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You answer the phone as it rings "Hello" there is a moment of silence. "Put the blind fold on and wait for me in the middle of the room." You hang up the phone feeling suddenly excited not knowing for sure what is going to happen. You go to your bedroom taking out the blindfold you have always wanted to wear. Walking back out to the front room you place it over your eyes as the darkness surrounds you. Standing there in the darkness waiting your excitement builds. You hear the door open slowly and shut quietly. You feel a hand brush against your hip. There is a light breath against your neck. You can hear him but can not touch him knowing the ground rules. Suddenly there is a laugh right in front of you. Startled you don't understand wanting to remove the blind fold you raise your hands. Your hands stop as you feel his hands on yours. Holding your hands, his tongue traces your lips. The heat in your body intensifies. Your hands are released they fall to your sides. You now know he plans to tease you making you crazy with the playfulness. You feel the first button on your sun dress undone. Your body aches to be touched but he is careful not to make contact. Slowly the second then the third open. You smile knowing that he will be surprised at the naked body under the dress. The fourth button opens his hands now resting on your breasts softly. He moves his hands in side of the dress cupping your breast feeling the weight in his hands. Running them up over your breasts across your nipples then squeezing them hard and tight. His hands part sliding the dress over your shoulders. As your dress falls off you feel the warm air rush over your body. You step out of it as he reaches for it brushing your thigh. You hear it being tossed away. Both of his hands move up your legs starting at your ankles. He grips your legs strong yet soft moving slowly up. Both hands reach your hips then slide slowly around gripping your ass as he plants a kiss just below your navel. Your breath escapes you quickly. Slowly he moves kissing licking nibbling up your stomach stopping just under your breasts. Suddenly he is gone your body moves in protest. You hear a rustling but don't know what it is. Your mind races waiting to find out what is next. From behind you he pulls your wrists back. Tying them securely behind your back. You can move but can not get loose knowing now you will have to endure whatever delights he has planned. You now want the blind fold off more than ever. You feel his breath just before your neck is kissed slowly softly. Wanting more you press back against him lifting your head exposing your neck. He steps away from you leaving you alone again, you begin to move searching slowly. "Stop" his voice soft and gentle. You stop knowing he is right there waiting to touch him. Suddenly feeling cold tingles as a cool liquid is sprayed onto your warm wanting body. You feel the constant spraying realizing you must now glisten in the light. The spraying stops and you wait but nothing happens. You stand there until your body dries which is very fast with your body temperature rising not liking to wait. His warm hands touch your shoulders. You feel warm oil being spread across your body. Down over your shoulders down your back covering you. His hands move slowly covering your body. Up over your breasts teasing the nipples with a slow roll between his fingers as he covers them. Softly down your belly over your ribs to your sides. His hands stop to get more oil as you can hear it being pressed out of the bottle. His hands move quickly back to your body around your hips now back around squeezing your ass massaging with the warm slick liquid. Slowly down the backs of your legs his hands cover the inside your thighs the backs of your knees and over the soft curves of your calves. His hands shift around to the front of your legs moving up slowly. His hands part your thighs moving slowly teasing your body. With out warning he places his hand directly against your lips pressing the palm of his hand against you. You press back felling the pressure wanting to grind into him as he removes it. Waiting and longing for his touch he teases you by not touching. Your hands are released. You move your hands feeling the freedom the temptation of taking the blind fold off so you can attack the man teasing you. Your being pushed across the room. You are pushed against the couch folding you in half in surprise. He holds you bent over the couch totally exposed. With out warning you feel the head of him press against your now slick swollen lips. He enters into you slowly as you feel him slowly begin to fill you. Your muscles tighten pulling him in deeper. He begins to take you like a man possessed moving quickly in and out of you. You feel the animal lust building. You press back in to him loving the pressure building inside of you. You want to explode trying to hold back. You feel him pulsating coming close to exploding. Your bodies bang and slam together feeling the true lust. You explode drenching both of you with the hot cum seeping out of you. He explodes deep into you pulling your hips in deep to his body. As your bodies relax you wonder what is going to happen next.... BY: Ash

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