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The Mistress' Toy

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Charlene and I had been speaking for quite a long time. The friendship grew out of an online diary and slowly over the period of a year into phone conversation. We had teased one another about "if I ever got my hands on you" and that was about it.

Things change like the weather and suddenly I found myself with business in New York City. I had been there once before as a teenager and though it is no place I would want to live, I was anxious to get back and see how things had changed.

I was currently reading the Dark Tower Series by Stephen King and there were a lot of references to New York in it. I wanted to hit the town while I was up there so I arranged for a few days off after my business would be concluded.

When I told Charlene I would be in the area and asked if we could get together for a lunch or something she said "Ya damn right we will." I meekly asked if she would be willing to show me around, a real New Yorker tour and she said of course.

I told her that I would be more than willing to have her stay in my room for the weekend so she would not have to commute back to her home, and so we could have some real visit time. Its not every day I get to come to New York after all.

Charlene agreed and said she could use a break from her doped up husband and kids.

Arrangements were made and I left for New York two weeks later.

The hotel I stayed at was nothing really fancy. The company I was going to see about my poetry put me up for the first two nights, then I was on my own so I was glad the room wasn't too expensive.

I was also glad that it had a relatively large shower and the bathroom was bigger than mine at home. Which doesn?t take much since the door to the bathroom hit the sink when you went in.

The room was clean and there was no need to check for bugs under the mattress so that was a definite plus.

I got up the next day and went to meet the publishing house about my poetry and found they were really interested and wanted to see all that I had.

They said they wanted to put it together in different sections. That they thought women especially those going through hard times would be able to relate to them.

I was ecstatic and called Charlene at work the moment I got out of the meeting. She said we should celebrate that night and since the publishing house was picking up dinner at the hotel I suggested she join me there and we would just split her bill.

She arrived after work and I knew who she was when she walked into the hotel. I surprised her by waiting downstairs for her instead of her going up to the room by herself.

I walked up behind her while Charlene was at the desk and said "What you think you doin you ole scratchy ho?"

She turned around as if she was ready to light into someone then looked at me and shook her head.

We hugged and to the amusement of the man at the desk I accidentally kissed her on the lips instead of her cheek. I was not used to the "New York" cheek-kissing thing.

After freshening up we both decided to have a drink. I bought some Jim Beam at a store down the street earlier in the day and paid a ridiculous price for some Coke (that would be the drinking kind?not the snorting kind). After mixing two I carried Charlene's to her on the couch.

We drank slowly and talked fast. It took a minute for my southern ears to catch up to her New York rhythm. When I spoke it seemed like she was saying in her mind "could you SPEAK any slower" but sure enough after about an hour, and another drink we evened out somewhere in the middle.

As we were leaving for dinner I took her hand, not really thinking anything of it and started for the elevator. Where I come from women can hold hands, and it is not thought to be a "relationship", I forgot I was in the Big City.

Dinner was wonderful. When we were seated the maitre de said that the bill was being taken care of by the publishing house for both my guest and me. So instead of being choosey we both got what we wanted.

The meal was wonderful from appetizer to dessert. I was glad not to see the bill. Charlene suggested we hit the town and I was all for that.

We were just taking in local sites, strolling down the street when a car stopped beside of us. We were still dressed from dinner and both of us had on short skirts and heels, but I certainly didn't think we looked like hookers.

This car stopped and rolled down its window and asked me to come over. Charlene tugged on my shirt as if to say, "Ignore the dumb bastard" but I was curious.

I walked up to him and asked if he needed directions. He laughed gruffly and said that directions were not what he was looking for. I told him in my most southern voice. "Honey, if you be looking for a piece of me, get your white ass back to your wife and kids. You never know what you are going to get, one of these nights it just might be a knife to the throat."

Fuck you was what I got for my efforts, but I thought it was funny cause his mouth was harsh but his eyes?were scared.

We slowly made our way back to the hotel room. We decided to shower, to get the "street dirt" off of us. Charlene came into the bathroom with me while I was in the shower so that she could talk to me. I asked her to hand me the soap and a washrag. I had forgotten both when I stepped in. She did and as I was washing my hair I mentioned that nothing feels better than when someone washes your back. She offered to wash mine for me and I told her I wouldn?t want her getting her clothes wet.

"Hon, there is an easy way around that, why don?t I just get in with you?"

Well, that was fine with me, so she did. The soap felt so good traveling up and down my back. I braced my hands against the wall and the water was hitting my shoulders. Charlene's hands traveled up and down my back soaping me up real well. Her fingers started to slide towards my breasts so I turned around. I took the soap from her and switched places.

I kept saying in my head that I couldn?t believe I was about to do this. About to let things go as far as they would, but I did.

As I was washing Charlene I kissed her neck. From there things were easy. She turned slowly and my hands went to her breasts. Her hand went behind my neck and pulled me close for a kiss.

We stayed like that in the shower for a bit, kissing and exploring each other's wet bodies. Eventually we got out and hand in hand went to the bedroom. There were two queen sized beds and we chose the one that was devoid of suitcases. I lay down beside her, facing her and took a nipple into my mouth. The fullness of her breast pressed against my lips and I took more inside my mouth. She ran her fingers through my short hair and let out a rugged sigh.

My hand followed the curves of her body until I came to her center. She parted her legs for me and I began to stroke her pussy. I had, as I always do brought my dong with me. I excused myself and went to my suitcase. She stopped me on the way.

"Hey, can you bring me that carryon bag of mine?" she asked. I said sure. In there was a host of adult toys. Vibrators new in the box, restraints, a crop you name it, she had it in there.

"I hope you don't think I was too assuming, but I know what you have said in your fantasies online and I wanted to be prepared." Charlene said so unapologetically. I was not offended in the least rather I started dripping wet at the site of her toys.

"Now you get your little southern ass back to this bed." She said. I went to the bed and she got up. "Bend over the bed." I did as she commanded and heard her take out the crop.

The first smack was gentle, almost too teasing. The second took more liberty. Soon my ass was cherry red and I was near orgasm. I am not sure whether it was the spanking, or knowing it was Charlene doing the spanking that turned me on so much.

I startled when her relatively cold hands touched my now red-hot ass. She rubbed them soothingly over my ass as she licked up my spine.

I lay prone in that position until she walked away from me. I looked up into her eyes and smiled she leaned down and kissed me. I was reaching for her to pull her closer as she turned away. I got up, not to be out done but I knew she had a few fantasies of her own. I stepped between her and her bag of tricks and told her it was her turn to obey.

I told her to lie down on the bed, which to my surprise she did. I looked through her bag and chose the strap on. I had always wanted to use one of these and decided now would be a good time, but first I got out the blind fold.

I walked to her and put the blindfold on her face. I told her to get on her hands and knees on the bed and wait there.

I went back to the bag and got the strap on out. There were several attachments for it and I chose one that was slightly larger than the others. I walked back to the bed, my plastic dick waggling in the air and got on the bed behind her. I started by rubbing her clit. I wanted to make sure she was good and naturally lubed before I started with anything plastic. I told her she was about to get fucked.

I was worried about my performance abilities. This was after all the first time I had used a strap on. I got behind her and took the plastic dick into my hand. With one hand on her hip and the other on the dick I guided it into place. Soon I was moving in and out of her at a natural pace.

"How does it feel to get fucked by a girl Charlene?" I asked. I had to admit this was more than turning me on. My own juices were flowing between my legs. She moved back against me and I watched the dick disappear between her lips. I now knew why guys found this position so inviting. Watching her ass pump back against me hungrily was almost enough to make me cum alone.

I put both hands on her hips and thrust harder and faster. She kept humping back into me and when I reached down to put my hand on her clit I found one of hers already there and working it hard. Her first cries were muted then, she let go as an orgasm over took her body. I kept slamming into her as hard as I could. Knowing that the worst thing is when a guy slows down because you are cumming instead of keeping the same rhythm. She lay down on the bed and I pulled out of her.

When she turned over I did something I never expected to do. I leaned forward and started eating her out. I lapped at her juices my tongue gently massaging her clit and alternately going into the hole I had just fucked.

Her hands wound into my hair and begged me to stop but I didn?t. I kept going and added my fingers inside of her. My tongue kept caressing her clit until she came again. This time in great quiet shudders but I could tell because her juices were again flowing out of her.

I lay down beside of Charlene. Her cum all over my lips and chin and smiled. She turned over to me and asked if I thought we were done. I said that I certainly hoped not and she said that I didn?t get off that easily. I laughed at her pun and she smacked my thigh.

She reached over and started caressing my pussy underneath the strap on. I felt her hands undo the straps and pull it away. I felt suddenly empty when my plastic dick was removed. She saw the look on my face and said

"Don?t worry hon, the best is yet to come."

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