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Being a good girl is so hard to do

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I had met A long time ago we went to school together and met years later as he was in town. He always was one of those take-charge kind of guys... we had drinks and planed on meeting the next time he was in town... it was a few months and I got this text message from him to meet him at this hotel and that he was going to make my fantasy come true.

I did just what he told me to do I dressed in a green tank top and miniskirt... with nothing under them... wore a long coat it was cold.. Knocked on the door and he told me to turn around he placed a blind fold on me and pulled me back into the room. Pushed me up against the door not hard but enough that I knew he was serious. He took my coat off and left it fall to the floor. Placed my hands on the door and told me not to move, he started by running his hands up my legs and under my skirt to make sure I followed his instructions. Then up my top. Whispered in my ear good girl... he took my hands and placed them behind me. He then placed the hair tie I had in my hair around them and told me what ever I did not to take them out if so I would be spanked. He then led me to the bed and sat me down. and told me to slide down over the end and sit on my knees, he helped me so I wouldn?t fall and when I was on my knees he told me to spread my knees a little to make is easy for him to stand between them. I could hear him walking around the room and it was so exciting not to see or know what he was doing. Then I felt him slide his hands under my top and pull it just over my head, I could feel his hot breath on my nipples as his tongue ran over my hard nipple. He pushed me back against the bed my head against the mattress as he kissed his way up my neck his hands slid down to my now very wet pussy... he played with my clit and slid a finger inside me as he kissed me. After this he moved away I felt him stand between my knees is I felt his hard cock slide over my lips. I licked as he slide it over my lips and I opened my mouth and took him in slow letting my tongue run over him, I forgot my order and moved my hands around and took him in my hands and started to suck and stroke before he backed up. In addition, said what are you doing. Then it hit me.... Whoops... I just said I'm so sorry I forgot and got wrapped up in the moment. He just walked away. And there I sat. I could hear things being moved around the room and it?s was really hard not knowing what was going on. The next think I know he told me to stand up. I felt his hand on my elbow helping me as he lead me across the room, I felt the table hit me on the top of my leg as he told me to reach across the table and grab the other side. I did so I was told to stand back away from the table as he placed something soft on the edge of it...

I then felt his hand hit my ass I took stood up and yell what the hell are you doing... he said I told you didn?t I I said yeah but I though you were only kidding he said I don?t kid about this stuff now lay back over or ill tie you there I said yeah right.. He leaned over me I could feel how hard he was as he slid between my legs not going in but just between them... he said you want to stop now I can put your coat on and send you out the door... as he slide between my legs teasing me.. I said no so I lay back over the table. As felt, him back away I felt him grab my hand and said if you cannot listen then I will have to make you as he wrapped something around my hand and pulled me over the table more. Then the other hand no I really couldn?t mover my feet were off the table and there I was I felt him grab my one ankle and move it to one side and I felt him tie it fast and then the other he ask me if it was hurting my legs, I told him no. He then smacked my bottom not hard, while sliding a finger in me, making me forget the sting he did this a few times. After he was done he ran his hands over my bottom feeling how hot it was the prints of his hands on them I felt his lips on them as he kissed the sting away.

He then untied me and told me to turn over and to place my hands on the table palms down. He pulled me down I thought I was going to fall off the table as he put my feet on the arm of the chair. I felt him grab my right arm and wrap a tie around it then he lifted me, pulled the tie under me, and tied my other arm to it. He then pulled me up so that my head was just on the edge of the table. I felt his hands running over my nipples and down over my stomach. He pulled me closer to the edge and I felt his cock slide over my lips he moved me now that he could slide his cock in and out of my mouth nice and slow. And he fucked my mouth I felt his hands sliding over my clit he shoved his cock deep in my mouth as I felt the sting on my clit... as he spanked my pussy he would shove his cock in more and more.. He then slowly slide his finger in my pussy as I took him in my mouth... with me squirming around on the table he made me cum again and again by fingering me and smacking my pussy..

He than untied me and helped me over to the bed where he laid me back, kissed, and licked me making me forget all about every thing around us... I felt him slide up over me telling me that it was ok to touch him now. As I run my hands over him he rolled us over and with me on top I kissed and licked my way down over him biting his nipples feeling how hard he was as I slid down over him taking him in my hands and my mouth.. Licking and sucking him rolling the head of his cock around in my mouth knowing his was closer and closer. As he told me to stop. A then told me to get on my hands and knees. That he wanted me now I felt him slowly enter me little by little feeling his hands wrap around my hips he rubbed my clit as he started to fuck me slow.. Feeling him start to go harder and faster he grabbed my hips and fuck me until he came. We fell on the bed him on top of me and lay there for a while he kissed the back of my neck and told me there now if you ever want this again you know how to contact me. I just giggled. He helped me up and took me to the bathroom he told me to let him know when I was done. I showered and got dressed and told him ok he told me to put on the blind fold again. I did the door opened and he grabbed me kissed me and walked me a little ways. I heard the door unlock as he turned me to the door he took the blind fold off told me to let my eyes adjust when I said ok he pulled me back and opened the door and I left. I got in the car and had the biggest smile on my face...

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