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A Submissives Journey(Male Dominant)

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He looks across the room at this beautiful girl with the most beautiful eyes. She is standing there wearing her high heel leathered boots, black shirt and jeans. He approaches her and says hello and she responds back with this shyest girl look and says hello. He touches her cheeks and tells her how beautiful she is and how wonderful she looks tonight. He senses that she is submissive in nature by the way she looks at him with her beautiful eyes. He begins to make demands on her and she obeys, that is his cue that she is submissive. They are sitting in a bar lounge and he tells her to sit down in the chair and she obeys. He demands that she cross her legs like a young lady and she obeys. He is beginning to think through her actions and realizes that she is submissive by nature. They have a few drinks and he demands that she go dance with a young lady and man dancing on the dance floor, she is reluctant and says “I am not comfortable dancing with people I don't know” He tell her if she does not he will spank her with the belt over his knee right here in the bar, so she obeys. She is dancing with the couple enjoying herself as he calls her back to the table. She returns smiling up at him with this shy look on her face as she has done something wrong. He tells her that she will from this point on call him sir in public and master when they are alone and she agrees by saying yes master. He demands they go back to his room where he teaches her a few lessons on being submissive. She is wet and feeling all so vulnerable and horny but dares not to tell him or let on. He starts with how she is to address him again in public and private. Then moves on to how he wants her to dress in public and private and again she agrees by putting on articles of clothing he asked her to. She is looking up at him and he begins positioning her. He informs her that she will maintain such positions w/o moving and if she does not listen she will be punished. Position 1 ................ position 2.................. position 3............... position 4................ position 5................. She repeats each position as asked but moved during position 4 to scratch her leg and she was punished with a beating with the belt as he addressed her by calling her a whore and bitch and that she will listen to him as he speaks. She counted each whip with the belt addressing him correctly after each whip with the belt. He then tells her how beautiful and sexy she is tonight. Afterwards he placed her in each position feeling her pussy for wetness, and teasing her but would not allow her to cum. She was instructed cumming w/o permission is punishable in the corner after being whipped 10 times with the belt and spending 15 mins in the corner. She obeyed. He then proceeded to give her a gown to wear back down stairs for more drinks and socialization as he held her hand. In the elevator he instructed her to get in position 2, which she did. She was so glad no one seen by increased her wetness, hornier and fondness for this man more. She stood on her as the elevator door opened and he asked her was she told to move she said no. He proceeded to take his belt off and whipped her in the corridor as she addressed him properly again. He then told her how beautiful and sexy she was. They went into the bar for a few drinks and she was instructed to go dance with the same couple as she did and said yes master. The couple asked if they could meet her man so they walked over with her to where he was seated. He said were you told to return here, she said no sir, so he took her by the hand and lead her to the corridor and bent her over and spanked her as she repeated 1 master, 2 master etc.... he lead her back to her seat and told the couple sorry but she has not listened again and needed to be punished The couple found this intriguing and asked if they could have sometime with her. The man looked at her and said what do you think, she said yes sir. He lead her by the hand back to the room with the couple and repeated the elevator position but she did not get up on her own this time. He instructed her to stand and follow behind him to the room as she obeyed. They all returned to the room and he demonstrated to the couple her positioning as she obeyed. He said “this little whore will listen and obey and will do as I tell her to. What do you two want from her” The man had her lay in position .1 which was on her back....... on the bed and she obey but did not say yes sir. So she was spanked each and every time she forgotten that night. The couple enjoyed their evening with the young lady. The wife sat on her face to be eatened out as the guy fucked her hard. Then switched up and the girl ate her out and she was forced to suck both mans cocks while being eatened by the women. The man repeatedly called her a whore and bitch and forced her by her hair to suck their cocks. She was instructed she was not allowed to cum at all and she obey soaked and wet as she was she obeyed well until she couldn't anymore. She did cum while the women was eating her. She was spanked 10 times and placed in the corner for 15 mins while the man and couple watched her standing there alone, naked and being referred to as a whore. She was humiliated but enjoyed humiliation as she became more wet. She was allowed to join them after she apologized to each one of them. As she did. She was instructed to get in position....... on the floor, as they all watched her bare naked alone and crawling around on the floor like a whore eating the girls pussy and sucking each dick as instructed. She obeyed as instructed. She was instructed to get in position........ to be tied up ankles and hands together for easy access and , gagged. She was repeatedly called a whore and was fucked over and over w/o being allowed to cum. Eventually at his discretion when everyone left he allowed her to cum. The next morning when the woke up he demanded she go stand in the corner for her misbehavior and not listening last night and he left her there for sometime while he ate breakfast. She was so humiliated but wouldn't dare say a word, but all the while she was soak wet again. Over the next few weeks, months, and years, he over and over humiliated her by having her do things that he knew she wouldn't do, performing acts he knew only a whore would do. She was was spanked and spanked, placed in the corner, crawling on the floor, sitting in positions for long periods of time w/o being allowed to move. He tied her up in the car while on drives to places they visited frequently so she would be obedient. Each time her calling him master or sir. She enjoyed the lifestyle of a submissive and being called names and humiliated during sexual acts. But he always loved her, called her beautiful, sexy and she always obeyed.

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