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Twin Adventure

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My name is Ellen and my twin sister is Elaine, we are identical twins except that I have a small birth mark on the small of my back. We grew up in the country where my parents have a small farm with many animals and chores for us to do. I am the girly half as Elaine is more of a tomboy type. As we grew up, she was into sports, outdoor activities and always surrounded by friends. I on the other hand liked playing with dolls, dressing up and generally stayed to myself. While in high school I noticed Elaine had very few boyfriends but always surrounded with the bad girl click as I called them. She was always staying overnight with her friends and hardly spoke of their activities. Elaine has long brown hair, very shapely figure and according to her, cursed with large tits that she would later come to appreciate. The boys at school were always asking us out and I went on quite a few dates but Elaine rarely accepted any invitations. I even heard rumors that she liked girls and was a lesbian. I got into trouble more than once defending her and was sent home on a few occasions. After high school we both attended community college as we couldn’t afford to go to a university and our parents still needed help on the farm. I finally realized that everyone was right when one night she had her friend Terry spend the night. They wanted to camp out in the barn and since they knew I liked being inside, they wouldn’t have to worry about me being around. I had a date with a good looking farm boy named Joey that I was seeing at the time. We went into town to a movie and as always sat in the back. I wasn’t very sexually active but I knew how to keep the boys interested. During the movie Joey started kissing me which I love to do but soon he had his hand under my top and playing with my hard nipples. Like Elaine I am blessed with large firm D size tits that like to be massaged. I had not played with Joey yet as we hadn’t been dating for very long but as I said, I knew how to keep the interest up. As we tasted each other with our tongues, I squeezed his crotch to feel a nice hard cock. He really started to ram his tongue down my throat as I stoked his cock through his jeans. I could see that we were alone in the back, so I unfastened his jeans and had him pull them down. Since it was dark I couldn’t really see but what I felt really excited me. I started to run my hand down a long shaft that was hard as a rock and fairly thick. My hand could barely reach around his shaft as I slowly started to pump back and forth. I have played with a few cocks in the past but his was the biggest yet and the head of his cock was even larger than his shaft. As he squeezed my tits with one hand, his other hand was massaging my wet pussy. I wouldn’t let him pull my jeans down because I was afraid of being caught but I was definitely enjoying the attention down there. The more I stroked his cock the more excited I became and really wanted to fuck him but I knew it was too soon in our relationship. He was begging me to suck him and knew he wouldn’t last long because his head was wet from so much pre-cum. I leaned down and licked the pre-cum from his head as I swirled my tongue around the outer edges of his flared head. He moaned as he lifted his hips up and pushed my mouth down to him. I slipped his head into my mouth as my lips stretched around him tightly. I slowly worked his large shaft down until his head touched the back of my throat where I could feel him twitch. His cock filled my mouth up to the point I had trouble catching my breath but I wanted to taste his cum. Even with my mouth full, there was still enough shaft left over for me to stroke him as I worked my head back and forth. It didn’t take long before he was cumming down my throat, I couldn’t swallow fast enough as he pumped my throat full of hot cum. I kept on sucking him until I had every drop of his cum cleaned off his still hard cock. I guess we had made more noise that I though as a few minutes later the attendant came through checking on everyone. We left when the movie was over and naturally he wanted to park for a second round but I told him I needed to get home and that we would go out again later. As much as I wanted him to fuck me with his big cock, I felt we should wait a while longer. When I arrived home, I walked over to the barn where Elaine and Terry were, for some girl talk. I could see a small light on inside and as I walked closer I could hear them inside. I couldn’t make out the sounds until I came up to the door then I recognized the sounds of moaning. I walked to the side of the barn where I could see inside through an opening of the wall. I was shocked at what I was seeing and realized that the rumors at school were true. They were on a blanket facing each other and naked in each others arms. I watched them kiss passionately as a candle flickered dimly nearby. My first reaction was of anger that my sister had kept this secret from me and the trouble I had gotten into for defending her. As I stood there watching, I couldn’t understand how she could prefer another woman over the pleasure of a good hard cock but I couldn’t turn away either. I was surprised at how aroused I became as I watched them caress each other as they kissed deeply in the candle light. Terry had smooth soft looking skin with perky tits and small dark nipples compared to Elaine’s large tits with big round nipples that are the same as mine. I also noticed that both were shaved clean compared to my close cut pussy that had gotten wet as I watched and had not calmed down from the stroking at the movies. Terry was smaller but much more aggressive as she sucked on Elaine’s tits and knew how to lick nipples until they were pushing out erect. I could tell that she had a lot of experience by the way she gently laid Elaine onto her back as she slowly used her tongue to explore her way down to Elaine’s naked pussy. She lifted her legs up as she fingered her wet clit while licking her calf and working her way to her soft thighs. When Terry started to playfully lick around her swollen pussy lips, Elaine arched her back while softly moaning, yes it feels so good.

Terry skillfully licked her clit before using her tongue to taste the inner most part of Elaine’s hungry pussy. As I watched the scene unfolding, I realized that I had stuck two fingers into my wet pussy wishing that I were my sister at this point. It was all I could do to keep quiet as I finger fucked myself as my legs grew weaker from the building orgasm that would soon cum. As Terry was tongue fucking her, Elaine grabbed her head and pushed her face deeper into her aching pussy. Elaine was bucking her hips as she moaned louder and louder until she exploded with a long wet orgasm that caused her body to go limp. Terry continued to lick her juices until she slid on top of Elaine to share her wet lips with her. They kissed for a few minutes tasting the cum between them, then Elaine rolled her over and very roughly started to bury her head into Terry’s crotch. Terry moaned loudly as she wrapped her legs around Elaine’s waist as she bucked wildly. Terry was talking dirty to Elaine telling her to, eat that pussy and make me scream, by then I was furiously finger fucking myself and leaning against the wall as I poured cum onto my hand and down my legs. I moaned out loudly as I almost fell to the ground. Elaine and Terry were startled by the noise I made and quickly got up. I quickly creped to the house and ran to the shower. I lay there that night thinking of what they were doing in the barn and why that aroused me so much. I started to fantasize about Terry and the feel of another woman’s body against mine, the feeling of her soft lips kissing mine and the taste of a woman’s cum. I muffled my moans with the pillow as I had another orgasm then fell asleep.

The next morning Terry left before I got up. Elaine was outside hanging cloths on the line to dry. I walked out to give her a hand, as we were hanging cloths, Elaine asked me what time I came home and how was my date. I told her it was late when I got home and the date was fine. She looked at me and out of the blue, asked me if I liked the show last night. I stammered as I told her the movie was O.K. but she said you know what I’m talking about. I told her I wasn’t sure about what I saw and that I was confused. She told me that she still liked men but being with another woman felt natural to her. We talked for awhile and told each other about our experiences both good and bad. We realized that we were not as close as twins normally are and we agreed to share more with each other. Later that day Joey called as I knew he would and asked me out. He picked me up around 7:00 and took me to a nice dinner, then we went to a favorite spot by the lake where all the couples go to make out. He laid a blanket out near some bushes and we talked for awhile. I knew what he was expecting and to be honest, I was looking forward to his big cock filling me up since the images from last night were still fresh in my mind. As the light faded he became bolder as he massaged my shoulders and of course my hardening tits. Soon we took off our cloths and was exploring the others body. We were facing each other as we kissed, he was stroking my pussy with his finger tips as I was spreading his pre-cum around the head of his cock. I lay on my back as he started to lick my aching pussy and I started to think of what it would feel like if Terry was there instead of him. Before I knew what was happening, I flooded his mouth with my juices as I held his head tight to me. He looked at me with a grin and said I didn’t know I was that good. I just smiled knowing that he only added to my fantasy as I rolled on top of him. His cock was standing straight up as I lowered down unto him. I must have been very wet because I had no trouble sliding his thick head past my swollen lips. I felt his thick cock fill me up as I pulled him in to me. I sat there and rocked for awhile as he tried to pump me but I was enjoying how good it felt to have my pussy so full of cock. I finally let him roll me over and wrapped my legs around his waist. I knew he wouldn’t last long as I could feel his cock twitching with every thrust. I told him to fuck me hard as I tightened my legs around him as he thrust his tongue deep into my mouth. He was pounding my pussy so hard it felt like he was driving me into the ground. As I started to have my second orgasm I told him I wanted to feel his hot cum in me. He grunted out loud as I felt his cock explode with streams of cum that just kept coming and coming. As he collapsed his sweat covered body onto me I could feel his warm cum run down between the cheeks of my ass. We lay there for awhile talking until I felt his cock stiffen in me. He started kissing my neck, then moved down to suck my tits. I didn’t think I could stand another pounding from his big cock, so I rolled him over and sucked our cum off him. Seeing me lick the cum from his cock really got him excited, I teased him with my tongue as I licked his shaft and sucked on his large balls. He really liked me running my wet lips along his shaft just stopping at his head. He was begging me to take his cock deep into my mouth as I licked his large mushroomed head and lightly sucked on it. When I knew he was about to cum again, I thrust him hard and deep into my mouth. He came with such force that my eyes watered and I gagged from the amount of cum that I tried to swallow. I couldn’t swallow fast enough and had to pull back from him and as I did he shot even more streams of cum unto my tits and in my hair. We had to use the dry parts of his blanket to wipe off the sticky cum that covered us both as we laughed about our first fuck.

When I got home Elaine was waiting for me. As we sat on my bed, she asked me about my date. I told her about the nice dinner and how we sat by the lake. As I was talking, Elaine touched my hair and said he must have really enjoyed your talk. I looked at her trying to act innocent but when she pulled some dry cum from my hair I knew I was busted. She reminded me of our talk about sharing our experiences so I told her about Joey but that we weren’t serious. What Elaine really wanted to know was how big his cock was and if he knew how to use it. I suddenly had a devious idea that I would never have considered in the past. I looked at Elaine with a grin and said, why don’t you find out for yourself. Since very few people could tell us apart anyway, we could switch places for awhile. She smiled back at me and said, if I fuck Joey that means you have to let Terry fuck you. I had hoped she would share Terry with me and the thought of being with another woman excited me. We had a week to plan our adventures and learn how to act like one another. I set up a date with Joey telling him where I wanted to go as Elaine did the same with Terry. We both decided to take our dates to a lesser known spot where we could switch back in case things didn’t work out. The place we chose was an old farm not to far from ours that had three old barns near the abandoned house. We cleaned one bedroom in the old house where there was still a bed and picked out the barn that the other would use. Everything was set for a Saturday night but as the day neared I remembered that Elaine was shaved where was not, so I shaved what little hair I had down there. When Saturday arrived we made mental notes of the others actions as well as how our makeup was put on plus we wore the others cloths. Joey arrived to pick me up (now Elaine) around 7:00pm. It was strange seeing my boyfriend with my sister, knowing she was going to let him fuck her with that big cock but also exciting knowing that I would soon know what another woman felt like. I met Terry later in the evening at the store where she usually meets Elaine. Once we were out of sight, she kissed me deeply telling me how much she missed me (Elaine) and that she had a special surprise for me later. I wasn’t sure what to expect but since I was already wet from the jeans rubbing against my shaved pussy, a little more wouldn’t make any difference. I took her to the barn that was arranged for us and spread a blanket out from a bag that she carried. She also had the same candle that I had seen before. It didn’t take long before she had her arms wrapped around me as she flicked her soft tongue against mine. Her lips were very soft and her perfume smelled sweet as I melted into her arms. We lay down on the blanket as she kissed me deeply and at the same time unbuttoning my blouse. The more she teased me with her tongue the wetter I became while we pulled each others cloths off. I squeezed her tits as she licked and sucked my hard nipples, I thought I would have an orgasm just from her teasing. I could see why Elaine enjoyed sex with another woman because she knew all of the most erotic places on my body. Terry lay down on the blanket as I positioned myself at her head. I started kissing her lips at first then moved down to her tits. They were firm with hard nipples, I sucked each nipple as she moaned out, waiting for me to finally reach her aching pussy. As I licked my way down her flat stomach, I could see her shaven mound and I wanted to taste her. I could see that her pussy lips were swollen and very wet as I slowly finished crawling on top of her into a 69 position. I felt her tongue plunge deep into me as I licked a pussy for the first time. She tasted semi-sweet as I let my tongue caress her outer lips. She gripped my ass and held me tight as she tongue fucked me into submission. I tried to lift my ass but she held me firm until I screamed out from the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had up to this point. My whole body quivered as wave after wave of uncontrolled spasms gripped me until I almost passed out. I tried to return the favor but I was limp as I rolled off her. She crawled on top of me and pressed her body to mine as she tenderly kissed my lips. She let me rest for a few minutes to catch my breath, then she straddled my face and said it’s my turn. She pressed her wet pussy against my face as she started grinding against my tongue. I had a hard time breathing but became aroused at the thought of her dominating me. I swallowed her juices as I thrust my tongue deep into her and sucked on her swollen clit. She was panting as I squeezed her tits and rocking her hips to my thrusts. I suddenly felt her legs tighten as she moaned out I’m cumming, then I felt her hot cum pour out of her unto my face. I could taste her slick juices run down my throat as she slowly stopped rocking on my face.

We lay there in each others arms for what seemed like hours. As much as I love a good hard cock and the feel of a man, I could finally understand why only a woman can please another woman in certain ways. As we were talking she asked if I was ready for my surprise since it was what I had talked about. I didn’t know what Elaine had told her but at this point I was up for anything with her. I told her I wanted my surprise as she reached into her bag. She told me to close my eyes and to not open them until she told me so. I laid there with my eyes closed wondering what she had in store for me. I felt her get on top of me and I opened my eyes. She kissed me and said remember how you told me that you missed the feeling of a big hard cock, well I’m going to give it to you. Then she lifted up to reveal the strap-on she was wearing, the dildo was very thick and very long. I looked up at her but before I could say anything, she was pressing me down with her body. She reached between my legs and placed the head into my pussy lips. I started to protest that it was to big when I felt her thrust it into me making me scream out as the massive dildo pushed pass my clit and deep into me. She pushed it in completely and said how does that cock feel. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I adjusted to the initial stretching of my pussy walls. She held it still for a few minutes as she kissed me, I finally adjusted to its size as she slowly started moving it in and out. After a minute or two, I wrapped my legs around her waist as I do with Joey and matched her thrusts. Terry says, you really have missed a big cock haven’t you as I moaned from the fullness. I could feel the orgasm coming when she stopped and told me to get on all fours. When I rolled over see smacked my ass hard as she spread my cheeks open wide. The big cock slid easily into me as I lifted my ass to meet her hips. Terry thrust into me deeper than before as I felt the head push into my cervix, I couldn’t help moaning as she picked up the pace. She smacked my ass really hard again then grabbed my hair to pull my head back. She was giving me the full force of her thrusting hips as she thrust faster and faster. I was so wet by now that I could hear the big cock sloshing back and forth in me combined with her heavy breathing. She held my head back so tight that I could hardly breathe as she pounded me to another orgasm. I tried to arch my back as I felt the wave of cum starting to push around the dildo as everything was turning black. I awoke on my back as Terry was stroking my face, she asked if I was O.K. as I smiled back and pulled her lips to mine. I told her that I had never had an orgasm strong enough to make me blackout like that and I couldn’t describe how euphoric I felt at the moment. All I knew was that I wanted it again sometime and for Elaine to have the experience also. We held each other as we talked and cuddled until the time for us to leave. We made plans for another date for later in the week, I didn’t know if Elaine could meet her for the date but I knew one of would.

When I got home, Elaine was waiting for me in my room. She had a big smile on her face as I sat down beside her. We talked for the rest of the night as I told her about Terry’s surprise. She surprised me by asking if I would meet Terry again so she could be with Joey. I was more than happy to switch for another night as I was completely infatuated with the thought of Terry’s sexual nature and my own. I told her I wanted all the details of her adventure with my boyfriend as we lay back on the bed. She told me she felt awkward at first since it had been a long time since she was with a man. After they had a nice dinner they went to the old farm house where she saw the dim light in the barn and knew we were already there. She said Joey was very talkative at first, then he pulled her onto the bed while kissing her neck and fondling her tits. It wasn’t long before they had their cloths off and she was playing with his hard cock. She said I was right that his cock was very thick and long because she licked and sucked every inch of it until he filled her mouth with cum which she said tasted good. I laughed at the thought of her having dried cum in her hair for a change but she didn’t. She told me she was tired and sore from the multiple orgasms that she had while being fucked in different positions. Her favorite was straddling him and controlling the thrusting as she could find her G-spot while teasing him at the same time. I noticed a glow about her as she talked about his oral skills and how he would use the head of his cock to tease her wet pussy while he talked dirty to her. As we talked, I had the feeling that things had changed for us as twins, Elaine found the joy of a mans hard cock as I found the pleasure of a woman’s soft kisses and how intimately two women could share with each other. Even now as some years have pasted we continue to share. Now I share my lesbian lovers with her and she lets me ride her husband’s big cock in return.


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