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the hole bad girl sotry

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When i was 15yrs old i was put in a unisex group home for being a bad girl.. I entered the home shy, withheld and a lil scared..

I was placed in the girls wing with around 10 other girls around my age.I was room mates with a girl named Brit she was 16 long brown hair dark brown eyes huge tits and the roundest tightest ass i had ever seen!

I was a virgin before entering the group home the most i had ever done was a simple kiss.. and that was with a boy... Quickly i was befriended by Brit she was sweet and friendly and liked me. She gained my trust in no time!

Within a matter of weeks me and Brit had become so close we started sharing personal stories about our lives on the outside.. Her life was sexual and dangerous. Mine was dull and totally unsexual with some stupidity that ended me in my current situation.. Either way she listned as if she gave a shit and told me her stories knowing how much it turned me on with out me having to say any thing..

One night while lying in bed trying to sleep i felt a nudge on my shoulder, finding Brit standing beside my bed say she had a bad dream.. Knowing it was against the rules i told her she could crawl in with me if she wanted to..

I turned facing the wall with my back too her.. she lay on her side with her face against my back. About five min after she got in bed with me i could feel the bed shack and her breathing getting louder i didn't want to turn around being as shy as i was but instead threw my hand behind my back as if i was asleep.. I could feel her hand moving back and forth slowly as if not to wake me but within minutes she started moving her hand faster. Then she stopped slowly taking my had she placed it on her hot wet pussy and started rubbing my hand up and down her cunt. Hearing her moan was hot and a huge turn on. I didn't move in fear she would move my hand and i knew i wanted it to go as far as it could go. Before long things hand gotten a lil boring for her she kinda slowed down and stopped moaning. With me being as turned on as i was thought i had to step up a lil bit if i wanted to continue. So i slowly turned around asking her why she had stopped? She kinda smiled a lil and said she wanted a lil more but didn't want to do it herself..slowly pushing my night gown to the side and grasping my breast in her soft hand.. She asked me if i was okay with the hole thing smiling i softly said yes. moving her hand from my tits she slowly lifted the waste band of my panties moving her fingers to my pussy rubbing until i was throbbing and wet then she slowly put her fingers into my pussy moving in and out slow at first then faster and harder all awhile kissing me moving her tongue in ways i had never felt. Fingering my pussy she moved her mouth down and started flicking my nipples with her tongue.. Looking at me she smiled and said it would be totally cool with her if i wanted to finger fuck her, I guess at this point she was feeling a lil blunt. Reaching down i placed my fingers insider her pussy with her instructing me how she liked it hard.. moving in and out of her as hard as i could givin the positioning i asked her if she liked it.. With a devilish look on her face she told me she would like it alot more if i was fucking her with my tongue.

She rolled over onto her knees with her thick smooth ass up in the air reaching around her back pulling my head into her pussy as if she was guiding me.. We tried to keep thing on the dl in fear of getting caught but she was getting a lil crazy telling me to tongue fuck her wet cunt..put my pretty mouth around her hot slit and lick the fuck out of it.Before i knew it she was ontop of me with her pussy pressed right up on my face rocking back and forth telling me to stick my tongue out so i could taste her juices she reached around squeezing my nipples as she road my face with in moments she had cum all over my mouth with out moving she told me to put my tongue inside her pussy and suck up all of her cum do so i thought i was going to burst..

She slowly got off of me pulled me up and kissed me licking her own juices off of my mouth.. Smiling she said it was my turn. she got on her knees in between my legs and started sucking on my tits while rubbing her knee up and down my pussy.. Making her way down my stomach to my pussy she didnt waste any time full tongue she started tongue fucking me while rubbing my clit she was moaning the hole time witch made it that much better licking up and down between tongue fucking me she grabbed the back of my legs pulling them up onto her shoulders one last lick to my clit she moved her mouth to my ass she started eating the fuck out of my ass going as deep as she could whe her toungue moving her face from side to side i told her i couldnt take it i was going to cum so she started going faster and harder my hole body tensed up i guess she knew i was there because she moved her tongue into my pussy moaning squeezing my thighs taking it all in right the the door opened. Fuck i said there stood the female C.H.C.. Brit turned around then looked at me and smiled. Then our C.H.C came in our room shutting the door behind her..........................

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