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Broken by Blacks Part One

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Even though Eve was the oldest, she always felt like the ugly duckling. After years of Marilyn always upstaging her, she even dressed the part. Long dark hair in braids, thick, black rimmed glasses, long dark granny dresses covering her thin legs.

And there was Mari, that everyone loved, with her flowing blonde hair, her perfectly tanned body. She accepted that fact that Mari was more popular, but it began to dawn on her that Mari hated her and she didn?t know why. Then one day she finally met her man.

Karl was handsome, shy like her and just as rich, so she didn?t really think he was after the money she would inherit. The day she lost her virginity to him was the happiest day of her life. Everyone told her how happy she looked, how lucky they were to have found each other. Then Mari took him away.

It happened so slowly that she didn?t really understand what was going on until it was done. Mari took her aside and told her that she and Karl had fallen in love, that she didn?t want to hurt Even but that it was bigger than all of them. Eve loved her sister still, accepted it, drew deeper into her self as she saw her one true love doting on her younger sibling. Then came the night that Mari betrayed her completely, left her to be broken, and freed her from all her morals.

Mari had invited her out with her friends. Eve had been shocked. Mari never invited her. They had been to several bars and Eve had actually been having fun. On the way to the fourth bar, they had pulled off the road to a convenience store in an abandoned area and Mari asked her to go in to get a coke. Eve looked around, scared. ?I think it?s closed?. ?Nonsense? said Mari. ?Go on in?. Of course once she got out of the car, it sped away, leaving her penniless, without her cell phone, in a ruined neighborhood.

She starts walking, terrified, trying to find someplace to call for help. Eventually she finds a liquor store opened and walks up to it. There are 6 black men sitting on their cars outside when she walks up and asks for help from a stud named Mo.

?Please sir. Can you lend me your phone or some money to call to get a ride home. I?ll pay you back.? Mo grins. ?This is easy?.

He grabs her by one long braid and jerks her off her feet, dragging her across the gravel parking lot toward the back. She screams, clawing at his hand, her sensible shoes digging in the gravel as the men follow. Mo kicks the door to the bathroom in and drags her inside. He throws her to the hard, cold tile floor as the other 5 men follow her in. He takes off his belt. Unzips and pulls out his long black snake. Stroking it, it uncoils to its full 11 inches in front of her. ?Suck it, slut? he orders.

She shakes her head violently, her body shuddering, terrified of the huge black prick. He nods to his friends who force her to her hands and knees, hike her long dress over her hips and use their knives to cut away her sensible white cotton panties.

The belt comes down across her slender white ass, the leather cutting into her tender flesh, leaving a burning red welt. Mo begins to b eat her soft ass, the crack of the belt echoes across her ass, her back, her thighs, merging with her shrieks. Mo grabs her head and tilts it up. Her carefully applied makeup soaks in the tears, streaming down her face to form raccoon eyes. She whimpers with terror. ?Can I fuck your mouth now? he asks gently. She nods frantically. Yes, anything but that biting leather. He smiles. ?What?s your name, honey?? ?Eve? she whispers, every so quietly. He brings the belt down exceptionally hard across her ass, eliciting an agonizing scream. ?Beg me to fuck your face?. Even in her agony, her innocence comes through. ?What?? He whips her again. ?Beg me to skullfuck you, bitch? The realization sets it. In an almost wordless, soundless voice??Please fuck my face sir?.

He grabs her pigtails and rams his black meat down her gullet. Her throat bulges out, her eyes popping from their sockets as she takes almost a foot of hard black muscle down her throat. He uses his grip on her braids to power the cock down her throat, reveling in her gagging. Her glasses are askew as he r*pes her face, balls heavy with black semen slapping against her chin. She claws at his muscular buttocks as she gets r*ped, thick gagspit and semen foaming out of her mouth to form a white frothy beard on her chin. He bellows and shudders, forcing her face hard against his crotch as he pumps his black seed down her throat. He finishes and shoves her onto her back, her gasping for breath, face smeared with semen and saliva.

Another man mounts her face as her legs are forced over her head and her pussy lips are split with meat. They pound her relentlessly, mouth, pussy, ass, feeding her.

Sometime during the night in the men?s room of the convenience store they break her. She stops resisting, instead of pulling away, she welcomes the big black dicks, pumping them with her small hands, drinking the semen and milking the balls for more nut juice. At one point she pulls her cum coated glasses from her faces and licks the thick semen from them. And in her mind starts the seed of revenge on Mari.

Pages: 1

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