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A slaves Monday

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her Monday begins like all others, the buzzer of her alarm to wake her for work. she slides her hand over her pillow, feeling for her phone to turn the noise off, hoping to gain a few moments more of rest. Silence, once again, she rolls back over, wrapping the blanket around her tightly. Though she knows she cannot sleep, she rests, laying there, thinking of the day to come. she knows she must go to work, dreading the long hours, aimlessly spent sitting, waiting. she rolls out of bed, her supple breasts pulling away from her chest as she rises to her feet. The cool air from her room brushes over her nipples, forming them into hard peaks. Stretching, she breaths deeply, opening her eyes to an empty room. As she gathers her things to dress, she looks into the mirror at herself, wishing she could stay nude, like she was when He was there. The thought made her smile, her first of many for the day. she dressed and prepared for work. While driving, she reminded herself that that evening, He was to spend time with her. It was the one day, though the beginning of the week, she looked forward to. her thoughts, though they should be on her work, never were. It was as if she were autopilot, simply doing what she had been doing for months past. Once to work, she meandered through the small crowd of people to get to her cubby hole. she was glad to have an area to herself. Some that she worked with took pleasure in spying, and eavesdropping on other people. Though her work in detail, was not hard, nor was it a lot, she did what was needed for the day rather quickly. By the late morning, she was daydreaming, wondering what was in store for her that evening. she knew that He usually had something planned. When she thought of the previous week, her hand went to her thighs. her finger tips ran over the fading marks left behind from His whip. A chill ran down her spine and her eyes closed briefly. Another smile pulled at the corner of her lips. For her, that day, was going to be a good one. By noon, her thoughts alone had her in such frenzy; she was crossing her legs, counting the minutes till it was time for her to leave. she knew she had to keep busy, so she did mindless paperwork to keep her mind from wandering into the depths of seduction, pain, and pleasure. The time passed, she worked nonstop, and hoping the bell for the end of work would come soon. When she looked at the clock, she smiled, seeing there was only five minutes of work left. she packed away her things, cleaned off her desk and pulled her keys from her purse. One minute to go, she stood, and walked towards the door. The bell rang, and she pushed open the door. Freedom, she thought, till she got home. On the drive home, she went over in her mind what needed to be done. she knew what He expected when He arrived home. she did all that she could to not speed on her way home. she pulled into the driveway and wretched the shifter into park, almost ripping the key from the ignition. Hurriedly, she walked to her door, unlocking it. When she walked in, she glanced around, making sure everything was in its place, and everything was neat, and put away. she smiled and went to her room, putting her purse down on the table by the bar. Once in her room, she stripped of her clothing, putting them in the hamper by her closet. she freshens up, brushing her hair and checking herself in the mirror before pulling her pillow in front of the couch. she knew that when He came home, where she should be. After seeing everything was as perfect as it could be, she went to the kitchen and poured His glass of iced tea. Checking the time, she saw it was almost five o?clock and she kneeled on her pillow, waiting for Him. Five o?clock on the dot, she heard the knob of the door turn. she held the glass of cold tea in her hands, steady as can be. A line of sunlight shown on her body as the door was pushed open. His physique shadowed her from it, and she smiled, looking up to Him. ?Welcome home, Master.? The words full of happiness and joy. He looked upon her, kneeling there, waiting for Him as He expected her to. ?Thank you, My sweet slave.? He went over to the couch and sat down beside her. she handed Him His glass of tea and proceeded to untie His boots, taken them off, as well as His socks. As He relaxed, she turned her pillow to kneel in front of Him. Placing His feet into her lap, she rubbed them for Him, helping Him relax from a long day at work. To her, her day had only just begun. Kneeling at His feet was what she waited for from the moment she woke. His hand went to the side of her face, caressing her cheek softly. she laid her head to the side, into His hand and softly hummed her pleasure of His touch. When He finished His tea, He sat up and lifted her chin to draw her eyes to His. His face was soft, kind, and filled with warmth. ?I hope you are ready for tonight, My sweet slave. It won?t be like any other night.? Hearing Him, she stopped briefly rubbing His feet. What did it mean? What was going to happen? After her thoughts passed, she remembers that He would never do anything to hurt her. she nodded to Him with a smile as she answered, ?Yes, Master. Your girl is ready for tonight.? ?Good.? And with that, He stood, setting His glass down and signaling for her to follow Him. she did so, crawling after Him as if lead by an invisible leash. He led her into the spare room and she knelt beside Him when He stopped. He snapped His fingers and she stood in front of Him, her heart racing faster with each breath. He turned her around, facing the St. Andrews cross on the wall. she rested against it, her arms to the side of the cross beams and her feet spread open. she felt Him wrap the leather cuffs around her wrists and ankles, locking them into place with the chain. she tugged on them, feeling the security of them and she took a deep breath. As He had done before, He placed a small pillow for her face to lean on. This time, however, He had slipped a blindfold over her eyes. she didn?t mind it, as it only intensified the feeling and sensations to come. ?Are you comfortable, My girl?? she nodded and whispered ?Yes, Master.? she laid her head onto the pillow before and breathed deeply, unsure what was to come of the evening. He left her there, shackled to the cross for a moment as He went to gather a few of His things. The silence rang loud in her ears, as she was unable to hear even His footsteps behind her. her breathing and the pounding of her heart was all she could hear. she wiggled her fingers and toes, just to check that they weren?t going numb. she knew He would ask her sooner or later. When He returned to her, He carried a new toy that He had created, along with an array of His favorites. It was a perfect night to break in the new one, and He was feeling particularly evil this night. His hand slide up her side, caressing every curve as His fingers wrapped around her right breast. her nipple began to harden with the gentle squeeze, a light gasp sounding from her lips. His hand ran across her shoulders and down her back, making her arch her spine. He pulled His hand from her smooth skin, landing a firm slap on the curve of her bottom. she took a sharp breath in, feeling it warm her skin. He smiled, feeling her muscles jump under His hand and He drew His hand back again. He laid several sharp slaps across her bottom, swift and hard. she rose onto her toes slightly, her moans muffled by the pillow. her bottom throbbed lightly, and she could feel it redden. ?Are you ok, My girl?? she nodded to Him, ?Yes Master.? He stood behind her and brushed her hair from her back, letting it flow over her shoulders. He kissed the back of her neck gently and she let out a soft sigh. As He stepped back, He picked up His new toy. He pulled it, eyeing it upon her back where He wished it to land. Crack. The sound rang in her ears. she gasped and pushed herself into the cross. The sting stayed, lingering for a moment. she had held her breath, and when most of the sting subsided, she slowly let it out. Snap. Another sharp sting landed across her back, crossing the one previous. she hadn?t felt this before, and knew it was something new. she moaned into her pillow as He struck her in succession. The leather landed on her bottom and back, and laid across her shoulders. Panting, she whimpered and moaned, her head tilting back to breath. ?Lean your head forward, girl.? He said sternly. she did as she was told, and tilted her head to the side, laying against the pillow. she moved, bending her knees as much as she could as He continued to lay the leather across her skin. The fairness of her color soon flushed with pink. He took a half a step back and whipped on her again. This time, the tip of the leather grazed across her flesh. she yipped and went onto her tippy toes, stretching upwards. her hands closed around the chains that bound her tightly, baring her knuckles, and turning them white. Again, He snapped the leather at her, marking her bottom red. ?Number.? she had to catch her breath before she could answer. When she finally did, it was only in a whisper. ?8, Master.? she wondered if He was going to push her to break. her pussy ached and throbbed, unable to cum, her juices trickled down her inner thighs. she was able to lean into the cross, letting her bottom stick out as she bent over slightly. her cheeks parted slightly, showing her tight rose bud and her swollen lips. He drew His hand back, pulling the leather tight before letting it go. The tip, landed right above her rose bud, making her jump. she arched her back, but did what she could to not stand up. Her round bottom sticking back out towards Him, He let the leather lay over His shoulder for a moment before beginning an assault on her like none other. He wailed on her bottom and back, continuously, laying the leather where He wished to mark her. she whimpered, moaned, and danced against the cross, making sounds, but no words. she?d call out numbers like ?7? and ?9?, knowing that?s how He gauged how hard He was hitting. One more strike, He landed it hard, across her back. she felt it leave a mark, and knew that it would still be there come morning. He tossed the toy aside and came behind her, sliding His hand into her hair and grabbing hold of it. Pulling it backwards, her mouth parted as she moaned once again. His other hand caressed her cheek and she tried to lean into it. Smack. He slapped her face hard. ?Did I tell you to move, girl?? she gasped from shock and apologized ?Sorry Master.. You did not.? Smack. Another sharp slap landed across her face. He lowered His head to her ear, whispering to her ?you are My toy. you are for My pleasure. Aren?t you, girl.? she nodded fervently ?Yes Master.? she thought the verbal assault would cease, but she was wrong. Smack. Another slap across her growing hot face. This time, she jumped slightly in His hands. ?you are worthless. You are a slut, looking for pleasure. Are you My slut, girl?? ?i?.yes Master, this girl is Your slut.? she had begun to disagree with Him, but didn?t. ??i?? Since when are you anything but a toy?? her face fell and she sighed deeply. ?you are My toy. you do as I say, when I say, how I say. Do you understand, girl?? she sniffled her answer, ?Yes, Master. Your girl understands.? He wrapped His hand around her throat, choking her as He reared His hand back, landing it on her backside. Again, and again, He spanked her, reddening her cheeks to His liking. When He thought she needed to breath, He loosened His grip on her, letting her take a breath, though a quick one it was, before tightening His hand once again. He pulled her backwards to Him as He choked and spanked her. she was gasping for air and when He finally let her go, she heaved and gulped air into her lungs. she hung her head down in front of her. her head limp, her body quivering as she struggled to stand, He pulled from her. Grabbing the new toy, He stepped back, and opened the lashes on her almost spent body. she tensed when He began, arching her spine, pulling at the chains. On her tip toes, she cried out, ?Please don?t stop, Master!? Hot tears streaked her face as He lifted her up with each slap on her bottom. His hand planted firmly on the crease between her thighs and her cheeks. ?Do you wish to hurt, My slave? Ask for a ten.? Another loud slap came down on her bottom, lifting her cheeks. ?Please?Master? Your slave wishes for a ten.? she begged Him, her words almost whispering in the air. Walking over behind her, He lifted her face and turned it towards His. He planted a light kiss on her lips and He stepped back, the single tail now in hand. she braced herself as He stepped from her, knowing she was going to receive what she had asked for. In a quick breath, she had felt it, the leather laying across her skin, tearing at it, or so it seemed, as He brought it down hard and fast. she moaned louder with each stroke she felt, her tears falling onto her breasts. The pain soared through her body and soon, she felt light as a feather. her body relaxed, her hands fell from the chain as she whispered ?Master?? into her pillow. He gave her one last lash across her bottom, reminding her of who she was. ?you are Mine, girl. Don?t ever forget that.? she nodded and whispered to Him, ?Yes Master, Your girl won?t forget.? Kissing her forehead softly, He stepped from her once again. He reached for the slapper, a leather paddle like toy that was split in two. One side was thicker than the other, making sure to sting whatever it was laid on. she felt Him come behind her, His touch soft as he wrapped His left arm around her. The crease of His elbow was around her neck, but He did not tighten, just held her. she breathed in His scent and let out a long held sigh. her bottom was already hot and red from Him and part of her hoped He would be gentle with her. The other part of her wanted more. she wanted Him to break her completely, to use her as He wanted. Slap. she felt it land across her cheek. her body jumped against His arm, feeling Him tighten His grip on her. she knew He was holding her still, giving her more than what she asked for. His lips brushed against her ear, letting His breath roll down her neck. Wordlessly, He laid the slapper against her sore bottom repeatedly, making it cross over the one previous. her voice was muffled by her lips pulled between her teeth. her head was straight forward and her chest heaved quickly. she struggled to keep her silence and take what He was giving to her. Dancing, she pulled against her chains, pressing into His arm as she tried to move from Him. The tears that streaked her face flowed no longer. she knew she had to give in eventually, but she wanted to see how far He would push her. He drew His hand back and landed the slapper hard on her cheeks, making sure to mark her on the same spot. ?Master!? As she screamed out loud, her body went limp. her head hung forward and her knees were bent inward, the chain pulled tight at her wrists. He let her go, and stepped back from her, admiring the canvas. He came behind her, one arm under her, supporting her body as He unlocked her ankles and wrists from the chains but left the cuffs on her. His other hand glided over her back, feeling every mark and welts He made. she shivered under His touch, coming to consciousness. her body was spent and she was weak. He turned her around and kissed her tear streaked face, removing the blindfold from her face. she blinked and looked up to Him but before she could say anything, He forced her to her knees. her hands went to His pants as she unbuckled His belt and unzipped His pants. she pulled them down, and off of His body, folding them and putting them aside. her fingers went to the waist of His boxers and pulled them down, exposing His hardened cock. Helping Him from His boxers, she folded them and laid them on top of His pants. Hands on her thighs, she looked up to Him before parting her moist lips. He simply nodded to her and she put her warm awaiting mouth around His cock. her tongue flicked His throbbing head eagerly as she slowly sucked on Him, lowering her head to the base of His cock. Slowly, she let her hands run on the inside of His thighs, her nails digging in slightly as she reaches His balls. her right hand grips His sacs and she massages them slowly as her head bobs up and down on His shaft. she lowers her head, feeling the crown of His cock reach to the back of her throat. her head and hand move in time, working, pleasing Him. His hands work their way into her hair, gripping her head firmly as He pushes and pulls her mouth on His cock. His muscles tightened in His legs and He pulled from her mouth, taking a step back from her. He pointed to the bed, and she crawled over to it weakly, pulling herself, only happy enough to lay on it. her feet were spread wider than her shoulders, her arms stretched over the bed to the other side. she lay there, spread out, waiting for Him. He walked over to the dresser, and opened the top drawer, grabbing a small bottle before going back to her. His hand felt along the curve of her ass, His fingers lying in between her cheeks, pressing against her tight rose bud. she was in such a deep state of mind, she only realized what He was doing when she felt the cool liquid drip onto her. she gasped at its coldness, and moaned as she felt His hand cup her still dripping pussy. ?My sweet girl.? He said softly to her. she felt His fingers slip in between her folds, pushing into her warmth. ?Yes, my Master? was her soft reply. His fingers worked her swollen pussy, making her juices drip onto her already sticky thighs. Slipping in another finger, she moaned in pleasure as she felt it slip into her with ease. His body pressed against hers, His cock nestling between her cheeks, rubbing back and forth. her body quivered, her voice growing horse with moans as the combined sensations washed over her like water beating on the sand. When she thought one feeling was over with, another crashed into her, holding her down with sheer power. her cheeks throbbed and pulsed with soreness as she could feel Him nestled there. Three fingers buried deep into her pussy, stretching her with ease. He looked down upon her and smiled. her back was red, but her bottom was a deep crimson, with forming patterns laid in the flesh. He fingered her, teasing her just a little while longer till He felt the cool liquid drip down onto His hand. Slowly, He removed each finger, till He left her pussy dripping and unfilled. He took her cheeks into her hands and slowly pulled them apart. A soft breath blew across the liquid and she took a soft breath, feeling it grow colder. He pressed His thumb against her tight rose bud and her muscles tensed for a moment before relaxing. ?Tell Me, girl?tell Me what you want.? she bit her lip and gripped the bed sheets tightly. It must have taken longer than He was patient, as she felt a sharp slap against the upper part of her thigh. she yipped and fumbled over her words, trying to form an answer for Him. ?To?Please play with my ass, Master.? With her cheeks still parted, He pressed the crown of His cock against her puckered ass, rubbing the cooling liquid around before plunging deep into her. her muscles tightened around His cock as He pushed in deep pausing a moment only to pull from her. she arched her back and pulled on the sheets as He entered her. she heard a ?pop? as the ridge of His cock pushed passed her tight opening. He pressed on, pushing deeper into her till the base of His cock was right against her tight rose bud. As slowly as He pushed in, He pulled from her, teasing her with the head of His cock, rimming her before pushing back into her. He sank hard and fast into her, His sacs slapping against her tender red ass. He felt the warmth of it against His thighs and balls. His hands gripped around her hips, holding her tight as He pressed Himself into her over and over again. she moaned as He took her repeatedly, feeling Him use her for His pleasure made her writhe under Him. He used His knees to part her legs wider. He could smell how aroused she was and it make the corner of His mouth pull into a wicked smile. His left hand on her hip, He slid His right up her spine to the nap of her neck. she dipped her head into the bed as He gripped her neck tightly. A soft moan passed through her wet lips, muffled by her breasts and sheets beneath the. His hand entwined into her hair, fingers wrapping into her crimson locks. He pulled, pulling her head up to face the cool breeze of the room. her hands propped herself on the bed, hoisting her torso up slightly. Back He pulled her head, forcing her to bend backwards even farther as He slid from her, pushing Himself back into her. her back arched further, bending to His will. He pressed against her harder, His balls slapping against her cheeks, making them sting. she moaned louder and when she thought she couldn?t bend any more further, she felt His hand leave her hip and cup her mouth. her eyes grew wide as He held onto her, forcing Himself deeper into her now soaked ass. her juices flowed, covering her thighs, dripping onto the bed below, and even a little onto the floor. her mind screamed as she was unable to out loud. Hear heart pounded hard against her chest. Fear of the unknown flooded through her. A new sensation pooled into her mind, taking her breath away from her. her fingers tightened into the sheets, twisting them till her fingers were red and her knuckles were white. He let out a howl as He thrust into her one last time before climaxing. He held her there, tightly against His body, jerking only a couple times before finally, and slowly letting His grip go. He removed His hand from her mouth, letting her breath and her back relax as He let her hair go. she panted into the bed, her hair fallen over her face. her eyes halfway closed and her pupils rolled halfway back into her head. He pulled from her, stepping back and looking at her. her legs shook as she tried to remain there, though she wanted to just fall to her knees. He left her there, used, beaten, and abused. He walked into the bathroom and took a towel from the cabinet and returned to her. ?Stand, girl.? He said to her sternly. her mind was hazy but it was as if her body knew what He wanted. she stood and turned to face Him. He handed her the towel and she took it into her own hands, unfolding it. she knew He wished to clean up the mess she obviously had made. she knelt by the edge of the bed and cleaned up the small puddles of juices from herself before turning, still kneeling, and looking up to Him. ?Clean Me up, girl.? With a soft smile playing across her lips, she nodded, ?Yes Master.? she moved close to Him and put her hands on His thighs. Tongue out, she licked up and down His shaft, tasting her own juices that covered His cock, mixing with His cum. she sucked lightly on His balls before sliding her tongue back to the crown. Parting her lips, she put His crown on her tongue?s tip and sucked it clean, letting her head bob down once, twice, three times before settling that it was clean enough for Him. she let it fall from her lips and she looked up to Him. her eyes twinkling with content, happiness, and the feeling of belonging. He smiled down to her softly and cupper her face. ?Such a good girl. Now go and clean yourself up and come to Me when done.? ?Yes Master.? With that, He walked from her, out of the room. When He was gone, she rose slowly from her knees and grabbed the towel. As she walked into the bathroom, she noticed how with every move, her cheek and back ached. The feeling made her smile again and again, becoming wider. she wiped between her legs and down her thighs. her cheeks flushed realizing how wet she had become. After putting the towel into the hamper, she pulled a few baby wipes from their container. Cleaning herself thoroughly before leaving to find Him as He had said. she went to the living room, and there she found Him in His chair, her pillow in front of Him. Without words, she went to Him and knelt down before Him, facing Him. her face shown with pride for what she was and who she belonged to. He gently pet her head and motioned for her to lay her head into His lap. she curled her body between His knees and laid her cheek onto His bare thigh. she did as she always did when there, kissing His left inner thigh, then His right. she was content and was where she belonged. For her, her Monday was complete.

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