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Black Is Beautiful

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Patrick and I were married for two years when Bob, who I worked with invited us to join him and his wife Karen at their home for a thank you dinner for helping him with one of his accounts. The were suspected to be swingers and we didn?t know what to think about going to their house but agreed that if they started coming on to us that we would let them because we knew the difference between recreational sex and making love.

Well not only did they put the moves on us and had same room sex with each other?s spouses, Karen surprised both of us by coming on to me as soon as I finished with Bob. It was my first bi-sexual experience. We enjoyed the entire night. They invited us back a few times over the next few months and we accepted. But then they invited us to join them on their friend?s yacht. It was a three day weekend and we were to show up Saturday morning bright and early.

Jerry and Marie hosted swing parties on their huge boat with a full kitchen, full shower and bathroom and four small state rooms below. We were one of five couples in total, counting the host and hostess. As soon as we put to sea it was made plain that bathing suits were optional for the ladies and that anything that happened on the water?well you know. We all got drinks and toasted to the day as soon as we got out of land?s sight and dropped anchor. By the time the second round was served the ladies proceeded to the bow of the ship to lay out and get rid of tan lines and the men began fishing. Later I learned that the boys started a game on the rear deck of the ship that involved the wives.

?First Fish? was the game, and who ever caught the first fish would have his pick of the women on the bow. Her spouse would have the next pick and so on. Well John, a large black man but in good shape boated the first fish. I remember when he came up front and took my hand asking me to come with him. His Speedo was bulging more than earlier and he had an evil look in his eye. Marie, our hostess said ?It?s okay Honey I think you just won first prize? Then she yelled ?What are you boys up to?? then our host Jerry yelled back ?First Fish, Honey? marine then looked at me and said ?Yep you?re first prize alright? John lead me down to the rear of the ship and there stood my husband smiling from ear to ear as I stood there naked as a jaybird. ?What?s going on? I asked Patrick who said that John had just won me in the fishing contest and I was his for the rest of the day. I got a cold chill; I had never been with a black man. But I wasn?t going to show any fear. I turned toward John and pulled myself up close to his chest and he kissed me with a hot wet probing tongue. I reached for the bulge in the front of his Speedo and took a handful. MYGAWD he had a Hugh cock. Then since all the boys were watching, I pulled his Speedo off and made the announcement ?You won?t be needing these?

John led me down below to a state room and wasted no time giving each other oral attention. I was in hopes of giving him a BJ because he was so large and I had never had a man in me that was that big before. It didn?t matter; soon he laid me back and positioned himself between my legs sliding that large thick cock into my very wet pussy. At first I thought he would be too big for me but he slowly worked himself into me. He knew I was both scared and excited saying ?Its okay Little lady I?m going to go slow until you get used to me then you?re mine? After a few more strokes I was calming down to the fact that it felt good, then it felt great and then he started fucking me faster and harder and deeper then I had ever had it before.

I held on to him and rode each plunge that gave me more pleasure with every thrust and then the orgasm spasms started. ?FUCK ME? I kept saying over and over through gritted teeth till he let go with spurt after spurt of his cum. I couldn?t believe how long he was as he pulled out of me.

Later on deck when most everyone was finished John and his wife Ilene invited us to their house on the way home from the lake. Since we were to stay in a hotel till the Monday, holiday we said we?d think about it and let them know. We exchanged phone numbers and addresses. Then it was one big party with the group as a whole drinking and bar hopping as soon as we got ashore.

Come Monday morning Patrick asked if I wanted to stop by John and Ilene?s on the way home. I said that would be fine but I didn?t know if I wanted to do anything so soon after the Saturday boat swing. We agreed, finished packing the car and followed directions to their house.

?Holly Shit? Patrick said as we pulled into this gated estate with a tree lined driveway going back three story house. We parked the car to find John in gym trunks and a sleeveless shirt coming off the basketball court in the back yard. There were three other black men on the court shooting hoops. Irene soon joins us and ushered us inside the back door to the great room with cathedral ceiling. We were handed drinks and offered a tour of the house. Who could resist, the place was a palace. Irene led the way and John stayed close by my side. He would add little comments about the house to me as we walked through the first two floors. Once on the third floor he took my hand and I noticed that Irene was now snuggled up to Patrick?s arm. She suggested that John and I go one direction and she would take Patrick the other and we?d meet downstairs after the full tour. We agreed and they disappeared down the hall.

Well ?the full tour? must have been their signal to each other. John led me to a bed room and closed the door behind us. He told me he had a little surprise for me since I was so accommodating on the boat. I assured him that that was alright he didn?t need to make a fuss but he insisted. He started taking my blouse off. I thought for a second of resisting but this guy is six feet six inches of black muscle and nice looking to boot so I let him have his way. Soon I was stepping out of my panties. He lifted me with one swoop to carry me to the bed and like a lamb to the slaughter I gave in to his every desire. He kissed me while I was dr*ped across his arms and then he gently put me down on the bed. From nowhere there come velvet ties extending from the headboard and he slipped my wrists into them. I was about to be a slave to his wishes and I didn?t care.

Then he picked up the telephone and punched two or three buttons. Someone on the other end of the phone answered and John told them ?We?re ready for you up here? Then he hung up the phone and started teasing my nipples with his tongue. First one then the other.

After a few minutes and both of my nipples get enough attention to explode there came a knock at the door. I gasped wondering what was to happen next. Here I am strapped to the bed, helpless, a prisoner. John got up and let the three black men from the basketball court walk right into the room. They stood around the bed just staring at me like I was on a display till John told them that I was fresh and clean and willing and he wanted all of them to show me what fucking black men was like. They began to undress and as they finished undressing they stood around the bed stroking them selves drooling over my naked body. Thank heavens none of their cocks were as big as John?s but all three were bigger than my husband. I started to be frightened again.

One of them came closer to put his black snake next to my mouth and I opened wide to take him in but he only rubbed the end of his cock on my lips so I kissed and licked the end of it as best as I could reach but I was restrained by my shackles. From the other side of the bed another athletic black man rubbed his cock on my nipple. The third knelt on the bed and spread my legs wide then took his hand and put two fingers into me and started slowly pushing them in and out while the thumb on that hand kept rubbing my clit. The excitement started overtaking the fear and pleasure was rolling up my body from the all the attention my pussy was getting.

I wanted to get that first man?s cock in my mouth but he was teasing me only letting me get licks and kisses. I felt the hand pull out of me and the cock on my nipple stopped. It seemed to happen all at once that my nipple was taken into one of their mouths and it was being suckled. Meanwhile, my legs were raised and spread further apart, I knew what was coming. I heard a husky voice say ?You guys each hold a leg for me.? I felt each leg being handed off to the other men. A finger and thumb spread the lips of my pussy to make way for a long hard black cock to enter me slowly and deeply. I gasped with excitement as it slid in very smoothly, but that was to be expected with as wet as I was by then combined with the recent fucking and stretching I got from ?Big John?s? Hugh manhood just two days ago.

When the cock teaser looked back to see how well I was getting pumped his cock came within reach and I sucked it into my mouth to give him as good as I was getting down below. He must have liked it because he gave out a ?MMMMMMMM, That?s a good little Bitch, suck my rope? Soon he indicated to the others that he wanted some pussy. The pumping into my wet box was growing more intense. It felt soooo gooood. Then he shot his wad and pumping slowed down and he pulled out. The voice came from man between my legs saying ?Rotate? They all three pulled back and repositioned themselves around me. I tasted my juice on the cock put to my mouth. I was penetrated as if to be taken by the man in a violent effort to screw my brains out. He slammed himself into me and rammed his cock onto me so forcefully like a man ready to finish but he went on with a heavy ramming till he emptied himself into me. It caught me off guard and my hips couldn?t keep up with his pace, I was being taken by him and there was nothing I could do but lie there and be fucked.

That left one more man had patiently waited by playing with my nipples and stroking himself while the other two took their pleasure. He spoke only once ?Roll her over? is all he said. They un strapped me but one took both my wrists and sat at the head of the bed holding my hands on either side if his leg. I was starring at his husky cock in the middle of my face. As I took it into my mouth my hips were raised from behind. I felt the third man put the head of his long black snake into me, not stopping till the full length was in but good and then he held it there for a moment. Then he said ?This holes all sloppy. I think I?ll try the other one? I groaned with concern and fear but I was held down tight and I couldn?t pull my mouth off the cock in my mouth. With that the men laughed and one voice called out ?Looks like this Bitch saved that hole for you Bro?. He was lubed by all the cum and juices that filled my freshly fucked pussy when he pulled out of me and started pushing himself into my ass. I tried to relax and take it because I knew it would be uncomfortable and deep and they were going to go ahead and do it anyway.

I must have relaxed enough because he went in full length and stopped for a moment like he just did a moment ago. He held my hips to grind himself into me moving from side to side. Then he raised one foot to be flat on the bed next to my knee to get better leverage, He pulled out about half way and stopped again for a moment. It made me tense up again but I forced myself to relax again. He could feel me relax the grip my ass had on his pole, ?That?s right Baby, just a few more time to get you used to it and I?m gonna fuck your ass but good? When I heard that I really knew I had to relax or be sore for a week.

I concentrated on the cock in my mouth which was getting softer. With all I could I sucked and licked it and pumped my head on it all the while trying to relax the muscles of my ass. He pushed into me again and stopped waiting only a moment this time then back out about half way and immediately back into me. I groaned and momentarily stopped sucking the man in front of me. I had to catch my breath but no sooner did I get a gasp of air into my lungs the action started, the pumping came faster and harder. My submissive side come out and took over my body. I wanted him to take me and have me the way he wanted. This time I had no control. This time I was someone else?s toy, his plaything, his?yes I said to myself ?I AM his ?Bitch?. I pushed my hips toward him with each thrust to hasten him climax. Soon he pushed full in again and pulled my hips tightly against his body and let go of his cum, spurt after spurt deep in my ass.

The three men disappeared as quickly as they arrived and I was left on the bed in a fetal position. John came to sit on the side of the bed placing his hand on my side. ?How you doing Baby?? It was all I could do to say, ?I don?t know yet? ?It might take me a little bit to figure out? Then he said ?You had a hard work out, but you looked like you enjoyed it? As I gathered my thoughts and got my breathing under control I sat up on the edge of the bed. John put his muscular arm around me and I hugged him back. We sat quietly for a minute then I said ?Yes I enjoyed it? ?I?ve never been used like that before? ?They gave me a climax and they made me their Bitch? ?It?s a new experience for me? John replied ?Black men like to be in charge of women in and out of the bedroom. I hoped to give you a black sexual experience; and quite frankly I hoped you?d like it? I pulled away and sat up straight looked him in the eye and said ?I didn?t say I didn?t like it?.

Part 2 is about how Patrick and Ilene got along that day and then our ride home.

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