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Alice Begged Me To Be Her Master

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Alice was at home one day and I came in and was totally surprised. She was on her knees, naked in the middle of the living room floor of our apartment. She wore a thin collar with shining stones it it and on that was attached a leach. I came in and went to her and asked what was going on. "It is time for me to be a slave again. I have been too long without a Master." she told me. She held the leach in one hand and offered it to me. "I want to be your slave." she said. "If you will not be my Master I will go find someone that will." she said and I took the leach. Then she gave me a loose leaf notebook and said, "This will tell everything you need to know and beyond that you can use your imagination. I will do anything you say anywhere you tell me too no matter what it is." she said and had her hands on her thighs. I was hard as a rock and so told her, "Undress me and suck me off until I cannot get hard tonight." She smiled and did as I had said and began sucking and kissing my cock like it was all she had for food. She sucked me off 5 times and I told her that was enough for he night. I got up and she stayed on her knes on the floor. "Get up and do the normal things you do to take care of the house and all." I said and she did, her collar still on her neck and her leach hanging from it. I removed the leach so it would not get tangled.

We slept that night really well and the next day I got up and layed around the house. Alice was getting breakfast ready, naked and collared still and we ate at the table. I had two friends coming over at noon to watch a game and had forgotten all about it. I looked at Alice as the knock on the door for the second time. "Answer he door just like you are and if I tell you to entertain my friends you will do all of it as I say." she smiled and said, "Thank you Master." and got up. Reese and Don were at the door and she opened it, standing in front of the door to give them a good view. "Please come in." she said and asked if there was anything she could do for them. They were stunned and finally said, "Couple of beers would be great." and so Alice go them for them and then came back to me and sat on the floor next to meon her knees with her feet under her. "What is going on with this?" Reese said. "Tell them Alice." I told her and she went into a detailed explaination of what it meant for her to be a slave and me her Master. Reese had left his cell phone in the car and it was parked about 30 yards away from the dor of the apartment. "Go get his phone Dear," I said and he gave her his keys. She walked out the door, still naked and to his car and got the phone and came back to the apartment, never rushing at all.

The guys looked at her and look at me and the unspoken question was there, "Would she have sex with us?" I asked Alice to get close so I could whisper in her ear, "You are to do anything sexually these guys want and you can express how good it feels and you are to enjoy every part of it. When I tell you you will go to them and start having sex, the best sex you have ever given to anyone." I said and she stood. "Alice, she my friends what it means for you to be my slave, that you will do anything they want you to do. They both look like they need a good blow job." I finished and she stepped to them on the couch and got to her knees in front of Don, undid his pants and began sucking his cock. She was sucking it as if it meant her life and Don was moaning like crazy. He was cuming and Alice sprayed a puddle of pussy juice from her own orgasm on the rug. She moved over to Reese while stil holding Don's cock in her hand and took his out and in a short time Reese had filled her throat with cum and she had another orgasm. "Alice, that is good for now Dear." I said and she came to my side and got on her knees again.

"Damn man, my wife would not believe this shit." Don said. She is suck a prude she will hardly touch my cock much suck it." I looked at ALice, "Do you think you can break and train Don's wife o be a slave?" I asked her. "If you command me to Master." she said smiling telling me she would love to. "Good," I said. "Don, call your wife and tell her to come over there and Alice will train her to be your slave." Don called and his wife Jana was on the way. She got there and Don answered the door but as soon as she came in she saw Alice next to my chair, on her knees, the collar around her neck and the leach in my hands. "What the hell is going on." she almost shouted. Don looked at her as they sat down, "Alice has just given me and Reese the best blow jobs we have ever had and she is going to train you to do what I tell you." "Fuck that." she said and got up but I nugged Alice who stepped between her and the door. Don was behind her and grabbed her arms and Alice began touching her. "Stop that, I am not a lesbian, who do you think you are, Don, let me go." she kept on. Alice pulled her blouse apart, the buttons coming off and her very nice tits exposed in her bra. 40DD we were told later and Alice cut the bra of with sissors and all the time Jana was protesting and then she began crying. Alice cut her jeans off too and then her panties.

Alice was now excited at the thought of doing what she liked to someone else. She was in charge. Jana stood naked with her husband holding her arms back and now Alice carressing her body. Pinching her dark nipples making them betray that Jana was getting hot. "Oh no, please, please." she begged and Alice grabbed her face and began kissing her. Her mouth stayed closed at first but as Alice massagged the lips of Jana's pussy then sank a couple fingers in her, making her spread her legs, her resistance melted away. "You are going to be her until you learn to do what you are told." Alice said as she kissed Jana's pussy lips then began giving her a good licking. After several orgasm laying on the floor Jana was moaning that she needed to go. "No bitch, you are here till you learn to do all you are told." Alice took her to Reese and told her to kneel in front of him. Then Don helped her kneel. Reese had a huge erection and Jana knew what was to happen next. Alice was in front of Don and she told Jana, "Do everything I do or you will pay for it." she said and Jana said, "But he is not my husband." and Alice laughed, "None of the men you are going to be with today will be your husband so get used to it." I had called sereval more guys to come over to help and Jana now looked paniced. She watched Alice sucking her husband and then began sucking Reese. She gagged a lot but finally Reese let his load go into her throat and she gagged then too but Alice made her swallow al of the cum.

Soon 6 more guys were there and knew what was up, "We are having a little gang bang orgy" Alice said and you are going to break Don's wife, Jana, in. Alice gave her a beer with a little something in it and told Jana, "Well, here is you show now baby. These guys are all yours." Pt 2 later.

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