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young ashley

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"So like why did you bring me here, I mean, it's a pretty cool spot, but.."

"Ashley, how long have we known each other?"

"I guess ever since I joined scouts, why?"

Ashley had joined the scouts at the age eight. In the six years since she had advanced through the various levels rapidly and earned more than her fair share of merit badges.

Now fourteen Ashley was transitioning from a pretty little girl into a beautiful young woman. Ashley was just under five and a half feet tall, and years of out door activities, as well as gymnastics had given her a petite, yet athletic build. Her chest was still relatively flat, and she had only just gone from a trainer to an a-cup bra. Rather than detracting from her beauty, this served to add an aura of innocence. The teen's hips had developed a perfect curve, and it had become almost impossible not to stare at her tight round ass. As if all that wasn't enough Ashley had thick sandy blonde hair that cascaded to the middle of her back, and soft, captivating brown eyes.

"I was your age when you joined, I hadn't reached your rank yet, but I was close."

Speaking to Ashley was a girl whom she had always looked up too, Lisa. Unlike so many of the girls Lisa chose not to drop out after she started college, and now at the age of twenty she was an assistant scout master. Standing at five foot eight Lisa was a slender girl, and a sight to behold.

Her olive skin and dark brunette hair quickly gave away her Italian heritage. Where as Ashley's hair was straight Lisa's had an obvious curve to it. Had it not been in its signature pony tail it would have ended a several inches below her shoulders. Having been an early bloomer Lisa now wore a c-cup bra, and had come to enjoy the attention her chest garnered. Lisa had a nice curve to her hips and a well rounded ass, though not quite as perfect as Ashley's.

Being mid-August, and near the end of summer camp, both girls had a healthy natural summer tan. Lisa was dressed simply in a t-shirt and tight shorts, beneath which she wore her string bikini. Ashley had on her uniform skirt and a "Camp Kildore `07" t-shirt. She too wore a two piece bathing suit beneath, though it was far more conservative than Lisa's.

"I've been coming here to just sort of get away for years now," said Lisa as she peeled off her t-shirt. "I mean it's like fucking perfect. A clearing in the middle of the woods with a little pond to go swimming in, what more could you want?"

Ashley didn't reply, but instead stood behind Lisa with look of shock on her face.

"What, you thought I didn't swear or something?" asked Lisa as she looked back at the younger girl.

"Well, no, but, I've never heard you talk like that."

"There's a lot about each other I don't think we know yet, that's why I brought you out here. You have to promise never to tell anyone about this spot though."

"I won't, you can like totally trust me."

"Good," Lisa reached back and took Ashley hand. She pulled the younger girl close to the bond and then sat. "Come on sit in front of me, face to face girl talk."

"Alright," replied the teen as she complied.

"So first off, yes I swear, yes I drink, and yes I sometimes smoke," began Lisa. "I'm trying to quit smoking and I'm down to just one at night. If I ever catch you doing it I'll fucking kill you."

"I've never even tried it," replied Ashley.

"Good. So you got a boyfriend?"

"Kind of, I mean we've only been on a couple dates, which, oh my god my parents do not know about or they would like kill me. I mean we talk on the phone a lot, and we really like each other." Ashley leaned forward and lowered her voice. "We've kissed too."

"Has he ever felt you up?" asked Lisa with smile.


"Come on you can tell me. I was thirteen the first time I got felt up."

"Well." Ashley's face turned beat red.

"He has, did you like it?"

"Oh my god Lisa, I."

"Come on Ash."

"I guess so."

"You guess so? Look Ash, I like you, I think you're a great..a great girl. When I was your age I had no one to talk to about this sort of stuff, and I want to give you what I missed out on."

"Thanks," replied Ashley with a smile.

"So, did you like it?"

Again Ashley blushed. "Well, yeah, I did."

"I did too, well, I still do."

"It's like, I don't know, I mean we've.."

"Come on Ash, you can tell me."

"The first time was alright, but then like he got better the second time, and I mean I really liked it."

"Did you're nipples get hard when he touched them?"

"Oh god yes. Can I tell you something?"

"Oh my god, like anything."

Ashley leaned a little closer to Lisa. "I loved it. I mean his hands felt really good on my chest, and when my nipples get hard, it like hurts, but it's a good pain, the kind you never want to end."

"You ever grind yourself against him?"

"Yeah, that felt really good too."

"Ever masturbated?"

"No," replied Ashley as she sat back. "Have you?"

"Oh hell yeah. So you've never had an orgasm before have you?"

"I don't know."

"Then the answer's no, `cause you'll know when you've had one."

"You won't tell anyone right?" asked Ashley with an innocent fear in her voice.

"God no, this is between you and me." Lisa stood up long enough take her shorts and sneakers off. "So you have a sex drive, big deal, we all do."

"Yeah I guess you're right," replied Ashley, pealing off her own shirt in an unconscious effort to mimic the older girl/

"I first had sex at fifteen. Yes, it hurts the first time, for some girls the second too, but oh my god it feel so good. I'll say it, I love to be fucked, I love sex, and you know what I don't care if people think that makes me a fucking slut or what.

"Have you ever, well, like given a blow job?"

"Yeah, I've well," Lisa took a deep breath. "I've eaten pussy too."


"You heard me. I'm totally bisexual."

"Oh my god, well, I mean.."

"It's cool, the first time I had a girl tell me anything like that I freaked, but one day a really hot girl talked me into trying it out, and I discovered that I liked it just as much as being with a guy. The best for me is a three-way with a guy and a girl."

"I..." Ashley simply didn't know what to say. She felt a strange mix of intrigue, and mortification. It was as if part of her wanted the leave, while another part wanted to ask more.

"Look, you can't knock what you haven't tried right?"

"Well I guess not, I mean.."

"Well there you go."

"What's it like?"

"Being with a girl?" asked Lisa, though she knew full well what Ashley meant.


"Like I said it feels good. I mean, for me it's like I love touching another girl and being touched. Being with a girl is sort of a more gentle type of sex. I've been with a couple of girls that own dildos, that can get a little rough and kinky, but its just as cool. In a lot of ways it's not that different, I mean a girl can do almost anything to you that a guy can, and with a strap-on, even more."

"A strap-on?"

"It's a dildo that a girl can wear, so its like she has a cock." A wicked smile consumed Lisa's face. "There's this girl at my college that has one, and she, well, she's very good with it, let's just leave it there for now. So, do you think you'd ever want to try it with a girl? I mean no dildos or anything kinky, just, love-making."

Ashley's heart could not have been beating any faster. She may still have been somewhat na�ve, but there was little doubt that Lisa, her role-model for years, was now trying to seduce her. She sat in silence as her adrenal glands squeezed hard.

"You're so beautiful Ashley," said Lisa as she leaned ever closer to frightened teen. "Don't be frightened, I won't hurt you."

Fear seemed the only thing Ashley could feel. In fact it gripped her so completely that the fourteen year old simply froze in place. As Lisa's lips softly landed on hers she began to quake. To her relief the kiss was a quick peck on the lips.

"Now that wasn't bad was it?" asked Lisa, only backing off a couple of inches.

"No," replied Ashley her voice full the fear that consumed her.


Lisa leaned forward again, and for a second time pressed her lips to Ashley's. This time she intended to go much further. Feeling Lisa's tongue against her lips, and unsure of what to do, Ashley allowed instinct to take over, and to her own surprise, instinct allowed the tongue into her mouth.

The teen didn't even blink as Lisa's long tongue slid over her own. A thousand thoughts ran through her head all at once. Half were reasons why this was all wrong. She was kissing someone other than her boyfriend, and violating a tenet of her faith. At the same time she marveled at how much better Lisa was at kissing, and how naughty being kissed by a girl felt. Simply put, the moment felt both incredibly wrong and erotic. At the same time she felt the urge not to disappoint the girl she had looked up to for so long. Though still quaking with fear, that urge, mixed with curiosity prompted her own tongue to move. For the fourteen year old it was the most intense moment thus far of her life.

Lisa suddenly pulled back, and seemed as if she was trying hard not to laugh.

"Is that how you kiss?" she asked of the teen.

"Well, yes, but.."

"I know you're nervous," placing her hands on Ashley's shoulders she pulled the teen closer. "Its cute, and a turn on. Now, I want you to learn from me."

For the third time Lisa pressed her lips to Ashley's. This was far more intense kiss than the previous though. This time Ashley choked up enough courage to make an effort.

Still her lack of experience came through, but she kept on trying.

"Alright, that was better," said Lisa leaning back.

"I'm still a virgin Lisa."

"I know, don't worry. In my book you're a virgin until you've been fucked, which isn't going to happen." Lisa reached behind herself and untied the string that held her top back. A moment later it was gone, exposing her chest fully to the teen.

Ashley wasn't trying to be rude, but she couldn't help but to stare. She'd seen breasts before, but never in this context. Lisa's breasts were firm and round, with a large dark nipple surrounded by good sized areola. What's more, she had no tan lines.

"I promise," said Lisa as she took Ashley's hand, "they don't bite." With those words Lisa placed the teen's hand on her right breast. "Ashley, relax, breath honey, its just a tit," laughed Lisa.

"I'm sorry, I just.." Ashley trailed off, she was at a complete loss for words. Initially she held her hand perfect still, with her fingers just above Lisa's nipple.

Again curiosity took over, and she began to glide her fingers gently over the dark areola, with once, brushing ever so slightly against Lisa's erect nipple.

"See, that's not so bad is it? Go on, I like the way your nervous hand feels on my breast."

Ashley's hand continued its cautious exploration of the breast. A moment later Lisa leaned forward a bit and placed her hand on Ashley's. There was no resistance at all from the teen as Lisa began to guide her.

"You're trembling," said Lisa with a warm smile. "That's so cute." Lisa continued to guide the teen's hand over her right breast. "I have to confess something, I've had a bit of a crush on you for a while now."

Again Ashley made no reply, she was far to focused on the alien sensation of fondling another girl. This was unlike anything she had ever done before, though at fourteen, she really hadn't done much. As fear and curiosity mixed a new emotion emerged, one of enjoyment. Lisa pressed forward, kissing the teen again. Releasing Ashley's hand the older girl placed both of her own on Ashley's back.

"Alright honey," whispered Lisa, "Just relax."

Fear once more overwhelmed all other emotions as Ashley felt Lisa unlatch the back of her top. Sensing Ashley's fear Lisa kissed the young girl again in an attempt to distract her. Seconds latter the top was loose, held on only by the strap that went behind Ashley's neck.

"Ashley, do you trust me?" asked Lisa.

"Yes," whispered the teen.

"Good." Lisa was fluid in her motions as removed the top, now was her turn to stare.

"I wish they were bigger," said Ashley in an almost shameful voice.

"Oh my god honey no, you're beautiful." Lisa tried hard not to smile, but she couldn't help it. "You've got the cutest little tits I've ever seen."

What Ashley's breasts lacked in size they mad up in other qualities. Their small stature combined with age gave them an incredibly firm and perky nature. They were a milky white, having never been exposed to the sun, in fact her tan lines were blatantly obvious. To top it all off she had tiny pink nipples in the center of equally small areolas.

For Lisa the teen had become simply irresistible. Pushing forward she forced Ashley down onto her back, and immediately positioned herself above the teen. There was no holding, or going back as she pressed her body to that of the young girl, plunging her tongue into her mouth. She was taking Ashley, and the teen's consent was no longer a factor in her mind. Ashley didn't know what to do, Lisa's sudden aggressiveness had caught her completely off guard.

"Please Lisa," Ashley cried out the moment the kiss ended.

"Ashley honey, taking you, I can't even resist you, don't be scared, I promise this will feel so good to you."

Lisa kissed the teen again, then lowering herself slowly she kissed Ashley's neck, then her shoulders, her upper chest.

At last Lisa arrived at her prize, the teen's ripe young breasts. She began by licking every inch of the left and then right breast, saving the nipples for last.

"Oh my god Ashley," whispered Lisa, pausing to kiss Ashley's right nipple. "Ashley I love your little nipples."

Ashley looked down her body just in time to watch her right nipple vanish into Lisa's mouth. At the same time Lisa covered Ashley's left breast with her hand. Ashley couldn't help but let her head drop back as one of her breasts was fondled, and for the first time ever, the other was suckled.

It was incredible sensation causing both her nipples to become painfully erect despite the oppressive summer heat.

The teen felt powerless to stop the small, whisper like moan that pushed passed her lips. To Lisa it was the sound of victory, she had taken a gamble, and it worked. Ashley was now hers. The heat of the day combined with the humidity had caused both girls to sweat a bit, but with their bodies now pressed together they began to sweat even more.

Ashley's fear had now melted into a nervous anticipation.

She still didn't know what was to come, or even what to expect, but she was fully aroused, a sensation she had felt only a few times before, but loved. Lisa's mouth and hand felt incredible to her as they continued to tease her young breasts. Her nipples surged with the pleasurable pain caused by their erect state. Only minutes ago she had contemplated asking Lisa to stop, now, she didn't want it to ever end.

"Lisa," moaned the teen as she slipped further under the spell of her seducer.

Lisa gave the teen's nipple one last, very sloppy kiss, leaving it covered in a glistening layer of saliva.

"Ashley there's so much I want to do to you," Lisa gave Ashley other nipple a quick flick with her tongue. "God I fucking love these little tits of yours." As she spoke she rolled half of her body off of the teen's while at the same time bring her face level to Ashley's. With her own left breast resting on Ashley chest she kissed the teen once more. This time Ashley greedily accepted Lisa's tongue into her mouth, and did a far better, albeit still amateur, job of kissing her back. As the two kissed Lisa fondled Ashley's saliva covered breasts for a moment. She then traced a line down Ashley's body, from her tit to her upper thigh, and finally slid her hand beneath the bottom of the skirt. As she cupped the younger girl's pussy the teen instinctively opened her legs, and let out a soft moan.

Fear and arousal mixed within the teen, but she had been pushed too far, and had no intention of stopping Lisa. At the same time Lisa was pleasantly surprised to discover that the crotch of Ashley's swim suite was completely soaked. As she rubbed the teen's pussy through the thin cloth Lisa could feel her arching her back.

For Ashley the waive of pleasure that would become her orgasm was already building. Moving the cloth that covered Ashley's sex to the side Lisa impatiently sank her middle finger into the teen. Ashley broke the kiss as she pulled her head away, slamming it into the ground while letting tortured groan of pleasure.

"Your pussy is to wet and so tight Ashley." Lisa pushed her finger deep inside the teen, nearly bringing her to a very quick orgasm, but then withdrew it all together.

Sitting up Lisa leaned over the teen's waste and slid both hands beneath her. She worked furiously to undue the buttons on the back of the skirt and then quickly pulled it down to Ashley's knees. From there the teen kicked the garment off. As it landed it nearly hit her, causing both girls to giggle.

At last came the prize. Lisa pulled down Ashley's bikini bottom, and for the first time gazed up on Ashley's now completely nude body. To Lisa's delight, Ashley's pussy was shaved.

"Okay, who taught you to shave your pussy."

"I read about it in a magazine," replied the teen.

"God that's so cute, and hot. You know what else I cute?"


"You're totally naked, but you still have your sneakers on."

Ashley laughed as she sat up to remove them. Lisa stood up and now removed what was left of her own bikini. Like Ashley she too was completely shaved. Unlike Ashley her crotch, like her chest, had no tan lines.

"God you're so pretty," said Lisa as brought herself before the teen. "Now it's your turn. Get up on your knees."

Ashley complied, quickly discovering that this brought her almost face to face with Lisa's breasts. Lisa in turn placed her hands on either side of Ashley's face, holding it in place as she took a step forward.

"Put your hands on the sides of my tits, just under them a bit and push them up. Go on, they don't bite. That's it, good girl. Now lick them."

Extending her tongue Ashley was greeted by the taste of sweat covered flesh. Still she continued to obey. There was nothing special about the taste of Lisa's breasts.

After all, a breast is simply flesh, but it was the idea itself of what she was doing that further aroused Ashley, so she pressed on.

"Good girl, now suck my nipples."

Ashley took in a deep breath before drawing Lisa's left nipple into her mouth. This was different somehow. It was more than just the idea of what she was doing, now it was the act itself and the sensation of suckling another girl's nipple that fueled her arousal. In some strange way, sucking Lisa's nipple felt almost as good as having her own sucked.

"That's it," said Lisa with a smile. "Yeah, you're a natural. That's good honey. God you're so cute."

Encouraged Ashley switched nipples, and sucked the other one just a bit harder, trying to imitate what Lisa had done to her.

"Alright honey, oh that feels good," Lisa placed her hands on Ashley's shoulders and pushed the teen back. "I've wanted you for so long now Ashley," she said as she too got down on her knees.

Ashley didn't get a chance to reply as Lisa once more filled the teen's mouth with her tongue. As their tongues danced together Lisa placed one hand on Ashley's firm ass, and the other on her chest, covering one of the teen's breasts.

Again Ashley tried to imitate, besides, she had come to enjoy the sensation of touching another girl's breast.

Without saying a word Lisa leaned over, bringing Ashley with her so that the two girls were now laying on the ground on their sides, facing one another.

The two girls kissed for about another minute before Lisa pulled her entire body a few inches back. Giving Ashley a reassuring smile the older girl rolled onto her back, pulling Ashley along so that her body was half covered by the teen's.

"Suck my nipple again Ashley."

Ashley was only too happy to comply. She quickly lowered herself in relation to Lisa's body, and gladly drew the erect nipple into her mouth. Lisa gave Ashley a few seconds before reaching down and taking the teen's hand. Opening her legs she guided the hand downward to her pussy.

Ashley knew exactly where her hand was being led. Her stomach squeezed a bit, and a second later she found her hand resting on the pussy of another girl. It was warm and moist, covered by a combination of Lisa's juice and sweat.

"Rub my pussy Ashley, just rub it, that's it, go slow."

Lisa let out a moan of approval to encourage the teen.

"Alright, take your middle finger and your ring finger, and slide them inside me."

Ashley hesitated. She had never even masturbated before, and was fearful not just of the unknown, but of not do it right. Taking the initiative once more Lisa reached down and guided Ashley's finger's inside. The older girl's pussy easily accepted the entry of the teen's two fingers. To Ashley it had a warm, wet, and smooth feel. Remembering what had been done to her she pushed her two fingers as deep as she could, and with a little help from Lisa pulled them back until they were almost out before sinking them in again. Lisa guided the teen for a few more strokes before releasing her hand to let her do it on her own.

"God you learn quick," said Lisa as she brought her hand up to her chest. "That's it keep going. Your finger feels so fucking good in my pussy." As encouraged the teen Lisa began to fondle the breast that Ashley was not suckling.

"Come on, a little faster. That feels so good," she moaned loudly.

Lisa's words of encouragement made the moment all the more erotic and enjoyable for the teen. Knowing that she was pleasing Lisa was good feeling. On top of that the inside of her pussy felt good on her fingers.

"That's it keep going, come on, come on!" As badly as she wanted to cum she, wanted to make Ashley cum even more.

Still she let the teen continue, and as she did Lisa reached down and began to rub her swollen clit violently. At last with a gush fluids Lisa's body shuttered with an orgasm, though it did little to quench her carnal thirst.

Ashley immediately lifted her head from Lisa's chest, fearful that the shutter meant she had done something wrong.

When she tried to pull her finger's from Lisa though the older girl held her hand in place and gave the teen a reassuring smile. A second later Lisa pulled Ashley's fingers from her body and brought the tee's hand to her mouth.

"Open your mouth Ashley, I want you to suck your fingers and taste my pussy."

Obeying quickly in an effort to impress Lisa, Ashley was greeted by a strange and alien taste. It was a strange mix of salt, bitterness, and sweetness. She didn't have much time to dwell on it though as Lisa quickly rolled the teen onto her back, and then climbed on top of the young girl.

She quickly licked every inch of Ashley's breasts, pausing to suckle each of her nipples for a few seconds, leaving both once more covered in a layer of her saliva.

Her original plan was to simply eat Ashley out, but that wouldn't be enough now. She became aggressive in her motions, squeezing Ashley's breasts as hard as she could without hurting the young girl, before licking the nipples again.

"I just love these little tits of your's Ashley," said Lisa with a wicked smile. Giving each nipple one more kiss, Lisa then licked a trail from the top of Ashley's left breast, over the nipple, passed the belly button and down to her pussy giving it a light kiss.

"Lisa," moaned Ashley as the older girl covered her pussy with her mouth. Ashley knew of oral sex, but had never had it done to her before. She never expected for it to feel so good.

Lisa backed away long enough to put Ashley's legs over her shoulders before returning her mouth the younger girl's sex.

She licked the out walls before pushing her tongue as deep as she could into the teen's tight virgin pussy. She then refocused the attention of her mouth to Ashley's clit, alternating between sucking it and flicking it with her tongue. At the same time she sank her middle finger deep inside Ashley's pussy. With her free hand Lisa reached up and placed it on the teen's chest and began to gently pinch her nipple.

Ashley immediately arched her back, and placed one of her hands on the back of Lisa's head. Within her built a waive of pleasure even more intense than the one she had felt before. Her head thrashed violently back and forth. With her free hand the teen clawed at the grass, ripping it from the ground. Her loud and uncontrolled moans were like music to older girl's ears.

Lisa didn't intend to let the teen cum yet, but the waive crashed far quicker than she anticipated. Maybe it was because it Ashley's first time, but the young girl had cum very quickly, and very hard. The orgasm came with a near triumphant sounding scream and a violent shutter. Lisa did her best to take in as much of the teen's juice as she could.

As the sweat drenched teen lay there trembling in the grass Lisa moved herself up to lay beside her, taking the young girl into her arms.

"There is so much more ahead for you," said Lisa, "and I wanted to be there for all of it." Lisa gave Ashley a gentle kiss on the cheek.

The two girls would spend the next hour simply laying naked with one another before returning to the camp. Two days latter summer camp ended, but for Ashley, a new life had only just begun.

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