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Alice the Slave

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I was with Alice 3 years so that we lived together in an apartment near the north side of Athens. THere were lots of college students there and we were sort of the oldest couple there but it was not unusual that we had some of the middle aged college staff over. Early in our relationship I found out about Alice's previous life. Her ex-husband had made her (and now she was a willing) Slave.

He had pushed the borders of their sex life slowly until he had her doing absolutley anything he told her to do. She now had been looking for another "Master" for over a year but had not found anyone she liked until we had started flirting at the hospital and now she was sitting across from me telling me how she was wishing for her old life to begin again. She was kneeing, naked and a small very ornate collar on that had a leash attached and she was offering it to me. She had already let me know that she had a need to suck cock and swallow all the cum she could and she called that her "Ice Cream Cones" that she wanted on a very regular basis. In our first weeks together she was there to suck me anytime I had the slightest need or had any erection.Getting used to such a submissive woman was not easy for me. I am used to the type that is a little more independant and in sexual matters I had never found anyone that loved to suck cock so much and seemed to need to have the cum to live. All of that said, I found Alice one afternoon talking to the next door neighbors as I came home from work. She was really looking lovely in her cut off shorts and a string bikini top and sandals behind the apartment talking to Jim and Karen. They were a nice professional couple in their mid-30s and very nice to be around. Both were were built and healthy. I had talked to Jim a few times and he seemed to be liberal enough for some fun and games if the situtation came up. Alice had her collar on and her bikini top was just at the thop of her nipples so that you could actually see the very top edge. She wore it like that on purpose I knew because I had seen her getting her titties "just right" in the top before. Anyway, I went thru the apartment and heard them all talking out back so I put on some shorts and a t-shirt and went out to join them brining 4 beers with me. When Alice saw me she instantly went into Slave mode and kissed me then sat at my feet next to my lawn chair. She had greeted me as Master when I came out and Jim and Karen looked at each other when she did so. She no longer spoke unless I told her to talk and kept her eyes towards the ground or me. I was not yet used to this routine but it was interesting. Jim spoke first, "Alice, what is up, you were friendly and now that Steve is here you have hardly said anything?" Alice looked to me and I told her to tell them what was going on. Everything Master? she asked. Yes dearest everything. I am Masters slave and only do as he tells me to do. Shit are you serious Karen laughed? Again I told hershe could speak freely and did not have to ask for each response. Yes, I am very serious. I only do as Master tells me or if I know he wants something I do it without asking. I can't believe this Karen said again, I have never met anyone that was a slave. Well, I said, You have now. Alice is a total slave, she will do anything I tell her. We had all had a couple beers now and Jim looked at her, shit, I can't get Karen to do anything unless she wants to and then it is still next to impossible. Karen looked at him and shot back, JUst because I don't like giving head is not a problem for me. Yeh, but it is for me he said. I saw that Alice was quivering with this talk about giving head and said, Alice gives the best head I have ever had. A little smile appeared on her mouth as I bragged about her oral abilities. The argument continued until Karen said, "Well, if she is so fucking good tell her to suck off my husband so he will leave me alone then." Alice looked up at me, "Well, Slave, do as she says, take care of Jim's cock for him and take off thos annoying clothes first" I told her to test her slave mentallity more than anything else. She stood and took off her top and gave it to me and then her cut offs. She now was naked and Karen was sitting with her mouth hanging open. Jim was watching and a bulge was growing in his shorts. He leaned back in his lawn chair and his legs spread apart. Alice knealt between his legs and slowly freed his cock that had grown from his shorts. She took his cock in her hands and massaged it a little and then her head went to his lap. Slowly his cock disappeared into her mouth. She was giving her best cock sucking I think just because Karen did not like doing it for him. Jim was about 8 inches long and really bulging, his balls were hanging low which alice liked also, she loved to massage balls while sucking a nice hard cock. Karen had gotten more beers and was watching her husband get an expert cock sucking from Alice and while I was hard as a rock she kept saying, "I can't fucking believe this." Alice had been sucking him for about a half hour when it was obvious he could not last much longer. It was at this point that Alice asked me again. Does Master want me to swallow his cum? I scolded her and told her, "I never want to have to repeat myself again, I told you to suck and swallow, now do it." She looked embarrassed but said "Yes MAster. And soon Jim was loading her throat with his load. She never gagged or hesitated but I could see the blanket under wher as soaked with her orgasm. After she simply stayed there as if waiting orders so I told her to make sure he was finished cumming. She examined his cock and licked some of the cum from the head and told me he looked as if he were finished. Ask him I told her. Are you finished Jim she said. Yes thank you very much Alice, that was great. She got up and came back to my side never putting on any of her clothes. Alice, I told her, this has gotten me hard can you please take care of me too now. She smiled really big and sid "Master, it is my pleasure." She got in front of me and proceeded to slowly suck me off too, making sure to let Karen and Jim see all they could. After she finished me I kissed her and told her how wonderful a slave she was. She simply said "Thank You Master." IT was getting dark and I suggested we go inside and get some food. I ordered fro LOCO's and we had some more beer to wait for the food to arrive. Alice did things around the apartment, still totally naked. ASking permission if it were not something that obviously had to be done. THere was a knock at the door and I told Alice to get the door. She went to the door and Jim said, Is that cool, no telling who it might be. It is most likely LOCOs I said and sure enough it was. The delivery guys mouth was hanging open. ASk him to step in Alice and she did. Standing there naked next to him as she waited he was staring at her naked body. Nice party he said. Actually it is not really a party I said, Alice was giving blow jobs, would you like one? He hesitated for a second then said, Hell yes. Okay Alice, suck him all the way. I have to hurry he said, more deliveries. I paid him and told Alice, give hi mthe best but hurry. She knealt and said again, "Yes Master." His cock was no problem for he rand she had him loading her toraot in no time. He left saying, that is the best tip I have ever had.Alice went to the kitchen and got everything ready to eat and we sat at the table to eat. She still waited for me to give her permission, I told her to go ahead and eat and then do anything she wanted to. She ate as Karen and Jim asked us about her slave persona. She answered questions without heasitation and they seemed to excite Karen and Jim more and more. I was watchig all the reactions and was getting hard again. I think we shoould all strip since Alice is going to remain naked the rest of the evening. Karen hesitated but finally took off her clothes and Jim had his off quickly. We had finished eating and Alice had put away everything. She came over to me and whispered in my ear, I would like to see them make love to each other Master. What did she say Jim asked. She said she would love to see you two make love with each other. They looked at us then each other. JIm took Karen by the hand and led her to the carpet in the middle of the floor and laid down next to her, kissing her and making her get loosened up. She was obviously not comfortable at doing this in front of other people but finally she was really hot and begging Jim for fuck her. He did and she had several screaming orgasms. Master, may I eat the cum from Karens pussy she asked me. You had better ask Karen that dear so she did. Karen put her legs together and Jim said, Hey baby, all she wants to do is suck the cum from you that I just put in. Well, okay, but that is all. Karen sat on the couch with her bottom hanging over some. Alice began licking her clit and pussy that had been filled with Jims cum. Karen began moaning, "oh please hurry and get it overwith. Oh please." Soon her hips were moving and Alice was licking her expertly. Long after all the cum was taken care of Alice licked her thru 2 orgasms. Karen was helpless on the couch and Alice stood up and came back to me. Thank You Master, she said again, she tastes delicious. JIm looked at his wife that had just enjoyed her first pussy licking by another woman. I wish you could get her to eat a woman and do it with a woman all the way he said. If it is my Masters wish I will make her. Karen had began to get up and I told her, If Jim wants you to then you will do it. Jim seeing his wife looking at him said. Yes, Alice, make my wife make love with you. Alice got on top of Karen and pinned her to the couch. No please Karen was protesting. No, th\en her cries were muffled by Alice kissing her..She was struggling but had no strengeth from too many beers. Finally she gae in and was kissing Alice back, at that point Alice laid her on the couch and laid next to her, massaging her body and kissing her titties and nack. Karen was moaning, "I can't believe I am doing this and it feels so damn good." Alice turned around and put her pussy over Karen face, then as Karen looked at the cleanly shaved pussy over her she lowered it donw and Karen began licking the lips and sucking the clit. Just do the way I did to you Alice told her. Then Alice was between her legs again sucking the clit slowly and passionately...Both women had several orgasms and Alice turned around and kissed her deep as she responded to her kissing, she was fingering her pussy again, getting her worked up for another orgasm. Right at the edge she stopped and Karen looked at her. Why did you stop? Because I want to make sure you want another orgasm, especially from another woman. What? karen was distressed. What are you talking about. Alice told her, Ask me to finish eating you. Still Karen looked at her and Alice began to get up sliding her fingers from Karens pussy. Oh no, please Alice, eat my pussy, please make me cum again. That is beter she said and laid back down to finish her work. Karen had an orgasm and then Alice got up. She looked at Jim and I and out erections. Does Master wish for me to take care of your cocks again. Yes Dearest, Master wishes it. She smiled and somehow I got the feeling that she had been in charge all night. Who was the Master and who was the Slave?

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