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25th anniversary cruise

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My wife, Cindy, is a slender blonde, 48 years old, about 5’4”, 120 pounds, with small firm tits and a cute ass. I am 62 years old. We have been married for 25 years. Cindy was a virgin when we married and has been sexually conservative. I have fantasized about her having sex with another man, but we had not really discussed it. For our 25th wedding anniversary we decided to take a 7-day cruise to the Caribbean. Day 1: On our first day of the cruse we found our cabin, which was spacious and had a balcony. We had dinner and went back to the room for the evening. We had been looking forward to a week of sex and fun. Cindy had multiple different lingerie outfits and we brought our toys along, including anal toys, dildos, vibrators and rope. On the first night we went to our room early and had hot sex like we had been having for several years. I licked Cindy’s pussy, bringing her to orgasm at which point she squirted all over my face, she sucked my cock and then I fucked her for 30 minutes. She is very orgasmic and came multiple times, squirting several times. We had missionary sex, with her legs pointing toward the ceiling as she came. We then had sex doggy style on the bed. We went out on the balcony for more doggy style sex then she sat on my hard cock in one of the chairs on the balcony. I finally came hard in her pussy, filling her with my cum. She came repeatedly during sex but she was not done yet, so I used a dildo and vibrator on her and she came really hard, squirting a lot. Then we kissed and talked about the rest of the week and fell asleep.

Day 2: The next day we spent eating, by the pool, having sex, and just enjoying each other’s company. I told her that this cruise was for her to have fun, so if she felt like doing anything she should feel free, she had my permission. She gave me kind of a funny look, but then we didn’t talk about it any further.

That evening Cindy got dressed up, wearing a white with flower pattern dress that came to about mid-thigh with two small straps and a zipper in the back, a sexy bra and panty set, and high-heeled fuck-me shoes. She was looking really hot and we went to one of the bars where there was dancing. We got a high table with a couple of tall chairs and drinks, which usually loosens her up, and then danced a bit. I left to go to the restroom and told her if someone asked her to dance she should do so. When I got back she wasn’t at our table so I looked around the room and saw that she was dancing with a tall, good-looking black man and looked like she was having a good time. He looked to be 25-30, about 6’2”, and very well built. I watched as they danced, he would occasionally put his hands on her arms or waist while they danced and she was kind of flirting, touching him lightly on the arms or chest on occasion. I was getting turned on watching my wife flirt. Then they played a slow song and she started heading back to the table but he took her hand pulled her back toward him. She looked my way and I smiled to let her know it was OK. He put his arms around her and held her close to himself. She put her arms around his neck and pressed against him. I could tell she was feeling aroused as they pressed against each other. He slid his hand down her back and began rubbing her ass. When she didn’t stop him I got even more aroused. She just pressed herself more firmly against him and laid her head on his chest. After dancing like this for a while she lifted her head and he bent down and gave her a light kiss on the lips. She did not pull away and he put both hands on her ass and began massaging her ass. Then she looked up at him and they began to kiss again, this time lingering more. I moved away from the table to give them a place to come back to when the dance was done. I could tell she was getting aroused and I thought this might be my fantasy come true. As the song ended they moved back toward the table and he continued to keep his arm around her waist. When they got back to the table he noticed that Cindy had finished her drink so he went to the bar for more drinks. I took this opportunity to stop by the table quickly and chat with Cindy. I asked if she was enjoying herself and she nodded and said she hoped I wasn’t upset but she was having fun. I put her hand on my cock, which was getting hard, to let her know I was enjoying the show, and told her to enjoy herself. I moved away as he turned back toward the table with two drinks.

When he got to the table I could see her face light up as he sat at the table with her. She drank some of her drink and they chatted. I couldn’t hear what they were saying but I could tell that she was enjoying him and was flirting. After finishing her drink, she stood up from her chair and moved toward him. She got right next to him as he was sitting down and she leaned in and gave him a kiss. Since he was sitting they were at comparable heights, so the kiss was easy and he put his right hand back on her ass and began rubbing it.

About this time another slow dance song came on and they went back to the dance floor. This time they moved to a darker corner of the floor and his hands went immediately to her ass. He was pressing his pelvis into her (I assumed he was getting hard) and she didn’t resist. In fact, her hands moved down to his ass and she pulled him into her. As they danced they were humping on the dance floor and they began kissing more passionately, as he pushed his hard cock into her pussy and stomach. She was really getting turned on, and so was I. My pants began to tent in the front. Several men in the bar noticed what was going on and began discretely watching their performance.

After the song ended they went back to the table and continued their passionate kissing. I saw her tongue slip into his mouth and they were French kissing. Their tongues began frantically moving in each other’s mouths. Her left hand moved up around his neck as they kissed and his right hand slid down her ass toward the hem of her dress. As they continued to kiss his left hand moved to her breast on the outside of her dress and he began massaging her tits. Her right hand disappeared from the table top, so I assumed she had moved it to his lap to measure his cock. She stopped kissing him and I could see her face light up with a somewhat startled look, she must have found his cock to her liking.

As I watched, his right hand slid under her dress and I could see it sliding slowly on her upper thigh, gradually moving up toward her ass. She did nothing to hinder his movement, so I figured she was enjoying herself, and I certainly was. I thought this was my opportunity to show her how I felt, so I quietly walked up behind her. She noticed I was coming over and I smiled at her. Slipping my hands under her dress I slid them up her legs. As I approached her panties I bumped his hand and he was startled and he quickly pulled his hands away. I reached to the top of her panties and pulled them off of her, down her legs and she stepped out of them, allowing him free access to her pussy and showing him I was OK with what they were doing. I put them in my pocket. Cindy then introduced me to Rick and told him I was her husband. I told him that I would be at another table, so he could continue playing with Cindy if they both wanted. Cindy told me thank you and that she loved me for letting her have fun. I moved over to another table where I could have a good view of their show.

They began kissing again, with tongues searching each other’s mouths. Rick’s right hand moved to Cindy’s back, lowering the zipper on her dress about half way and unhooking the back of her bra, making her tits much more accessible. After loosening her top, his right hand went back under Cindy’s dress while the left hand resumed playing with her tits. At this point he slid his left hand inside the top of her dress and inside her bra, squeezing her tits and pulling on her nipples. This caused her inverted nipples to immediately pop out, so he could squeeze and pinch them. I could tell she was really getting turned on and was losing all inhibition. I guess she noticed this too, since she pulled back briefly and caught my eye. I just smiled at her and she let herself get swept away in the heat of the moment. Cindy was rubbing Rick’s cock inside his pants. The bulge looked huge and she was squeezing and stroking his hard-on. I could see his right hand sliding up inside her dress and I could tell when it reached her pussy because Cindy’s eyes closed and she started losing herself in the pleasure. I figured he must be rubbing her slit and caressing her clit. All of a sudden her body stiffened and I guess he had put his finger in her cunt. At this point Cindy put her foot up on a rung of Rick’s chair so he could have better access. I think she forgot completely that anyone else was in the room, including me. As Cindy held on to Rick’s neck with her left hand and his cock with her right, I could tell that she was moving toward having an orgasm right there. I knew if she did should would squirt all over the floor so I stepped out onto the deck of the ship and grabbed some towels. By the time I got back in there were several men standing around Cindy and Rick, watching the action. I moved to the edge so I could see and be ready with the towel. For the most part the other men were shielding their action from the rest of the bar, and they were very discrete. As I watched I could tell that Rick was really pulling on her nipples (she loves that) and his right hand must have been working her pussy over. Her mouth was open and her head was leaning on his shoulder, so it wouldn’t fall back. I could see the look on her face and I could tell that she was getting ready to cum. Suddenly her face started turning read and I noticed a small line of her juices running down her leg and dripping onto the floor. The she came really hard and gushed all over the floor. Rick was surprised, and so were all of the observers. As she finished her orgasm she was still clutching Rick’s hard cock and I went over with the towels and knelt down. I rubbed the towel up her leg to her pussy, cleaning the juices off as Rick removed his hand from her pussy and tits. I also cleaned up the floor between her legs and then set the towels on a chair.

Cindy looked at me and thanked me. Then she said “I love you so much,” and gave me a deep kiss. She asked if what she had done bothered me and I put her hand on my hard cock, smiled and said “What do you think?” She got this wicked smile on her face and turned and gave Rick a steamy kiss. Rick then asked if she would like to go to his cabin. She looked at me and I smiled and nodded so she said “Yes, please!” He then asked if she wanted me to be there and she looked kind of sheepish and said “No, I think that would make me feel awkward.” I was saddened a bit by this, but I knew she would be having a great time and that made me happy. I was still hard, and thinking of what she might be doing tonight made me even harder.

So we left the bar, much to the disappointment of her audience, and headed toward the elevator. Rick told us his cabin number and we discovered that it was only four doors down from our cabin. In the elevator they kissed passionately again and Rick felt Cindy’s tits again, pulling her top down a bit and sucking on her hard nipples. As we neared our deck he pulled her dress back up and as we exited the elevator Rick asked Cindy what she wanted to do tonight. She said “I want you to fuck me!” He responded with “Where?” and Cindy said “I want you to fuck my pussy!” He then asked “Can I fuck your mouth?” and Cindy said “Yes, please.” And he said, “How about your sexy ass?” Cindy surprised me when she said “Yes, I want you to fuck my ass, too, please!” She had never let me do that, so he was going to get to experience her in ways I never had.

Then Rick told us what he wanted to do. He said that when we got to his cabin I was to remove the rest of Cindy’s clothing, including her shoes, dress and bra. She would then be naked and he would open his cabin and she could go in. I was not to enter his cabin, nor were any of her clothes to be in his cabin. I said “So you want to have my wife completely naked in your cabin all night long?” He response was and emphatic “Yes!” I looked at Cindy and she looked thrilled and agreed. So I bent down and took off her shoes. Then I unzipped her dress the rest of the way, slipped the straps of her dress and bra off of her shoulders. Rick opened the door to his cabin as the rest of Cindy’s clothing fell to the ground. She stepped out of her clothing and bounced into his cabin, closing the door most of the way behind her. I stopped Rick and asked him how I would know she was safe. He said he would call our cabin and put the phone on speaker. I was not to speak or interrupt, unless spoken to and a response was requested. I said OK, but if the phone connection is broken I would be at his door in a flash and he agreed. I then asked when they would be finished and he said they would let me know so I could be at the door with something for her to wear down the hall to our cabin if she wanted. I also asked Rick if he would record their adventures, so I could watch them later. I ran to our cabin and got our camera and tripod so he could record. By this time, Cindy was getting impatient so she came and opened the door. She took Rick by the hand and pulled him into the cabin. I got one last look at her beautiful naked body as she thanked me again, said “I love you” and gave me a kiss. Then she closed the door on me, so I headed quickly to our cabin, alone. My cock was just about bursting out of my pants as I thought about what was going to be happening in Rick’s cabin tonight.

As soon as I got to our cabin the phone was ringing so I answered it quickly. Rick reminded me not to say anything, but to just listen. I agreed and settled in for a long night of imagination based on the sounds coming from his cabin. I removed my clothing and my cock sprang out of my pants, harder than it had been in a long time. I was afraid to touch it for fear I would cum too soon. I got a towel and settled back on the bed for a long night of imagining.

The first thing I heard was Rick telling my wife to show him her pussy. He told her to open her pussy and show him her cunt. He said “You are really wet and hot, now show me your clit.” He was commenting on how beautiful her pussy was and then he began giving her instructions. He was telling her to rub her clit faster and faster. Then he told her to put a finger inside herself. She did, and told him how wet she was. He had her put two and then three fingers inside herself and fuck herself for him. Then he had her rub her clit some more, at first slowly, and then faster and faster. She told him she had never masturbated before and he said “amazing, so now I am the first one to ever get to see you make yourself cum?” She said “yes” very quietly. Then he coached her on how to rub herself and put her fingers in her pussy. Then he told her to put one finger of her other hand in her cunt and get it all wet. When she had done that he told her to slip in into her asshole. I heard her sigh and say “That feels nice.” He was complimenting her on how hot she was and how sexy she looked and I could hear her begin to moan. He then told her to dip her fingers in her cunt again and then lick them off. I heard her sucking on her fingers and then he said “That’s right, keep liking the juices off of your fingers.” Then he said “Put two fingers in your asshole and rub your clit really fast.” Apparently she did as instructed, because her moans became louder and her breathing sped up. I then began to hear her rubbing her pussy, squishing in her wet cunt, and moaning loud. He said “Yes, cum for me. Show me how you cum.” And “Keep your legs spread so I can see.” She could barely squeak out “I can’t” and I could hear her start grunting like she does when she cums. I could tell she was cumming hard and all of a sudden he let out a breath and said “wow, I have never seen anyone squirt so much. You are horny, aren’t you?” Cindy said “yessss, I am really horny, I want your cock.”

Then I heard some clothes rustling and heard a zipper. She let out a shocked “oh my, that is huge. I don’t know if I can take that.” He said, “I will be slow and gentle” and she said “OK, I really want to feel that huge black cock in my cunt, just don’t hurt me.” He said “Why don’t you start with a little licking and sucking?” I then heard my wife start to lick his cock and for a while all I could hear was slurping and moaning. He started telling her what he wanted her to do to him. He said “Lick under the tip… yessss…Now lick all around the head…yes…like that…ohhh, that’s good…put the head in your mouth and take as much of my cock as you can.” Cindy mumbled “I can’t take much” but Rick said “Ohhhhhh….I love the way you use your tongue with my cock in your mouth.” “Now, talk to your hubby” I hear Cindy say something very mumbled, that sounds like “A lmh ooo”. Rick asked me if I understood what you said and I said “No, not quite.” He said, “Try again” and again I heard something like “A lmh ooo” and so Rick translated – “She says ‘I love you’ but she has a cock in her mouth” and then he laughed. Returning to Cindy he said “That is great… now lick up and down the full length of my cock along the bottom ….. mmmmmmm … lick my balls….yessssssss….wow, you are great. I love the way you suck them into your mouth and roll your tongue around them……keep that up…now lick down below my balls……..yes…….that is sooooo goooooood… back to sucking and then improvise.” After this all I hear for quite a while is some slurping and Rick moaning and saying ‘yesssssssss….mmmmmmmmmmmm.” Apparently Cindy was giving his cock a real workout with her mouth. The thought of her mouth all over his cock made me even harder and I couldn’t touch my cock or I would cum all over. All of a sudden Rick said “That’s enough, I don’t want to cum yet. Lay back and let me lick your fabulous pussy.”

So I heard a pop, apparently as Cindy pulled her mouth off of his cock. Then I heard some rustling around and they changed positions and he commented on her beautiful pussy again. I heard him slurping on her pussy and I heard sloshing sound as he put his fingers into her cunt. Then for a long time all I heard was slurping, sloshing, and Cindy moaning with the occasional “yesssss” and “mmmmmmmmmmm” Again I imagined his face in her pussy and it made me happy to think of her feeling so good. Her moaning got louder and she started grunting. She let out a loud cry and said “I am cumming all over your face…yes…yes…yes.” Then Rick started laughing and said “I couldn’t keep up with your cum, it’s all over my face” and Cindy giggled. Then Cindy said “I need you to fuck my pussy, now! Please fill me with your hard cock.”

Again I heard movement and imagined him climbing on top of her and taking his cock in his hand, aiming it at her pussy. Then I heard her starting to moan again, saying “That feels good, but put it in me, I need it inside me, but be gentle.” Then I heard her whimpering, saying “it is too big….be slow…gentle” which quickly changes to “Wow…that fills me so full… I didn’t know I could be so filled up…fuck me...fuck me...I love your big cock in me…fuck me harder…..make my pussy cum on your hard black cock.” Then I heard her start grunting and saying “I’m cumming!…I’m cumming on your big beautiful cock!…I’m cumming all over you!…WOW!” then I mostly just heard her cum grunt and Rick said “yes…cum all over my cock…squirt on me…yessss.” After Cindy came several times, Rick said, “fuck me, you move your ass on my cock…..yes” (I learn later, from the movie, that he had Cindy’s legs up over his shoulders and she was pumping her butt up and down to get his cock as deeply into her as she could.) She came again and he said “That’s my slut…be dirty for me.” Following up with “I want to do you doggy, so turn over…wow that cute little rosebud asshole is fantastic, I will get around to that later.” I heard some rustling and again I heard Cindy say “fill my pussy with your cock….fuck me.” And I heard skin slapping together as Cindy said “fuck me harder….put that cock deep inside me….fill my cunt with your cock…I need that big cock deep inside me…make me cum.” Then she was screaming “I’m cumming again.” Rick said “that’s right, squirt all over my balls…cum on my hard cock……I am getting ready to cum, where do you want it.” Cindy cried “fill my pussy with your cum…cum inside me…fill me up.” I heard her grunt and moan again louder than ever and I heard Rick begin to grunt as well, so I knew he was filling my wife’s pussy with his seed. Then it all got quiet for a while. Cindy said “I have never felt anything like that…I came like I have never cum before…I love your cock inside my pussy.” I rubbed my cock and squirted all over the place, imagining how good Cindy had been feeling. It made me happy to know that she was getting the fuck of her life right then.

After a bit I heard Cindy say “Can you get hard again anytime soon?” and Rick replied “I can, if you will help me.” She said “what do I need to do? I will do whatever you want to get your cock hard again.” He responded “suck it like you did before, doing all of the things that you did last time, and then I will tell you what else you need to do.” So I heard them rearranging themselves again and it was quiet except for some slurping sounds and the occasional “mmmmmmmmmmm.” Then Rick said “lick my balls….now, lick below my balls, here let me pull my legs up….yes.” After a while he continued with “do you see my asshole” and Cindy said “yes?” and he said “kiss all around it…yes like that….yes…now kiss my asshole…longer...yes…use your tongue…like that…yes…mmmmm…french kiss my asshole…fuck it with your tongue…yes just like that… are so good with your tongue on my ass, see how that gets my cock up again…mmmmm…wow! You can get my cock hard every time like that. You are amazing.” Cindy said “fuck me again, now please.”

Rick said “Let’s go to the balcony” then he called to me “Hubby, if you go out to the balcony and look over you might be able to see your wife getting fucked.” So I quickly went to the balcony and looked out toward Rick’s cabin. I could see the back of Cindy’s head and her back. Rick had his arms around her and was holding her up, impaled on his cock. I could see her bouncing and her head went back and I could see her open mouth. I could tell she was feeling great and he was pounding her. That got me hard again. She looked at me and I gave her the I love you sign and she blew me a kiss and gave me the I love you sign back. Then she lost herself in fucking again. I could not hear her, but I could tell she was cumming on his cock again, and it made me happy. After a while they went back into the cabin, so I went back inside so I could listen on the phone again.

Rick told Cindy that he wanted her to ride him, so I heard her tell him to lay on his back. She said “I want to ride that big black cock and come all over you.” All I could hear for quite a while was moaning and grunting, both Rick and Cindy. He said “I love to play with your tits while you fuck me.” She cooed “I love it too, bite my nipple” and then more moaning. After a while Rick said “turn around, I want to see your ass while you fuck me” … more moaning. Then I heard Rick say “let me start training your asshole, so I can fuck it later. I am going to put my finger in it.” Cindy replied “OK, just don’t hurt me”. Rick continued complimenting Cindy on her tight little asshole. She started grunting really hard, so I knew she was cumming again, and had been on and off the whole time she rode him. He said “cum all over my balls, that’s right, squirt on me. I am cumming too” and then they both groaned loud and I could tell they were cumming again. Cindy said “I loved your fingers in my ass while I came, that was different…I have never cum with something in my ass.” Rick said “lift off of my cock really slowly and let the cum drip onto me.” It was quiet for a while and then Rick said “clean me up and get me hard again.” Again quiet except for licking moaning and groaning. Cindy said, “I have our cum all off of your cock, but some is dripping down onto your balls, let me get it.” More slurping and then she said “ooo..lift your legs up, some is dripping off your balls and running onto your asshole, I need to clean that up, too.” And then she giggled. Rick said, “fuck my ass with your tongue….yessss….your tongue is fantastic.”

Finally, Rick said, “that’s great, I am hard now, it’s time to fill your asshole. Are you ready?” Cindy said “I’m a little nervous, please don’t let it hurt.” Rick responded “don’t worry, I’ll take it slowly, it may hurt a little at first, but will get better. Just make sure you relax, if you are tense it’ll hurt more.” So I heard some rustling and Rick said “stick your butt way up in the air and show me your asshole…yes, like that.” Cindy moaned “ouch….be gentle…I can’t take it.” At that point Rick said “you need more training…hubby, bring me some of her toys. Get here as fast as you can.” So I quickly got the bag with her toys in it, grabbed a robe and the cabin key and ran down the hall to their cabin. When I knocked, Rick quickly opened the door. He said “Look at your wife.” I looked in the cabin and she was kneeling on the bed with her head on the bed and her ass in the air, aimed right at me. I could see her pussy, wet and juicy, and her ass, which had something sticking out of it. Rick said “I started with a pen, just to get her warmed up, I was trying to get this in her.” He showed me his hard cock and he grinned a naughty grin at me. It was huge, and that is what had been in her pussy and mouth all evening. I was impressed that she could take that. Then he said “Let’s see what we have here.” He looked in the bag and picked out the smaller straight dildo. He said, “good, we can start with this, and then we will move to the big dildo so she will be ready for me.” He moved toward her and I saw him pull the pen out, put some lube on her asshole and the dildo and begin sliding it into her pussy. She began to whimper and Rick said “Close the door and get back to your cabin, we have stuff to do here.” He laughed and grinned at me again. So I left and ran back to our cabin. I was so hard I couldn’t even touch myself. I heard Cindy saying “that’s starting to feel good…faster…fuck my ass with that dildo.” Rick said, let’s try the bigger one, and Cindy said “OK, I want to get to where you can fuck me in the ass with your big cock.” I heard more whimpering and then moaning and Cindy said “Wow, that feels good, so fuck my ass.” Rick said “yesssss” and I heard Cindy whimpering again. Rick said “are you OK?” and Cindy responded “Just keep pushing….fuck me.” I heard Rick grunt and say “Wow, your ass is so tight, it feels great.” And Cindy said “mmmhhhhh” so I could hear them slapping. Cindy said “keep playing with my clit…I am cumming.” I heard her grunt and moan and then Rick did the same. I could tell he was filling her asshole with his cum. I heard a pop, like suction, then laughing. “Wow, that was a lot of cum in my ass.” Rick laughed “you are so hot and your asshole squeezed so tight that you milked a lot of cum out.” Then he continued “You know how to get me hard again, right?” And Cindy said “yes! I will clean you up” and then she said “lift your legs so I can get to your butt” and he said “mmmmmm…that’s great…..keep rimming me and I will be hard again in no time.”

Then he said “I want to cum in your mouth…just suck and lick me for a while.” Then I could hear nothing for quite a while but the occasional slurp and moan. Finally, Rick said “I am getting ready to cum, don’t swallow and don’t spit it out yet. I want to get some video of my cum in your mouth for hubby.” I then heard him grunt and groan and then he said “Wow, you give great head. Now, open your mouth and show me the cum.” He then was laughing and said “Say something to your husband.” I heard her say “I love you” sounding like she had a mouthful. He laughed and said “She can’t talk very well, she has my cum in her mouth. Now you can swallow it Cindy….show us your empty mouth….very good girl.” Then she said to me, “Honey, I am going to spend the night here. We are going to sleep for a while, but will leave the phone on speaker. Hope you are having fun, I sure am.” Then there was a small amount of rustling around and then it got very quiet. They had started about 11 PM in the bar and it was now 3 AM. They had been at it for 4 hours!

My cock and been hard for so long, and I had only cum once. I had been imagining what Cindy was doing to go along with what I was hearing, and needed to cum. So I stroked my hard cock. I just needed a few strokes to let out a massive load. Then I cleaned up and must’ve fallen asleep.

Day 3: About 6 AM I awoke to the sound of moaning and grunting. They must be fucking again, I thought. So I listened more carefully and Cindy started saying “fuck me harder…fill my cunt with your hard cock….I love your cock inside me…give it to me…fuck me…fuck me…fuck me.” The I heard her yelling “I am cumming.” and her loud moans told me it must be true. Then Rick said “Hubby, go to the balcony, I will show you your wife cumming again.”

So I went to the balcony and looked toward Rick’s cabin. Soon I could see my wife’s head and tits leaning over the railing. She looked over at me mouthed “I love you” and gave me the I love you sign. I gave the sign back to her. She was rhythmically moving back and forth so I could tell she was being fucked from behind again. As I watched, I noticed several other balconies with men watching my wife get fucked. She was putting on quite the show. Some were below, so they could only see her face and tits, but some were on higher decks, so they could get more of a show. It excited me to think that several men were watching her get fucked by someone else. Then I saw her make her orgasm face and her head and chest got really red. I could tell she was having a huge orgasm and she was screaming “I’m cumming” again, so all of the balcony folks could hear. Then I heard Rick yell that he was cumming, too. She finally relaxed a bit and they left the balcony, so I went inside to hear again.

I heard Rick tell her “Get me hard one more time before you go.” So she said “OK, give me that poor limp dick, and I will make it hard again.” Again all I could hear for a long time was slurping and moaning. Then she said “Turn around and bend over so I can rim you from the back and get you going again.” Rick soon started moaning and groaning and then Cindy said “That seemed to do the trick, now let me ride that big black cock again.” With that I could not hear much for a while, except Cindy’s moans. Then Rick said “turn around again so I can get another look at your ass.” After a while Cindy said “fuck me in the ass again” So Rick said “Turn around and ride my cock in your ass so I can see your sexy pussy again.” I heard Cindy cum again several times and finally Rick said “I am getting ready to cum again, you had better climb off quick.” Then Rick said “Hubby, you had better get down here quickly. In about 3 minutes your wife is going to be leaving, and if you are not here with something she will be walking down the hallway naked.”

I hurriedly put on some shorts, clearly tenting in the front, grabbed a beach towel and headed to Rick’s cabin. Within about 10 seconds of my arrival, the door opened, Rick handed me the camera and bag of toys and Cindy came out totally naked. She had cum all over her. Obviously Rick’s last cum shot had been on her face. She had cum in her hair, dripping from her nose and chin, cum on her lips (which she quickly licked off) and cum that had been wiped from her eyes. Rick said “bye” looked at me and said “you are a lucky man, she was a great fuck” and closed the door as I wrapped the towel around my wife. She looked glorious. She was bouncy happy, like she had just gotten off of the best ride at Disney, but also looked a bit worn out. She looked at me and said “I love you, let’s get to our cabin so I can fuck you.” and then she gave me a big kiss. We walked back to our cabin and she dropped her towel. I told her “I want to hear all of the details” and she said “just fuck me first. Fuck me in all of the holes Rick used, and then cum in my pussy….but first I want you to eat my pussy.” So she laid on her back on the bed and I looked at her well fucked pussy. It was throbbing and swollen and looked beautiful, like she had just had the ride of her life. I licked her clit and pussy until she came all over my face. Then she took off my shorts, sucked on my cock, and laid on her back and said “Fuck me.” I proceeded to slide my cock in her pussy. It slipped right in since she was so slick and stretched, but it felt great. I pounded her and she started cumming almost immediately. I knew I wouldn’t last long, and I think the also knew it, so she said “Fuck my ass before you cum in my pussy.” I climbed off of her and she turned over. Her asshole was ready and waiting so I climbed on top and slipped my cock in. I had wanted this for a long time, and it felt fantastic. I pounded her ass for a few strokes and then said “I think I need your pussy again, since I can’t hold my orgasm much longer.” She laughed and said “you must have enjoyed this night, too” and turned over. I put my cock back in her pussy and she said “I love you, fill me with your cum.” Which I almost immediately proceeded to do. We then fell on the bed and promptly fell asleep.

We woke up about 10 AM and cuddled for a while. I asked Cindy if she thought she would see Rick again and she said “Oh…he is probably going to be on to someone else tonight, so I think it will be you and me the rest of the trip.” I responded “Does that make you sad?” and she said “It was really fun, but I love you, so I will be happy to be with you.” I think she was trying to make me feel better. I told her that hearing her have so much fun made me happy, and what would make me happier was to get to see her fuck Rick. She looked at me kind of funny but didn’t say anything. I asked her if Rick asked her to have a repeat performance if she would agree and she said “maybe…but I don’t think he would be interested and I would like you to get some fun too.” Then she giggled and said, “I think I need a shower before we do anything more today.” She was right, she had dried cum all over her, from her hair to her ass, pussy and down her thighs. So we showered, and fucked again in the shower, before we realized it was time for lunch. We decided to have a leisurely afternoon by the pool. We went to lunch and came back to our cabin to change. Cindy had been telling me all about her night and was getting really worked up again, so we had a quick fuck and then got on our swimming suits and went to the pool. We swam a bit, played in the pool and laid in the lounge chairs napping for a while. About 2 PM a we noticed a shadow and looked up to see Rick. Cindy immediately sat up a bit and got a little excited and nervous. Rick said, “Hi, just saw you here and thought I would stop by.” To which Cindy responded “I am glad you did, it is nice to see you.” Rick got right to the point “would you like to go to my cabin for a little while?” Cindy didn’t even hesitate when she responded “yes, please.” Then she looked at me a little sheepishly and said “If it is OK.” I smiled and said “Have fun, I will see you back in our cabin a little later.” So Cindy left with Rick and I laid by the pool for a few minutes.

I knew I couldn’t stay by the pool for very long, since as soon as I started imagining what my wife might be doing with Rick I started getting a tent in my swimming suit. I figured she would be an hour or so, so I took my time getting to the cabin, trying to think about other things. I stopped by a shop and bought her a present, and got a snack. Finally, I couldn’t take it any longer and so I headed back to our cabin to fantasize and wait. After another hour, she wasn’t there and I was getting pretty antsy. However, all l could do was wait. Finally, I heard the key card in the door and in floated my wife. She had her beach towel wrapped around her and her swimming suit in her hand. She seemed like she was floating on air as she entered the room, all aglow and smiling. She looked at me and said “Oh…you are back already.” I said, “it’s 5 o’clock, you were gone for 3 hours”. She looked stunned and said “it sure didn’t seem like that long.” With that she dropped her towel and she was naked and her pussy had been shaved clean. I could see juices streaming down her thighs. I told her to tell me all about it so she proceeded with her story. She and Rick had gone straight to his cabin. As soon as they entered he began kissing her and telling her how fantastic she was last night. Then he slowly began massaging her tits and he unhooked her top and slid it off of her shoulders. He said “this afternoon is all about you” as he began tenderly licking her breasts and sucking her nipples. She loves having her nipples nibbled and sucked, so this really got her going. Then he began massaging her ass and slowly slipped his hands inside the back of her suit and slid the bottoms off. She was now completely nude. He laid her on the bed and began working his way down her stomach toward her play area. When he got close to her pussy he moved to her legs and began licking and kissing her inner thighs. All of a sudden he stopped and said “We need to fix this pussy up. You will love the way it feels” She just laid with her legs spread wide while he went into the bathroom and came back with shave gel, a razor and towels. He proceeded to shave her pussy and clean her up. He was very gentle and smooth, so it was really erotic. He then rubbed all over her pussy with lotion so it would not get sore. Then he said “Now it is ready for some attention” and proceeded to lick her pussy lips. He licked and kissed all over her pussy and it felt so sensitive and tingled all over. Then he slipped his tongue inside her pussy and she started to cum. He licked up to her clit and as soon as his tongue touched her clit she had a huge orgasm and squirted all over his face. He wiped his face and said “now you need to get me ready” so she eagerly set about to sucking his dick and licking his balls and asshole. This got him hard in no time.

“Now,” he said “I need you to lay on your side, with your knees pulled up a bit.” She did exactly as he said and he laid behind her, spooning her. As he was spooning her she felt his huge cock start to begin probing at the folds of her pussy. Soon the head was slowly pushing into her cunt. She just laid there, enjoying the feeling. He very slowly pushed his dick all the way into her pussy. When he was fully inside her he said “now just relax and let yourself go, enjoy the sensation.” She did and he began very slowly fucking her, sliding is cock almost all the way out of her pussy and then all the way back in. He reached around her and with one hand began playing with her tits and with the other he began playing with her clit. His cock was going so slowly that she asked him to fuck her harder, but he just said “relax and enjoy.” She began just focusing on the feeling of his cock moving slowly in and out of her. As she did she began to lose herself in the pleasure he was giving her. He brought her to the brink of orgasm and kept her there. She occasionally would cross over and cum a bit, but then he would bring her back just below the threshold. She lost track of time and everything else, just feeling the very slow strokes of his hard cock, nearly all the way out of her pussy and then all the way in …out……..out……in. She was in ecstasy for an extended period of time. It was heavenly. She was lost on the edge of orgasm, feeling him stroking her cunt and playing with her nipples and clit, for an unknown amount of time. She had never felt anything like this before and didn’t know what adjectives to use to explain it. All she could say was “fantastic, heavenly, glorious, sensuous, ecstasy”. She said that finally he sped up his fucking a little and started more vigorously rubbing her clit. After all of the pent up orgasm she screamed that she was cumming and had the most intense orgasm of her life that must have lasted for minutes. At the same time Rick filled her pussy with his load, his cock growing larger inside her, his body becoming stiff and then shaking all over. When they finished she thanked him, kissed him, picked up her towel and headed out of the room. On the way out he stopped her and they made plans for that evening.

After telling me this story I was hard as a rock and she took me in her mouth and I came almost immediately. She smiled, showed me my cum in her mouth and then she swallowed it. That was one of the hottest things I had ever seen. She then spread her legs and showed me her pussy, a combination of his cum and her juices was flowing out and running down her ass crack. She said “lick me, I want you to make me cum” So I licked her swollen pussy, lips and clit, until she squirted all over my face. By then it was time to go to dinner. That is when she told me that Rick was going to meet us back at the bar at 9 and then we would come back to our cabin for a night of play. I was getting hard again just at the thought of getting to watch my beautiful wife attain such heights of pleasure. So we showered, where of course I wanted to fuck her again. She said she was getting a bit sore and wanted to save it for tonight. I was a bit sad, but still excited. We got dressed and went to dinner at one of the ship restaurants. I couldn’t keep my mind off of what was going to happen later that night. I don’t think Cindy could either, because when we got up to leave after dinner, there was a wet spot on her chair where she had been sitting.

We went back to our cabin and she said “I want you to dress me for Rick.” I picked out a very sexy pair of black panties that untied on the sides and had a split crotch. Then I helped her put on a bustier that tied up the side and some fishnet stockings. I then picked out a hot little dress that fit her perfectly and some fuck-me heels. She put on make-up and fixed her hair. When she came out of the bathroom she looked amazing and fuckable. I had to work hard to keep from getting a woody thinking about the fact that Rick was going to get to take all of these off of her later. It was about 8:30 so we headed to the bar. We wanted to get a table before they were gone and Rick got there.

As we sat in the bar we said very little after ordering drinks, but the tension and excitement was palpable. Cindy drank her first drink pretty quickly and I ordered her a second drink. About the time the second drink arrived Rick showed up. He got a drink for himself and seemed very calm and confident. He should be, he was in control at that moment. He then asked if we were both OK with what was going to be happening. Cindy enthusiastically said “Yes!” and so I agreed. I knew there was no stopping her now, even if I had wanted to. My cock told me I didn’t want to. So we quickly finished our drinks, ordered some to take to our cabin, and when the drinks came we headed up to our cabin. As we got to the door of our cabin Rick stopped and said “You’re sure?” and I put the card in the door to show that I was ready. Cindy beamed and was obviously shaking with anticipation.

As we entered our cabin Cindy and Rick both handed me their drinks and immediately began kissing. I saw Cindy’s tongue enter Rick’s mouth and his tongue began dancing with her tongue. They were French kissing deeply and Rick’s hands began roaming over my wife’s body. Her hands were almost immediately on his cock, rubbing him through his pants. I heard what happened the night before, but actually getting to watch was enthralling. I got out the camera and began to film. Rick’s hands cupped Cindy’s ass cheeks and began massaging them. He slowly pulled up the back of her dress until his hands were on her ass. He then pulled back and asked her to remove her dress. She stepped back and obeyed without hesitation, unzipping the back of her dress and letting it fall to the ground. Rick stared at her body and began playing with her again, both on her tits and her ass. His hand on her ass slipped down between her legs and she spread her legs so he could get better access. Suddenly he stopped and backed away again. He told her to take off her panties. Her panties were on the floor faster than I would have thought possible. He looked at her shaved pussy and expressed pleasure at his handiwork. He then told her to lay on her back on the bed so he could see everything. Then he told me to kneel above her head and hold her legs up and apart so he could see everything. I did as I was told, and was getting an uncomfortable bulge in my pants as he looked at her bare pussy. He told her to spread the lips of her pussy so he could see up her cunt and see her clit. She did as he asked and he let out a sigh. Then he started instructing her to masturbate. She had never been willing to masturbate for me, so when she began playing with herself without any protest it surprised me. She began rubbing her outer lips, getting her fingers wet with her juices and rubbing them all around. Then she slipped a finger into her pussy and began pumping. When she took her finger out it was glistening with her wetness. She put it in her mouth and sucked it provocatively. Then she went back to fucking herself with her fingers, this time using three. She pulled them out, all wet, and began rubbing her clit. He told me to pull her legs up higher and farther apart. I did so, and this made her cunt even more visible and showed him her sweet little rosebud of an asshole. He told her to continue to play with her clit, but to also put a finger in her ass. She got a finger wet in her pussy and slowly slipped it up her ass. I was mesmerized. My conservative wife was laying in front of this man we had only met the day before with her legs spread (with my help), a finger in her ass, two fingers in her pussy and rubbing her clit. She was going to make herself cum for him. He sat in a chair at the end of the bed and watched the show. She began to get more and more wet and rub harder and faster. I could tell she was getting ready to cum, since it became harder to keep her legs apart, as she was tensing up for an orgasm. All of a sudden her body was shaking and she was turning red and moaning a grunting. She said “I’m cumming” and then she went over the top. Rick calmly sat watching her intently and when she finished he said “stand up, and have your husband take the rest of your clothes off for me.” So before she stood up, I removed her shoes. Then she stood and I unhooked her hose from the bustier and slid them sensuously down her legs, so Rick could see. Then I unhooked her bustier and pulled it off of her arms. She was now standing naked in front of Rick, trembling from her orgasm and from excitement.

Rick stood up, still fully clothed and pulled Cindy to him. She melted in his arms as they began to kiss, even more passionately than before. I saw his hands go straight to her bare ass cheeks and begin kneading them. He slid his left hand around front and started playing with her nipples and slid his right hand to her pussy, feeling her wetness. I saw her tense a little bit as he slid a finger into her pussy, but then she just spread her legs a bit more and let herself rest on his hand. He played with her for a while and then backed away. He told her to take off his clothing and hand them to me. As she took off each piece of clothing she would hand them to me so I could hang them up or lay them out neatly. She started with his shirt and kissed him on the chest. She then got on her knees and removed his shoes and his socks. Then she began unbuckling his belt, still on her knees. She unbuttoned his pants and unzipped the zipper. She reached up and pulled down on the waistband of his pants and they fell to the floor. I could see that he had a large bulge in his shorts. She took his pants off of his feet and handed them to me. Then she slid her hands inside that back of his underwear and began pulling them down. They slowly moved down his legs until finally the tip of his cock was the last thing left inside. As Cindy pulled a little more out sprang the biggest cock I had ever seen. It must have been 9 inches long and 2-3 inches in diameter. It was huge and dark. I understand why she had said to be gentle the night before. Cindy finished pulling the boxers off of his feet and he was now also naked, with his hard cock right in her face. He told her to suck it and lick his balls. She started by lifting it up and licking his balls, sucking them into him mouth and I could see her tongue circling his balls in her mouth, one at a time. Then she ran her magical tongue up the length of his shaft and licked the underside of his huge cock head. She then opened her mouth wide and began taking his large member into her mouth. He closed his eyes and moaned as she got her mouth around his cock and began running her tongue across the bottom. I could not take my eyes off of her. Watching my wife suck this big black cock into her mouth was one of the sexiest things I had ever seen. The contrast of his black skin against her white skin was beautiful. She stroked his cock with her mouth, all the time using her tongue like an expert. I could tell that if she went much longer he was going to cum down her throat. I really wanted to see her make him cum, but he wasn’t ready to finish yet, so he pulled out of her mouth, took her arms, and lifted her back to a standing position. She again pushed her body against his and he put his hands on her butt. This time, however, his cock was sliding between her legs, up against her pussy. I could see the head of his cock sticking out behind her. She began to hump herself on his cock while he guided her with his hands.

He pushed her away and lifted her into the air, laying her back on the bed and pushing her legs apart again. This time I grabbed her ankles and held her legs apart for him without even being asked, I wanted to see what he did with her pussy. He slid down her body, first kissing and licking her tits and nipples. He got both of the nipples to pop up and payed very close attention to pleasing her tits. Then he licked and kissed down her body toward the prize. As he got close he slowed down and she started begging him, saying “please lick my pussy. Lick my clit. I want to cum all over your face.” He gradually moved to her pussy and began expertly licking and teasing. I pulled her legs higher and farther apart so he could reach better and he said “My you have a good hubby, there.” Cindy just moaned her approval. He slipped his tongue into her pussy and found it already very wet. He licked up toward her clit, but stopped just short. Then he went back down, all the way to her asshole. When his tongue touched her asshole she started moaning and writhing. He rimmed her a bit and then moved back up her pussy. This time he got to her clit and began lightly flicking his tongue over her sensitive spot. She was moaning for him to make her cum. He slipped his fingers into her pussy, getting them thoroughly wet, and then slipped two fingers into her ass. He then put the fingers from his other hand into her pussy and continued to lick her clit. She was going crazy. He suddenly sucked her clit into his mouth and pushed his fingers hard into her cunt and ass and she came hard. She started squirting and crying out “fuck me… I need you to fuck me.” Hearing my wife say that to Rick made my cock jump to a level or hardness it had not been at since I was in high school.

Rick stood up and was still as hard as he had been. He told me to keep her legs wide apart while he entered her and then I could let go and get the camera from the tripod. Then he asked her to say what she wanted. She said “I want you to fuck me, I want your hard cock in my pussy.” He said “Tell your husband what you want.” So she looked at me and said “I want him to fuck me…I want him to fuck me hard….I want to cum on his cock, I want his big black cock in my cunt fucking me until I can’t stand up.” I was stunned by her lust, but it really aroused me even further. As I stood there holding her ankles apart Rick placed the head of his huge member right at the entrance to her pussy. I could see the head begin to disappear into the soft folds of her cunt. I saw him slowly pushing himself into her. When his head entered her I could feel her tense up, and then it popped inside and she started breathing hard. As he slid into her she started to cum on his cock. I could see her pussy tighten up and feel her body get tense. He kept pushing himself into her. I could see his cock sliding into her inch by inch. He would pull back out a bit and then slide his cock back in a little deeper than before. I couldn’t believe she could take all of that cock. I knew she had done it the night before, and earlier in the day, but seeing that huge things going into her was amazing. He finally was buried all the way into her so I let go of her legs and went to get the camera. As I looked back with the camera his body was covering hers, I could only see her face, in beautiful agony, over his shoulder, and her legs wrapped around his back. Her hands were on his ass pulling him more deeply into her. As I moved to the bottom of the bed I could see her asshole and his cock filling her cunt as it slid in and out. She kept cumming, and I could see her pussy squeezing his cock and her asshole winking at me and she had her orgasms. This was going to be a long, glorious night. He fucked her like this, varying his speed and technique, for over 30 minutes. I lost count of how many times she came, but she was voracious. At one point she looked at me and said “Do you like what you see? Do you like watching him fuck me? Do you like seeing his hard cock filling my pussy?” And then she looked at my hard cock and said “You don’t need to answer, I can tell.” and she got a wicked smile on her face. They continued fucking and he began to withdraw from her, she tried to pull him back in. He pushed her feet up over his shoulders and began to pound her hard. She was in blissful torment. He raised himself up, but not totally out of her pussy, and stopped pounding. He looked at me and quietly said “watch this.” She tried to pull him back down on top of her he would not budge. She pleaded “don’t stop, fuck me…fuck me” he said “you need to fuck me”. So she started lifting her pussy up, pushing up on his cock to take him deeper into herself. She began to hump against him, pulling herself up onto his hard cock and letting herself fall back down. She was so sexy as she pushed against him, all of a sudden cumming again, forcing herself all the way up, pulling his cock as deeply into her cunt as possible. Her whole body was straining with her orgasm. When she finally relaxed he pulled out of her, still hard. He had not cum yet. Again, she looked at my crotch and said “you are loving this, aren’t you?” I said, “Yes, more than you can imagine.”

He told her to turn over and she unhesitatingly obeyed, presenting him her pussy from behind. He commented on the beauty of her ass and he began pushing his cock into her pussy, doggy style. Her face was pressed down toward the bed and he started pounding her again, and again she immediately started cumming on his cock. She whimpered, asking him to fuck her harder. He began pounding her again. She fell onto her stomach, but kept her ass pointed up so he could remain in her pussy. He began hammering her into the bed as she cried out “I’m cumming, fuck me…fuck me...fill my pussy with your hard cock.” He suddenly stopped and he said “Who’s pussy is it?” She froze briefly and said “it’s your pussy.” Rick said “tell me again” so Cindy started saying to him “this pussy belongs to you…it is your pussy…you can do anything you want with this pussy.” He then started pumping her again and said “tell your husband who’s pussy this is.” Cindy looked over at me and said “My pussy belongs to Rick, he can do whatever he wants with it. He can fuck me whenever he wants.” Rick said, “So if I walk in your cabin and your husband is fucking you, you will make him get out of the way for me to fuck you?” She said, “yes, you can fuck me whenever you want.” Rick continued “so, who’s mouth and ass is it?” and Cindy responded “this body is yours, you can do whatever you want with it. It is your mouth to fill, your ass to fuck, your pussy to fuck, whenever you want. I am your slut.” He started pounding her again and she came all over his cock. I didn’t know if I could stand having my cock in my pants much longer, so I quickly undressed. Then he slowed down and she started begging to be fucked harder again. He asked “So, if I have a friend who wants to fuck that pussy that belongs to me, can I let him?” And Cindy answered, “As long as you will keep fucking me you can have whoever you want fuck this pussy whenever you want…now, please fuck me more.” But Rick continued to pause “If I have a girl friend and I want you to lick her pussy, will you do that?” Cindy responded, “Please, I will do anything you want, my body belongs to you. I will even lick pussy for you, as long as you keep fucking me.” He said, “So now, slut, you are my whore to use as I see fit.” Cindy responded “Yes! I am your slut to use however you want. Please fuck me more. I want you to cum inside me.” Rick then said “so tell your husband.” Cindy looked at me and said “I am Rick’s slut. He can fuck me in whatever hole he wants whenever he wants. He can have me do whatever he wants, I will fuck, lick, or suck anyone he wants me to whenever he wants me to. He controls what and who goes in my mouth, my pussy and my asshole.” With that Rick sped up his rhythm and pushed his cock deep into Cindy’s pussy. Cindy had a monster orgasm, her whole body shaking for an extended period, and Rick’s body got tight and he shuddered. Cindy said “Yes..yes…yes…yes…cum in me…fill my pussy with your cum.” And I could tell he was doing just that. As he finished, he rolled off of Cindy’s still trembling body and I could see his cum running out of her pussy. She looked at me with fear and said “I am sorry, but I have to have his cock.” I respond “I understand. It is OK.” Rick said to her “tell your husband again who owns your body.” Cindy looked at me without hesitating and said “My body belongs to Rick for the rest of the cruise, to use as he chooses, but my heart belongs to you. I love you.” I said “I love you, too. And you are amazingly hot.”

Cindy looked at Rick and said “We are not done tonight, are we? Please say no.” Rick laughed and said “We are not even close to done, now you know what to do to get me hard again, don’t you?” With that Cindy got a wicked grin on her face and moved her mouth down Rick’s body to his wilting cock. She said “this cock is covered with juices, I’ll clean it off for you” and she began to lick all of their juices off of his cock. His dick twitched as she worked her magic tongue all over it. She worked her way down his cock, as it began to slowly harden again. She said “Oh no, you have cum all over your balls too. Let me clean that up.” And she proceeded to lick his balls again, sucking them each into her mouth and running her tongue all around. Then Cindy pushed his legs farther up in the air and said “Oh, and you have cum running all the way down to your asshole. Let me get that for you.” She then slowly licked below his balls, making sure to clean all over until she reached his butthole. Then she began to lick all around his hole. Finally, she flicked her tongue across his asshole and began to lick it in earnest. His cock started to rise again. She got a lustful look on her face and slid her tongue inside his asshole, fucking his ass with her tongue. He immediately got fully hard again as he let her give him a rimjob. Finally, he looked at me and said “your wife does the hottest ass licking I have ever had. My cock can’t stay down when she does that.” She sat up gleefully and said “now you can fuck me some more.” I knew why he wanted to come back to her tonight, she was insatiable. Rick then said “put your mouth on my cock.” And Cindy immediately started sucking his hard dick. He then took her head and began stroking his cock with it. He pushed her face all the way onto his hard cock and held it there. She was finding it hard to breath and was gagging a bit so he lifted her head off of his cock and then quickly pushed it back on as far as possible as soon as she had taken a breath. He continued to fuck her face like this, while she willingly took the full length of his cock down her throat. He pulled her off of his cock and said “Now, we need to get one more thing clear. Since you belong to me, not even your husband can fuck you, in any hole, without my permission. You have to ask me before he can touch you.” Cindy unhesitatingly said “Yes, sir.” Rick smiled and looked at me. He said “you can jerk off while you watch your wife ride my cock.”

This time he laid on his back with his hard prick standing straight up and told her to climb on and ride him. She quickly climbed on top of him and lowered her pussy onto his hard rod. She slowly lifted up and down until she was sitting all the way on him with her cunt filled. Then she started fucking him. Her white skin on top of his black skin showed a stark contrast. She began riding up and down and then back and forth. She was riding his cock and then rubbing her clit against him. As she went back and forth he just laid there enjoying the actions, reaching up and playing with her tits while she did all of the work. He looked at me and said “See, she is my slut. She works to make me feel good.” And he smiled. Cindy looked at me and gave a quick shrug and kept riding. It didn’t take long for her to start cumming again, squirting all over Rick’s lower abdomen. She grunted and moaned over and over. Then Rick told her to turn around so he could play with her ass. She spun around, without ever taking his cock out of her. She was a spinner! Then she started riding and cumming again, this time squirting all over his balls. He pushed her forward so he could have better access to her ass. He started putting his finger in her butt and then he remembered our toys. He said to me “get me some of those dildos and some lube.” I went and got the small and large straight dildos. He took the smaller one, lubed it up, and started to push it into her ass. She flinched a little bit at first but then began really enjoying it. Rick was pumping into both holes. Then he removed the small dildo, and lubed up the larger dildo. He began slowly sliding the dildo up her butt. When Cindy started riding harder he got distracted he told me to use the big dildo on her. He had only gotten the first inch or two into her, so I put more lube on the dildo and gradually pushed it further up into my wife’s butt. She started to get more and more turned on, so I started pumping it into her ass as she pounded on Rick’s cock. She was being DP’d! It was hot, hotter than anything I had ever seen. Then I just held the dildo still while Cindy humped both Rick’s cock and the dildo. She was over the top, cumming over and over. She was yelling “fuck my pussy, fuck my ass, fuck me harder.” Rick couldn’t hold out much longer. His body trembled and he started to fill Cindy’s pussy again with his hot sperm. She reached a huge climax just as he finished and fell on top of him. I stroked my cock just a few times as they came and couldn’t hold it in so I came on the bed at the same time as they came. They laid back on the bed and asked me to get their drinks. I went to get the drinks and as I turned back I could see that they were kissing again and Cindy’s hand was trying to restore his spent cock. This was when it really hit me that I am now a cuckold and my wife is a hotwife. Things were going to be different from now on. Our sex life just got a whole lot hotter.

I gave them their drinks and they sat back for a little rest and relaxation. As soon as Cindy finished her drink she worked her way back down to Rick’s cock and started to work on sucking it back to life. He just laid back and let her work, enjoying her sexy mouth on his member. He began coming to life again so Cindy started working it a little harder. She was licking his ball sack and below it, but the way he was sitting she couldn’t get to his ass. She went back to work on his cock and it was showing small signs of life, but she was getting frustrated at the slow progress. So she told Rick to get on his knees and bend over. He smiled, finished his drink and complied. He was on his knees with his ass in the air and Cindy went to work. She pulled apart his cheeks and began to tease him, kissing and licking around the crack of his ass, but not touching his most sensitive areas. He started to get a little firmer, since her teasing was getting to him. Suddenly, she planted a huge kiss right on his asshole, and he started to moan. He said “your tongue is so hot fucking my asshole” and I looked more closely. I could see that she was actually French kissing his asshole, and moving her tongue all around just inside his hole. He said to me “your wife has a magic tongue; she is the best at rim jobs.” So I watched and filmed what she was doing more closely. She was working her tongue all around his ass, sometimes inside, sometimes outside. Rick said to me “You should start licking your wife’s ass, so she can be ready for my cock when she gets it hard. I moved around behind her and she presented her ass to me. I began doing exactly what she had done to Rick. I teased her asshole, kissing and licking all around it, and then gave it a huge kiss, inserting my tongue as far as I could. I then lost all ability to focus on anything else, just enjoying her ass. I was surprised when Rick pulled my head back and showed me his fully hard cock, ready to fuck Cindy in the ass. He told me to get some lube and lube up Cindy’s ass. Then I was to lay on my back underneath her, with my head between her legs. He said “You need to get the best view of what I am about to do to this asshole I own.” And he laughed. So I put lube all over Cindy’s asshole, gave him the bottle of lube, and slid underneath my wife. I had a close up view of his big cock head pushing against her asshole. He told her to relax, it will be in soon. Then he pushed a little harder and his prick slowly started to move up into her butt. He pushed a little more and I watched as he filled her ass with his cock. Cindy started saying “fuck my ass…fill my ass with your cock….stuff me with your meat.” And the like. I was watching it go in and out and I could see that it actually really turned Cindy on. I couldn’t help myself so I began licking her pussy. Almost as soon as I put my tongue on her clit she started cumming wildly. She was crying out and moaning and Rick began to pick up his pace. She was squeezing his cock so tightly that he didn’t last very long. While Cindy was squirting all over my face, he tightened his butt cheeks and pushed himself all the way into her and began dumping his load in her butt. She squealed with delight and said “wow, you didn’t last long that time.” And laughed. He was clearly getting worn out, so he said “Your wife is unstoppable. She wears me out.” I said “I know the feeling.” He said to Cindy “I just want one more quick one, where I cum all over your face before I leave. You know what to do.” And he smiled wickedly. Cindy just gave back the wicked grin and started working on his cock and ass again. As she licked and rimmed his asshole I looked at her and could see his cum running out of her ass. It was an amazing sight. I wondered how often I was going to get to see that this week, and if any of it would ever be mine. Cindy quickly got Rick hard again and began giving him the works, with her mouth all over his cock, balls and ass. He was laying on his back, just relishing that magical mouth of hers. Soon he had her stop and stood up, and told her to get down on her knees so he could cum on her face. She did as she was told and began licking his balls and sucking his cock. He told her “When I tell you, take your mouth off and stroke me with your hands, aiming at your face.” She said “mmmhmmm”, never taking her mouth off of his cock. Suddenly he began to stiffen and said “now!” Cindy took her mouth off and began stroking his cock. He began spurting all over her face, rope after rope of heavy cum. His first shot landed on her forehead and in her hair, while the second and third landed on her nose and in her eyes. The rest came onto her mouth, which she opened to get some of his juice. Most of it landed on her lips and chin. When he finished, her face was covered in his cum. It dripped from her hair, nose and chin and was spattered all over her lips, cheeks, forehead and eyes. She was a beautiful mess. Rick immediately stepped back, admiring his work, picked up his clothes and got dressed. He looked around about and found Cindy’s cabin card and said “I’ll be taking this. You never know when I might have need of my slut’s pussy.” Then he laughed and left the cabin. Cindy had not even gotten her eyes opened again to see him go.

Cindy rubbed his cum out of her eyes and smiled up at me. She said “I love you for letting me enjoy this so much.” She said “It looks like you need to cum again, but I don’t have permission, so I will watch you jerk off.” I laid back on the bed and I looked at my cum covered wife while I stroked my hard meat. It didn’t take long and I started shooting another load of cum into the air. Cindy got a towel and cleaned us both up and said “I wish I could have done that. I love you.” I said “I love you, too. You’re amazing.” She smiled, we cuddled, and promptly fell asleep.

Day 4: I was awakened before light, about 6 AM when our cabin door clicked shut and I heard movement. Then the light turned on and Rick was standing there. He said “Sorry to wake you, but I woke up with a woody and I need to use my pussy. Move over, hubby.” Cindy was still sleeping, she was a bit worn out to say the least, so Rick started playing with her pussy. She awoke to see his semi-hard cock hanging right in front of her face. Her eyes lit up and she immediately started licking his balls and sucking his cock. He sprang to attention pretty quickly and said he wanted to fuck her doggy. Then he got a wicked grin and told me to lay on my back and her to straddle my face, like we had done the night before. Then he said “You need to lick your wife’s pussy to get her cunt wet and ready for my cock.” So I started licking her pussy, from asshole to clit but it was already pretty wet. She got excited quickly. I pushed my tongue into her cunt and then pulled it out and licked her clit. She started to cum and Rick said “OK, no cumming without my cock in there.” So I had to stop licking and he began to mount her from behind. I watched as his large head began spreading the folds of her pussy and stretching her cunt. As he pushed his cock into her pussy he was not too gentle. He stretched her pussy and pushed his cock all the way in in one motion. Cindy gasped, but accepted his huge tool and immediately started moaning. Rick said “Suck her clit while I fuck her. Let’s see how many times we can make her cum before I fill her pussy.” So I began licking her clit while his cock was just centimeters away, filling her hole. She started cumming instantly, and started squirting. Her squirts splashed off of his balls and almost drowned me. I couldn’t do anything but swallow and keep licking. She kept cumming until I was almost swamped. My whole head was drenched and she kept cumming. Rick was pounding her like there was no tomorrow and then he tightened up and pushed his dick as deeply into her as he could, pouring a huge load into her pussy. He then pulled out, dripping his cum from her cunt onto me and got quickly dressed. He said “Thanks for taking care of my morning woody. See you later. Good job, hubby, you can get a blow job if you want.” and walked out the door. Cindy was left drained and I was left soaked. I got out from under her dripping pussy and turned around. She proceeded to lick all of the juices off of my face. I was immediately hard and so she gave me a great blow job, and I dropped my load down her throat. She showed me my cum in her mouth and then swallowed it all. We then laid back down and went back to sleep.

After sleeping for several more hours we got up around 10 AM, took showers and went out to get some lunch. We decided to walk the ship and then go to the pool, so Cindy wore her swimming suit with a cover-up and we took our towels and meandered around the ship for a while. When we got to the pool it was about 2:30 so we swam a bit and then sat in some lounge chairs. It was not more than 20 minutes later that Rick showed up with a friend. He introduced his friend to us as Joseph. Joseph was also black, a little taller and thinner than Rick. They got right to business. Rick said “I told Joseph about my slut and he wanted to meet her. I asked if he would like to learn how to make a woman maintain an orgasm for as long as you want, and he is eager. So, we are going to go to your cabin to give Joseph some lessons. You can come if you want, hubby.” With that he took Cindy’s hand and pulled her up from her chair and started leading her toward our cabin. I collected all of our stuff but by the time I got moving they were out of sight. I headed for our cabin.

When I walked into our cabin they had already removed Cindy’s top and were kissing her and playing with her tits. I could tell she was excited because both of her nipples were already hard. Rick put his hand inside her bottoms and slid them off, revealing her shaved pussy to Joseph. He whistled and said how pretty it was. Cindy blushed a little bit. Then Rick said “We need to get her rolling, so why don’t you lick that beautiful pussy while I get my clothes off.” Joseph jumped at the chance, so he gently pushed my wife onto her back and began licking her between her legs. He licked all around her pussy, teasing her and gently brushing her lips with his tongue. Finally, he spread her lips and slid his tongue inside her pussy. She let out a small gasp and I could tell she was already enjoying this. Rick had removed all of his clothes by this time and put his cock up near her mouth. She took it into her mouth without hesitation and began sucking and licking it to get it hard. She was ready for another exquisite extended orgasm. She was starting to get close to cumming from Joseph’s attentions when Rick told Joseph to stop licking, watch and learn. Cindy knew what to do by now, she laid on her side, pulling her legs up toward her chest. Rick slid in behind her and proceeded to enter her just as he had the day before, gently and slowly. He was describing exactly what he was doing to Joseph, playing with her tits with one hand, her clit with the other, and slowly fucking her. Joseph was watching closely, enjoying the show. Cindy was already lost in her borderline orgasm. This had been going on for about an hour when Rick asked Joseph if he wanted to try. Joseph was almost overcome with joy. Rick told him to take off his clothes. He did so, and placed his cock at Cindy’s mouth. He was at least 1 inch longer that Rick, but a little thinner. I wondered how my wife would take that. She opened her eyes, saw his length and let out a small gasp, a happy gasp. She took his cock into her mouth and started sucking it and running her tongue around it inside her mouth. Joseph said, “Woah, not too much, I don’t want to cum yet.” Rick said, “Watch this, I am going to speed it up just a little bit and make her really cum and I will fill her with my jism.” He then proceeded to do exactly as he said, and Cindy had a body shaking orgasm while he spurted into her. When they had settled down a bit he said “OK Joseph, your turn.” He got up, Cindy just laid there smiling and Joseph took Rick’s place. Now my wife was going to get filled by another stranger’s cock, and I was standing at attention waiting in anticipation, looking forward to watching my wife in heaven. As Joseph slid his pole into Cindy’s cunt she began purring. He put it in very slowly, but Rick told him to slow down his strokes a bit. Then he started playing with her clit and tits. She almost immediately started going over the top, so Rick instructed Joseph to slow down and keep her at the peak. Joseph slowed down and Cindy started to fall into her extended state of orgasmic pleasure. A few times, as Rick could tell she was dropping lower he would tell Joseph to speed up, and as she would start to go over the top Rick would tell him to slow down. After a short while Joseph was getting the idea and Cindy was in a state of euphoria that Joseph was able to maintain. I thought “Joseph is even better at this than Rick, he is more attentive. Rick better watch out”. Joseph was slow, gentle and sensitive and kept Cindy in this state for another 2 hours. Finally, Rick said it was time to finish so Joseph sped up just a bit. Cindy began shuddering all over and trembling. Her head went back and her mouth fell open. She began turning red and she started cumming harder than she had at any time on the cruise. She was squirting all over Joseph and he tensed up his butt, pushing his cock all the way into my wife and deposited what looked like a gigantic load of cum in her pussy. They both just lay there in a state of total, trembling abandon for several minutes. Rick looked stunned and said it was time to go. Rick looked at me and said “Fuck her, if you want.” Joseph slowly got up, got dressed and he and Rick left. I looked down at Cindy and could see that she had reached a place that she had never known before. I was full of joy looking at how fantastic she looked, contented with cum running out of her pussy. She looked at me and said “Please fuck me. I need you to fill me up.” I was happy to oblige, again having an intense hard-on that needed relief. She came all over my cock and I let a load go in her on top of Joseph’s and Rick’s cum. I apologized for not being able to measure up to them and she responded that the orgasms she has with me are always the best, because she loves me. I loved her more than ever at that moment.

We decided to relax in the room for a bit and then shower and go to dinner. Our relaxation was interrupted when Rick came in and told Cindy to put a swimsuit back on, we are going up to the clothing optional deck. Cindy looked at me with a slightly nervous look, but said “Yes, sir.” So she was quickly dressed and Rick led her out of the cabin and to the elevator. When we got to the clothing optional deck there were several other people there, mostly couples and men. Then Rick told Cindy to remove all of her clothing, which she promptly did. He said, “Now be a good slut and show everyone your pussy.” Cindy laid on her back on a lounge chair and spread her legs. Rick said, “hubby, help her out.” So I moved behind her and held her legs apart and she held her pussy open so everyone could see. Rick announced to everyone that I was her husband, but that he owned her pussy. Then he sat down and commanded her to come over and ride his cock. She stood up, said “yes, sir”, moved to him, lowered his suit and started sucking on his cock. She had the attention of everyone, and in fact a few more were arriving for the show. When he was fully hard she stood up and lowered herself onto his hard cock. She then started riding it hard. He said, “fuck me hard, slut.” So she started riding harder. A group of men had now gathered around and taken off their suits, showing their hard cocks. Rick told her to suck one of the cocks, so she took in into her mouth and began sucking while she humped Rick. Shortly, Rick announced that he was going to fill her pussy with a load of cum. As she lifted off of him, his cum leaked out of her pussy for all to see. Then the man in her mouth started moaning and filled her mouth with cum. Rick said, “Show his cum to your husband and then swallow.” She did as she was told. Then he asked who would like to fuck her. Several men volunteered and Rick picked one and said to Cindy “lay on your back, lift your legs and let him fuck you. And when he is done this one and then this one….Anyone that wants a blow job can line up at her head. She then proceeded to get gangbanged as instructed by Rick. He just sat back and smiled at his control over my wife. He grinned at me and said “enjoy the view.” Men began filling her mouth with cum and the men who were fortunate enough to get to fuck her started filling her pussy with cum. After the three appointed men fucked her, and uncounted men came in her mouth, Rick asked, “who would like to fuck her ass.” He chose a volunteer and told Cindy to turn over and present her asshole. She complied and the man chosen slipped his hard cock into her asshole. He was so excited he didn’t last very long, and filled her ass with his cum. Rick then said, “anyone who hasn’t had a turn, cum on her face. She then had about 5 men cum on her face. Rick then told her to get up and go back to the cabin to shower and get ready for the evening. Cindy had cum multiple times through the afternoon, so I had to help her back to our cabin. I said, “did you like that?” She said “very much, did you?” I responded “It was amazingly hot. You are fantastic.”

We went back to our cabin, showered together and got dressed. Again I chose clothing for her to wear out to dinner and probably drinks after, since I suspected Rick might have plans for her tonight. This time she wore a black body stocking, crotchless, with no panties and a sexy, light flowing summer dress. She did her hair and make-up and when she came out of the bathroom I couldn’t believe how lovely she was. I was ready to fuck her again right there. Instead we went out to dinner, wondering what was coming this evening. We had a very pleasant dinner and then went to the bar for some drinks and dancing. There we found Rick and several friends, including Joseph. Rick introduced us to Carl and Larry. They began dancing with Cindy, taking turns feeling her up every time they had a chance. When a slow song came up there was almost a fight over who would get to dance with her. They got a rotation and took turns. I watched as each of them took her onto the dance floor, held her tight, and ground their cocks against her. She was grinding right back. When Joseph started feeling under her dress he realized that she had no panties and then it was almost a free-for-all to get hands under her dress. Cindy was loving all of the attention, and of course was getting very wet. They kept buying her drinks and playing with her pussy. Finally, Rick said “I think it is time for my pussy to get to her cabin and put on something sexy for us. We will be down in a few minutes.” So Cindy and I left. She was a bit rumpled from all of the attention, but was feeling really sexy. When we got back to our cabin I picked out a purple teddy that barely covered her pussy and didn’t cover her ass at all. She changed her clothes and we sat in our room expectantly. We heard a key card in the door and Rick entered with his other 3 friends and a woman he introduced as Claire. Cindy gasped and said “This is going to be a night to remember.” Rick turned on some slow dance music and everyone lined up to dance with Cindy. She danced and ground herself against their hard cocks and let them all feel her ass, tits, and pussy. She even danced a very sensuous dance with Claire, while all of the men stood in stunned silence. Cindy and Claire kissed deeply and they both had their hands all over the other’s body, very slowly and smoothly. Rick then told Cindy it was time to strip for everyone and he let the music continue. Since she was already almost naked it didn’t take long for her to loosen the tie on her teddy and slowly drop it to the ground while moving around the room and looking everyone in the eyes very deeply. Then Rick told her it was time to continue the show by making herself cum in front of the whole crowd. Cindy said “yes, sir” and proceeded to lay on the bed on her back and she put her legs in the air. Then she called me over and told me to hold her ankles up and apart, which I gladly did. She had developed a whole new sexual confidence that was extremely hot. She had learned how to tease everyone by very slowly caressing her body. She then moved to her breasts and began playing with her nipples, getting them to pop out very quickly. She played with them and squeezed her tits sensuously, all the while looking everyone in the eyes. The room got totally silent except for the low soft music still playing. Then she slowly slid her hands down her stomach and started rubbing her inner thighs, teasing everyone with a small brush across her pussy lips occasionally. Then she began moving her fingers to her pussy, caressing the lips of her pussy and circling her clit. As soon as she began rubbing her clit with one hand she moved the other hand down and slipped two fingers into her cunt, sliding them in and out, glistening with her juices all over them. Then she pulled them out and put them to her lips and began sucking on her fingers, all the while going back and forth between her cunt and her clit with the other hand. Then she put her hand back down onto her pussy, slipping her fingers back into her cunt to get them lubricated. Then she slipped one finger and then a second into her asshole, too. There was a collective gasp in the room, because Cindy was mesmerizing and so incredibly sexy. She began moving her fingers more quickly over her clit and into her pussy and ass. As she quickened her pace, her breathing also quickened and she began to have an orgasm. She pushed up her speed and her orgasm came and she was writhing on the bed, threw her head back, and started groaning. Then she turned red, her muscles tensed up and she shook with the strength of her orgasm. Everyone in the room let out a sigh and then they laughed and cheered. Cindy just laid in front of them smiling. Then I got out the toys, and everyone wanted her to play with the toys for them, so she obliged. She began by putting a butt plug in her ass and then slid a large dildo into her pussy. She was pumping the dildo into her pussy and then she took a vibrator and started vibrating her clit. She was incredibly sexy and everyone was enjoying the show. She made herself cum again and then Larry suggested that she stick the dildo to the coffee table and ride it for them. She proceeded to pull the dildo out of her now soaked pussy and stuck it to the coffee table. She climbed on and slowly slid her pussy onto the dildo. She started humping the dildo and was riding it hard when Rick decided she should suck his dick while she rode the biggest dildo. She unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. She started licking all around the head and up and down then shaft, and then put it into her mouth. Her magic tongue was doing its work while she rode the dildo. Rick started to tense up and he grabbed the back of her head and pulled her mouth onto his hard cock, fucking her mouth. As he started to spasm and unload his sperm into her mouth, she started cumming again, shaking all over the dildo. She sucked every drop out of Rick’s cock. Rick said “Don’t swallow, show everyone my cum in your mouth, especially your husband, and then swallow.” Cindy did as she was told. It was totally hot.

At this point Rick said “Her pussy is getting a bit nubby, I think she needs a shave.” Everyone cheered. So I got some save gel and a razor and Rick proceeded to gently rub the shave gel on her pussy. He said “Hubby, get back up there and hold her legs again.” So I handed off the camera and held her legs wide apart, for easy access and so everyone could see. Rick slowly and gently began putting the shave gel all over her pussy. First he shaved the front and then he began shaving on her lovely pussy lips. He was very smooth and gentle, so there was no fear of nicks or pain. Then he told me to pull her legs farther toward her head. As I did the area right around her cunt and her asshole came into clearer view. He finished shaving her around her asshole and then someone produced a towel and some lotion. Rick proceeded to wipe her down with the towel and then he spread lotion all over her pussy. In this process he occasionally slipped a finger into her cunt or her asshole and would massage her clit. “There” he said, “now she is ready to go.” Everyone approved.

Rick said, in a very commanding tone, “Why don’t you get everyone’s clothing off?” Cindy said “yes, sir” and lifted herself off of the bed and began to take charge, she moved around the room to each of the men one at a time, beginning with Rick, removing all of their clothing. When she got Rick’s clothes off she began sucking and licking his familiar dick, and very quickly got him hard. Then she moved to Joseph and removed his clothing. She again dropped to her knees and began licking and sucking his cock and his balls. Just like Rick, his prick sprang to attention very soon. She then moved to the new folks. She moved to Carl first. He was white, with brown hair, about 6 feet tall and very muscular. As she removed his clothing she could tell that he was already at attention for her. As she pulled his pants off his hard cock sprang out. It was also pretty big, about 8 inches but fatter than either Rick or Joseph. She licked it, and sucked what she could of it and had him ready to fuck her in no time. She then moved on to Larry. He was also white, but blonde. He was about 6 feet 2 inches tall, muscular but not so much as Carl. He was also obviously starting to tent his shorts, so as Cindy removed his pants she had a little difficulty getting him out. He helped her pull the waist of his pants and she finally got them over the end of this dick. When he did so his cock popped out. It was not fully hard, but was already bigger then Rick’s. She eyed it hungrily and went down on him without hesitation. I could see the lust in her eyes. As she started licking around the head of his cock it began to really come to life. It grew under her ministrations to be at least 12 or 13 inches long and was so fat her had could not reach all the way around it. She gasped a bit and said “You are going to have to take is slow with me with that monster.” He smiled and said, “No problem.” She also noticed that his balls were huge, bigger than any of the other men. When she had gotten him up to his full length she moved on to Claire.

Her interactions with Claire were much more fluid than with the men. She kissed on the lips and Claire played with her tits. Then Cindy slowly started removing Claire’s clothing. She took off her shirt, and realized that Claire had no bra and her perky B cup breasts were ready for Cindy. Her nipples were already poking up. Cindy sensuously licked around Claire’s nipples and then began sucking and biting her nipples. Claire moaned as Cindy massaged her. Then, very slowly, Cindy moved down her stomach, kissing, nibbling and licking all the way to her waist. As Claire stood there trembling, Cindy pulled off her little shorts and her panties in one fluid motion. Claire was now totally nude. Cindy took her by the hand and led her to the bed. As they stood by the bed then began to kiss and caress each other. Cindy then laid Claire on the bed and began kissing all over her body.

All of a sudden Rick decided that he needed to assert his control. He stepped forward and ordered Cindy to stop and let him fuck her. She looked up at him and then went back to Claire. He became very angry, grabbed her by the arm and pulled her off the bed to her feet. He said, “That’s my pussy, and you are going to fuck me when I say so.” Cindy said, “No, Claire and I are going to have some fun first, you can watch.” Rick became very angry and slapped Cindy across the face. At that point I stepped in and said, “Rick, I think it is time for you to leave. You have just lost all rights to my wife.” He started raging “Who are you to tell me what do to, you sissy.” At that point Cindy said “My husband has been kindly letting me have my fun, but you DO NOT humiliate him. It is time for you to go.” Rick then turned to the other men in the room, saying “Are you going to let them do this to me? Look at what I got for you.” I then addressed the other men “Rick has to leave. You are welcome to stay and pleasure and enjoy my wife or you can leave with Rick.” The other three men moved over toward Cindy and me and Joseph said “Rick, you crossed the line, time for you to go.” Rick grabbed his clothes, and put them back on and left. Cindy said “I am my husband’s slut now, I trust him. I will do anything he wants me to do. He can fuck me anyway and anytime he wants. And I will fuck anyone he wants me to.” She continued, “that seems to have killed the mood, so now I guess I have to start over again.” She smiled at me and said “I love you.” I smiled back and said “I love you, too, and want you to have all the fun you can. You had better get started before all of these guys lose interest.” Joseph, Carl and Larry all chimed in with calls of “we won’t lose interest” and “we will do what you want”.

So Cindy went around to them and sucked and licked each of their cocks and balls, getting them all standing at attention again. And each time she would look me in the eyes and smile with their cock in her mouth. Then she returned to Claire and began kissing her all over again. The room became hushed as Cindy and Claire’s performance took center state. Cindy went back and got Claire’s nipples hard again, and Claire did the same to Cindy. Then Cindy slid down Claire’s body until she found her soaking wet pussy. Claire laid back and spread her legs so Cindy could have full access. Cindy said “I have never done a woman before; I hope you are satisfied.” Then she dove in and began licking all around Claire’s pussy, teasing at first and then getting more serious. Claire started pushing her hips forward, trying to get Cindy to press more firmly into her mound. Cindy spread Claire’s lips and slipped her tongue inside Claire’s cunt and Claire started going wild. As Cindy licked her pussy, sliding up from her cunt to her clit and back Claire just bucked her hips and said “mmmmmmmmmm….yes…lick my pussy….please lick my ass.” At this command Cindy pushed Claire’s legs up and started licking her asshole as well. This drove Claire over the top. Cindy’s tongue and lips were all over Claire and Claire started thrashing and writhing on the bed crying “I’m cumming….I am going to cum all over your face…ooooooooo….mmmmmmmmm.” Claire nearly burst onto Cindy’s face, having a huge orgasm. Cindy pulled back, Claire’s juices shining on her face, with a huge grin. She said “That was fun!” and Claire said “It is my turn to return the favor.” At this the men, who had been watching in rapt attention and stroking their hard cocks, all cheered. So Claire laid Cindy on her back and proceeded to give Cindy the same treatment Cindy had given her. I was beautiful and highly erotic. Cindy came in a huge orgasm all over Claire’s face. Claire sat up with a grin like the cat that caught the canary. Cindy then said “Time to get some hard cock, shall we get to work Claire?” Both women giggled and started to work on the men.

Cindy went to Carl first, since he was the smallest and she wanted to work her way up to Larry. She again began sucking his cock and he got to full size almost immediately. She looked at me and said “May I fuck him, sir?” I smiled and said “fuck them all.” She started grinning and said to Carl, “Fuck me, I want that hard cock inside me.” So he laid her on the bed and started plowing her pussy. She very quickly came and was writhing and grinding. He put her legs over his shoulders and held still. She started humping him, lifting her pussy to get filled by his prick. She was cumming again and she said “cum in me…cum right now.” That pushed him over the edge and his butt tightened up as he pushed himself deeply into her and dropped a huge load. As he was cumming Cindy looked at me and said “Do you like seeing his hard cock cum in my pussy?” I said emphatically “YES! It is totally hot.” As he pulled out, Claire immediately started licking his cum out of her pussy. So Cindy called Joseph over to her and she started sucking his cock. She licked up and down and put the head in her mouth using her fantastic tongue. He said he was getting close to cumming, so she stopped sucking and said “I want you to fuck me, too….Fill my cunt with your beautiful cock.” So he turned her over and pulled her onto her knees. He then slowly pushed his hard member into her, rocking back and forth and pushing into her a little bit at a time. When he was fully inside her he started pounding her for a while. She was cumming on his cock and he stopped pounding so she had to fuck him. She pushed back and forth on his hard cock. He then pushed her down so she was on her stomach on the bed and she arched her back so he could stay in her pussy. Then she called Larry over and had him lay on his back in front of her. She started licking his huge cock, sliding her mouth up and down on the bottom. She couldn’t even get the head all the way into her mouth, but she licked and sucked his balls and licked his shaft. At this point, Joseph started tensing up and let out a low moan, dumping his load into Cindy’s pussy. She came at the same time, rocking her body. She briefly forgot about Larry.

When Joseph was done cumming Cindy was able to refocus her attention on the giant cock in front of her. She licked up and down the shaft and around the head. Then she pushed his legs up and started licking his asshole. He almost came when she pushed her tongue inside his butt, so he made her stop. He wanted to fill her cunt. During this time Claire had been cleaning out Cindy’s pussy while still getting fucked by Carl. Cindy pulled back from Larry and he was at full attention, and it was huge. Cindy looked at his hard pole standing straight up and got a bit of a worried expression on her face. She said “That’s so huge, I don’t know if I can stand it.” Larry responded, “Just take it slow and easy and do what you can. Now climb on, you can be in charge.” She smiled at this and began to climb on top. She reached down and grabbed his hard cock and aimed it at her pussy. She began to slowly lower herself onto him. She rubbed the head of his member against her clit and then slid it toward her waiting juicy cunt. It slowly slid between the folds of her pussy lips and I could see her cunt begin to stretch around his cock. She very slowly lowered herself even more, taking the whole head into her pussy. I could tell she was at a very tight point, if she could get past this, she would get it all, or at least most of it. She pushed harder and then his cock seemed to pop into her pussy. She let out a low moan, seeming half pleasure half pa

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