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"A Lesson Learned"

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I had heard a band a few weeks ago that I thought was really good. My giflfriend and I had been out dancing. I suggested to Master that after dinner perhaps we could go hear them. He asked, "Are they really good, you know I can't stand poor bands." "Oh yes Master they are and I really liked the lead singer," I said. He smiled and said "Sure".

I got dressed in a semi-sheer blouse, short skirt, nylons and heels. I presented myself for inspection. "Very nice," he said. He lifted my skirt and made sure my pussy was accessible. I am not allowed to cover it. I was standing in front of him with my legs spread, as he examined my wet pussy. He produced a light leather garment that had a small dildo attached to it. "Step into this," he said. I did and he adjusted the harness on me. He then lubricated the dildo, and placed it in my ass. He then tightened the straps securing it firmly in place. He pulled down my skirt and had me walk for him. "Very good, it can't be seen but I'm sure you'll know it's there," he said. I couldn't move without feeling it. The harness was cleverly designed, it left my pussy bare and accessible.

After dinner we proceeded to the club to hear the band. He had asked me at dinner if my girlfriend and I had flirted with the band. I admitted that we had, of course. "Were you dressed provocatively," he asked? "Yes Sir," I admitted. "I think there is a lesson you need to learn," he said. "Tonight, he said, if you make a mans' cock hard and he is bold enough to ask you for what he wants, you will please him. If a man places his hand under that skirt, you will spread your legs. You are a cock hungry little slut, and tonight you will behave as you truly feel. Is that understood?" "Yes my Master," I said.

When we got to the club I did as he instructed and entered alone. Several minutes later he entered and sat a few seats away from me at the bar. He was going to make sure I did as instructed. I wished that I had worn a more conservative blouse. The blouse was sheer enough that my tits were on display for anyone who cared to see. My nipples were hard from the constant stimulation in my ass. I was very nervous. The band was good and I danced with several men. I had avoided dancing slow, as I was afraid of what might happen.

Every time I danced by him, the singer kept smiling at me. He was a very good looking, slim, black man. My girlfriend had been hot for him. So far I had managed to have a good time, but I had purposely kept my distance from the men. When the band took their "break", he made straight for me. He stood next to my barstool and as he secured a drink he said, "I remember you, I've been thinking about you." "Well I'm flattered, " I said. "Darlin," he said, "A man doesn't forget a woman like you." As he said that he placed a hand on my leg, obediently I opened them. I could see my Master smiling. He looked me in the eyes and said,"You have gorgeous tits." He slid his hand under my skirt and of course felt no resistance. As his fingers felt my dripping pussy he leaned into me and said, "I really want to fuck you."

I smiled. "I'm yours to command," I said.

He led me by the hand out of club to the back of the parking lot and we got into his car. He wasted no time. As he kissed me he began removing my clothes. He was a great kisser and sucked my nipples just right. He examined my harness and asked me what it was. I shamelessly told him the truth. "It's holding a dildo in my ass, something to keep a sluts' pussy wet," I said. I freed his cock from his pants and it was a beauty. One of the biggest I've had and perfectly shaped. I kissed his cock all over and licked it. "Suck it, suck the cum out of me," he said. Holding his cock in both hands I stroked and sucked his lovely cock. Sucking him just made me wetter, I wanted his cum. It didn't take too long and he exploded in my mouth, a huge load of cum. He tasted so good, I didn't waste a drop. His cock didn't get soft and I mounted him. As I slid that cock in my pussy, I was ecstatic. He sucked my tits as I fucked his beautiful cock. I savored every thrust of that cock. We both started to shake and came at the same time. Exhausted I sat on his cock. We held on to each other.

There was a knock on the window of the car, I jumped. He lowered the window and laughed. It was the drummer. "I can see that your busy but we're late," he said. He didn't take his eyes off me as we got dressed.

Back at the bar I sat down next to my Master. He slid his hand up my skirt and examined my cum filled cunt. "Did you enjoy yourself," he asked? "Yes Master very much so. Did you watch me," I said? "Yes", he said, "it was obvious you performed well." "What have you learned," he said?

I thoughtfully replied. "Several things, I said. I learned that I flirted with him because I really wanted him to fuck me. I wanted his cock in me. I'm a shameless slut. I enjoyed baring my body for him. I wanted to hear him say he wanted to fuck me. I dressed hoping to make a cock hard. I learned I'm a slut and if I purposefully make a cock hard it is my duty to drain it."

My Master took me home and fucked me well. He knows exactly what I need.

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