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The Inquisitor (Chapter 5)

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"Come my lady," purred the maid. "You are trembling and cold. And you walk unsteady on your feet. Ah, I see you have experienced his feather machine." she said with a knowing smile. "Hurry, let us get you warmed again, and I shall show you the castle."

Taking her hand, she led the princess to her bed, and bade her lay down. "I thought he said you were to wash me..." the princess began.

"That he did, my princess, but today I will use no sponge to clean you." She climbed into the bed at the princess's feet, and ran her soft hands up from her feet. She spread the princess's legs as her hands rose, until she was spread just as she was before the Inquisitor on his machine. "Ah, my love... I see his feathers have made you very, very wet. Lie still now, and I shall clean you with my mouth."

And with that, the maid's lips sank to meet the princess's flesh. Soft kisses, and long licks. Her tongue slid up her wet slit, and back down. It traveled back up again to find the princess's clit, already swollen and tender from the feathering machine. Her tongue wrapped round it, and sucked it strong. Wetness gushed from the princess as her maid lapped at her sex. She relished the long wet tongue slathering against her, the maid's fingertips stretching her open. Into her slid the maid's tongue, warm and pointed, and oh my! so long! It went deep into her and flicked about, only to withdraw and plunge into her again.

The princess came and came as the maid fucked her with her mouth. But the maid would not relent, the princess's moans exciting her more. She stretched the princess open once again, her tongue exploring her walls, and probing her wet opening. The maid parted the princess's cheeks, and her long tongue licked at her tiny hole. As her fingertips had stretched her pussy open to allow her tongue access, so they now did with her ass. The tongue slipped and prodded it, until it was sopping, before slowly sliding her finger into the princess's ass.

"OHHH!" screamed the princess as the finger slid deep into her. As the maid began to fuck her ass with the finger, her tongue lashed the princess's dripping clit. The princess came hard, her ass tightening around the finger, her juices soaking the maid's mouth. Slowly, Chrysanthemum withdrew the finger, and smiled up at the princess. Her pretty face shone with the wetness of her princess's pleasure.

"I'm afraid, my princess, my mouth has only made you even wetter. I believe you may need to be bathed." whispered the maid.

She led the princess through the secret wall where she found the pool again filled with steamy water. There, the maid bathed her once again, using soft sponges, and sweet fragrances. Their fingers played 'neath the water, and the maid allowed the princess to again nurse from her full breasts, first one and then the other. As the princess suckled, the maid whispered soft words of love.

"Ah, yes, my love.... Drink from me. Oh, suck harder, oh suckle my nipple." She moaned as the princess's mouth pulled harder and harder. When the princess had drunk her fill, the maid told confessed just how pleasurable her sucking was.

"You are the first the master has allowed to drink from my milk. He will allow no other to touch me, and has told me many times I can now only give my milk to you. Before you discovered them, they were so full and sore. I have not nursed in some time, and he would only allow me to suckle my own self in his presence. If I milked them at any other time.... well" she hesitated. "He would punish me."

"Punish you!" cried the princess.

"Oh no, my lady," said the maid, resting together with the princess in the warm water, "You misunderstand. His punishments are not beatings. He would punish me by not allowing me to touch myself, or making me service him in different ways. Sometimes he would use his machines on me, but I find them so pleasurable, they don't seem like punishment"

"He would watch you as you suckled your self?" asked the princess, remembering the Inquisitor commanding her to lick and suck her own breasts. The memory brought again the instant warmth between her legs. Remembering him watching her when she first arrived at these chambers of delight, she now had a new image to add. The thought of the maid squirming on her own bed, breast to her mouth, suckling herself before him, excited her again. She tried for the maid's nipple again but the maid stopped her, gently telling her she must wait, or her poor nipples would become too sore.

Instead, she cuddled next to the princess in the water, and the sat quiet for a time.. At last, the princess asked "Have you ever seen him... without his mask?"

"Oh yes, m'lady. Many times." Chrysanthemum replied, but then grew very serious, looking the princess dead in the eye. "But hear me, my lady. You must never... never try to remove his mask!"

"But why? Is he disfigured? Grotesque?" But the maid would answer no further, saying only that he would be furious with the princess, and would brook no intrusions.

Curiosity reigned in the princess's mind, but she let the subject rest. A new thought occurred to her.

"Have you ever seen his... manhood?" she asked the maid. "I saw him harden beneath is robes when he was punishing me, but he did not bring it into the light."

"Oh, yes my love. I have seen it. And touched, and sucked it. I know it well. It is large and beautiful, and strangely, he is cut like the Jews, so it has a great purple head."

At this the princess gasped. After a moment she asked, "You have suckled it? I could never do that."

"Oh but you will, princess." The maid replied. "He will teach you, and soon your mouth will seek out what he likes. Remember how I told you he would not let me suckle my breasts or milk them except in his presence? Once when I was permitted to suckle, he lay near me, watching, his hand stroking it. As I had one breast to my lips, he got to his knees, and pulled upon his cock, until it shot forth onto my other breast. He then bade me lick it clean, and lick him from my breast as well. Though I did not like the taste, my milk sweetened it, and I found the whole encounter filled very pleasurable.."

The princess's brow furrowed, but she said nothing. Then she asked "And you pleasure him often?"

"I pleasure him when he commands, my love. But I am denied now. He will not permit me to have it any longer. I may only pleasure myself, when my own chimes sound... and pleasure you, of course. I may not have it inside me again, until he permits me, or until you ask for me to join in with you." With this, she looked away, face clouded, but in a moment, returned to the princess. It was only then she noticed the maid wore a necklace very similar to her own, only the maid's was soft green, and bore a beautiful green stone.

"Come my princess. The master will be displeased if we stay abed all day. Come, leave these waters and be dried. We have much to do, a castle to explore!"

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