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The Taste Of Your Lips

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I swallowed hard, and rolled over in my bed. The lamp outside my bedroom window threw distorted shadows on the walls. I couldn't sleep. It was the summer between my senior year in high school, and my first year as a freshman in college. Deciding on an out of state college was one of the most difficult things I had ever done.

I rolled over and glanced at my cell phone. "3:32am" It beamed back brilliantly. I pulled the blanket up over my chest, and felt the rising tide of frustration. I wasn't sure who I was anymore.

It buzzed beneath my sheets, and I picked it up. "Baby, i'm going to miss u." It read back, and I couldn't help but scoff. It was from Trevor, my ex-boyfriend. So maybe I had loved him, maybe I had given him my everything for all four years of high school.

And maybe he had thrown it all down the drain, by fucking my best friend the day before graduation.

I pumped my thumbs against the keyboard and sent a reply. "Oh yeah, I highly doubt that."

Ten minutes later I got a reply. It wasn't exactly what I was expecting. It was a photo, rather graphic of everything south of his equator. The title was 'i miss u already'.

Despite that I hated him, despite that I hoped I never had to deal with him ever again after this summer, I felt my heart lurch into my throat, and some liquid heat brew in the center of chest, dripping its way down my body, reaching places I couldn't bare to mention.

I tossed my phone back onto my bed, and grabbed my lap top sitting on my bedside table. I flipped it open, and found my taps. I couldn't help myself.

I browsed through the video selection and found my favorite category. My breathing hitched in my throat. The screen came to life, beneath the typing of my fingertips. I watched a gorgeous blonde girl slowly slip every piece of her clothing off. My mouth literally watered.

But i slammed my computer lip closed and tried to level my breathing. What was I doing? Why did I always come to this point? And then something ignited inside of me. This was the last summer before college. Why was I so self conscious about this urge? I was tired of the never ending fantasies, and the hungry desire inside of me.

I opened my computer lid again, and breathed in deeply. I opened up the internet browser and let my fingers wonder and scroll past different websites, until I could click on the dirty taboo link of 'Woman Seeking Woman'.

And I literally stopped breathing when I saw the words, written by a username that already had my head wondering. The personal ad read 'I Want Your Pussy Now'. I licked my lips, and clicked on the link. It led me to a page, with an email address. This was wrong. Wasn't it?

I typed up a cheap and generic message, feeling like an idiot after I clicked the send button with nothing more that a "I'm Interested" comment, and my name.

I pulled the blanket back up around my chest, and rolled onto my stomach as I pulled the pillow under my head. What the fuck was I thinking? What would my parents say? What would every boy I ever flirted with in high school say?

I didn't give a damn, when I hit the refresh button and my inbox read 'New Message'

My heart was in my throat when I opened my mail. "Picture please." It read, and my head started to spin. How soft spoken, how easily she had worded it effortlessly, without over thinking it.

I had taken dirty pictures in the past, but somehow these didn't suffice. I flipped my light switch on, and pulled my t-shirt over my head. I let my long black hair dr*pe down my shoulders, almost to my waist. I positioned my web-cam onto the spot on the floor that I sat. I was wearing the lacy bra I had bought myself, and it did my perky c-cups justice. I stared into the web-cam, watching the mirror or my body in its reflection. There were the thin slender lines of my thighs, converging at my hips and up across the flat planes of my stomach. I was pale, naturally, and I hoped that wasn't a turn off for her. I was wearing a pair of polka dotted panties, and as childish as I felt, they somehow made me feel attractive.

I snapped a few pictures, angling my body in a way I hoped she liked.

What was I doing? Taking photos, hooking up, trying to please someone I had never met, a girl I had never met. I was immediately filled with panic and worry. This was stupid. I was ridiculous. But I couldn't help it, under shaking palms of regret, to hit the send button.

Almost immediately I got a reply.

"I want you now."

It was the first line that I read, and I couldn't help but jump to my feet, heat inflaming my cheeks as I silently shrieked, in excitement. I slid back onto my bedroom floor, and continued to read. "Meet me at the Motel on 6th. Room 212"

I felt my hands reaching for my car keys before I could put two and two together. I pulled a pair of denim shorts on, and a lace knit top. I didn't know what I was doing, but I danced out my front door, and my foot hit the pedal before I could look back.

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