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dreams for a friend

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Late one evening you get a knock on your door. you reluctantly answer seems it is almost 10:30pm. you open the door and look it is a handsom young man standing there. He has those crystal blue eyes that you could get lost in, lovely black hair with red streakes tied up in a nice pony tail. His clothing almost doesnt see to match the time we are in. It is old rustic clothing, black velvet trench coat with a red silk shirt popping out a pair of leather paints that are form fitting and unbelieveable on him his pail skin is young looking and almost white, like he has never seen a day of sun in years. he looks at you with a smile and asks Shannon E. Carroll? You look at him inquizicly then answer "YES?" your voice rises and falls with the intrest. He smiles again, then raises his left hand to extend a envolope that looks old and worn by the yellowish parchment paper of the envolope. He says in a soft voice, full of musical tones "my Mistress requires your attendace please," You look at him with questioning eyes. you flip the envolop over looking at the wax stamp on the back the red wax stamped with an eligant looking "G" you flip the envolope over again, all it has is your name "Shannon" in a beautiful script. The young man again says "my Mistress requires your attendace please." You look at him again and then at the envolop in your hand. you open the envolope slowly thinking it is a trick. Inside there is a card, black with a blue and white mask like it was painted on then gold ribbon flowing from it. in the same script on the front it reads :

Your attendace is required at the Halloween ball of Mistress Jeneanne A. Grover at 12 o'clock tonight costumes are a must but may be recieved at the Ball if necessary please send an RSVP

you look up from the invatation and look at the young man he bows to you and asks in his musical voice, "Shale i tell my mistress that you will grace her with your presance?" You give a small smile and allow the words "Yes, I shale" excape from your soft lips. he rises from is bow and leaves. You shut the door and turn to look at the clock 10:45pm. You think to yourself "Where in the hell am i going to get a costume at this hour?" another knock comes from the door you think to yourself "what is going on?" you open the door and the young man from before is standing there. "Shannon, my mistress has asked if you would ware this at the ball please" hands you a black dress bag. You thank him and close the door. you walk to the bedroom looking at the bag wondering what is in in. You get to your room open the bag slowing to unzip the bag. You stair at it looking in amazement the light sparkle of green in gold looks so fantisy like You take it out of the bad it is a golden corset with golden sparkle leave pattern with light green inlay with light to dark green trim the green inlay has golden sparkly swirls all over it. With a lovely mint green silk lace up ties. You quickly hop into the shower and shave the small stubble on your legs and underarms. You quickly towel dry off and go to your dressor to get a silk pink and black thong. You slide it on and you go to the bed where you left the black dress bag that contained the corset and skirt you put on the skirt and then the corset noticing that there was a pair of wings that almost look transparent that has silver glitter sworlles and adorned with white jems stone. You slide the wings into the spots that are on the back of the corset it makes them look like the wings are coming out of your back. You also finde a pair of dark green balet looking slippers that tie up your leg. You slide them on tie them up and look in the mirror in a blink of an eye your hair is dry and put up in a french twist with curls that shower down your neck and a little on your face. your makeup is done it is lovely shades of green and gold that flow from one to another, the gold turns into swirls at the corner of your eyes. in your mind you look like one of amy browns' fairies that has popped out of her paintings. You hear a "KNOCK KNOCK" at the door you wonder who it is. when you open the door it is the man from earlier but this time he is dressed in a Victorian Costume, white stockings, shoes, shirt and a silver and gold over cout with tails. He bows and asks "Are you ready Miss Shannon, there is a limo downstairs that will take you to the ball." You are a little reluctant but you say "Yes," You fallow the man down the stairs and to the limo, he opens the limo door and helps you inside. a moment later you see him in the drivers seat of the limo. You look around you see the windows are darkly tinted so you cant see out of them. you ask the driver where are we going and he gives you a sly smile in the rearview mirror and puts up the partion. Minutes later the limo stops and you are let out infront of what looks to be an old castle. There are fountains behind you with bright lights so bright that it makes it hard to see where you are but, after the light you can only see darkness. You are asked politely "Miss Shannon are you ready?" You shake your head yes "then fallow me please." you fallow him in the stairs to the front door you can hear the music drifting out of the old wodden door, the music is like angel voices calling to you drawing you in. Once you are threw the door you see there are many people all dressed like the driver dancing around the ballroom, you feel a little out of place. Then comes a loud booming voice "Anoucing Lady Carroll," The music stops. You look around the room is drapped in silver and gold fabric and a beautiful chandaliear decorated in crystals. You step forwand and the crowd parts and bow as you pass. You fallow a path leads to a lady dressed as you but in black, blues, and silvers, her wings are the pailest of blues and have the same silver swirls and adorned with the same white jem stones. I stands up and walks tward you arms out streached twards you I slowly walks tward you and embraces you whispers in you ear in a loving voice "Thank you for coming my love."I turns tward the crowd "Commece the music and enjoy your self please." i turns back twand you "I love you shannon shale we dance or shale we go to my private party?" You grin then say "But, ofcorse the privet party"

i take your hand and lead you up the stairs tward my room. We stop infront of a big wooden door, i open it up to allow you to see a room decorated in vanilla sented candles a big bed with red silk sheets and black velvet comforter there is a hanging canopy that is red silk. the pillows are red and black with a snap of my fingers all the candles light so the room show the dark blue walls with stars painted on them. i look at you and take your hand i place you on the bed. i start to kiss you down your neck, i find my little spot and bite. a trickle of blood comes flowing out. i suck. you breath deeply. i nibble your ear and tell you how much i love you. i run my hands over your body and finally up your skirt. i slide the wings off of your corstet and you do the same to mine i kiss your back down and back up then again i bite your neck. i slide my hand up your thigh while still kissing you. i keep you deeply on the lips i find your underware and rub you on the outside enjoying the feeling of silk on my hand. i kiss my way down to my hand and slide you skirt and thong off... how pritty. i undo your corset and take my cloths off as well i look at your form that beautiful form as if seeing it for my first and it being my last. i hold you for a moment and kiss your naked body. i grab you left brest massageing it in a firm way and kiss the right nipple i suck on it and then lick i take it between my teeth and bite you let out a light moan. i slide me free hand down your thigh and then up i find that you are wet lightly but wet still. i play with your clit making you wetter. i move up to kiss you kissing your lips deeply while pushing you back onto the bed i slide a finger into you then another and move them in and out slowly at first then faster. i play with your clit with my thumb on that hand. i keep kissing and you try to moan . i bite your neck and you Scream with pleasure. as you cum all over my finger i kiss my way down to lick it up. i kiss your left thigh then bite, then the right leg and slide my fingers deeper inside you. i lick your clit biting here and there, blowing gentaly. makeing you cum in my mouth and i eat it up. i keep a little in my mouth and french kiss you so you can taist yourself. i kiss you again. and finger you even more. i stop you look at me and say "no dont stop" i look at you and say "i wont" thn snap my finders a strap on appears. i look at you i want you I tell you "I want you to feel everything that you could with a man with me. i strap it on i lick your clit some more makeing you wet with my spit. then i have you scoot back to the pillows and have you place one under your butt. i look at you i kiss you, then i slide the dildo into you. You squirm, you moan, i stop, you look at me lovingly. then i slide it in and out in and out, in and out, slowly at first then faster and faster penitraiting you deeply. you arch your back and try to kiss me. i pull away then i thrust quickly, deeply you look at me and then i do it again a sligt pain becomes inside you. i pull it out and lick you again. you cum, i lick, you moan, i bite, you feel every muscle in your body tense and relax. then i slide my dildo back into you harder, faster, making you cum all over it making you want it even more. you scream in pleasure you tenson then relax i keep going in and out thrust after thrust i hold your legs and place it deeper you moan. and let the words "yes, and dont stop" excape from your mouth. "i love you," i say. "i want you, i need you" i keep thrusting making you cum and scream. i stop and lick you to taist all i can. looking at you i move you. i am on the bottom now and i have you on top guiding your hips with mine makeing you fuck the shit out the dildo and playing with your breast in the proscess. i watch your breast move and i enjoy every second. i sit up and kiss you forcing me inside you deeper. i stop, remove the strap on and have you lay back down, then lick you and bite your body, then your clit making you cum over and over again making you scream, i did my nails in your sides and pull causing pain and pleasure all at once. loveing every second of it. "i love you, gigi" you let out in between moans, and breath. i finger you again, allowing more fingers to enter, when you cum again i lick you till you are dry and you cant come anymore. you body shakes with all the pleasure that you recieved. you drift off to sleep i kiss your breast and curl up with you pulling the covers close to us making it warm. You wake up at 12pm in your own bed making you wonder if it is a dream or if it was real there is no trace of last night in the room the invetation was gone, the bag for the costume, everything, you find sraches from last night on your side. and a note on the mirror that reads in the very beautful scrip:


I love you and hope you enjoyed i shale see you soon again and maybe we can do this next halloween.hugs and kisses

love always GIGI

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