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The Unexpected Lovers (Fictional)

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Part One: Realization Am I really thinking of this, Jessica Green and Lisa Johnson were both pondering at the same time, although neither one of them said a word about it. Jessica decided to shove the thought aside and try to write the story she had been working on for months.

Okay, so she is not interested in me, thought Lisa. She moved closer to Jessica to help her with her story, their thighs touching each other.

Why does she have to smell so good? Why can't she be a little less inviting? These things Jessica questioned herself about in her head, then she decided to make an excuse to get get away for a little while before she did something that she would regret. She did not want to ruin everything in their friendship that took a decade to form.

"I am going to take a shower. I will be out in a few minutes," Jessica stated as she went into the bathroom.

As Lisa heard the shower turn on, she could not help but to visualize Jessica naked in the shower, with water slowly dripping off of her nice body. Also, Jessica lathering up her legs with soap until it was so foamy that it looked like shaving cream.

As she daydreamed, her body went into autopilot and before Lisa knew it, she was knocking on the bathroom door. Jessica yelled for her to come in.

Part Two:The Shower As the door opened, the aroma of vanilla filled Lisa's senses. She quickly undressed and joined Jessica in the shower.

Jessica's eyes glazed over with desire and she moved closer to Lisa, slowly starting to kiss her. She waited for Lisa's response.

Is she trying to kiss me, Lisa pondered, her heart beating like a hummingbird's wings. She moved towards Jessica and took her in her arms. Slowly, she kissed Jessica, savoring every luscious moment of it.

Jessica closed her eyes and softly let out a moan of her pleasure. Jessica had been waiting for this moment for years, fantasizing about it but never imagined that it would be this good. She put her lips on Lisa's and slowly slipped her tongue between Lisa's lips. The cool touch of Lisa's tongue caressing hers almost sent Jessica over the edge. She pulled Lisa out of the shower and to the bedroom, pushing her onto the bed.

Part Three:The Bedroom Slowly, Jessica inched her way on top of Lisa. She kissed Lisa and pulled herself down and took one of Lisa's puckered nipples into her mouth, gently sucking it. She then took Lisa's other nipple and greedily repeated the same thing. Slowly, Jessica licked down Lisa's stomach down to her smooth mound. She used her fingers and spread Lisa's lips so that she could lick her clit.

"Oh my God," Lisa screamed as she arched her back and her juices started to flow out of her.

Jessica kept licking and sucking her clit until she came.

For quite a while the just laid there, in each others arms. Then Lisa got up and left.

When she came back she had a bowl of ice cream with one spoon for them to share. They fed each other until it was all gone.

Part Four:Reasoning Lisa blurted out,"So, how long have you liked me?"

Jessica took a long, deep breath and replied,"From the moment I first saw you."

Lisa was totally flabbergasted. It was funny to hear someone else's voice saying that they had liked her for as long as she had liked them, and yet it was comforting. She leaned over and pulled Jessica over to herself.

Lisa kissed her without holding back.

Jessica could feel herself getting wet again. Then Jessica pushed Lisa on her back and started to take one of Lisa's hardened nipples into her mouth when Lisa slightly pushed her head down. Taking the hint, Jessica parted Lisa's legs with a light nudge of her leg and leaned down. She spread Lisa's lips and teasingly licked her clit.

Lisa gasped,"Right there!" Lisa's hip started to sway up and down with the start of a climax. Jessica continued until Lisa reached an orgasm and licked up all of her juices.

Lisa pulled her up and with the sexiest voice she said,"I could do this for the rest of my life."

Jessica smiled and said,"Good because you are going nowhere."

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