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What is 77?

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The warm summer afternoon lingered as he watched time tick off his radio clock. His drive consisted of the usual turns and straights; his mind wonders as he reflects on his boring day in the office. Little did he know, his afternoon and mood was about to improve. He parked on the street in front of the house; a brownish colored Toyota impeded his typical garage ritual. The walk to the front door seemed uneventful with exception to the front door ajar. He peered from inside the foyer, seeing nothing out of place; he proceeded through into the living room. A soft noise emanated from down the hall, a movie was playing in the living room, and a bottle of almond message oil lay empty on a table. Music seemed to be coming from the bedroom; he headed down the hall. The faint smell of vanilla and almonds filled the room, the sultry voice of Dido echoed from the bedroom increasing his curiosity; he continued to the master bedroom. The door remained partially open; peering into the darkness, pushing it open slightly. The room was dark, for all but a few candles providing the lighting. As his eyes adjusted, the faint smell of vanilla overpowered the essence of almonds in the air, and now he knew why. He slipped into the room unnoticed by the occupants; both busy in their tasks.

Candy69?s day began the same as any other, and finished as one to remember and repeat. She stepped out of the shower refreshed, her afternoon preparing for the evening to come had taken most of her energy; or so she had thought. Kandy77, as she called herself online had winked at Candy69 earlier that week. After reviewing a dozen or so replies from her blog, an e-mail captured her attention. That e-mail asked one simple question, Kandy77 wanted to know, ?what?s our difference??. After passing a few bits of information, they had agreed to meet for brunch. C69, waited at the Elephant bar drinking her Margarita and watching the door, closely. C69 sat with her legs crossed in her tight red dress, her five-foot four-inch height increased by her four-inch high Mary-Jane heels; K77 walked in. She stood a little taller wearing a green dress with matching heels and red hair down to her round ass with long sexy legs. K77 licked her thick lips, rubbed her tits and walked up to C69. They exchanged pleasantries and she sat down, K77 ordered a Whisky-sour and eyed C69?s thick body, large beautiful eyes, and full lips. The conversation played with sexual innuendo. Their flirting ceased and became serious and overt when K77 answered her own question.

K77 pushed open the front door and walked into the living room. C69 was naked and masturbating to porn on her cream-colored leather couch. Her pussy was dripping wet from the action on her flat screen, K77 watched and started to undress. 69?s right hand rubbed her chest and throat, her left, fingered her pussy and played with her clit. 77 leaned forward and kissed the soft sultry neck of 69?s neck. 77?s left hand caressed 69?s shoulder and breasts, her right pulled on 69?s neck and hair; their lips met. 69?s body was covered in almond oil, shimmering in the sunlight through the dr*pes; she turned in her seat and up onto her knees. Face-to-face, 77 mentions between kisses that she?d been thinking of 69 all afternoon, 69 smiles and says, her too. 77 walks to the front of the couch, gently letting 69 on her back and they return to kissing; both still wearing their high heels. 69 arches her back, 77?s tongue and mouth explore every possible inch, her soft breasts, warm skin, and creamy thighs. 77 tastes 69?s sweet wet pussy. 69?s right hand flows to the back of 77?s head pulling on her hair, her left to her own throat and begins to taste her own fingers, still wet from the almond oil. 77?s right hand rubs 69?s tits and stomach, her left hand fingers 69?s tight wet pussy. 69?s mind wanders, time seems to stand still, 69?s body feels like it?s floating. Her fingers and toes begin to tingle, her hands and feet go numb; her legs and arms tingle with anticipation, her pussy drips. Her body arches, her pussy being eaten feels fantastic, she screams in excitement. She cums so hard, her body aches with numbness, her mind flashes with the joy of her cum as her body flashes hot and cold with the flicks of 77?s tongue, she begs her to stop. 77 licks softy, and continues her tonguing. 77?s right hand rubs 69?s neck, caressing her wet soft lips, lightly nibbling on her clit, teasing her pussy with her lips and tongue. 69, drained and exhausted, thirsts for pussy to eat, her first taste. 69 mentions her desire to taste a juicy pussy; they move to the bedroom. The candlelight flickers their silhouettes onto the walls, Dido playing soft and sultry, the red curtains drawn closing out the world, letting them enter and create their own. 77 grabs her bag of goodies, and they begin.

A long-legged, big-breasted redhead, eyes closed tightly, hands tied to the headboard with neckties, back arched, moans and screams ?fuck? yes?. Her tits bouncing to the rhythm of her partners thrusts. 77?s legs were squeezed 69?s head, her green high heels still almost falling off from the curl of her toes; body wet from oil, pussy being fucked with a blue dildo wielded by 69; they both moan. 77?s tight body sways in motion with her lovers. 69 sways back and forth on her knees, her ass red from spanking, dotted with white hearts. 77 begs for more, her pussy pink and dripping from the dildo thrusting in and out. In and out, in and out, 69 continued fucking 77; tasting sweet pussy, wet, delicious pussy. 69 moans, 77 cums again, and again. Vibrators, dildos, bottles of oil, a pair of broken fuzzy handcuffs, and a heart-shaped paddle lay across the bedroom floor. 69 continues to eat pussy, lightly, softly nibbling clit with her tongue, fucking 77?s pussy with long slow thrusts. Completely fucked and dripping, 77 pans the room, focusing on reality. 77 sees an athletic man, head shaved, sitting on the chair in the bedroom, mouth open with clothes on the floor, hand on his cock. She likes the size of his cock; 77 motions to him, telling him to join the fuck.

He crosses the room, passes his partner toward the redhead, her mouth salivates with anticipation. He unties 77?s hands, her right hand takes his hold of his balls while her mouth receives his cock, she sucks his thick cock, caressing his shaft. 77?s left hand move to 69?s head, gently pulling on her hair. 69?s eyes slowly look up, her mouth and senses focused on the sweet pussy she?s eating. 69 acknowledged her man?s presence, her moans encourage his participation. 77 sucks his cock like a professional, slowly thrusting and taking his cock deep into the mouth. She looks him in the eyes and slows his thrust to her pace, her lovers pace of licking. After what seemed like an eternity, she pulls his dick from her mouth and tells him to fuck 69. He steps to the end of the bed, gently touching her body along the way; he slides his hard, wet cock into her wet, soft pussy. His strong hands grab onto her hips, slowly fucking that tight pussy. He closes his eyes to lose himself in the moment. Some movement and another eternity passes, he didn?t realize until his cock is removed by 77, she had gone under 69 and was now giving him a blowjob, she was in sixty-nine with 69. 77 sucks his cock, then places him back into 69?s pussy, then blowing him again, she continues this until she feels his body sway. 77 and 69 both get to onto their knees, sharing his cock, kissing each other and sucking his dick. His hands caress each of their heads, pulling on each of their hair, 69 was the first to realize the timing. She takes control of his cock, slows his motion, while 77 encourages her to share. He feels light, his body tingles, looking from one, then to the other. His explosion of feelings is overcome by an explosion in her mouth, his rock hard cock cums into her mouth, both women fondle his balls; and kiss, sharing his hot cum between them. 77 sucks him dry, both women fondling each other and him; holding, kissing, and caressing each other, they all lay down together. He asked what prompted the interlude, 69 tells him the question, 77 the answer: 77 is ?ate? more than 69.

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