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Ah... The blindfold.

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You arrive at my place and head for the bathroom. You see that I have gotten you a gift, and I ask you to wear it tonight. You agree gladly. Once in the bathroom, you immediately slip a small dildo deep into your pussy, and look into the gift bag to see your newest outfit. You reach in and pull out a leather g-string... without hesitating you slip it up your legs and in place.

You reach back into the bag and pull out a leather corset. You call to me for assistance in getting it on, but you only let me fasten the tight garment around your waist. Next, you slip into the sexy thigh high fishnet stockings and attach them to the corset. The next item is a short, tight, and stretchy leather mini skirt. You work it over your hips and it hugs your ass, just barely covering the tops of your stockings.

You slip on the black lace see through top, and reach for the final item: thigh high leather boots. You step into them and reach down to zip them, and as you do, you expose your ass under the short skirt. What a great outfit. You get out your make-up kit and carefully get to work. Fake eye lashes first, them black eye liner. You fill in your eyelid with a few shades of brown and blend them together. Next comes the mascara to give your lashes that full, porn queen look.

You apply foundation, and powder your face. You give your cheeks a light hint or rose blush. It?s time to change your dildo. You grab a much bigger cock and slide it into your tight pussy... it feels great as you ease it in. You carefully line your full lips in a shade of brown, and apply a heavy coat of lipstick. You blend, and apply a shiny coat of lip-gloss. Once your face is done, you apply a few coats of nail polish and they now match your lips in color and shine.

Once again you switch toys, by now you?re up to the biggest plastic cock you have... you need the real thing. You open the bathroom door, I am relaxing and you walk over to me. You look into my eyes and kiss me softly on the lips, careful not to smudge your lipstick. You comment that you like the outfit and I smile. You model it for me. I pull you into my lap and you sit on my bulging crotch.

From behind I blindfold you... You where not expecting this, but you smile with anticipation. I stand up and you hear some rustling as I grab a duffel bag and lead you to the door. ?Where are we going?? You inquire. ?It is a surprise!? I reply. I lead you out the door and into my vehicle. You hear the cement clicking under your feet. You hear a car drive past and you can only imagine what the driver must have been thinking.

I get in the car and we drive. It is a short drive, and you are wet with anticipation. We stop and I lean in and whisper that I am in charge tonight. You nod. I help you out of the car and lead you to a building. We ride in an elevator up a few floors and we exit. ?We must be at a hotel?, you think to yourself. You hear a clicking of a door handle and I direct you to a couch. I tell you that the blindfold stay?s on all night, and you smile...

You love the excitement! You hear some quiet noises and shortly after you smell candles burning. I stand you up and kiss you deeply. My hands roam every inch of your leather-covered body. I remove your shirt, and the skirt easily slides up, exposing your ass. I unzip the skirt, and pull it to the floor. We lay down onto the bed and we continue to kiss passionately. Your thong slides down to your ankles and the huge dildo is slowly removed form your pussy.

I position you on your hands and knees and I release my cock from my pants. You know what to do from here. You kiss the head of my cock. Your hand strokes my shaft slowly, and precum forms in drops on the head ? you lick them off quickly. You open your mouth wide and deep throat my shaft, and caress my balls with your hand. You perform long slow sucking motions and you sense that I enjoy this. I try holding back as long as I can, but I?m getting so turned on watching you . Your mouth moves quicker, up and down, up and down.

My breathing has quickened... you want to taste me so bad! I in a teasing mood though, because I stop you and pull you up to kiss me again. My lips are all over your neck and ears?I whisper quietly in your ear, ?Are you ready to be treated like the slut you are?? ?Yes... Sir!? you moan, and I quickly forced your head back to my thick rod. You suck deeply and fast, hoping to milk the creamy juice out of me. My hand is on the back of your neck, it guides just how deep and fast you are allowed to suck.

I keep asking if you want to be fucked hard and your answer is always yes. I allow you full control of your speed and I command you to make me cum. I also tell you to swallow every drop. You grip my shaft with your right hand and cup my balls with your left... your head bounces feverishly up and down my shaft. You are moaning quietly and breathing heavily. Your body is quivering and I know it won?t be long...

You continue at this pace, my cock starts to twitch ? suddenly hands grasp your hips from behind and pull you back a little! A strange cock is being pushed into your tight pussy. You push back onto this stranger and your pussy engulfs his large cock. You try to moan, but my cock, still in your mouth muffles your moans, my hard cock twitches and starts shooting squirt after squirt of thick cum deep into your throat. You swallow, and savor every drop, as this new friend works you from behind.

By now he is pounding you hard?your hips bang back into him as flesh hits flesh. ?Meet Larry,? I say. You smile in my direction then back behind you and reply ?Nice to meet you Larry, the pleasure is all mine!? His hands control you, and he smacks your ass. By now you?re squealing in delight, as you finish milking every drop from my soft cock. I get off the bed and head to another room as Larry keeps his pace. Larry is very big, at least 7 inches, but it feels so good. You hear footsteps getting closer, and you hope that I am hard again... You want more cum! A hand on your head directs your open mouth to a hard cock, you knew I couldn?t stay soft. You just start sucking and kissing it without hesitation.

Larry is really pounding your pussy... he is getting close to exploding. With one last hard thrust, Larry grunts and twitches. His fat cockhead squirts inside you and you feel his juices flowing. This is the first time you had been filled with warm gooey cum. ?How did that feel?? I ask from the other side of the room. You are shocked: whose dick is in your mouth? ?Meet Keith.? You only take your mouth off his cock long enough to smile and ask if there is anyone else you should meet. Just the four of us ? and the video camera.

Keith was large too, very long and well endowed. You are in heaven: 3 huge cocks for your pleasure. Keith was already starting to moan and he quickly pulled out and blew a hot load on your face. Of course you swallowed what you could. Keith stayed hard, and within a few minutes you had 3 cocks in front of you. You took turns sucking each cock, and jerking the other two with your free hands. After some time you got your reward... three huge loads... all in your mouth and on your chin! You felt like such a slut.

The rest of the night was spent in various positions with a hard cock in one of your holes at all times. The guys would get soft and you would work them back hard... the cycles continued late into the night. After a half dozen loads each, Larry and Keith left together, and you and I were left alone. From what you recall I only gave you two loads, and you wanted one more from me.

As we lay on the bed, you reached over to stroke me... In a few moments I am hard again and you position my cock at your pussy opening, you sit down on my cock and savor the feeling of my hard cock sliding into you. You ride me slowly, while we kissed deeply. ?Fill me up please? you beg. With that, I grabbed your hips and take control. Faster and faster my hips move under you?it didn?t take long and your wish was fulfilled, and so was your pussy with another huge load. I dressed and then dressed you as well, and we headed for my car. Even the ride home you are blindfolded.

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