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Once home, I looked at the answering machine, and listened to a message from my parents, telling me that they were going to stay in New York for the weekend and for me to be careful and behave myself. I fast forwarded a couple of messages from telemarketers, and I heard Tracy's voice. "Hi Lisa, it's Tracy, I was wondering? Could we talk tonight instead of tomorrow? I think it would be better if we patched things up as fast as we could, call me back as soon as you can."

I ran to my room, and looked out the window, and saw Adam at his computer. I crawled out, and knocked on his window. Letting me in, I told him, "Tonight, we have to do it tonight."

"I'm ready whenever you are Lisa." he said smiling at me.

"No, I mean Tracy is coming over tonight."

"But we're not ready yet, and the guys have plans for tonight."

"I guess I'll just have to wing it. Give me your camera."

"But we were going to videotape everything, we can't get everything set up that fast."

"Just tape what you can from outside my window. I'll have my video camera ready and see if I can get something to happen with that too. I have to go, see what you guys cab do. I'll be back in a second, I have to call her." I kissed him, and ran back to my house. I called her and told her that tonight was fine, and that I would pick her up about seven. We agreed and I ran back to my room.

Adam was waiting for me, and told me, "The guys will be here in a minute to set up everything we need. We're gonna try to set up everything like we planned, Can you give us till eight?"

"No promises, but I'll try."

"Do your best." He said, handing me another zip disk. "Here are the pictures that we took last night. I think you could make some serious money with your own web site. I put some of the pics on the web site already. I blurred out your eyes again."

"Thanks Adam. I'm going to eat real quick, then I'll go pick her up. I'll try to stall, but email me a note to let me know if you guys got everything set up. Leave me your camera, and if I have to, I'll make it up as I go."

"Give us enough time, and we'll get everything ready. Are you sure there isn't enough time for. . ."

"I'm running around crazed, and all that you can think of is sex?" I said.

"Maybe we'll have time later tonight. I have to get going." I finished my sentence , and watched him crawl out the window. I went to the window, and when he looked back at me, I playfully opened my blouse, and licked my lips as I squeezed them together. I laughed at him, and closed my blouse, blowing him a kiss as left the window.

I went to the kitchen, and looked at my now cold hamburger, and decided to eat later. I turned on the TV for a second, and heard a knock on my door. I opened it and found Adam and his friends. "We're ready to set up the cameras in your room."

"C'mon, we'll figure out where to hide them."

"We'll hide them, and when we're ready, we'll let you in to see if you find them."

I watched as they carried some boxes up to my room. After about ten minutes, I heard Adam yell, "OK Lisa. We're ready for you."

I entered the room, and the first thing I noticed was my big stuffed bear was moved from my bed and was now sitting on my desk. "There's one camera, I said pointing at the bear, but I can't see the camera. I walked closer to it and looked closely at it, and couldn't find anything.

I looked back at them, and they were smiling and laughing at me. "There isn't one there, we just wanted to fool you with that."

I put my hand on my hip and thrust my hip out, "Very funny guys."

I glanced around the room, and in the closet, and couldn't find anything.

Then I noticed on top of my dresser, a new stuffed parrot. I looked closer at it and saw that one of the eyes was actually a camera lens. " I found one!"

Looking at my computer, I saw a quickcam on top of the monitor, "I found another one. So how does this stuff get taped?"

"There's a transmitter that sends out a signal, I will have the receiver set up in my room, and we will tape everything on four VCRs, then we'll edit it down tomorrow."

"Do you have it set up yet?"

"Not yet, we will have it ready in about an hour or so. You found the camera on your dresser, that will see everything that happens on your bed, and the other on your monitor should catch everything by your computer. The other is hidden on the other side of the bed, behind the mirror."

"OK, now everybody out, I have to take a quick shower before I go."

I watched them as they picked up their boxes and tools, and crawled out my window. "Hey Adam, you said four VCRs, there are only three cameras in my room."

"We are going to videotape your window from my room. So try to keep the curtains open and the lights have to stay on. Understand?"

"Yes sir." I said as I saluted him. I kissed him and felt his hand shyly brush against my breasts. I pushed him away and closed the window and the drapes. I took a very quick shower, and came back into my room. I took off my robe, and looked through my closet, trying to figure out what to put on to seduce Tracy. An idea came to me, and I picked up my phone and called Tracy.

"Hi Tracy, it's Lisa."

"Hi Lisa, it's almost seven."

"My parents are out of town. Do you think that you could convince your parents to let you sleep over at my place tonight? I would feel better if somebody were here to keep me company."

"It's a school night, but I'll ask my dad."

"I know that you can get anything from your dad by pouting, you have him wrapped around your finger little girl."

"I know." She giggled.

"I'll be there in a couple of minutes, and we can pick up something for me to eat, I haven't had anything to eat since lunch."

We hung up, and I went back to my closet, and picked out a tight short T-shirt like she Tracy had on today, and a pair of tight denim shorts. Not putting anything underneath them, I started to leave. Remembering that I was supposed to keep the curtains open, I walked back to my window, and opened them. I looked out and saw Adam waving for me to come over. I crawled out and into his room, and followed him into the basement of his house. I saw four VCRs and TVs, and watched as Adam picked up a remote, and pressed the rewind button. He played the tape, and I heard my conversation with Tracy, and watched myself talking on the phone with her, completely nude, my hand absentmindedly playing with my breast.

I turned back to them, and they all had sheepish grins on their faces. "That is just the warmup guys, wait till you see the main event." "You don't have to stall her, we've got everything ready."

"Obviously." I said and turned, and wiggled up the up the stairway, and went back out the window, and headed straight for my car.

I pulled into Tracy's driveway, and honked the horn. I watched as Tracy bounced through the door, and jumped into my car. throwing her backpack into the backseat. "I can sleep over tonight, let's go." She then pushed a cassette into my tape deck, and turned up the volume as I pulled away from her house.

We got to my house, and went straight into my bedroom. I apologized to her.

"Give me a second, I haven't checked my email yet tonight."

I flicked on the computer, and read a message from HotGuy23. "Last night was fun Lisa, I really liked the pic that you sent me. You are even more beautiful than you said you were. I hope you don't mind, but I put you on my buddy list.

Hope to talk to you soon. HG."

"You sent a guy your picture Lisa?

"Sure why not. They ask and if I like the way that they talk to me, I'll send it to them."

I opened another email from SirWm118, "Hi Lisa, missed you lately, can you send me some more pics when you have some. I think you are really sexy, and would love to see more of your pics. Your tits and ass are perfect."

"You sent him pictures of you naked?"

"I have, but he hasn't gotten any yet. I've sent him some of me, dressed more or less like I am now."

"But you have nude pictures of yourself?"

"Yes, but what I really like to do is to go into chat rooms, and tease the guys in there. I like to find one guy that I like, and talk dirty with him."

"I've done that, it's pretty boring."

"You just have to find the right guy, and the right subject. I like to go into a room called truth or dare. It's just like it sounds. You find a partner and take turns asking questions or making dares. Want to see?"


I went to the chat rooms, and found a T or D room that I was able to get into.

Within minutes, I was overwhelmed with IMs, and I left the room, and started to sort through the IMs. I closed the ones with guys already talking dirty or being obnoxious, and then took out the ones that asked if I had a picture first. Leaving me with three candidates.

I went through the standard questions and finally I received an IM from HotGuy23. I apologized to the others, and followed HotGuy into a private room.

Shutting off my IMs, I typed. "Hi HG, I'm ready for your dares. I bet there isn't anything that you can come up with within reason that I won't do."

"You do everything that he asks?" I heard Tracy ask me.

"Yes, I gave him some guidelines to follow before, he can't go out of the boundaries that I have set. Should I tell him that you're here with me?"

"Will I have to do anything?"

"Not anything that you don't want to. But I have to warn you, he is pretty risque."

"OK, tell him."

I looked at Tracy, and even though my room was warm, I could see her nipples pressing against the thin material of her tight shirt.

I typed, "I have a friend here with me, her name is Tracy."

"Hi Tracy."

"Tracy says hi." I responded.

"What are you two wearing?"

"We both have on tight cropped T-shirts and tight shorts."

"Anything underneath?"

I looked at Tracy, and she smiled at me and shook her head. "Nothing underneath, no bras, no panties."

"Tell me what Tracy looks like Lisa."

I looked at Tracy and typed, "She is a little taller than me, and she has blonde hair past her shoulders, and body wise, she is built almost like me, bigger boobs though,"

"She sounds really sexy."

"What are her measurements?"

"Should I tell him Tracy?"

She grabbed the keyboard from me, and I watched her type, "36c-24-36" "She sounds very hot, do you have a pic of her?"

"No, but I can take one of her if it's OK with her."

"What do you say Tracy, let Lisa take a pic and send it to me."

"Do you have a digital camera Lisa?" Tracy asked.

"Yes, want me to get it?"

"OK." She replied quickly.

"Hold on a second HG." I typed.

I opened my desk drawer, and pulled out Adam's camera. I turned it on, and told Tracy, "Stand up and look sexy."

She stood up, and I took her picture. I pulled out the floppy from the camera, and put it into my computer. A couple of keystrokes, and Tracy's picture was on the screen. "Want me to send it to him?" I asked.

She nodded at me, "OK, send it."

I sent it to him, and we watched as the file uploaded. I typed, "Mail call HG."

"OK, let me download it."

After a few moments, he replied, "She really is sexy."

"I told you."

"Are you ready for some dares?"

"Sure HG, but give us some easy ones to warm up with, OK."

"OK Lisa. My first dare is for you to move so you can't see what Tracy and I type, but still be able to see her, and give her the keyboard."


I handed it to Tracy, and stepped away from the computer, sitting on my desk next to the monitor.

I watched Tracy type for a while, then she opened her mouth in astonishment, and smiled. She looked at me, and with a mysterious smile on her face, she lifted her T-shirt, and pressed her breasts together. Keeping the smile on her face, she grabbed the camera, and handed it to me. I aimed it at her, and took a picture of her with her top pulled up.

She handed me the keyboard and motioned for me to join her. I read HG's IM.

"Send me her pic Lisa."

"OK, hold on. I did the same as before, and soon the picture of Tracy came on the screen. I looked at Tracy, and she smiled at me and told me, "Send it."

I did, and waited for Hg's reply. "She has beautiful tits Lisa, I dare you to lick one."

I looked at Tracy, and could read nothing from her expression. I let my hand move to her shirt, and slowly pulled up her shirt. Looking at her bare breasts, I moved my mouth toward her right nipple, and circled it with my tongue. I moved away from her, and she didn't pull her top back down. I typed, "OK, I did it."

"How did it feel girls?"

I looked at Tracy, and she smiled at me, nodding her head slowly up and down.

"It felt real nice."

"Lisa, set up your camera so you can take a picture of the two of you, and send me a picture with both of your tops up, and your tits pressing against each others."

"OK, hold on." I went and grabbed the tripod from my closet, and set up the camera on it. I motioned for Tracy to kneel on my bed, and framed her on one side of the frame. I joined her, and lifted my top up, exposing my breasts, and pressed my nipples lightly against hers. We looked at the camera, and in seconds, the flash went off. "Wait, it's set to take three pictures. " I told Tracy. I pressed my breasts harder against hers, and the second flash went off. Giggling, I put my arms around her neck, and she put hers around my waist. I looked into her eyes, and the third flash went off.

I stood, and grabbed the camera, and we watched as the pictures came on the screen. I sent them to him, and in a minute, came his reply. "Wow, you two look so hot. I dare you to kiss each other, but not just a peck, a real kiss, with tongue."

"OK." I replied.

I looked at Tracy, and her head moved toward mine. Our lips met, and our arms went around each other. We kissed, our tongues intertwined in a sexy dance.

After what seemed forever, we broke the kiss, and looked at each other and kissed again, more passionate and more urgent than the first time. Our lips parted, and I looked into her green eyes and saw a lustiness that was mirrored inside me.

We looked at the screen, and we read, "Are you still there?"

We laughed at each other, and Tracy typed, "I think we are still here, I'm not sure where here is though."

"I thought I lost you, I dare you to take off your shorts, and check to see who is wetter?"

Turning to Tracy, she was already opening her shorts. I stood and took off mine, and I watched as she put her hand to her pussy. I did the same and I felt like a river was running through me and the touch of my hand made it run quicker. I looked at Tracy, and as our eyes made contact, I felt her hand touch my pussy. I reached to her, and as I touched her, I heard her purr.

"I can't tell who is wetter, can you Tracy?" I asked. "I guess I'll just have to check deeper." My finger inched into her, and I felt her start to rock slowly. Our lips met again, and our kiss took on an urgency that we couldn't deny. I pushed her gently toward the bed, and as she laid on her back, I laid on top of her. Our mouths hungrily feeling the others. I felt her finger start to enter me, and I pushed against her, and felt her finger deep inside me. I broke the kiss, and moved my tone down her neck, gently sucking and nibbling as I moved down.

I slowly inched my way down, tracing my tongue against her skin. As I reached her breasts, I circled each nipple, and gently placed one in my mouth. Closing my lips around her nipple, I softly sucked on it. I heard her moan, and I slowly massaged her breasts with my hands, and moved my mouth further down her body. I was now at her navel, and I gently tickled it with my tongue, I felt her arch her back, and her hand touched the top of my head, and pushed me down.

Reaching to her trimmed pussy, I licked it from the bottom up, barely touching her. I repeated the same motion, each time with slightly more pressure. I pulled my hands from her breasts, and with my fingers, I slowly parted her lips. Exposing her clitoris from behind it's protective skin, I gently rubbed my tongue against her, Hearing her moan, I gently nibbled it, as she pressed harder against me, I heard her say in a throaty voice, "I want to eat your pussy too Lisa."

I moved my legs so that she had access to my pussy, and I soon felt her lips start to gently kiss me. Her tongue entered my slit, and she quickly flicked it in and out of me. I was starting to feel an orgasm coming, but not ready for it to take me over yet, I tried to concentrate on what I was doing to her.

I flicked my tongue into her, while I pinched her clit with my fingers. I could barely hear her moaning, as my sighs of pleasure had increased in volume also.

Tracy started to buck wildly against my mouth, and as she intensified her efforts on me, I started to do the same. Soon, her mouth pulled away from my pussy, but her finger replaced it, and she fucked me with her finger and rubbed my clit rigorously. I couldn't contain my moans of ecstasy any longer, and I started to cum. Pushing against her finger, I was determined to make her orgasm with me. Soon I heard her, "I'm cumming, ooooh, I'm cumming, mmmmmmm, yeeeeeees, mmmmm, like that Lissssa!. Mmmmmm!

But I was barely able to hear her over my screams of passion, I was yelling, "Oh yeah, oohhh yeeeaaahh, Mmmmmmm, I'm cuuuummmmmming! Aaaahhhhh!"

Not able to take any more, I collapsed on the bed next to her, and she moved so her face was next to mine. She looked at me, and as we looked at each other, we started to giggle. Our arms wrapped around each other, and she pulled me closer to her, and our lips met again. And I tasted my juices, as they mixed with hers in our mouths. We kissed for what seemed like forever, and as our lips parted, we held each other tightly against one another. We eventually found the energy to stand, and as I sat on the chair next to my computer, she sat on my lap, and I signed back onto AOL.

Within seconds, read the IM from HotGuy23, "What happened? Do you realize that I have been waiting for over an hour for you two."

"Sorry, we got carried away."

"Sound interesting, care to tell me the details?"

"I think you can imagine what happened, let's just say that I have a very happy pussy purring on my lap right now."

"We have to sign off for now,we just wanted to tell you what happened."

OK, I'll talk to you soon Lisa. Nice meeting you Tracy."

"Bye" I logged off of AOL, we walked into my living room, and I watched as she walked into the kitchen, still naked, and grabbed a Diet Coke form the refrigerator. She walked back to me, and our lips met again. The telephone started to ring, and I told her, let the machine get it.

The answering machine clicked on, and I heard Adam's voice, "Pick up the phone Lisa. Now!"

I heard a command in his voice that I haven't heard since the first night that all of this started, and I told Tracy. "I better answer it, hold on."

"What Adam?" I said into the phone.

"Wait thirty seconds, and come back into your room." He said as he hung up.

"What did he want?"

"I'm not sure, I said hesitantly, trying not to smile. Pausing for a few seconds, I continued, "Let's go back to my room." "What's the matter Lisa?"

"Um, nothing." I took her by the hand, and we walked back to my room, Opening the door, we saw Adam, Larry, Tim and Jason sitting on my bed, grinning. Tracy and I stepped back, and hid ourselves behind the wall, and I heard Adam, say.

"That was a very nice show girls. And thanks to Lisa's cooperation, we have it all on tape.

I turned and saw Tracy looking at me, I explained, "I'm so sorry Tracy, but I had to do it. I didn't have any choice."

"That's right Lisa, lie to her some more. It was your idea to involve Tracy in this, wanting to get even with her for staling all of your boyfriends, well, payback is a bitch, isn't' it. "

I felt the tears welling in my eyes, "I'm sorry Tracy, I am so sorry, I, I. .


Adam continued, " Do you really think that I would let you off so easily Lisa.

I think the two of you had better come in here, and try to convince us not to give this tape to everybody in the school,and put the pictures of the two of you on the internet, along with the video of you two lesbian bitches."

I looked at Tracy, and I could feel the her hatred toward me. "I don't see where I have any choice Adam." Tracy said, pushing me into my bedroom.

Standing in front of all of them, naked. I felt my anger rush into me, and I hurtled myself toward Adam, trying to punch him. He grabbed me and I yelled out, "You bastard, you lied to me, Get out now, out!"

"I can think of something else to do instead, and his hand reached to his pants, and he unzipped his zipper and he pulled out his cock. "Now, about that blowjob you promised me." I turned to Tracy for some support, and saw that she was already on her back and Jason was fucking her. I felt Adam's hand press down on the top of my head, and as the tears ran down my cheeks, I slid his cock into my mouth.

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