptuous even in the light of day. I had her stop with her back to me. "Bend over and spread your ass." I commanded. "Jack, Please?" she requested. "DO IT!" I shouted. After she spread her ass I gazed upon her tightest hole perched on top of her vagina slit. I was going to fuck her ass and it didn't matter if she liked anal or not. I told her that her small patch of pubes would have to go. That I liked my sex slaves hairless down there. I marched her into her bathroom and had her get up on the counter against the mirror. Her knees were together on top of the counter and I told her, "Always have your legs spread open for me." I forced her legs apart and lathered up her nether regions. I shaved her slowly until she was smooth and completely bald. I took a warm wash cloth and cleaned her up, all the while rubbing her cunt with sensual loving strokes. She was getting into it as I lowered myself mere inches away from her cunt. Her scent was intoxicating and I knew why Linda loved eating pussy again. I began to lick her pussy in a teasing manner. Flicking around here and there but never concentrating on one spot for too long. Her pussy was getting slick with excitement and I told her to get on her knees and suck my dick. She pulled my 8 inch semi-hard cock out and took it into her mouth. This bitch could suck cock and she started humming as she did so. I told her to always looked up at me while she enjoyed the fullness of my dick. I could see the longing in her eyes and I knew she would do anything I asked as long as she knew she was going to receive my dick in her cunt. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and pulled her up on her feet and kissed her hard. She was melting in my arms. She was my fuck toy and I was going to fuck her any way I wanted. I put the toilet seat top down and had her bend over and put her hands on the seat top. I drove my cock deep into her wet vagina and fucked her a her for awhile. She cried out in protest as I withdrew and had her set on the toilet seat top and I shoved my cock down her throat again. As she sucked I asked her if she didn't think my cock tasted better covered with cunt juice. "Yes!" she muttered. I told her she would like it even more if my wife's pussy juice was covering my cock. Cecil started sucking even harder upon hearing that one and she put one of her hands between her leg. "No! You can NOT touch yourself to receive pleasure unless I permit it," I yelled. I pulled my cock from her mouth, turned her back around and shoved it back in her cunt. As I fucked her I asked her if she understood. She was enjoying my thick cock as she grunted affirmatively and fucked me back as best as she could. I pulled out again and but this time I had her lift up the toilet seat top and sit directly on the toilet seat. It was a little perverse but exciting at the same time to see Cecil buck naked sitting on the toilet waiting to suck my dick. I told her to suck me again. "You look like such a cock sucking slut." I berated her. I knew then if I could debase her like I was that she would do anything I wanted. I owned this slut. I alternated between fucking her cunt and her mouth this way for a few more turns and this hot little slut took it anywhere I put it. "Please finish me," she begged. I saw that she was going wild needing my cock to finish her off. "I say when you will cum." I grunted. I pulled my cock out of her mouth once again and then I told her to tell me she was a slut, my slut. "Yes, I am a slut. I am your slut. You can fuck me any way you want but please fuck me now!" she pleaded. Fine I told her and ordered her to lay down on the bed. She dove onto her back and spread her legs. I took her legs and jerked her ass up to the end of the bed. I then shoved her knees back to her chest exposing her defenseless cunt at an angle that I could penetrate her as deeply as I could. With her butt hanging over the end of the bed, I rammed all I had, up to the hilt. At first her breathe was knocked out of her and then after several seconds had past she was able to inhale and screamed, "Uuuggghhhhh!" I fucked her as hard as I could and she took everything I could muster and only wanted more. She yelled out, 'Fuck me! Fuck me!" over and over the whole time until she had a huge orgasm. "Aaaaaahhhhhhh..." she screeched. She came for a long time but she could twitch around like the first time being I had her body pinned down on the mattress. She finally finished and fell limp and then I released her legs and they fell and dangled over the edge of the bed. I had never witness the pure fuck lust as Cecil had just shown me. Her limp body looked lifeless as she lay there. Only her heaving breasts showed that she was still alive. I was very close to cumming so I started banging her cunt again. Her limp legs flailed against the side of the bed as I increased the pace of my thrusts. I felt that old familiar feeling growing in my loins and just before I came I pulled her by her arms into an upright position withdrawing my cock at the same time. "Suck me and swallow it all!" I commanded her. She took my cock in her mouth and suction sucked my rock hard cock. I blew my first load out the back of her throat and she gulped it down greedily. I shot load after load into my new found slut and she swallowed it all. When I finished cumming she sucked up the last few drops from the base of my shaft. My sensitive cock head was spend but she continued sucking. "No more," I cried as I pulled my sensitive dick out of her mouth and fell onto the bed besides her. Now it was my turn to lay exhausted on the bed. As I lay there breathing hard she said, "I've never been fucked so good in my entire life." We embraced and kissed. I could taste my own cum as we did. I asked her how many times did Linda make her cum. She said they both got off several times. She told me Linda made her cum great but it was different from cock fucking and that she also never knew how good eating pussy could be. She said Linda was like a crazed animal and she thought she was going to eat her alive. She also said that my wife told her that her{Cecil's} pussy belonged to her{Linda}. I realized how much my wife enjoyed pussy from that day on. I whispered that this was only the beginning of a wonderful sex life with Linda and I. My bad boy was starting to show some signs of life again and I told Cecil to clean me up. She got up to go to the bathroom presumably to get a washcloth and I told her no, clean me with your mouth. She dropped down and started sucking my cock clean. It grew back to hardness inside her mouth. I was now ready to do what I came over for and that was to plow her backside. I told her to get down on all fours at the end of the bed. I shoved her face down on the mattress elevating her ass even higher and told her to stay there. Her cunt was a mess all slick and slimy. Her drippings had even flow down the crack of her ass. But as slick as it was it wouldn't be enough lubricate for my thick cock. I grabbed the lube from my pants in the bathroom. I will tell you a thing or two about my 8 inch bad boy, it is THICK. Girls always have told me it not the length but the girth of my cock they love. My German helmet is the size of a golf ball and it has huge well defined ridges. As hard as it is to get into a girl's ass, once there it's not coming out until the deed is done. I return and drove it into her fresh fucked cunt again. As I fucked her I poured some lube into my hand and asked her if she like anal. Cecil said that she did rather quickly then stopped for a second to think about it and said, "But I've never had anything close to as big as you are up my ass." I wiped the lube around her anus and told her it didn't matter, Linda wasn't into anal that much and that Cecil was going to be my personal ass slut from now on. "Your pussy belongs to my wife but your ass belongs to me." I told her. "Do you understand? Nobody fucks your ass but me!" She shook in agreement as I continued fucking her backside. I gazed at her tiny asshole. I really enjoy fucking ass but unfortunately Linda wasn't in to it. I guess it's so fascinating to me due to it being a little taboo and how in the world does a cock fit into that small little orifice. I ordered her to lay her head sideways and look back at me. I wanted to be able to see her facial expressions as I penetrated her. I pressed my pinkie finger into her lube covered butt. She squealed and winched a bit. How in the world was she going to be able to handle my thick cock? I kept fucking her cunt as I pressed my pinkie farther and father into her ass. Once I got most of it into her I felt her sphincter relax a little. She now was enjoying my cock in her pussy. I left my finger in her and poured more lube down the crack of her ass. I easily worked my finger in and out by this time. "Hmmm." she moaned. It was time, I withdrew my cock and poured half a bottle of lubed on that sucker. I ordered her to reach back and spread her ass apart. "Now beg me to fuck your ass," I commanded. "Yes, please fuck me in my ass." she begged. I pressed it forward and it slipped up the crack of her ass. I repositioned it and pressed again. Her anus didn't budge. I told her to relax and shoved some more. The head eased in a little. "No, please, it's too big. It won't fit." she pleaded. I told her to quit complaining which she did but as I shove again she started groaning, "Uuuggghhh!" Half of my head was in her ass and I shoved a bit harder. The head burst through. I watched the expression on her face as her eyes grew wide and she screamed, "Aaarrrggghhh!" Her anal ring clamped down hard and I wasn't able to go any farther. It wasn't going in but it damn sure wasn't coming out either. "Finger fuck yourself," I ordered. She put her right hand under her and started fingering, groaning the whole time. After a while she started purring and I felt her ass loosen up at the same time. I pushed forward and was making progress. Her ass was still tight but I wasn't sure it would be so by the time I finished. When I had nearly gotten all of it in, I pause and let her acclimate to the biggest cock she had ever experienced before. I then started a nice slow pace as my cock pumped in and out of her butt. Her ass was wrapped around the shaft of my cock like a glove. I noticed she would wince every once in a while but for the most part she was enjoying it. And so was I. It had been a long time since I had ass fucked someone and now I had my own anal slut to fuck anytime and anywhere I wanted. Cecil was moaning loudly by this time and I couldn't believe she could handle my thick cock and get off at the same time. I told her, "I'll have my wife get under you and eat you out while I ass fuck you this weekend." I felt her shove her fingers deep inside her cunt after I said that and fuck herself even faster. She started thrusting her cock filled butt back at me as she neared climax. "I love the way your wonderful cock feels stuffed up my ass," she moaned. She was going to cum and I slammed my cock into her hard. I grabbed her plump round butter butt with both my hands and I was fucking the shit out of her. She let out a primeval yelp as she came," Aaaahhhh!" I felt her sphincter convulse around my shaft as she climaxed and that was it. I drove my entire dick deep into her butt and blew a huge load into the depths of her ass. I came over and over filling her ass with white hot gism. My hot cum flooded her bowels. Her spasms grew less and less powerful so I slapped her backside hard. Her anal ring clamped down and squeezed my cock milking more of my hot seed into her ass. I slapped her again and again, "Take it all!" Her ass milked the remaining cum from my cock. I collapsed on top of her and we lay there for a few minutes. She gave me one last squeeze with her butt and then I rolled off of her. As stretched out as her ass was it still tugged at my semi-hard cock and stretched it like a gummy worm. I told her to clean me up and to use a wash cloth this time. I saw her walking a little wobbly to the bathroom after the pounding I had just given her. Cum juices were running down her thighs as she bent over the counter while she ran the water to warm it up. She returned and cleaned up my cock with a warm wash rag before kissing it one last time. "I just love your cock," she cooed and started sucking on it again.. I had a tee time at noon but I sure didn't need to loosen up today. The thought of how else could I fuck this hot slut today was beginning to fill my head. I laid back down on the bed and I told her to suck me back to being hard. Golf could wait.

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