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carols step mom

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Hello, i am a 45 yr old single gal and not to bad looking, at 5ft 5 long brown hair,and fairly large breasts, my dad had died in iowa andhis second wife was still at the farm, he had left it too me since they hadnt been married that long. i had de cided to go vist her and the farm for a few weeks,when i arrived i saw her and she was taler than me full bodied and 62 and short black hair, after we said our hellos and hugs i was shown to my room,and i unpacked and thought for 62 she isnt too bad looking, dad had good taste, laer on we had dinner talked and i was tired so i went took my shower and went to bed,well i am a horney gal and like to masurbate it was like 10pm,i had th etv on in the bedroom was laying ther enaked under thecovers and started to play with myself,, i had my eyes closed and was getting close to cumming, and i opened my eyes and the bedroomdoor was open and my step mom was standing there i got embarassed and stopped, she came in and said oh my dear dont be embarassed it is perfectly normal, please dont stop on my behalf, i didnt know what to think,she then says as she sits onthe side of the bed, i thinkyour a very pretty lady, i said thank you, she then says it is all perfectly natural to please yourself we are both grownups so please continue,i didnt move, she said fine! and threw back the covers and said look young lady i said to finish, and have you ever been with a woman before? i whisperd yes ma'am,, she looked at me and said oh,, we are a lil subby are we? i was nervous,, i said yes ma'am, hmmmmmmmm she said, and stood up,, took off her robe and i looked at her body and said to myself my god! sh eis beautful! full large breast and a nice ass, think i am in trouble , she stood there and said well how long were you with that other owman? i said 7 months,she then sat down onthe bed, and told me to lace cmy finger together and put my hands under my head, i did as i was told, she said good girll you obey well,as she was starting to play with my nipples she asked so my lil step daughter when you were with this other woman were you her sub? i whispered yes ,, oh she said, she spank you? as she pinched my nipples i moaned yes, and did you like it? and she pinched them harder i moaned a louder YES! WHILE YOUR HERE WOULD YOU LIKE TO ME MY LIL SSEX SLAVE? I said yes ma'am she said good, we are out int eh country and none will hear us,, ,she said now turn over ,, i turned over and she started to spank me,, she stopped and said pread your legs, and get your assup so idid,, she then laid on her back and started to eat me as she slapped my ass,, i came so hard it was scarry,sje then go tup and said i want you to follow me to my room, i got up legs shaking and followed her,, when i went into her room she said stand at the end of the 4 poster bed, and raise your arms, i did and she had me face the back of the bed,, she attached my wrists to the cuffs haning fromthe top of hte end of the bed, she thensaid spread your legs and i did she attacked a restraint to each ankle, i was scared,, totaly wide open to her, , she then started to rub my ass and say you like to be flogged? i said yes,, she said good, and proceeded to floggme and then she said well my dear we are gonn ahve fun, how long areyou hear for? isaid as long as you want ,, she then reached around my breasts and pinched both my nipples and said good,,i mopaned, she then untied me and said for me to lay ont he bed,, on my back, she crawled into bed next to me and said,, you will be my sex slave is that understood? i said yes ma'am, and you will do as your told is that understaood? i said yes ma'am, she then pulled me on top of her and said make me happy , i started to suk on her nipples and she said harder ! i sucked harder , she said that is so nice,, she then pushed my head down and aid suck me ,, i did i got herlcit between my lips and prceeded tobring her to a major climax,after we rested a while she turned to me and said ,, while you are here , you will wear no clothes in this house,, you may own it but i am the mistresof this hosue is that understood? i said yes ma'am, good she said and you will not question anything i tell you to do or what i do to you is that understood? i said yes ma'am, good,she replied, sh ethen gotup and said iwill be back ina few minutes, when she returned she crawled back into bed and said my lil slave,, reach down and se what you feel? i did, and she had on a strap on, i said yummy ma'am she rolled over towards m e and said you feel it is nice and lubed up? isaidyes ma'am, she said well? i spread my legs and she crawled between them and she slide it in and didnt move, i lookedup there was a lust in her eyes i had never seen in a woman before,she whispered my lil slave,, youare mine, and she prceeded to fuck me with her strap on till i had cum at least 2 more times, and she collasped ontop of me and we fell asleep in that position, the nex morning after wehad gotten up dshe came to me and said to the shower my dear, and we both went intot he shower together and she soaped meup and made me turn around andbend over and she started to spank me int he shower, i came as she fingerd me as she spanked me,after we got out she sid breakfast time,, sh e made breakfast and iwas still nnaked as she had said to be, after weate and chit chatted she said i want you to know that we wil be playing all day everyday, isaidyes ma'am then she said i have a girlfriend who is due here in 2 weeks and she is going to be here for a month, i already called her and she is a domme like me, so youwillserve both of us is that understood? i said yes ma'am sh eisnt as old as me she is 53 and built alot like me, her slave moved away so she is horny you understand? i said yes ma'am. good she said now get over here and get acorss my lap,when her girlfriend arrived a few weeks later i was my step moms total slut and sex slave,i was fu ked a everyother hours by her and spanked i spent most of my days acrossher lap as she watched her soaps, or tied to the end of the 4 poster bed, but when her girlfriend arrived?the first thing she did was strip go take a shower, and when she came out my step mom and i were onthe couch, she told me to stand up for inspection i did and she probed every hole inme, then told me to sit down, i did my step mom said for me to lay face down and wrap my legs around her waist as her friend leaned back on teh arms of the couch and spread her pegs and shoved my mouth to her pusssy as i ate her my step mom proceeded to spank me and finger both holes, i was in heaven, it was a fantasy cometrue for me, see ihad met her once before and had many dreamsof her doing just this that was 5 months ago, her girlfriend is still here and i am still naked i serve both of these ladies daily, and all 3 of us are very happy, and i still havent had any clothes on unless we are going out to dinner,or to the store, the othe rnight they had me tied tot he coffeetable and used me, i may not leave here for awhile, and my stepmom? doesnt have ot leave thefarm, as long as she keeps me her sexslave

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