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Bart Marks His Territory

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After our trip we continued to see each other for Friday lunches, and anytime I could get away. I had a boyfriend and the relationship was not going well but I was too stupid to end it. Being with him made me feel free and naughty and desired and wanton, all the things my boyfriend could never make me feel. Our lunches turned into rendezvous’ at local hotels for what I affectionately call “nookie lunch.” My lunch hours started taking two or three hours, and I would always come back to work with a glow on my face and bruises somewhere on my body. My boss just gave me a knowing look and grinned, but never scolded me.

One night in the middle of November I was able to get away for the evening and we met in a cheap motel that had a very naughty dirty feel about it. Meeting him here made me feel like a cheap whore, and that excited me. I knew I was in for a good fuck when he carried in his “bag of tricks.” As always, we spent a few minutes talking before he pulled me into his strong embrace and began kissing me ravenously with his soft sweet subtle lips.

His lips! His kisses! OH! How they excite me, cripple my defenses and put me into a state of hypnosis to where I can only obey whatever he commands of me. He knows this; he loves to be in control of my body. He begins to undress me then lays me on the bed. Reaching for his bag of tricks he pulls out some lotion and begins to give me a long sensual relaxing massage all over my body while he is telling me how beautiful I am, and how much he is going to enjoy our night together. He hands were like heaven as they glided over my body, down my back, caressed my plump ass, down my left leg and back up the other side. He loves my ass, he kisses me there and tells me how gorgeous my ass is and how is going to fuck it one day. His tight grip mixed with his enthralling words made me feel like princess who was being conquered by her prince.

He rolled me over and began again with my left leg, gliding his rough hands up to the junction between my legs. He stopped to play with my hair and tell me from now he always wants to see me shaved. Then he continued across my stomach, to my breast, placing small kisses as he went. He massaged both breast and whispers how perfect they were as he pinched and tugged at my nipples. He then started his glorious descent down the right side of my body until he reached my toes. My body melted beneath his hands. When he was done he began to rub my arms all the way down to my fingertips, then one by one he kissed each of my fingers. I felt like I was on cloud nine, so relaxed, so content. He then put my head in his lap and began to rub my face and neck, ever so gently as he told me how stunning I looked laying in his lap. It was the most sensual feeling, and it lasted a long time. When he was finished I was thoroughly aroused. I felt so subservient to him. I had lost total control of who I was, but it did not matter for the next several hours I would only be who he wanted me to be.

After my incredibly delightful and seductive massage he allowed me to lay back and rest for a minute in his arms. We talked of our fantasies, things we liked, things we had done, things we wanted to do and inherently I knew I would do all these things with him. I was so consumed with lust for this man, that even when I was with other men I only thought of him!! He rose from the bed and again went to his bag of tricks and pulled out a glass cock and a digital camera. He told me he wanted pictures of me, pleasing myself with the big glass cock. This sparked my fervor to be totally vulgar and give him what he wanted to see. I took it and wet it with my mouth before I inserted it in my wet, tight pussy. The toy was so cold and it met with my fire hot hole and the sensation was breathtaking. As I thrust the big glass cock in and out of my pussy I was blinded by the rapid fire of the camera flash. He loved my performance, and the evidence was beginning to show in his growing cock. Faster and harder I rammed the huge piece of glass in my wet pussy as he commanded me to do, I could feel my climax approaching and when he saw I was close he said I should ask permission first. I wanted it, I needed it and as I was approaching pinnacle of pleasure I asked “can I cum now?” “NO!” was the answer I received. I was devastated, past the point of no return, how could I stop this. “PLEASE?” I cried. “NO!” is all I heard. I couldn’t stop, it felt so good, but I had to because I wasn’t given permission to reach my peak. My heart was racing, I became breathless and my body started to spasm. I begged. I wanted to cum so bad, and he let out a wicked laugh and said “you can cum now baby.” Seizures took over my body as I felt one climax after another overtake me. Even with my eyes closed I could feel the flashes from his camera and he recorded every second of my shameless assault on myself for his pleasure. When my orgasms subsided, I took the glass cock out of my pussy and cleaned it with my tongue and mouth, tasting my own sweet cum while he photographed my sordid display for his future pleasure. He praised my performance, said I was a good girl and that I pleased him.

Once again he turned to his bag of tricks and pulled out some blue rope. He told me to get on my knees then he tied my feet together and my hands to the sides of the bed leaving my ass exposed in the air and my head down in a subservient position. I was helpless and vulnerable; defenseless to whatever he had planned for me. He took another trip the bag of tricks and brought out a cat o’ nine tails. As I heard him crack it in the air I knew what was to come. At first, he slowly sensuously runs the nine leather strips across my exposed ass and up my back, again telling me how beautiful my ass was and how much he loved it and wanted to possess it. The leather tickled my ass and chill bumps covered my body. Over and over again he rubbed those leather straps across my backside, suddenly, out of the blue, he pulled the cat ‘nine tails back and lashed my ass with it, but not hard, just enough to get my attention. I jumped at the shock and delight. For a second time I felt the lash of the whip on my ass, as little harder this time. A third time, a fourth, again and again, harder and harder all over my ass, my legs, my back. The sting of the whip was a mixture of both pleasure and pain; I wanted him to stop but begged him for more. My body begins to respond to this new sensation in a way I never dreamed. I am aroused, my pussy is sopping wet, and I am closer to orgasm with each strike of the whip. Bright red whelps began to cover all the areas he struck and after several lashes he began to kiss each whelp tenderly. He encourages my good behavior with his kisses and sweet words. Then he starts my lashes again, harder yet. Again I am close to my peak. Tears start to fall down my face, as the pain, and the pleasure becomes more powerful. “Do not cry baby. You please me so much my angel. Your ass looks beautiful with my marks on it” he tells me. After several more lashes my body starts to convulse violently as I reach my ultimate bliss. Suddenly I feel his warm mouth on my pussy lapping up the flow of juices that are spurting out as my orgasms devours my body.

Afterward, he puts his whip down and comes to kiss away my salty tears. Still tied up he again kisses each lash mark and smiles with approval of his handy-work, and my behavior. He unties me and lays me flat on my stomach then begins to gently rub oil on my back to relieve some of the pain. We have been in our seedy hotel for several hours and I have had several orgasms, I comment that he has not entered me once.

I ask him “do I please you? Do you want to feel my body wrapped around yours?” He laughs. He says of course he wants me. He desires me above all else, and he intends to have me, possess me like no man ever has. He gathers me in his strong arms and kisses my face and holds me tight. After several minutes the pain on my backside returns and my elated gratification has faded. He whispers in my ear, “who do you belong to?”

“YOU!” As if this were the magic word he rolls me to my stomach and enters me from behind, barbarically thrusting his hard cock in and out of my warm tight wet love cavern. Hours of built up primal lust and desire start to come out as he assaults my pussy with each plunge. This savage battering of my tender pussy went on for what seemed like hours. I felt extreme pain, or was it pleasure? I wanted him to stop, and I wanted him to go faster and harder. “Spread those legs bitch” he yells at me. I do as I am told and he continues to ravage my inner core. I can feel his body begin to tense and see a predatory look in his eye right before he flooded my sore swollen pussy with his cum. Sated we both lay there motionless for the longest time.

After several minutes I got up to go to the bathroom and as I passed by the mirror I could see the evidence of our animalistic mating all over my body. He walks up behind me in the mirror and looks at his handy work. As he kisses my neck he tells me how beautiful I am. “Your body is mine to use as I want.”

Bruises and bite marks covered my body, my mouth and pussy were swollen and sore and my muscles ached all over, but if he had asked at that very moment I would have done it all over again. But he does not ask. We shower together and he washes my body tenderly. After we are dressed he walks me to my car and I leave to go home, and hide all these marks from my boyfriend. ________________________________________

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