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Trying on Shoes

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Brief description. last night this hot women who is pretty new to this site started chatting me up. I really am not into women, but this women just had sex appeal oozing. While we chatted, we chatted mostly about my miserable life and the situation I was in. She seemed very touched and sensitive. I notice in her profile she was bi--- and we started talking and talking and I was very turned on by her. I like smart people, they are a turn on by themselves. She was having several sexual conversations with other people at the same time and seemed to handle herself well. By late night early morning she gave me her phone number and I called her. We talked a little and she offered phone sex, kind of strange, but exciting. Anyway, we figured out that we are only about 100 miles from each other and made plans to meet the next day. So this is what happened during that meeting.

So, I got to the mall about 45 minutes early. Okay I was kind of excited, a little nervous... okay way nervous. I wanted to dress casual but nice. Nothing sleazy or even provocative. I wore a nice pair of shorts with a flowing blouse and my favorite $200 sandals. They alone speak volumes. Anyway? So I figured since we are going to meet in the shoe department at Nordstrom?s (an upscale dept. store) I am going to look at some sandals. I love sandals, I figured I might as well make this trip worth while even if she doesn?t show up. ( I really did not know what I was expecting, maybe lunch and some friendly conversation....) I never really thought about having a fling with another women.

So I am literally trying on shoes, about 25 pairs. I have shoes stacked up everywhere. Well I check my watch and I still have about 20 minutes before she is supposed to be there. The sales man has made several trips coming and going with my shoes. I am the only person in the shoe department right now trying on shoes and he is the only sales person. He takes a few pairs away and goes into the back room, another sales lady bends down beside me and opens up a box and takes out a pair of shoes. She puts them on my feet and says how do you like them, I said ?now theses are some nice sandals? she says ?yes, the pair is very nice, but you know what is even nicer?, I said what. She slides her hand up my leg and right into my crotch. She actually put her finger against my pussy and rubbed it for a second. I was in shock. Before I had realized what she just did. She says ?how do you like it (she said my name)? I think these are the ones for you.? She removes her hand just as the sales man comes walking back up? This whole thing took only about 15 to 20 seconds. I think he seen her, cause he got all flustered and could barely say a word? I said, ?yeah I think I found what I wanted this trip.. Wrap them up I will take them. ? That was the most erotic $180 I ever spent?

After I paid for my shoes and we chatted at the check out counter for a minute, she said, ?she was looking for a new outfit to wear to some party she is going to? and asked if I wouldn?t mine helping her pick something out.. Well after that, how was I supposed to say no?

So we go to the ladies clothes section and she has very nice taste.. Picked a lot of things that I would have picked for myself. I am holding the clothes and she is shopping. She says she will only be a minute, if I could put the clothes in a dressing room please. So I walk into the dressing rooms and I always pick the back room incase any perverts accidentally walk in. So I hang the clothes on the hook and go to turn around and walk out and she walks in. She firmly but gently grabs my face and lays this long deep hard wet kiss on me.. I thought I was going to drop on my knees right there? She backs me back into the dressing room, and puts her hands up my blouse and is caressing my breasts, she then reaches down and puts her hand down my pants and starts rubbing my clit. Oh my, I was so excited and wet. Wow???? I am standing there with her and she has her hand down my pants and starts fingering me?. I can barely stand up, with her other hand she pulls down my shorts and my panties and lifts my leg on to the bench in the dressing room. She gets down on one knee and starts licking my pussy?. I was so wet, she starts rubbing my clit again and I began to tremble. I could barely stand up. She slowly comes up and kisses me again, so soft and long, she is making sure I taste myself. She sits me down on the bench and starts finger fucking me and she keeps licking her finger and putting them back inside me? She is kissing me and licking my right breast?sucking my nipple and then ever so gently biting it.. She goes back down on me and eats my pussy, she licks and sucks and kind of nibbles and pulls wow?keeps licking. Oh my, can she eat pussy, probably better then any man I have ever been with. I was all over the dressing room, could not sit still and contain myself. Then out of nowhere we her a ladies voice, is everything alright, do you need me to get you another size or can I take something you didn?t like. I said uuhh no, I think I might take everything, my friend is helping me with the zippers, were cool. She said, ?alright then?. And it sounded as though she walked away. We both giggled for a brief second and then she started finger fucking me hard and harder and harder, she then stuck her finger in my ass while still finger fucking me.. My pussy was so wet and juicy, I started cumming and she keep going, I don?t think I have ever cum that hard. When I was done, she stopped and she bent back down and stuck her face in my cunt. She came up with a very wet face. She went back down and licked me as dry as she could and then got up, leaned in for another kiss and kissed me again. She pulled my shirt back down and stood me up and pulled up my panties? and then my shorts. I could barely stand.. She licked her fingers and said I thought you could use some special attention today and next time well spend more time getting to know each other?

We walked out of the dressing room and got onto the escalator. As we are descending down, I see the shoe guy looking at both of us and I guess she seen him too, she leaned over and rubbed my pussy over my clothes and when we got off the escalator we walked by the shoe dept and she says to the guy, ?you have nice roomy dressing rooms here, you should really check them out? she then goes on to lick her finger? We laughed a little and walked out the door. She kissed me good-bye at my car and I have never heard from her again. But every time I am trying on shoes, I secretly wish my own personal sales lady would re-appear again.

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