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Caroline Learns something new

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Doug and Alan were roommates. They had wound up both, unknowingly, dating the same woman. Everything exploded one night in fits of anger that lead to blows when they discovered the deception of the other.

They had all but packed up their things and went their seperate ways, when they realized that they had both been played for suckers. After comparing notes they found that Caroline had been using both of them.

She had always led them on to keep them trying to please her. She had each doing everything from cleaning her apartment to washing her car and running errands for her.

She alternated so that neither one would get tired of her game and discover what she was really up to. She also kept promising sex but never delivered. It was part of the game. She had figured out how to get guys to become her personal servants. She would have Doug cook for her before she got home from work and then play him until he did the dishes. At the same time Alan would be picking up her drycleaning and hiding it from Doug, since she didn't want anyone else to see her clothes, she was funny that way or so she said. Then she would switch it around.

They decided that she needed to learn a lesson, but how. They decided to play along as though nothing happened. Caroline didn't know that they found out about her game and the guys decided not to let her know, yet. Everything went on as before for the niext couple weeks as they planned and prepared for what they were going to do.

One night, after Doug served her dinner, he slipped her a mickey. As she began to nod off, Doug let Alan into Caroline's apartment.

Caroline woke to someone patting her cheek. As she became more aware, she realized that she was standing naked. This brought her to instant coherence. There was something inside her pussy and she could feel a rubber penis head in her mouth held in by a strap. Her hands where tied behind her back but her legs were free. She was wearing high heels that she hadn't been wearing before. She looked around the living room. the drapes were opened and the patio doors were open. She tried to walk to the doors, but felt a pulling in her crotch. She looked down to find that she was mounted to a pole. The pole was mounted to a piece of plywood. It was designed so that her own weight held the plywood down and kept it from moving and the pole was too long for her to lift herself off of it. By the feel of what was in her pussy, there was a large rubber dildo attached to the pole appearently to keep her from getting cut. Someone had at least that much concern for her.

She remembered being with Doug when she fell asleep, but that didn't mean that he had anything to do with it. She couldn't move and she couldn't talk. She looked around the room more and couldn't see anyone there. She wondered what she was going to do now.

Suddenly, she heard voices. She turned to look at the hallway and saw Doug and Alan. She could feel the blood drain from her face. They both knew what she had done. She knew that she was in trouble now.

Doug got a big grin on his face. " Hi, Princess. Are we awake?"

She tried to scream at him but all that came out was a slight moan. As she struggled, she could feel the dildo dig deeper into her vagina until it hurt. She stopped.

Alan came up to her and said. " You thought it was fun to wrap us around you little finger? Now we're going to have a little fun of our own, Princess." When Alan said it she could better hear the sarcastic tone when either said princess. Alan began stroking her upper chest and slowly worked his way down. " you've denied us your body after promising it for so long... Well that's about to change."

Her eyes grew wide in fear. Doug said. " Here Princess, we have a surprise for you." He reached between her legs and she could feel him doing something but couldn't tell what. Then all at once, she felt vibration in her pussy. It was a vibrator that was attached to the pole. Then Doug and Alan each took a nipple into their mouths and began to manipulate them with their tounges. She couldn't help but be totally aroused. She discovered that being bound was doing wonders for her arousal. It didn't take long for her to begin to shudder with her first orgasm. She could feel sticky fluid running down her legs.

They both stopped as she came and Alan reached between her legs and did something. She felt the vibration increase. He then wiped his sticky hand all over her belly. They laughed and went to the dinning room table and had a some coffee whild they watched her wriggle and writhe to the vibrations in her cunt. They left her like that for some time. Doug came over and did something between her legs and then the vibrator began to swivel slightly, causing her to have to gyrate to keep it from digging into the soft flesh of her vagina. They sat and watched her with sadistic glee. As she bent forward slightly, periodically one would get up and slap her on the ass.

Once, Doug said. " Ya'know, Princess, you really do have a big fat ass for such a small girl." They both broke into laughter. By this time her legs and crotch were soaked. She was able to glance at the clock on the television and she found that she had been like that for nearly two hours. No wonder her cunt was raw and sore.

They finished their coffee and both came over to her and each got on either side of her and grabbed just under her legs. It caused her pussy to open and allowed them each a hold under her hips. Then thy slid her up and off of the dildo. As she cam off of it, Doug stuck his thumb into her opened snatch while Alan stuck a finger up her asshole.

This was easy since her entire crack was drenched with her own juices.

They carried her just like that, into her bedroom and laid her on the bed.

Then they tied her legs to opposite corners so her cunt was wide open.

Alan sat her up and said. " We won't be finished with you for a while so we're going to ungag you and give you some water. I'm sure you're parched. We don't want to hurt you, just teach you a lesson." She nodded. " If you try to scream, we will regag you and not worry if you're thirsty or not. Okay?" Again she nodded. She was indeed thirsty and didn't want to risk not getting something to drink.

After her drink. She asked to be left ungagged and promised not to scream. She was told that it was part of her lesson and that the easier she made it, the easier it would be on her. She opened her mouth to accept the penis gag.

After she was regagged. They took out a coin. Doug said. " Okay, this is to see who gets firsts. The loser gets sloppy seconds. Well, I guess it's sloppy firsts too." He looked at her sloppy wet groin. They laughed again. " Call it Alan."

" Tails." It flipped through the air and landed on her belly. They both ran to look at it.

" Tails it is, Alan. I'll just play with her hooters."

" Well hey man, why don't you just fuck her mouth?" Her eyes shot wide open and they chuckled.

" Hey, that's a great idea. Don't you think, Princess." She just looked at him pleadingly. Unforgivingly, he unhooked her gag. " Now if you bite me, Princess, there'll be hell to pay. Get me?"

Softly she said. " Yes."

" Good girl." Doug said as her slid his dick into her mouth. She grimaced but did her best to suck him.

Meanwhile, Alan had gotten on the bed and prepared to mount her. He positioned his dick at her slit and in one fluid motion sunk fully into her. She involintarily grunted as he bottomed out into her. As the assult continued, she couldn't help but have one orgasm after another. When Doug exploded in her mouth she had nowhere to spit since he wouldn't pull out. She was just holding it in her mouth when Alan caused another climax. This caused her to involentaly swallow, much to her dismay. Doug again chuckled at her disgust. He just stood there still in her mouth, and toyed with her nipples. Finally, Alan could hold out no longer and pulled out of her and climaxed all over her belly and pubes.

With this done, they sat her up and gave her another drink. In moments she was asleep again. Just before she passed out she heard them tell her that they both had alabis incase she went to the police. She glanced at the clock on her nightstand. It read 1 am. Then everything faded to black.

The first thing she noticed when she began to wake up, was that a light breeze was making her chilled. Then she felt some other strange things. She felt that her cunt was once agian filled, only this time it was very hard and rigid. It felt like it was carved out of wood.

She could also feel something rough between her cuntlips. As she became more aware, she realized that she was laying on a treebranch with a broken branch inside her. She was aware of pain in her nipples and in her cuntlips. She was wearing a sundress and heels. It was still dark, but she could see light on the horizin. She sat up and lifted her skirt.

Just as she had expected. She was sat on the branch so that the stump was inside her pussy. The pain in her pussy lips must be from being pinched against the limb. She tried to lift herself off and thought she wasgoing to pull her lips off. She let herself back down and rested. She reached under the limb to feel her cunt lips. She felt what appeared to be a bolt head on one side and a nut on the other, pinning her lips to the limb. She pulled the top of her dress out and looked at her nipples. In them were a pair of hoops. They were peirced. That meant that so were her pussy lips.

She sat there for a few minutes wondering what she was going to do, when she spotted a hand saw hanging from a near by branch. She took the saw and wondered how she was going to free herself. She knew that her feet were only a foot from the ground, but how could she use the saw to release her lips from the branch. As she was looking at the area in question, she saw writing on her leg. It read:


Have fun! The only thing you can do is cut the limb.

Then you'll have to find a way to get a couple of

wrenches to remove the bolt. If you want you can

come here and we'll remove it.

After reading the note, she realized that they were right, she would have to make her way out of the woods still attached to the branch.

And the best she could hope for was to get a man to wrench the bolt that stuck the branch to her pussy. She placed the saw as close to her crotch as she dared and began to saw. Half way through it the branch snapped and she fell to her feet. Then since the branch had already been cut behind her, she didn't have to cut it.

She pulled her skirt over the branch and began to walk toward town.

She was so humiliated by the events of the previous evening that she didn't know what to do. She was also so angry that she decided to go to the police as soon as she got back to town. While she walked, she thought about the events of the previous night and she started to get aroused again. The branch was just enough wieght to cause a bouncing motion as she walked. She soon climaxed again.

That humiliated her even more. She came to one conclusion as she walked. She had to get them. She had to find them and get them to do it again. She never felt so good in her life. So she headed straight for their house.

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