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Title=Cult of Mora; Type=Lesbian; Desc= Swinging Fantasy

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Cult of Mora

A few months back, we returned early from a night on the town. As we entered the front door I could sense something was not right. The baby sitter was not on the couch. We began to wonder where she could be as our wonder turned to panic, we both thought the worst. We ran upstairs to check on the kids! We soon found them both safe and sound, asleep in their beds.

We heard what sounded to be squeals coming from our bedroom. Opening the unlocked door, we found the babysitter lying on our bed half-naked with my wife?s favorite dildo up her honey pot. It looked like a scene right out of an X-rated Goldy-Locks movie. She was obviously in the throws of passion, eyes closed, face grimacing as she moved the dildo in and out of her vagina at break neck speed. So intent on her labor of passion, she didn?t even realize we were standing right beside her. We were stunned to say the least! We just stood there with our mouths open gazing at the incredible site of such a beautiful little vixen so intent on pleasuring herself.

The baby sitter was so steadfast giving herself pleasure that she had actually worked up a sweat. My wife, Jan, instinctively took compassion on the young thing and sat on the side of the bed and gently dabbed at her brow with a tissue. The babysitter opened her eyes and smiled in thanks. Did she know we were standing beside her the whole time? Jan continued to wipe her brow and say softly, ?cum baby, cum, cum for me?. This made the babysitter increase here incredible speed with the dildo. My wife, turned to me and said, ?dear, could you put a XXX movie on the TV, I think it may help.? ? Honey, put on my favorite dykey movie. You know, the one with the strap on dildos?. As I got the DVD, Jan began to massage the babysitter?s chest, rubbing her lovely breasts in a circular motion. The babysitter?s nipples were in such an extreme state of arousal they just begged for more attention. Jan then began to skillfully tweak each nipple. First lightly pinching them and then pinching harder and harder until the babysitter began to moan in exquisite pain and pleasure. Jan twisted both her nipples at alternate times, expertly pulling on each one to have the maximum desired affect.

I started the DVD and immediately one of Jan?s favorite scenes sprang into view. Two beautiful lovelies engaged in the 69 position both tongues in each other?s snatch box. Jan, looked over her shoulder, and immediately got an idea. She straddled the babysitter by kneeling on either side of her face while still facing the TV so she could see all the action. As she began slowly lowering herself on the babysitter?s face, Jan immediately felt a tongue quickly dart into her vagina and titillate the area of her clit. ?She?s such a good cunt sucker, honey, I bet she?s had a lot of practice,? Jan squealed! On screen the dykes began exchanging tongues for dildos which only increased Jan?s excitement as she squirmed on the babysitter?s busy mouth. Not wanting to be left out, I slipped out my prick so Jan could do her magic. She expertly swallowed my dong with one big suck. Soon, the baby sitter reached her exciting climax as she moaned and gurgled in my wife?s honey pot. Jan and I both collapsed on the bed in exhaustion as the baby sitter began to slowly come back to reality.

?I?m so sorry?, said the babysitter. ?I just couldn?t help myself when I found that funny shaped thing?! Jan replied, ?that?s OK sweetie, you certainly livened up a lost night.? Jan winked at me and said, ?how would you like to go for a ride, honey.? I immediately understood what Jan was up too. We would introduce the babysitter to our local swing club. I?m sure the members would enjoy such a sweet young thing. Hey honey, ?it?s Friday night, that means ladies only night doesn?t it?? ? That?s right!? ?The girls will owe me a big one after tonight. ?Let?s get going!? ?I can?t wait for the fun to start!? With that, Jan quickly made arrangements with a neighbor to watch the kids.

Jan told the babysitter that she would have to wear a blindfold on the way to the club and nothing else. ?Nothing else?? she replied? ?That?s right honey, you must be completely exposed for all the ladies when you arrive.? ?Club rules!? The baby sitter excitedly stripped off what little she had on and we were on our way to the Cult of Mora Swing & Things Social Club. As Jan and the babysitter sat in the back while I drove, Jan poked her middle finger in the babysitter?s ass and put her thumb up her love-canal and balanced her on her fist for the ride to the club. When we arrived, I had to go to a separate entrance of the club reserved for male members only because of ladies night. Male members were not allowed to attend the main event on Friday Nights. Not a total loss though, as we were regulated to a special room with a large glass wall with a panoramic view of all the festivities. Comfortable high back leather chairs and plenty of drinks and blowjobs from the waitress on duty.

I pulled up to the front of the club and Jan directed the babysitter through the front door while I proceeded around to the special side entrance. Once Jan and our little naked vixen entered the main hall there was instant pandemonium. About a dozen female members in attendance began screeching and applauding with delight at the sight of such a naked, sweet, delectable young thing. The babysitter could only imagine what all the commotion was about. She began to feel intense desire mixed with anticipation and fear at what might happen next.

The entire crowd of women gathered around her in one big circle and for a long and quiet moment lewdly stared at her naked and youthful beauty. ?Let?s have a gauntlet!? declared a pretty somewhat distinguished looking tall woman in her fifties. ?I second it!? declared a younger pretty member. With that, all the women gathered around her and began to scream and yell with delight.

The women began stripping off their clothes in a frenzy screaming and acting like little girls at a kid?s birthday party. They created a long line in the center of the room as they continued to grope and kiss each other. The ladies were in a high state of passion and ecstasy. Their eyes began to glaze over, their nipples were erect, and honey juice flowed down their inner thighs, like rain. They French kissed and tongued each other: lapping tits, asses, and each other?s cunts. It was shear sexual anarchy.

Within a few minutes, all the lady club members had donned their strap-on dildos. The babysitter could only imagine what wondrous things would happen next. Before she knew it, she was impaled in every possible orifice. In all the excitement, the babysitter looked to her right and saw several men standing behind a glass wall shooting wads of cum all over the inside of the glass.

She certainly loved all the attention she was getting and thought how wonderful it would be when she started college in the fall. She would certainly have a story to tell all the girls on campus.

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