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What a Difference a Few Years Make

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Jill had been teaching history to juniors and seniors at this school since Sheryl was a sophomore. Sheryl liked Jill, or Mrs. Ramey, as all the students were required to call her.

Sheryl had braces the first year Jill taught here, just an average body, not top heavy at all, close to five feet ten inches tall, a little on the skinny side.

Jill, 30, had taught a couple of years at a school in another state. She agitated the wife of one of the school board memmbers and basically, to save her reputation as a good teacher, had to resign after she turned down advances from this lady, who knew Jill had a desire for young ladies, as a female teacher had confided in her.

Joe, Jill's husband for 5 years, had no idea of any of her indescretions and gladly moved so he could go into the sales field of selling baseball equipment, being in an area where more high schools and small colleges played baseball and bought equipment and chemicals to maintain their playing fields and practice fields.

Sheryl had grown up and "filled" out. Her thighs were much bigger now, as well as her breasts, no braces, and her smile was seductive. She had said in her little biography in the school newspaper that Mrs. Ramey was her favoirte teacher throughout high school.

Also, Jill knew that Sheryl had gotten into a little trouble on an over night athletic trip for being caught with a boy in her motel room, well, not only in her room, but in her bed,with her.

For some reason, this excited the thirty year old history teacher. No, excite isn't the proper word, aroused, might fit the description better.

Jill also knew that Saturday was Sheryl's birthday, and that she would be turning 18, a legal age of consent to have sex in this particular state.

Being the academic team instructor, sponsor, or coach, although she got no extra pay for doing so, Jill would get to spend some time with Sheryl during the week on a trip out of town to an academic meet. The only other female student going, had little to do with Sheryl, and sort of kept to herself, so Jill knew she could spend some time with Sheryl.

Sitting at "Simple Simon's" eating lunch, Sheryl sat with Jill.

The young, gorgeous, history teacher, 5-5,109 pounds, nice perky tits, blue eyes that sparkled, and a smile that was just sensational, not to mention sensual, was easy for Sheryl to talk to.

Sheryl was 5-9,114 pounds, blue eyes, long redish brown hair, and those tits, Jill figured, had to be 34d's.

"So, you turn 18 Satuday, you going to celebrate?," the students curious history teacher asked.

"Naw, I will wait another week, after graduation, and grab a drink or two, see what I can get into," Sheryl smiled.

"Well, I thought I might throw you a little party after you get done with your graduation, I know your boyfriend is in basic training for a while, might take your mind off missing him so much," Jill stated.

"You don't have to, but I appreciate it, what do you have in mind?," Sheryl asked curiously.

"How bout Italian dinner, Olive Garden or one of those places?," Jill asked, knowning Sheryl just loved Italian food.

"That is expensive, you sure?," Sheryl asked, "I know teachers don't make that much money," she said.

"It'll be fine, you are one of my favorite students, my treat, we'll have fun, that night we will be friends, not teacher-student," Jill smiled.

"That will be cool, what are you wearing?," Sheryl asked her teacher.

"As hot as it is, not a dress and hose," she laughed. "Probably shorts and tank top and sandals,that sounds comfortable," she said. "Besides, no husband with me, and you have no boy friend, we might can get wild," she said, laughing, trying to make it look like a joke.

Sheryl laughed, "yeah, it has been a while since I cheated on him, that would be the time," she laughed.

Jill tentatively set the time for the Saturday after graduation and Sheryl said that sounded perfect for Sheryl, she was growing bored and lonely with Adam being gone for another 5 weeks to basic training in South Carolina.

That Saturday finally arrived. Jill dressed in the tightes pair of blue jean shorts she had,(and also the shortest) and a low cut tank top, no bra of course, and sandals. She had painted her toe nails with that "fuck me red" color polish.

The thing she liked, other than looks, about Sheryl, is she acted so adult like, very mature, yet, she knew she had a very naughty side, she really liked that.

Sheryl dressed in tight white knit shorts, a tank top, not expecting what Jill had in mind, wore a plain white bra, and sandals.

The two drove the 35 miles to a fancy Italian restaurant, laughing like two teenage girls all the way, just girl talk.

Jill did ask one serious question of Sheryl and caught the recently turned 18 year old by suprise. "How many different guys you had sex with Sheryl?," she asked.

Laughing, as she had most of the trip, "Well, just three, but if Adam asks, just two," Sheryl replied.

"Ok, I know about Adam, and I know the second one was probably the guy with whom you nearly got suspended over,who is the third?," Jill asked curiously, adding, "this is just between you and me."

"It's ok, the basket ball coach, before you came here, it was him," Sheryl answered, "It was a mistake. I would never tell on him, I shouldn't have done it, I just couldn't resist."

Not only was the temperature hot outside, Jill was burning up inside, even in her air conditioned van.

They laughed about how big they thought certain male student's "packages" were, and Sheryl shared what she had heard about many of them.

In the restaurant Sheryl complimented her teacher on the color of her toe nails. "I have a nightie that color," the 18 year old stated, "I only wear it when I am alone, I would never even want my mother to see how naughty it looks," she laughed.

Jill ordered a bottle of wine with two glasses, and she and Sheryl ate and ate, and drank nearly two full bottles of wine, with Sheryl consuming the most, and Jill had her a felling pretty tipsy.

"You want to hit a club, you being 18 and all you can get in you know?," Jill asked, it was still only about 8 p.m.

Sure, and in only minutes these two ladies walked into a club near by.

Of course, Sheryl had never been in a club before, but something was a miss. Then, she figured it out.

"Mrs. Ramey, I mean Jill," she giggled, "there are no guys here," Sheryl laughed.

"I know, just us girls, have a drink on me,relax, enjoy yourself,you deserve it," she said, patting her on the hands.

The music was soft, but sensual, and popular.

"Hey, let's dance,", Jill laughed, "then if you feel uncomfortable, we'll leave," she smiled, ever so seductively.

Jill had her favorite student on the dance floor, dancing slowly, pulling her close, making sure her tank top dropped,revealing he luscious tits, and putting her arms around Sheryl's ass.

"Wow, you have on no bra," Sheryl laughed when they sat down.

"I hate them, I like to let my hair down when I am out of town," Jill laughed, putting her hand on Sheryl's thigh, sending a thrill all the way through the young lady's body.

Sheryl was getting a little aroused, as two lovely females, they couldn't be much,if any older than her, were dancing, and even kissing each other on the dance floor.

Jill sensed her arousal and said, "hey, you like that,don't you?"

"I hate to admit it, but that is a turn on," Sheryl laughed, "it almost makes me want to try it," she added with a smile.

"Another dance?," Jill asked, and with no hesitation Sheryl stood and they once again were close, and Jill took advantage of it.

Jill pulled Sheryl close and kissed her softly on the lips and to her delight, Sheryl returned the kiss.

Sheryl also had placed her hands on Jill's ass, and wow, Jill did notice.

Jill whispered in Sheryl's ear, "honey, let's go over next door to the motel, I already have a room saved," she smiled.

Sheryl offered no resistance, only a smile and soon the two were naked on a queen size bed.

"Just relax, this is your first time with a woman, isn't it sweetie?," Jill asked the former student.

"Ye--ss--sss, I never tho--ught about until about 30 minutes ago," Sherl replied, her voice loosening as Jill let up feeling the young lady's pussy for just a second.

Until midnight, Jill devoured the young Shery's tits and pussy, and taught her the delights of having female sex.

"Wow, I slept with my favorite teacher," Sheryl laughed on the way home, "and I want to do it again," she smiled, and planted a kiss on her new lover's cheek.

The 30 year old teacher and her now 18 year old student then began a relationship about which no one ever found out, her husband, the school board nor any one else.

Jill even got Sheryl to set up a threesome with one of the female cheerleaders who had turned 18, and wow, then it was better than high school athletics. What a difference a few years make!

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