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Auctioned Slave

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I awake to find myself confined in a dark place groggy, disoriented, and nude! The last thing I remember, I was walking to the corner store by orders of my Master. How did this happen? Where am I? And what the Hell is going on?

I stand, feeling the walls looking for a switch to turn on or a light and find nothing, and no way out! On the walls I feel what seems to be a water spicket, I knock on the walls. I’m in a shower stall and the door is removed but boarded up. I’m in a cage! What the Hell? No one answers the knocking; I hear nothing but the sounds that I am making. What in the fuck is going on? How long have I been here, how much time has passed? I certainly do not know. The darkness surrounds me and I am alone, scared, hungry and thirsty. I dare not turn the shower on, for fear of not being able to turn it off or it flooding me where I stand. I yell out, no one answers. I slide down the stall and cry. After a bit, I try gathering my thoughts and composing myself (yea, right), I am one frightened puppy. What is happening? Who has done this to me? Why?

Time has passed, me sitting on the floor of this shower, I don’t have a clue what I am doing here. I hear a noise! What/who could it be? Are they here to help me? Harm me? These things I wonder, but do not know…Hello? I finally call out in hopes that someone is there to find me. My heart is pounding along with my head anticipating the worst and hoping for the best outcome. I have to take a chance, so I scream out “HELLO is anyone out there?”

I hear faint sounds of voices…women, cool, they won’t harm me, and so I yell again! I hear a sound…it’s a drill or something of the sort. “Help me, I’m in here!” Then I hear “Shut up Slut, we’re getting you out.”

Now, I know this is not good, slut? Who do they think they are? I feel around for anything, anything to protect myself…nothing!

The wall is being removed now, I see two dark figures in a very bright light…they are faster than I imagined and grab me by both sides before I even have time to react! One of them begins beating me with a strap, striking me several times as I try to get away from it. She stops. I still fight… but they are stronger than I can handle. They grab me by the throat and force me to the wall and turn a hose on me, a high powered hose, I can’t fight this any longer and sink to the floor, fatigued.

One of those butch bitches grabs me by the hair and holds me down; the other is coming at me with gloved hands! What the??? She sticks her fingers inside my mouth and then she sticks her fingers in my pussy and ass! She looks at the other bitch and says “this one will do!”

Exhausted from the fight and being sprayed with the high powered hose, I am unable to fight back, weak from lack of nutrition for who knows how long; they haul me onto a gurney and strap me down, then carry me into a jail cell! “What’s going on”, I ask. They both yell “shut the fuck up and you won’t get hurt”. Master is on his way, he’ll take care of you”! The slaves converse as if I am not there, laughing and saying how Master Tom will take care of me and condition me into his slave hood and how I will learn to love him and take care of him and submit to him solely. Bullshit, I think to myself.

They locked the cell behind them leaving me exposed, still shackled and cuffed. More time had passed as I run through what has happened and think “Master”?? My master would never do me this way! No Way!

I see someone coming toward my cell. Shit, what now? This huge figure is approaching and in a deep voice I hear him speaking with the two butch bitches, who are behind him in what looks like prison guard uniforms.

This man introduces himself as Master Tom, and that he is my master now, in a very firm yet even tone. “What the hell is going on?” I ask. Hey states once again, never changing tone, “I am Master Tom and I am your new master now…do you understand? You are my slave now and you will do as I command, resist and punishment will follow and I promise that you will not like it, if you survive it! Thinking about what had previously happened with the butch bitches and watching them grin (fucking bitches); as he says this, I answer to him “yes Sir”. And begin to cry.

Master Tom allows the tears for a moment and says calmly but firmly, “Enough tears…Slaves prepare my new slut slave for me and have her in my chamber in 10 minutes. They respond “yes Sir, your pleasures is our pleasure”…in unison (like some fucking stereo)!

They grab me up and carry me by both arms, cuffed and shackled, still naked, they succeed in preparing me for Master Tom. After a bit they persuasion on my behaving, they removed the cuffs from my wrists but left the shackles in place, instructing me to “present” myself to Master Tom and told me to “sit on the floor and prepare for Master”, I conceded and followed their instructions. I am handed a collar in which I am instructed to present to Master Tom upon his arrival and if I don’t I will be severely punished, that if I knew what was good for me, I would conform to these commands and follow instructions. I sit, I wait…

I see Master Tom enter his chambers, he sees that I have complied to his instructions and asks if I resisted. Those butch bitches snitched me out and told him that yes I had! (I guess that they did not want the wrath that could have been for them had they not told him the truth.)

Master Toms says “Slut Slave is this true?” I respond, “Yes, Master Tom, it is true and I apologize for my behavior, Sir”. He sits down in his chaise lounge chair and instructs me to come to him and present my collar to him. I comply. He then locks the collar around my neck. “You are mine now, do you understand me?” “Yes, Sir” I answer. Slave, stand, (I stand), bend over my knee, now.” I do as he commands and he proceeds to spank my ass with his massive hands! “Count, slut, count each strike you receive.” He stops, “how many strikes have you received slut?” I respond, “Twenty Sir”…crying and whimpering in pain. I was stripped down…“Do you understand that your punishment will be more intense if you resist?” “Yes Sir”, I answer to him, still crying from the pain.

Master asks the butch bitches if I had been “inspected”, their response was “yes and she is very green, very new, Sir”. “Very well”, he said. “Slaves, leave now.” After They left the room, Master Tom tells me that I am his property now, that he bought me rightfully at auction from y previous Master! Stunned, I cried even more, I thought he loved me, I though he cared!! How could he? Why would he? These are question I will never know the answer to.

Master Tom allowed the tears once more (I think he likes tears, are my thoughts…I see him smile as he sees me cry). Master instructs me to sit on the floor in front of his chair, and rises from his seat and presses himself against my cheek and then tells me to kiss his feet. I comply, being a slave is all I know, and the fear of being alone and no one owning me, is my drive to follow is directions.

He tells me that if I do as I am instructed, be a slave to him with out complication, that life can be good, that I will be rewarded regularly, but if I don’t, I will be punished and the punishment will fit the action. He again asked if I understood his instruction and I responded with “yes Sir” (I am now his).

He opens his zipper and instructs me to bend over the chair and he takes me hard from behind, fucking me so hard that it hurt, it feels like I will split in half, he fucks me until he is close and stops. Pulling out, he moves to my mouth and instructs me to suck his dick, I comply. As I do this task, I feel him getting close to release, feel him swell as he is about to burst (this excites me). He pulls out and shoots his cum all over my face! When he is finished he puts his cock back into his pants and zips up.

He instructs me to lie on the chair and spread my legs. Master kneels down and begins to lick on my pussy, he licks all around my lips and clit, making it swell with excitement and anticipation of what is next to come (he does an excellent job might I add). As I come close to climax, he stops, leaving me gasping and panting with excitement.

He stands and moves toward the entry and calls to his other slaves to come to him. He instructs them to “strip and finish her”. They move toward me and both of them begin licking on my pussy and pulling and sucking on my breasts, kissing me ever so gently and lovingly…Who are they??? These are not the same bitches that tore me out of a shower and beat me down, but yes it is!!! At this point I am so turned on, I release my fears and anger and all emotion with a huge orgasm. We all three continue to play…bonding!

Master Tom stops us from our play and instructs the three of us to stop and to come service him. “Yes, Sir, your pleasure is our pleasure”!

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