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Veronica Piers

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She stood there, naked in the soft glow of candlelight. Shadows flickered and played across her body, a well kept one that resembled an hourglass. Honey blonde hair flowed over her shoulders, like a golden river. She had on a champagne silk robe that exposed her black lace bra and panties, and she walked out of the bathroom with grace. Her hazel eyes shone mischievously.

"Are you ready, hon?"

I instinctively pulled my bed throw over me, looking at her body. I had never really had a lot of confidence in the bedroom.

She wiggled her finger at me. "Now, that how you do your husband?"

What was I doing? Am I really going to cheat on my husband with this woman?

"I like to see my girls," She said as she walked over to the bed and pulled away the throw.

She sat down and put her hand around the nape of my neck gently. "You are beautiful hon. Trust me...I would not be in here if i didn't want you."

"I am just nervous," I said.

I suddenly had a flashback of how it all got started. How I had met Veronica Piers.


It was spring time. My husband had been gone for two weeks and I was kind of, well, on my own. We had just moved not too far from a base and of course many military wives had stopped by offering everything and the moon but I preffered to lone wolf things.

It was warm and I was outside washing the car. I knew I was curvacious, and I did want to feel a bit better about myself, so I was wearing a white tank top and cut offs, scrubbing the car. I was, of course, was soaking wet. My brunette hair was in a ponytail, and my tan was just starting to set in. My eyes were a hazel green and my hair was almost black, but not quite. I was pretty aware of my 34 D's, and I knew that my body had more curves than a road map, so I felt pretty good in the sun soaking wet and washing my car. And that was when she came up to the driveway.

She was in her thirties, pleasant and warming. "Hello!"

I stopped scrubbing and waved. "Hey! Nice day, isn't it?"

"Incredible! Are you the new neighbor?"

"Yeah!" I said. I dropped the sponge in my bucket and walked over. "Sherie Thomas."

"Beautiful name. Veronica Piers."

"Likewise! So, which one are you?" I asked, gesturing to the cal de sac.

"The Santa Fe."

I whistled. "Very nice."

She laughed. "I like you. Would you like to come over sometime? Say. tomorrow? Around noon?"

I shrugged. "I have nothing else planned."

I realized that she was staring at my chest. I felt a bit of a flutter in my chest and blushed a little. "See you tomorrow."

The next day I showed up right at noon and was greeted with a hug. "Hello! Come on in!"

I had brought a bag of powdered donuts, what I used to like as a snack sometimes. I laughed to myself; it was the only thing I could think of at the time.

As I stepped in I was wowed by the decor. Everything seemed like it belonged in a romantic film. Satin and beautiful colors of champagne, reds and purples were everywhere. I looked to my hostess and realized she was dressed in nothing else but her burgundy silk robe.

"It's beautiful," I said, even though I was staring at the little exposure of breast that I saw.

"Thank you," She said, looking around. "I decided to redecorate when my husband died. Bless him."

"Oh...I'm sorry!"

"Oh don't be hon, it happens. Want to sit down?"

I tentatively sat on a suede purple chair as she brought in a tray with tea.

"My grandmother always gave me tea at this time, it is good for you," she said as she handed me a cup.

I took a sip and was pleasantly surprised. "What is it?"

"Palmetto. Very good for...well. Feeling good."

I put my bag of donuts on the coffee table. "I brought these....although I think I should have brought lady fingers."

She laughed at my joke, tossing her hair back. There it was again...I caught a glimpse of breast. I felt myself getting wet in the southern region. I chided myself as I fought back the urge to keep looking.

"So, how has it been since Mr. Thomas has been gone?"

"Oh...well, fine really. I just have to stay busy is all."

"Of course! How have you been dealing with...well..."

"With what?"

"Well, I will be frank, with no sex?"

This was a topic I was not expecting to discuss.

"I...Well..I um...You see, it's been...fine." I stammered.

She giggled. "Honey it is how we got here, so don't be shy. How old are you?"


"Wow! So young to be married! But I was married at 20, and I loved every bit of it. So how have you been holding up really?"

I was not uncomfortable, in the slightest. In fact, I was feeling frisky. I had never thought about what it would be like with another woman before. I was thinking of what Veronica looked like under her robe.

"Well..." I finally managed to say, "I will admit I have need lately but I am not the cheating type."

"Oh, of course not! You are much too nice for that. But there is nothing wrong with experimenting, you know..."

She suddenly dropped one of her tea spoons to the floor. "Ooops!"

She bent over and when she came back up I dropped my own cup of tea. Her breasts were fully exposed. Beautiful. Perky. Smaller pink nipples on larger, yet not as big as my own breasts. And she did not have a tan line anywhere.

"I am so sorry!" I said as I ran to get paper towels. When I came back, she had already picked up the cup. "Don't worry, hon, it happens!"

I stooped to the floor and began blotting up the puddle. I suddenly felt warm hands encircle me, and her breasts on my back. I began shaking.

"Have you ever kissed another woman?"

I managed to shake my head no.

" is actually kind of fun."

She began rubbing my back and put her hand over mine to help blot up the mess. When she was done she stood and went to dispose of the towels.

I looked down and saw my jeans that I had worn over were soaked in my vaginal area. I needed to leave.

"Miss Veronica? I need to--

Before I could finish my sentence I was rolled over and kissed fully on the mouth. I tried to fight it at first. "Please, Veronica..."


I could not fight it then. She began kissing me gently, using her tongue to feel around my mouth and I just caved. I felt my hands go to her bare back, which was smooth and warm. She straddled me and ran her hands through my hair a little, and guided one of my hands to her left breast. It felt so wonderful, her hard nipples between my fingers, her soft breast so full in my hands.

She finally stopped and looked at me. "I want you, my little miss Sherie. But we have to wait. For now."

"Okay," was all I could say.

She had helped me up and sent me back to my house. "I want you to be back here tomorrow, same time. Ok?"

I was like a fish in a barrel. "Yes ma'am."

Over the next week it was a ritual. I would go over to her house and we would make out and touch one another on our breasts. When she touched me upon mine I would shiver and find my vagina walls pulsating. I enjoyed every moment of it. Then, about eight days into this little affair, I opened the door to her home (she let me walk in at that point) and she was not wearing anything.

"Today we are going to do something a little more. I have been patient but I can't wait much more, I have to do a little something."

I laughed a little. "And what would that be?"

She stepped over and hoisted me upon her hips, rubbing herself where my vagina was against my jeans. She placed me on the couch and took over, kissing and rubbing my nipples. I felt the familiar sensation and felt myself beginning to wet, her licking and sucking on my breasts. She suddenly began unbuttoning my jeans. I was a little alarmed.

"What are you--"

"Don't you trust me, hon?"

I laid back down and felt her warm hands slide expertly down my jeans. I knew what was coming then.

Her finger had found my opening and her thumb had found my clitoris. "You wanna be fucked don't you?"

I felt my vagina instantly begin to pulsate. She was talking dirty!

I moaned a little as she began to finger fuck me, sliding her finger in and out, rubbing her thumb over my clit gently. " have a tight, wet little flower..."

She suddenly picked up speed, thrusting another finger into my vagina. "You like this, don't you?"

"Yes!' I gasped.

"Are you my little slut?"


She suddenly stopped and guided my hands to her own vagina. "Rub me," She said.

I began to feel around. It was new for me, it was familiar and yet it wasn't. It was soft...warm...I was getting turned on even more just rubbing her soft pussy.

She moaned a little and resumed fucking me with her fingers. "If you are a good little whore I will make you cum...So keep going."

I felt her bite my neck a little, which made me rub her faster. I slid a finger into her vagina, though it was a little hard to concentrate. She stopped again and nibbled my neck a little harder.

"Come on baby..."

I went faster, beginning to feel her tighten around my fingers and her vagina moistening. She began to moan which encouraged me, I did not want to hurt her. She finally gasped after I grabbed her ass a little hard. She screamed and rode my hand, and I kissed her on her neck and breasts.

"Ohhhh! You are good at this!"

She slid off of my hand and slipped hers back down my pants. I was close now, and I knew it would be a powerful one. I bit my lips a little but she whispered into my ears.

"Little sluts don't get to come if I don't hear anything."

She did not need to tell me twice. Sounds I had been trying to suppress came out of me and I was moaning and getting loud like she had. She rubbed harder and faster, finger fucking my pussy like there was nothing else more important.

"Come for me, hon! Come!"

I did. I felt my vagina tighten and the biggest orgasm I had ever had, even with my husband, washed over me. All over, I felt cool and hot, and laid there as my vagina discharged liquid all over her hands and my jeans. I was, although satisfied, mortified.

"What....did I do??"

She giggled. "Have you never squirted?"

I sat up. "Squirted?"

"Oh my, you are deprived!"

She explained to me what it was and I felt a little better, but still in shock, somewhat. "I did not know girls could do that."

"Oh, there are a lot of things you don't know, my Sherie."

She had to leave for a week at a conference. So for that week, on my own, I had time to look up things and prepare, of sorts. Watching lesbian porn and learning more about myself, I felt pretty confident.

"When I get back...We are taking this to the next level."

Her words rang in my ears every time I talked to my husband Jordan on the phone.

"Well, how are things?"


"You are not very talkative..."

"Oh! I'm sorry. Just have a lot to do. Housework and all."

That was the usual conversation.


I brought myself back to the present. I suppose it did not matter if I ended up with her in the bed anyway, I had already been fucked by her hand, so what real difference did it make?



"I know, hon. Can I tell you something?"


"When I was married before my husband died, we did all kinds of things. There is nothing wrong with exploring what you like. Okay?"

It did not really shake my husband from my mind, but the thought of what could come with this made me horny enough to push him from my mind. "Okay."

Want to read more? Part 2 coming soon!

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