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A Walk To Passion

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The clock finally showed 5:00pm, I was ready to be home in my own private world and relax. It was Friday and I was looking forward to the entire weekend ahead of me. Nothing to do, nowhere I had to go, only what I wanted to do and when. Lot?s of thoughts crossed my mind as I was driving home?..maybe go to one of the clubs, have a few drinks, dance, and??.

When I got home I knew the only thing I wanted was to take a quiet walk to the lake behind my house, listen to the crickets, tree frogs and erase my mind of everything else. Living in the country all my life I wasn?t afraid to walk in the woods at dark. I preferred it that way. At night you could shut down the visual, concentrate on the sounds, smells, sensations of the night, let them take charge of your body and mind and deliver you to a place where everything is good and comfortable.

It was October & almost dark when I got home, the nights were getting rather chilly, so I changed into jeans, sweatshirt and tennis shoes before starting my walk to the lake. I didn?t take a flashlight because the moon was full?a perfect round ball in the dark sky speckled with stars. Along the path I saw deer, heard birds, crickets, ran into spider webs and saw many unidentified ?eyes? watching me through the bushes as I invaded their territory. All this was comforting and expected, but one sound I couldn?t quite figure out. It wasn?t the cautious steps of deer, or turkeys as they scratched for food under the pine straw, not any other night animal I was familiar with. My instincts told me to keep walking and not seem alarmed?..I remembered my Dad telling me animals can sense fear and will attack more readily if they know their prey is frightened. The sound of footsteps behind me, following me?..I stopped for a moment pretending to get something out of my shoe?the footsteps stopped. I decided it was either my imagination or the neighbors? dog.

I sat on the edge of the lake for a long time admiring the reflection of the moon in the water? tossed pine cones into the lake and watched the ripples spread out to the far side as it distorted the image of the moon, breaking it into tiny sparks of light only to meld back as a whole when the water calmed down. I heard frogs sing their mating song, saw an occasional bat flitter across the sky. I thought how nice it would be to just stretch out on the pine straw and sleep under the stars?wake up in another time and place?.start a new life. My body slowly released all the stress and tension I had allowed to invade it.

After a while I headed home?completely relaxed and recharged. I got to the stand of small pine trees where deer usually sleep for the night knowing it?s a good place to hide their young. When I heard a sound I didn?t think anything about it. I pictured a doe with her first born twins settling in for the night?suddenly I felt an arm wrap around me from behind?hand on my breast?pulling me back and the other hand over my mouth. Instinct told me to struggle and fight, but something else told me to stay calm. I felt my breath leave me as I was thrown to the ground face down. I felt a warm weight on my back, something-someone sitting on me holding me down. The hand that was around my chest was now caressing my legs and inner thighs, not in a threatening way, but gentle, almost as if afraid to touch me? mouth was still covered. The weight holding me down wasn?t painful but controlling. I felt warm sensations traveling up and down my body and realized it was him/something blowing soft hot breaths onto the back of my neck. I was terrified at what was happening but at the same time it excited me. The night air, the warmth of his breath on my neck??..the weight of someone holding me down on the ground?my imagination of what was about to happen?.. I never tried to scream. I tried to turn to get a glimpse to see who/what was doing this to me, but was pushed back face to the ground. I struggled with myself??not my attacker?..why was this exciting me, why was I getting that wonderful warm tingling sensation as he caressed my back and inner thighs? Why wasn?t I trying to get away? With one hand still over my mouth the other hand reached under me and unzipped my jeans sliding them down past my hips?.I was completely exposed since I don?t usually wear panties. I felt the chilled night air on my ass?but it only amplified the heat I felt every where else. Animal instinct pushed my ass up against his weight?..I think that?s when he sensed I wasn?t going to scream and removed his hand from my mouth. For a second I thought about calling for help?..I was terrified but knew I wasn?t going to fight it

He pulled me up to a kneeling position?the hand that was on my mouth was now exploring under my sweatshirt?.teasing me?pulling at my nipples in a way that made me want to scream, not in fear but in pleasure?the contrast of the pain I felt from kneeling on the ground against the sensations from his touches was exciting me in ways I?d never felt before. It released hidden passions?dark desires?.I reached behind me to pull him closer but he pushed my arms away?.with his hands and mouth he was exploring all the creases and soft places on my body from behind?making me crazy with desire for this unknown man to take me?to fuck me in the woods like all the other creatures of the night do.

He released his hold on me?I didn?t move?.didn?t turn around to try to see??it was quiet for a moment and I wondered ? feared it had all been my imagination?.then I heard him unzip his jeans as he put his hand on the back of my head and pushed me to my hands and knees?..he tangled fingers in my hair caressing gently at first then pulling ?. harder?.harder?.pulling my head back as he entered me from behind??the sensation was unbelievable?..I?d never felt anything like it before?the night was cold but my body was hot with excitement and desire?.slowly he moved in-out-in-out holding position for several seconds on the in stroke?pushing hard and up?. forceful but soft and gentle at the same time?at times he would hesitate before pushing in?teasing me?holding his dick just inside me moving slowly?..then pushing it home holding it there while he reached under me to find my clit?.massaging it gently as he slowly fucked me from behind. He realized I was trying to hold back?.I didn?t want it to end??.he teased me even more. Gentle bites?soft hot breaths on my neck and back?.teasing and pulling at my nipples?.gently biting and pulling at first, then harder and harder? pain from the bites, chilled night air, nipple stimulation? dick pushing in and out??..I knew I couldn?t hold back any longer?.I felt him get harder and realized he wasn?t in control any longer?something more powerful had taken control of us both.?..we celebrated climax with forceful almost painful thrusts and primal screams?.. I heard him walk away but didn?t turn to see?.

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