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A Surprise Trip is Good for My Wife (MFM)

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I was in the gym at the Ritz Carlton in Orlando, looking forward to an endorphin rush that would put me in a better mood. My wife was in a stretching class next door. I?d brought her here as a 40th birthday celebration, four days away from the problems of work and the kids, but this, predictably, was proving to be a tough birthday for her.

The kids were close to grown, one out of the house the younger in his first year at college and I guess it was a significant milestone for her. She?d said she really wanted to see, of all things, the Harry Potter thing at Universal and we were going there tomorrow, but I could tell she was worried about aging, about her attractiveness and maybe about having to get a whole new identity since she was no longer ?Mom?.

I?d brought along some sexy lingerie for her, perfume, and other small but nice presents, but I could tell she was just down. I was in my own world, solidly into a five mile jog, when I noticed the guy next to me on the treadmill. He was maybe ten years younger than me, which put him in his mid 30?s. He was keeping pace with me, which, I?ve got to say, is tough for most people. We loped along without saying a word and then I cooled down and hit a few weight machines. I saw my treadmill neighbor setting up to do a bench press and I asked if he wanted me to spot him. We exchanged introductions, he was Frank. I was doing a split workout, chest and legs today and he offered to spot me. At that point I was benching 265, which was forty more than he was handling. I?m not muscle bound, in fact I?m pretty thin, but I?ve been lifting weights for twenty years. We finished up and headed up to the locker rooms.

I checked my watch and saw that it was still 45 minutes until Suzie would be finished, so I stripped and hit the shower area and the steam room. The place was deserted, but then it was only four in the afternoon. I know a lot of guys keep swim suits on in a public gym, but I?ve never understood sitting in a steam room wearing clothes. Frank came in with a towel around his middle took it off and sat on it. Guys don?t stare at other naked guys, but we do sneak peaks.

?Are you with the convention?? He asked.

?No, I?m here with my wife celebrating her birthday.?

He raised an eyebrow and I laughed.

?Yeah I know, but she really wanted to see Harry Potter. It?s a tough birthday for her, the big 40.?

He said, ?I understand that. My wife had hers last year. It was tough.?

I was a little surprised. Well maybe she was a couple of years older than he was. ?Which convention? I asked. He named one of the big fund managers. I said, ?I worked for them for a couple of years some time ago in the San Francisco office. Went out on my own ten years ago.?

We chatted away, and the subject turned to how he?d dealt with his wife?s 40th. He laughed, ?In an unconventional fashion.? He paused. ?I had a college friend who was a few years younger than me come through town. I took her out to a restaurant the week before her birthday and then pretended an urgent call. We?d been sitting at the bar. I had him make a pass at her when I was making my long phone call. I came back while he was flirting with her.?

?That was it??

?No. I encouraged the conversation and then invited him to join us for dinner. He and I had dated the same girl once in college, so we had the act down. I could tell me wife was enjoying the attention but was curious that I would allow him to be so openly flirtatious. I think she kept expecting me to act jealous. When I took her home after dinner she was on fire.?

I laughed. ?That?s all it took??

?Well he?d gotten pretty aggressive at dinner. They were laughing a lot; I mean he?s a funny guy. She was wearing a dress that had some cleavage and at one point he?d leaned over to whisper something in his ear and I saw his finger slip into her top and touch her nipple. I kept teasing her about how this guy had found her so attractive and started telling her what he wanted to do to her. ?

As I was listening to him I started wondering what Suzie would do and I could feel my cock started to get chub. I stood up and wrapped my towel around myself. I was pretty sure he got a glimpse of a hardening cock and I was slightly embarrassed. I said I?d be back in a sec and went to the shower and turned it to ice. I heard the next door shower come on. A few minutes later I went back to the steam room and was disappointed to see that he was gone. I got dressed and sat in the waiting area, and a few minutes later my wife came in and I told her I?m be up in a minute.

They had a boutique in the lobby and I went in. They had a few sexy things and one was a Halston with a scoop neck that I thought would look great on her. I took it up and she seemed happy. I told her that I?d arranged some spa appointments for her after our Harry Potter trip. She tried on the dress, but then couldn?t find a bra that didn?t show straps. I said, ?Come on live a little, let?s see what it looks like without a bra.?

?Huh. Ten years ago maybe but now?? She lifted her breasts. I thought they looked great. A large C with pretty little nipples. Sure they hung a little lower but that just meant they looked sexier when she moved. One of my favorite positions was doggy if I could get her situated just right so I could see them bounce in the mirror. I thought the dress looked spectacular. You could tell she wasn?t wearing a bra and there was a lot of cleavage but it wasn?t indecent.

After a lot of begging and pleading she agreed to go to dinner like that. I said, ?Look, let?s go all the way. No underwear either. And I want you to walk to the restroom at least twice so I can watch your body move. I?ll bet every eye in the place will be glued on you.?

She looked at me a little funny. We went to the restaurant and our table wasn?t ready, which was fine by me. I ordered us drinks and said I?d forgotten something in the room. Just as I was leaving Frank was coming in the door. I stopped him, ?Hey, do me a favor. She?s sitting at the bar. The redhead in the black dress. Do a little flirting.?

He said, ?I?d love too but my boss just asked me to join him.?

I must have looked really disappointed, cause he said, ?OK, ten minutes.?

I bolted for the elevator and got one of her birthday presents out of the room safe. It was a nice diamond pendant that I figured would hang right between her boobs.

I waited five minutes and headed back down. As I walked up to the bar, Suzie was laughing and frank was sitting on the bar stool next to her. I sat down and he looked at me. Suzie put her hand on my shoulder.

Frank said, ?I should have known that the prettiest woman in the room wouldn?t be here alone.? I stood up and stuck out my hand, and introduced myself, saying, ?Thanks for the compliment. I agree with you.?

He headed off to the restaurant. Suzie looked flushed and she mock punched me, ?See what happens when you dress me up like a hooker and leave me at a hotel bar??

I had to laugh. There was more sparkle in her eye than I seen for a long time. I opened the Cartier box and took out the pendant, ?Just in case there?s anybody in the room who doesn?t know where to look.?

We went in to dinner and as we walked by Frank?s table he gave me a wink. I was busy looking at Suzie?s ass. It looked great under the stretchy silk. We sat down and I said, ?Frank was watching your ass as you walked away. I think you?ve made a conquest.?

?You?re not jealous?? Suzie reddened more as she slipped into the small booth.

I slipped in beside her and gave her a kiss on the neck. ?You truly look beautiful. And no. I actually found it a bit of a turn on watching another man ogle you.?

She arched a brow, ?Really?? We had a great dinner. Suzie walked by Frank?s table twice during the meal and I know she put a little extra movement in her hips when she walked by his table.

We shared a bottle of wine with dinner and we were a little tipsy by the time I suggested an after dinner drink with coffee. We were chuckling about something when Frank came up to the table, ?I just wanted to thank you for making my evening a little brighter.? He looked at me, ?I hope I didn?t offend you by paying so much attention to your wife.? We could tell he was a little bombed. I insisted that he sit down and have an after dinner drink with us.

He started telling us a story about his boss that had us rolling. The conversation got onto exercise, of course with Frank asking what she did look like that. She said she did a lot of yoga and pilates and I chimed in, ? She can actually put her legs behind her head.?

Frank looked at her and leered, ?I?d love to see that. That?s got to be a great sex position.? He put his chin on his hand. ?I?ll be thinking about that later. Next your going to tell me that your tits are real.?

Suzie grinned, ?Of course they?re real, though I?ve been thinking of getting implants.?

That was the first I?d heard of that. Frank said, ?They look perfect. I was watching them move. Don?t change anything about them.?

She put her hands under them and lifted them and one nipple made an appearance, ?They used to be higher.? She looked down and said, ?Oh look a naughty nipple.?

Frank reached over and stroked the areola and pushed her nipple into her dress. ?There naughty nipple has been disciplined.?

That served as a conversation stopper and seemed to sober us all up. We noticed we were the last ones in the restaurant. I called for the check and the maitre d said it had already been taken care of.

I stood up. Frank stood as well and I could see a hard outline in his trousers that he tried to cover with his jacket. Suzie said, ?Oh look a naughty penis.? She surprised me by reaching over and giving it a squeeze. ?There disciplined.?

I was wondering what was going to happen next, but before we knew it we?d said goodnight at the elevator and we were in our room. I peeled her out of her dress, pushed her back on the bed and dove into her pussy. She was very wet. She came in record time. I said, ?Put your legs behind your head.?

She laughed and did it. Her pussy was sticking straight out. I said, ?You know frank is in his room, beating off, wondering about your pussy, probably picturing it just like this.? I dropped my trousers and underwear and took off my shirt. ?He?s thinking about rubbing his big cockhead right here.? I pushed it between her lips. ?And he?s wishing he could fuck you.?

I slid into a very wet pussy. She brought her legs down and warpped them around my butt. I leaned forward. ?Which one was the naughty nipple??

She pointed to her right nipple and I took it between my lips. It was hard and bright red. I said, ?He?s thinking about your tits too. He must have gotten a lot of pleasure watching your ass to pay for that very expensive dinner.? I flipped her over. Luckily there was a mirror so I could see her tits. ?I guess I could say you peddled your ass for our dinner.?

She came on my cock, grunting like I?d never heard her. ?Do you like to think of your wife whoring for our dinner??

The imagery was too great for me and I filled her pussy with a huge load. I hadn?t gone for as long as I would have liked. I don?t know what made me say it but I said, ?If Frank were here he could take over fucking you.?

She rolled towards me and said, ?I?d probably suck your cock while he was doing me.?

We?d never said any things like this to each other before. I immediately got hard. She gasped, ?You really do find the thought of me being fucked by someone else a turn on.?

We did it again, and I woke up in the middle of the night to find her moth on me again.

Next morning we woke up late, but surprisingly we both felt great, with no hangover. We went to see Harry Potter and got back in time for her spa appointments. I headed to the gym and was pleasantly surprised, and a little embarrassed to see frank on the treadmill. I said, ?Hi, thanks again for last night.?

?Man, I hope I didn?t offend you. I got a little carried away I think.?

?No it was great, I?ve got to tell you it was just like your wife. She was on fire.?

?Look, I?ve got to finish this. I?m not standing on a treadmill getting hard.?

I laughed, ?Right.?

We did pretty much the same routine, and found ourselves in the steamroom at the same time. This time there were two other guys wearing swimsuits, but I spread out my towel and got naked as did Frank. After a few minutes they left. Frank said, ?Do you guys play golf??

I said, ?Sure, but we didn?t bring clubs.?

He said, ?I?ve got tickets for a foursome with clubs and everything. My boss had to leave this morning but I?ve got one more meeting in the afternoon. We could tee off in the morning.?

?Let me check with Suzie. So I?ve got to ask. How long did the effect last with your wife??

He grinned. ?It never went away.? He paused. ?I told my wife I?d gotten my friends number when she went to the restroom. The next time he came to town I made sure the kids were with the grandparents and I invited him over for a barbeque. It started off very casual and low key, but before the evening was over we?d both fucked her four times. We found out it was something we liked.?

?Wow.? I could feel myself inflating, and I hopped up. ?If we?re going to talk about this I?m putting my towel back on.? I looked at him and he stood up and did the same thing. We were both at half mast. ?So did you discuss it before hand??

?We were having sex and I was going on about how much it had turned me on to see another man so attracted to her. She started getting really turned on so I started describing what I thought he?d do to her. When she started getting close I asked her if she?d let me put another cock inside her. She came like crazy. We didn?t say anything more, but when he came back into town I told her he?d called and that I might go have a drink with him. She seemed a little miffed so I said, I?d just invite him over for a Saturday bar b que.

?So who made the first move??

?Well he was really happy to see her and wanted to find out more about her. He really paid attention to her. It was summer, but I knew something would happen when she asked if he wanted to go for a swim. Of course he didn?t have a suit, be she said he didn?t need one, she?d just turn her back. It was a natural progression from there on.?

We were red like lobsters from the steam. I had to re-wrap my towel before I left the room and then I turned the shower to ice again. When I went to dress he wrote his cell number and room number on a card. I did the same. As I walked to the room I did some soul searching. We had a happy relationship. Was there anything missing? I didn?t think so. Was Suzie?s unhappiness a temporary thing? Probably. Would adding the complication of a shift in our sex lives potentially harm our relationship?

I didn?t think so, but the cost/benefit ratio wasn?t real high here. I decided not to mention anything about the golf game. Suzie was in our room when I got back, sitting on the balcony in a little sun dress. I walked up behind her and slipped my hand down the top, cradling a boob. To my surprise her nipple was hard. I leaned over and kissed her and said, ?I love to find a woman with hard nipples.? I was just joking but I said, ?Were you playing with yourself??

Her eyes got real big and she blushed, ?Yes.? She pulled up the hem of her sundress. She?d been sitting on the patio in her sundress with no panties. Her lips were puffy.

I said, ?Maybe I can make up interrupting you. Come on inside.? I led her inside and pushed her back on the bed and got onto my knees. I pushed the hem of the dress up so it just covered her lips. ?Now tell me what you were thinking about while you were playing with yourself.?

?I was thinking about your dirty talking last night about that guy.?

?Frank? I just saw him in the gym. We sat in the steam room and talked about you.?

She clamped her legs around my head, ?What do you mean??

?Oh he was just saying how much he enjoyed your company and how he hoped he hadn?t gone too far. He said he really thought you were super sexy.? She relaxed her legs and my tongue ran down her slit, separating her lips. There was a lot of moisture there. I put my tongue just above her butthole and licked up. Her clit was already stiff, sticking up from between her lips. I sucked on it gently. I pulled my mouth away. ?I thanked him and told him we had great sex.?

Her legs closed on my head, ?You didn?t!?

?I did. He said he spent most of the evening wondering about your body.? I put my tongue in deep and then moved to the top of her pussy with my mouth and put two fingers in her. ?We actually had to put our towels on because we were getting hard thinking about you.?

She moaned, ?You saw him hard??

I increased my fingers movement and my tongue before I answered. ?Not completely. We laughed about embarrassing ourselves so we were only halfway there.? She started pressing her pussy against my face, so I took her the rest of the way. Afterwards, I spooned next to her and slipped into her, so I could play with her tits and talk to her. I decided to go with it. ?He asked if we were interested in playing golf tomorrow. He has a morning tee time and two carts.? I started moving inside her, ?Maybe we could get more material for our fantasies.?

She moaned and chuckled, ?You?ve kept your dirty mind hidden all these years.?

I laughed too, ?I didn?t know you had such a wonderfully slutty side.? I started pumping faster, my finger flicking her clit. She came quickly and I was right behind her. She got up to clean herself and I lay there in a post-fuck stupor. Now I couldn?t believe I?d mentioned it.

When she came out of the bathroom she said, ?What time is golf??

I picked up the phone and dialed his number and we agreed on 9. Suzie announced she was gong down to buy a golf outfit at the pro shop. I looked at her, ?One of those short skirts I hope??

When she?d gone I cleaned up and took care of some business. We didn?t have sex that night, but next morning we were up bright and early. I approved of Suzie?s outfit. Pink polo shirt that was a little stretchy and showed off her boobs and a pink and white short skirt. She had her hair in a ponytail and a billed cap on. She looked great. She was radiant as well. We went a little early to take a few practice swings; we were both hitting the ball well. Frank was there on time and seemed happy to see us. ?You two saved me sitting in my hotel room waiting for my afternoon meeting."

Suzie and I rode in a cart together, but at the first hole I declared that she?d switch carts every second hole. Frank was really doing a great job, as he had the other night, of paying attention to her. It was like he was hanging on her every word. The two of us were like adolescent boys when it came time for her to tee up as she bent over to put the ball on her tee. She looked over her shoulder at us and grinned and then waggled her butt.

The girl on the beer cart came around and even though it was now only ten in the morning we all had a beer. Suzie is a good golfer and was holding her own. On the third hole we all ended up within ten feet of the green. Frank said, ?Are you a betting girl??

Suzie stuck out a hip and said, ?Well I know I can sink that putt. What sort of bet do you have in mind??

Frank said, ?Well in light of the conversation we had the other night I was hoping you?d play without a bra.?

?OK so what?s in it for me??

?Well I haven?t got any extra clothes that are worth shedding, but I do have this ball cloth that came all the way from St. Andrews.?

?Hmm. It is a pretty fine cloth. Done.?

I know she could have sunk the putt but of course she didn?t. We drove up to the next hole. It was her turn to drive with Frank, and uncharacteristically he drove into the rough on the left side of the course. I waved goodbye and headed down the path, following them. They went off to look for Frank?s ball, and soon I saw it chipping back onto the green. When they drove up to me Suzie handed me her folded bra and asked that I put it in her bag. Her boobs looked great in the shirt, especially as she walked towards me. Her nipples were both hard. I said, ?Did you show them to him??

She winked, ?Just a flash.?

We played a couple more holes and had another beer. She was riding with me and I reached down between her legs and felt a wet patch. ?Look who?s excited.?

?He keeps talking about my pussy, asking me to describe it to him. I said I would if he described his cock. Does it really turn up at the end??

?I don?t know, I didn?t see it hard.? I moved her panties aside and put a finger in. She was really wet. I felt her clit. It was swollen. I said, ?Why don?t you slip them off. Just at the next tee.?

She looked at me, ?I?m riding with him next hole.?

?Just don?t go looking for his ball.?

She laughed, ?You are so bad. I love you.? She leaned over and gave me a deep kiss and then did a contortion and put her panties in my pocket.

I went to sit beside Frank as she was teeing off. She made a deliberate swagger up to the t and bent over, looking at us through her legs. She stood up and knocked it down the fairway. He looked at me, ?Did I just see what I thought I saw??

Sure enough he hit his ball in the rough. I saw him head into the low brush. Suzie waved at me and followed. They came out a few minutes later and we met on the green. His baggy trousers were showing a tent. When we?d gone to the next hole and Suzie was beside me she said, ?He showed me his. He said it was only fair after I?d showed him mine.? Her eyes were big. ?It does curve up and it?s big at the head.?

I reached down and put my finger on her lips. They were swollen and wet. ?He really wants to touch me. But if I let him then he?ll want to fuck me.? She looked at me, ?And I don?t think I can say no. I?m so fucking horny. What should I do??

This was the moment of truth. We were driving up to the fifteenth t. I took the first shot and drove it down the fairway. When Suzie bent down to put her t in the ground I saw a track of wet down the inside of her leg. I said to Frank, ?Look what you?ve done to my wife.?

He said, ?No, it?s not me. Well it?s us. She wants to have both our cocks inside her. She said she wants to be fucked for hours.?

I called her over and said, ?Honey we?re going to play this hole and then the last hole will be yours. Frank and I want to putt in together.?

We all doubled over laughing. Frank shot right down the center and I watched them move close together as their cart went off. We check the carts and bags back in. It was almost a race to get to our room. Clothes were flying everywhere. She went for Frank?s cock immediately, licking around his knob and then hefting his balls. He was standing and she looked so juicy that I dove in face first, sticking my tongue as deep as it would go. She had his cock down her throat and I had her clit in my mouth. It was only a minute before she had her first orgasm. After she pulled off and lay back on the bed. ?Would you like to have a really close look??

She grabbed her knees. Frank sank down and gazed at her, ?Beautiful.? He kissed down one leg and then the other and then pulled each lip with his teeth. He then lifted her butt up and I saw him drive his tongue into her rosebud. That was something I didn?t do. She squealed and he continued, pulling her butt cheeks apart. I watched his tongue disappear into her hole and she started a second orgasm. I felt her hand on my cock and she pulled me to her mouth. She started sucking me but soon she became so distracted by his attentions to her ass that she couldn?t concentrate on my cock. I looked down. He had two fingers up her ass, stretching it, while his mouth clamped around her clit. She came again, and now she cried, ?Fuck me.?

I watched as he stood up to mount her. He said to me, ?Put your hand around me and put it in her.? I did; and she leaned up to watch his cock disappear inside her. I was close to cumming, and figured he would be too, but to my amazement he continued to fuck her for fifteen minutes. I was getting bored watching, but then he said, ?Lie on your back.?

I did and he directed her to slide down on me. I felt him push her forward and put one of her nipples in my mouth. I felt some pressure and then felt his cock slide in beside mine. Suzie looked into my eyes, ?Oh my god, I am so full. Oh fuck, oh fuck. Fuck me.?

We started a rhythm, and thankfully he seemed pretty close. When I felt the big vein start to pulse I let go and Suzie moaned, ?Oh, me too, me too? and started shaking. She collapsed on my chest and muttered, let me up to clean up.?

Frank said, ?Not yet, we need the lubrication of our cum.? I felt him pull out and then I felt his hand around my cock and her pussy. He said to her ?push our cum out.?

I was soft and didn?t think I could go again. I withdrew and rolled out from under her. Frank?s cock looked semi-hard. He had a puddle of cum in his hand. Suzie flopped over. ?I think I?m done.?

?No you?re not. You don?t even know what you?re capable of. Clean me up.?

She looked at me and scotched to the end of the bed. She looked sideways at me as she cradled his semi-soft dick in her hand. She said, ?I always did like sucking soft cocks in college.?

That was news to me. She slurp it in and buried her face in his groin. I could see her throat working. It was kind of gross, but frank moaned. ?Now that?s a woman who knows how to suck cock.?

My cock twitched at his words, and he said, ?You?re about to watch her get ass fucked. She?ll cum that way. When I?ve made her cum once you can fuck her pussy and then take her ass.?

I looked at her when he said this. Her eyes were wide, but she was putting his cock in and out of her mouth. He pulled out and told her to flip over and then he coated his cock in cum and smeared some on her asshole. ?Usually lube works best, but I?ve loosened it up. In I go.? I saw her grip the covers as the head went in. He went very slowly, reaching in her pussy for more cum. ?Now if you want to relax her, kiss her and then scootch down, suck her tits and then lick her clit.?

Her tongue was hot and tasted a little of his cock. I sild underneath. He was moving slowly so her tits were beginning to sway and that was completely erotic. I held my mouth open and felt her hard nipple go back and forth over my tongue. The I slid further south. I could see his big balls slapping slowly against her and then against my face. I reached up and cupped them, more to stop them slapping me than anything. I found her clit and then moved back to her hole with my tongue. I could see his cock sliding in and out, pulling her butthole out at every stroke. She was grunting now and I sucked her clit, but I got out of rhythm and moved away. He was really working it and she seemed to be totally into it now and soon I saw her clench her teeth and then say, ?Oh he made me cum by fucking my ass. Oh.?

Frank said, ?OK, get in her pussy now.?

I slid down, grabbing handfuls of tits and felt Frank put his hand around me. He gave it a stroke and then pulled it up and I slid home. I felt his cock through the thin membrane. Suzie said, ?Umm, Uhhh so full again.? She was riding us both. Drips of sweat were falling off her nipples onto my chest. She exploded again and I felt my own cum rising. I filled her and then I felt Frank doing the same.

A few minutes later I was done. I rolled away. Frank said, ?Come look at her ass when I pull out.?

It stretched and gaped, rosy red inside. ?You should fuck it when it?s loose like that.?

I said, ?I don?t think I can get hard.?

He said, ?This will do it.? He went to the bathroom and came back with a clean washcloth. He proceeded to wipe down my cock and then he lifted my leg and wiped down my butt hole. I said, ?No thanks.?

He laughed, ?No me. It?s the least she owes you.? He looked at her. ?Give him a rim job.?

She?d never done that. She looked worn out but she lifted my leg and looked at Frank. ?yes master, would you like to supervise??

?No, I get the feeling you gave plenty of them in college. Any girl who likes soft cocks has found out every way to get them hard and then soft.?

Her pointed tongue was incredible and stimulated nerves I didn?t think I had. I could feel an erection returning.

?Now I want to see you give that ass a good fucking. I?m going to spend some time playing with those tits I was watching all day.?

I put her legs on my shoulders and my cock did slip right in. She grunted as I bottomed out. Frank was on his side, fondling her breasts, squeezing them, pulling her nipples, kissing her mouth. I could see her getting hotter and hotter. I moved my hand to her clit. Frank broke off. ?No, she has to cum from having her ass fucked and her tits sucked. Think of it as training.?

I?d pull my cock all the way out just to feel the ridge of muscle and then slide it back in. It was still pretty tight. Frank amazingly enough was hard again and he was still working her tits, gathering them up, sucking both nipples by going one to the other. Finally she shuddered another orgasm. I could feel I was getting close to cumming. Frank said, ?Pull out and we?ll both cum on her tits.?

She lay there watching as we pulled on her cocks, holding our balls. When we came she pulled us together so our cocks touched as the last small streams of cum bathed her nipples.

Twenty minutes later it was done, he was gone and our lives were changed.

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