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Vacation In Denver Pt. 2

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We were all getting along really great when I heard Jean and Claire arguing upstairs one afternoon. We had been out to lunch and had several drinks and came home. It was already established that we could make ourselves at home which meant that clothes were optional and Mom did not mind us naked. I went upstairs to find Jean and Claire semi nude arguing. We used to do it Claire was saying and Jean had her hands over her breasts saying that was when she was younger. USed to do what I asked them. They looked at me and Jean had an angry look on her face that told me she was not saying anything else. Claire looked at me and sat on the bed. Well, after I found that Jean was interested in other women I began being curious also. I went to a coule clubs and finally experimented and found that I loved it also. Since my husband had passed away a couple years before I was in need of attention and one night Jean and I had a few drinks and ended up in bed together. We used to make love sometimes and I came in here and kissed her neck and she got pissed. Jean broke down, Mom, really, I just can't anymore, not with my Mother. I dropped my robe and stood there. They were both crying and then hugged, since they both only had on panties they were hugging almost totally nude and their bodies were betraying them. I saw Jeans nipples get hard and erect and Claire was getting excited as well, even though they were crying and trying not to get aroused. I stepped forward and put my arms around each waist and said, Do I get to get into this hug. Then I kissd Claire on the neck in the spot I had found made her melt. Oh, you bad girl she said, you know what you are up to don't you? I smiled and kissing Jean my hands went to her hips, tracing its way to her bottom...MMMm, stop that she told me, I am busy being pissed off and you know it. Yes I do. Well, if you two want to be pissed that is up to you, I feel very sexy at the moment. I stepped back and sat on the bed and pulled off my thong and laid back. I bagan sucking my nipples and working on my titties and soon they were standing arms around each others waists watching me. My work got results as my pussy was getting really wet. It took a while and they stayed at the foot of the bed watching but I had been playing with my pussy and sucking my titties and finally I felt an orgasm building and my hips were moving up to meet my fingers...I reached over for a dildo that was on the night stand and turned on the vibrator mode rubbing it around my clit. The pressure was building and my hips were all on auto pilot. Then I felt the release coming..Oh yes, yes, I was moaning and I let go a stream of pussy juices. I had squirted all over the bed. It was almost like a stream of piss I had cum so much. I looked down and Claire was on the bed between my legs trying to catch the pussy stream. Do it again Claire said, please make it cum again. Kiss it I told her. She began licking my pussy slowly. I need someone to suck my nipples I said looking at Jean. She got on the bed and began licking and sucking my titties. I was in heaven and after a while I felt another orgasm building...It is on the way Claire I told her. GOod she said. Give it to me....I kept up the vibrator on the clit as Claire licked my pussy and now Jean was hot as I could tell by the way she was sucking my titties and watching her mom eat my pussy. Suddenly my pussy sent a stream of juice that hit Claire all over the face. Her hair got some and her face was soaked. She was licking her lips as I finished cumming and massaging her titties. Jean was kissing my titties softer now. Claire was now laying on her back her legs spread and her hands in between them playing with her pussy and massaging her clit. Jean was next to me. Go kiss her I told her. No Jean said. Oh, go kiss her it is okay I told her. No Jean said again more admantly this time. Then I will I told her. I moved around to Claire and my lips carressed hers. Kissing her slowly and deep making her moan. Jean was sitting at the head of the bed massaging her own titties. I was getting hot again. Lets make love in front of Jean I told Claire. She smiled and kissing me deeply she moved around so that Jean had a good view of our love play. I made sure that Jean could see me enjoying her mom with every lick and kiss. Jean was massaging her own pussy now. Her fingers sinking into her and her juices making the bed wet under her. Claire was close to an orgasm and I wanted to eat her thought it so I moved around so my mouth was between her legs and her legs were towards Jean. I made sure she was watching as I took Mom though two orgasms. I went back to Claire's face and whispered, Do you really want to have Jean again? She said yes and smiled. Lets get really close to her and make love. We moved and I was making sure to touch Jean as we made love. I begged Claire to get on top of me and she laid on top, kissing my titties and moving between my legs spreading them wide. I was reaching out massaging Jeans titties as often as I could and then I rolled over so that Claire was next to Jean. Claire was getting hotter knowing my plan. She was almost an animal of passion. Suck my titties I commanded her and she grabbed them hard, licking and biting. I squeezed her titties hard making her moan loud and then managed to get her closer to Jean so that they were toudhing. Jean sat staring at us. I whispered again, Now reach out and grab Jean, act like you have lost it and are just grabbing out of passion. She looked at me, Who says I am not that hot. A second later she had reached over and grabbed Jean by the titties. Jean moved but could not get far away. Now I went to Claire's pussy spreading her legs. Oh damn, suck my pussy she demanded. Now she was looking for someone to hug and kiss since I was between her legs. Jean let out a moan and fell forward kissing Claire on the titties and sucking them. Oh yes, yes, that is it Claire was moaning. Jean gave in fully now, sucking and kissing then I was watching as she got to Claires face. They stopped for a long second, face to face. Looking into each others eyes. Mom, jean moaned and Claire took her face and kissed her. At the same time her hips began to buck against my face in an orgasm. Long after the orgasm subsided they were still kissing and I moved away to let them make love. They did just that slowly, moveing over each other and kissing long untouched places. After a long gentle love making session they laid there and looked at me. Well, come on bad girl Mom said. I ladi with them and we all begna over again. Kissing and hugging, fingers probing and the rest of the night we slept and made love. Claire and Jean were back to their relationship of years ago.

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