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Toy store

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No sooner had I entered the store, then the door closed & automatically locked behind me.

I looked around & saw no one. I called out. No one answered. Suddenly metal shutters rolled down over the windows & door.

The place became complete darkness.

I was concerned, but not frightened. Figured it was a melfunction with the electrical system.

I felt a hand touch mine. I screamed. A computer generated voice said for me not to be afraid. It was like a womans voice.

I let the hand lead me somewhere. I was undressed. Led to a bed. Told by the same voice to lay on it.

My arms & legs outstretched on their own. I had no control.

I tried to speak & could not. Tried to move & could not.

I felt feathers being drawn over my body. Touching the places I was most ticklish. But it didn't tickle. It aroused me.

Then hundreds of fingers covered with satin. Touching. Arousing. Exciting, all the right places.

I could feel my nipples hardening. My clit & pussy lips swelling.

A warm gentle breeze starting to blow from my forehead. Down over the bridge of my nose. Across my lips. Over my throat. Around each of my tits. Over them, both ways. The same with my nipples. Down between my tits. Over my stomach. Across my abdoment. My mons.

Stopping on my clit. Blowing just hard enough, I could feel my clit moving. Then over & around my pussy lips.

My legs lifted. The breeze moved over each cheek of my ass. Then across my anus. It felt wierd, but wonderful. I had never thought as my anus as a place of pleasure, but I did now.

The breeze stopped. Then nothing for what seemed like a long time.

My legs were still raised & spread wide apart.

Then I felt something like a tongue doing the same as the breeze had just done.

It cause me more arousel. Only this time my nipples we kissed, licked & nibbled gently. The same with my tits. I wondered if my tits were bitten, I would end up with a hicky That thought was an arousel in its self.

I got kisses, licks & nibbles on parts of my body I never had before. Even my anus.

If someone or something was trying to arouse me, they were doing a wonderful job of it.

Then nothing again. I waited to see what was going to happen next.

Something clamped over my tits. A suction started. It pulled more on my nipples then my actual tits.

I felt something big & round push up against my pussy. Then something smaller against my anus.

Then a squirt of something warm. Each slid into me. One in my pussy. The other in my ass.

I could not believe how good it felt. Never had I thought of anything outside of the regular sex act as interesting. Not now though.

As whatever was in my pussy & ass went in, my nipples were suck up. Then reverse.

In & out. Up & down.

Climax afer climax.

Then a voice. A human voice. A womans voice asked, "is that what you would like?"

The lites were on. No shutters over the door or windows.

I was standing there holding a toy that you could stick on the floor or a wall & fuck your pussy & ass at the same time.

"Yes" I replied. "Do you carry any kind of feathers or satin gloves or lubricant," I asked?

"All kinds" she said. "Anything in particular you would like," she asked?

"Whatever you suggest," I replied.

She showed me the feathers the gloves & lubricant she recommended. I purchased them too.

As I did, I looked at her & wondered if it was her that had, had me to my much delight.

She held the door open for me & bid me to come again.

I did, but this time with a girlfriend.

It was then I found out my girlfriend had, had the same experience at the very same store, but had never told me.

It was only then that I told her of mine.

When we got together, we showed each other what we had purchased. It was exactly the same stuff.

We stripped. Stuck the toy on the floor. Excited each other. Lubed each others pussy & ass. Knelt of the toys. As we fucked ourself to multi climaxes, we tickled each other with the feathers & ran our satin covered fingers over each other face & neck & shoulders & shoulders & arms & especially out tits & nipples. We both ended up with the nipples we wanted after our experience at the store.

Are any of your girlfriends holding back from telling you about their experience at a TOY STORE?

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