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What I shall Do

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I have often wondered what it would be like to be with another woman. I don't mean as a friendship, but in a sexual matter. The women's body is so beautiful and perfect; I can only imagine how soft the touch of a woman would be. Women are sensual, loving, caring, and complete with whom they are. Women can arouse themselves, men and women around them. Women hold a true sexual power. Their bodies are like a temple of beauty. I have a desire of being with another woman, someone I love and truly care about. My passion is deep within me almost haunting. I close my eyes often and I picture that momentâ?¦..

It would be in a very relaxing environment. Either my own home or the home of the woman I am with. Candles would be burning around us, the aroma filling the room. The tension in the room would be tight, almost daunting.

There would be fine liquor or red wine with fresh strawberries to restore calmness and coif. Classical music would be playing at a soft pitch, just enough to hear it. We would be sitting on the floor talking about what women talk about. We discuss hair, nails, men, and sex. Sex is always something women enjoy talking about. We go into detail with one another, exploring each other's sexual mind. I ask her all the things she likes to do and she shares them with me. All the talking about sex would have us both a little turned on. Smiling at her I'd sip my drink. I lean in for the first kiss. A gentle, get subtle kiss on the lips, keeping my mouth closed, but then slowly parting her lips with my tongue. I would wait and see what reaction I get. Then she would kiss me, a deep passionate kiss.

Our tongues would be swirling around each other. My hand would gently glaze the side of her head, running my fingers through her hair. Our eyes closed in the heated passion. Kissing another woman is the most erotic feeling, sensual.. soft.. amazing. The kissing would become deeper, sucking on each others tongue. Our tongues playing twister inside each other's mouth, dancing together. A smirk would appear on my face as I see how wonderful this is becoming. Our hands would begin to roam on each other's bodies.

The curves are as soft as I imagined; she is so gentle. I would gently kiss her neck up and down. Using my tongue as I kiss her neck, sucking on her ear as she moans of pleasure. Breathing heavy from excitement, my hot breath along her neck would make her moan softly in my ear. I would hold her hand and whisper in her ear how beautiful she is. I would let her know how wonderful she is, and kiss her neck and then her lips again. Sucking on her bottom lip so soft and gentle. Giggling at the experience going on, laughing at how wonderful and warm it all feels. Asking if she wanted to continue, she says yes. Supporting her back with one hand and deeply kissing her; sliding my tongue inside her mouth. Twirling about and sucking on her tongue, moaning with a deep desire for her. My hands moving faster around her body, caressing her every curve. I ask her if she is turned on and she simply smiles at me. Kissing her deeply again, I tell her so am I.

I move slowly down her neck and kiss her neck so delicately. My desire inside of me is so strong; I cannot seem to control myself. I kiss her neck passionately and move down to her breasts. Rubbing them through her shirt, her nipples respond to my touch. I lift her shirt gently over her head. I run my tongue around her nipples in circles. Flicking my tongue against her nipples, as they get hard under my touch. My hands moving along the curves of her body, caressing every part. Slowly kissing down her stomach and inner thighs. Kissing her so gently she gets goose bumps at my touch. My tongue glazing along her inner thigh with a gentle nibble at her soft skin.

She laughs in both enjoyment and embarrassment. Sliding her panties down her soft legs as I follow suit with my tongue. Tracing her legs and moving back up towards her lips giving another deep and fiery kiss. Our tongues moving in and out, just tasting each other has us both going fast. I start again kissing her neck and breathing heavy. I am at a boiling point of desire.

She begins to feel the curves of my body, gently touching my breasts through my shirt. I start to respond to her touch and moan pleasurably into her ear. I trace her curves back down using my tongue; both my hands are holding hers and she squeeze them in longing and pure delight. My tongue slow reaches her wetness. I slip it so gently between the folds of her skin and just drift it along her clit. Her clit is so hard and wet; she arches her back in anticipation. Going over it again, brushing gently along each side. Her thighs quiver softly. She squeezes my hands and moans louder. I move my tongue in circles around her clit, barely touching the top. Teasing her so gently, she whimpers in a deep frustration. I can hear her breathing heavy at every movement I make. I find a spot that drives her wild and move my tongue over it back and forth. I use my entire tongue and not just the tip to engulf her inside of me. Her legs are beginning to shake and she is groaning deeply under her breath. I stop and kiss her all the way back up to her mouth. I kiss her so deeply so she can taste herself on me. She grabs my head and runs hands through my hair. She whispers in my ear that I'm a mean bitch. I giggle and kiss her again. I use my hands and place two fingers inside of her, she's so wet and ready. Moving my wet fingers over her clit, she starts to tremble at my touch. I slowly kiss my way back down to her thighs. I kiss her inner thighs and move back towards her hot spot. I take my tongue and slowly caress her clit back and forth and in circles. Moving painfully slow she arches her back and tries to rock against me to make it faster. Stopping her, I tell her to have patience.

My tongue is moving in circles all around her clit as I move two fingers in and out of her at the same time. Moving so slowly, she's so frustrated. I sense how close she is and I stop again to give her a deep loving kiss. I whisper in her ear thank you. I again slide my tongue back down to her wetness and move it slowly around her clit. Her legs quiver; she arches her back and begs me not to stop. She moans so loudly and continues to beg me not to stop. She tries to grind against me and I refuse to allow her. I want to hear her moan so loudly, I move faster and faster. Feeling her tense up under me. I can feel my own wetness as I get more turned on. She moans so deeply and I slow down. I bring her to orgasm so slowly she rocks against me, as she lets out a deep groan from within her body. I run my tongue along her sensitive clit one more time as she shudders. I move up and kiss her mouth, slowly pressing my tongue into hers. I tell her she is so beautiful, and how much I enjoyed what we just experienced. I press my head between her breasts and listen to her heartbeat as she returns to reality. I look into her eyes for the first time, and I know this is not our last experience together. Without saying a word, she kisses me.

We lay there together for what feels like eternity and I ask he how she feels. She tells me she is in pure oblivion and doesn't want to move. I lay with my head on her chest taking in the moment and feeling her heart beat slowing down. She strokes my hair and tells me she's so glad we are friends. She giggles loudly and screams for no apparent reason. I look into her eyes with a wondering look as if to say why are you laughing. She kisses me so passionately and whispers in my ear that it is my turn. My heart begins to palpate faster then I ever imagined. The anticipation of what to expect is torture. She tells me she is a tease and gets pure enjoyment from teasing. She reaches down for a huge feather and tells me to close my eyes. Slowly running the tip of the feather along my face and down my neck. The softness of feather tickles, yet feels good. She moves the feather down my body around any exposed skin. My body reacts to the touch and I have goose bumps. Sliding my panties down and running the feather along my inner thigh making me tingle. Moving the feather faster up and down my bare skin. The teasing causes the arousal to be so strong. She puts the feather down and uses her soft hands to gently caress the curves of my body.

Slowly moving up the sides of my warm flesh she slips her hands under my shirt and takes it off, making my breast exposed to the cold air. Feeling totally vulnerable of the nakedness of my body, I quiver at her touch. She whispers in my ear to relax, it's just a body. Her understanding at how I feel is truly amazing. She tells me I'm beautiful and it's ok to be scared.

Her warm breath against me turns me on even more. The craving I have for her is not something I ever experienced. I have held a desire for her inside of me for so long, it's hard to allow it to be released. Moving along my body tracing every part with her sensual hands she reaches my inner thighs. She lightly kisses them, first the left and then the right. She moves agonizingly slow knowing she's driving me insane. She moves along my body and back up to my neck kissing me softly; whispering in my ear the things she wants to do to me. Kissing my neck slowly moving towards my mouth allowing our tongues to play another game of twister. She licks down my neck slowly sucking at the same time. Moving towards my breasts, cupping them in her hands and slowly massages them. My body is shuddering just at her touch. I feel like a volcano that is about to explode. The wanting and passion I have had for her for so long is beginning to be released at every touch of her skin against mine. She licks my nipples and gets them so hard they begin to tingle. I can feel her nipples against my flesh hardening.

Tracing my body downward she licks every inch until she reaches my wetness.

Moving right over it with her tongue, tantalizing me. She looks at me and smirks proudly. Kissing my thighs at the same time still caressing my body.

She moves back up and uses her tongue to find my hot spot. She flicks her tongue along my wet clit so lightly I moan with aggravation. Using her tongue she makes circles around my clit and then slides her tongue up and down at the same time pressing two fingers deep inside of me. I begin to rock against her and she stops me. She continues to run her tongue up and down and all around my clit. I feel my legs quake underneath her. She slides her tongue out and traces it along my tummy and back up to my breast.

I can smell myself on her. She whispers in my ear if I want more I have to taste myself. I grimace at the thought and she turns my head towards her and kisses me. Her tongue touches mine and I can taste the sweetness inside of her mouth. She smiles at me and begins her path downward again. Reaching between my legs she begins to lick very slow driving me wild. She sees by my reactions she is hitting all the right spots. She circles her tongue around my clit very slowly at the same time pressing two fingers inside of me. She slides her tongue all around my clit and uses her thumb at the same time. The pleasure is truly fascinating and I cannot control my breathing.

She is moaning with pleasure as well and I can tell she wants me. Sucking on my clit faster my legs quake around her. I can feel myself getting so close, and she stops. I look into her eyes and without saying a word she knows what I just said. She lets out an evil laugh as I come down from the high she just brought me to. She licks me from my clit down and back up again. Grazing her tongue along my clit she holds my legs so I can't move by body with her rhythm. She starts to lick me faster and faster. I beg her not to stop. I hate being teased! Moving her tongue faster and in circles and up and down I let out a moan so loud. I'm about to scream my head off with the largest orgasm ever and she stops. I call her every name I can think of. She kisses me back up my tummy and again sucks on my tongue. She whispers in my ear that she knows she's a bitch. She kisses all the way back down again. Just the tip of her tongue is gently going over my clit.

Slowly moving around in circles. She's moving so slow I can barely stand it. I move my hand to help her out of frustration and she smacks it hard.

She begins to lick me up and down, pressing so many fingers inside of me.

The slowness is making me so angry yet happy at the same time. I can feel my orgasm approaching and I beg her to let me cum. I can hear a muffled laughed as she licks me faster and faster. I shake underneath her as I cum wildly in her face. My legs quivering around her, my back arching at the powerhouse I feel. I moan out so loud she is startled. She keeps licking me after I cum to make me scream for her to stop. She rubs her wet fingers along my nipples and then licks them. Licking and kissing her way back up to my mouth, we kiss each other. The best kiss ever, so passionate, so loving, and so thankful. We allow our tongues to tangle one other and our hands to roam all over our bodies. I reach down and feel her wetness. She's dripping for more. I use my fingers and slide them all around her clit.

She rocks against my fingers and then follows my lead. She dips her fingers inside of me and runs them along my clit. We're rubbing and rocking all in the same motion as we're kissing. She puts her wet fingers on herself and rubs as I rub myself and then we switch again. Our juices intertwined with one another turns us both wild. I rub her faster and faster, moving the wetness all over her clit. She runs her fingers up and down inside of me. I kiss her mouth and suck hard on her tongue as we both cum again. Feeling each other cum with our hands is amazing. Our bodies rock against one another as we released our passions again. Still kissing me she kisses my neck and gently sucks on it. Moving towards my ear she whispers a thank you. We lie next to each other and look into each other's eyes. I can tell a true bond has been formed and will forever be there. She truly is my confident and best friend. I thank her for this amazing experience. I kiss her face and tell her, she truly made my fantasy a reality. We lie in bed facing each other; bodies still exposed and close our eyesâ?¦ until next time.

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