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My company was set up on a remote island to construct telecommunication facilities; well needless to say we were not well received by the locals. Most of the islanders were large people in general especially the men who were huge and very dark complected. Sometimes I felt uncomfortable and sometimes a little excited as they stared at me, you see I am in my early twenties five foot six inches tall and one hundred and twenty pounds. My skin is fair, I have short blond hair and blue eyes, thus making me stick out like a sore thumb in this jungle like environment amongst all the large dark natives.

I made it a habit not to travel alone, however one evening after work a few of us employees were hanging out at the construction site into the early evening. We were drinking some rum made locally on the island, by midnight a handful of my co-workers had drank too much and passed out, the only guy left standing to catch a ride home with, was not in that great of shape himself. So I offered to do the driving figuring at least I had a male escort on board for the drive back to the hotel our company had put us up in.

Somewhere along the way I took a wrong turn and one after another, next thing I know, I am thoroughly lost. My male co-worker had passed out shortly after we hit the road and was of no help, plus I could not even wake him. Most of these small island roads are unpaved, unmarked and surrounded by jungle, and now at almost two in the morning I decide to pull over and try to get some sleep.

I hear the door open and as I open my eyes I can see the sun is just beginning to rise. A hand reaches in grabs my arm and begins to pull me out of the vehicle, I quickly look over at my co-worker who is still passed out in the passenger seat and unable to hear me call out his name. It is not quite light yet and having been awakened from a short sleep I was still a little disoriented but I could feel my body being lifted and floating across the ground. I soon realized I was being carried by several very large men with dark skin; I began to squirm and was held tight by a swarm of huge strong hands.

I was laid on the ground facing upward, my arms and legs held high as my wrist and ankles were bound. I saw them slip a long thick pole through my arms and legs and lift it up to rest on their shoulders. I was dangling from my wrist and ankles between the two guys who carried me off further into the jungle. As the sun grew brighter I could see there were a total of four guys in their little caravan. I did not say a word as I hung upside down from the pole gently swaying side to side as they packed me through the jungle on a narrow little trail.

For the first time since day break I heard one of them speak, his accent was heavy with islander tongue and I could not fully understand what he was saying. All of them stopped their march and the native with the pole on his shoulder who was walking behind me handed the pole over to one of his brothers. He came over to me, undid my pants and in one strong tug upward lifted the waist of my pants along with my panties up to my feet and tucked them in between my bound ankles. The end of the pole was handed back over to him and he rested it up on his shoulder only this time so much closer to me that I could feel the back of my bare legs against his smooth and muscular chest.

His hands disappeared from sight for a moment and suddenly I felt a large firm object probing at the entrance to my pussy. I winced in pain as the pressure built until my hole spread open and was filled with a warm throbbing sensation. The dark islander had penetrated me with the hardest cock I have ever felt. My head hung down with my mouth gasping for air as he drove his dick deeper and deeper into my whom. And just as I felt the air return to my lungs the native holding the pole in front of me slipped aside a cloth like material that was covering his groin and out sprung a long dark penis. It was thick and hard when he began inserting it in my mouth. I was gagging on the first few inches of my captor’s cock and from my upside down point of view I could see by the distance of the massive dark balls hanging out in front of my face that the native in my mouth had nine or ten more inches of dick headed for my throat.

I was rocked back and forth from the pole in which I hung, with each swing forward and back resulting in a deeper penetration of the large hard cocks that impaled me. My pussy bottomed out and slammed into the hard abdomen of the huge native at my rear and there was a loud gushing sound as his semen erupted into my body. The long shaft in my mouth had made its way more than half way down my throat by the time I began to choke on the goo that shot from the swollen round knob at its tip.

My captors made a few adjustments to their garments and we were soon back underway. Hanging upside down I was packed deeper into the jungle, swaying side to side with my pants crunched up around my ankles. My pussy was still dripping from the intense intrusion it had endured and it hung out there fully exposed as though taunting the others to take a turn.

By late after noon we reached a camp like village with grass huts and a several more natives. They seemed to cheer as I was brought in half naked and hanging from the pole. I guess being employed by the telecommunication company I was considered the enemy and as a blonde haired, blue eyed white girl my torture was going to be r*pe. I was stripped naked and staked out spread eagle on a patch of grass. I laid face up and felt some relief from the strain of my previous position. The islanders stood over me smiling and examining me. One of the natives pulled off his cloth and knelt between my legs, his cock stood straight up and it was obvious where he intended on sticking it. I was mounted and fucked by a wild man, he pounded me with his hips and thrust his stiff swollen cock into my pussy as he fondled and sucked on my breast. Though the warmth and stickiness of his sperm fill my insides he continued to pump his dark smooth cock into me, he ejaculated yet again, this time his penis grew soft.

Soon after he left another one took his place and one after another they took turns on me. I could feel the heavy seed draining from my hole after numerous invasions by the thick dark islanders. By the light of the camp fire I could see the line of large stiff cocks were not at an end. I was to be their little white fuck hole for as long as they wish.

Sometime during the night I was un-tied except for one ankle and provided with a blanket. I dosed off until mid day and when I awoke I was fed well and taken to a stream to wash up. The cool clear water felt so refreshing as it washed over my well used and naked body. I was laid in the sun to bathe in its warmth and I watched the islanders go about their daily business. They truly were peaceful people and I had to remind myself that we mainlanders are the intruders here.

Shortly after the evening meal was finished the camp fire was lit and a few islanders came over and escorted me over to the patch of grass again. I cannot say whether I was reluctant or anxious, but either way I was laid down on a blanket and staked out spread eagle again only this time I was tied face down. One of the islanders positioned himself behind me, sat down and straddled my upper thighs. A pair of strong hands spread my cheeks open and the head of a dick press against my tight little hole. The pressure was intense as he continued to push his cock harder and harder into me until his thick round knob popped into my ass. I felt the fatness of his shaft sinking deeper into my butt as it tried to adjust to his girth. He weighed heavy on me with each of his downward strokes smashing, spreading and impaling my ass to the ground. Up and down, in and out, my asshole was on fire until the flood of islander cum doused the flames as he took several more strokes while his erection subsided.

Some felt fat, some felt long, but all were felt as the line formed again while they pulled a train on my little white ass throughout the night. I awoke the next day and could hardly move not because I was tied up but because my muscle were sore and my crotch was glued together with an entire village worth of dried cum. I was once again fed and bathed, a little rest in the sun, but this time, now two days later I was given some native clothing and returned close to the construction site. I will forever hold on to the memories of being caught behind enemy lines.

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