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The Inquisitor (Chapter 3)

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And with that, she drew the princess up from the languid waters, and dried her all over with a soft cloth, before drying herself. In a moment, she retrieved new silk robes for the princess, and a lovely green one for herself. She clothed the princess, and guided her to the mirror, and began to softly brush the princess' hair, in long smooth strokes.

As the princess allowed her hair to be smoothed, she regarded her reflection, as well as the maid's, in the golden mirror. She liked the look of the maid's soft hands, at times gliding along the silk of her robe, sometimes brushing her tender nipples beneath the sheer fabric. The princess found she relished the woman's touches, and knew she would not soon forget them.

Once readied, the maid led the princess back to her chamber, and bade her slide into bed. Then she slid in bed next to her, and wrapped the princess in her arms. Though the princess still struggled with her thoughts, she felt very comforted by the maid's embrace, her soft skin next to hers.

'Neath the covers, she felt herself getting aroused again, the feeling of the maid's hands cupping her breasts, but she quickly stamped it down. Her body was her own, and she worked hard to reign it's racing desires in, though deep down, her most fervent wish was to grasp the maid's beautiful breast and once again drink her sweet milk.

Instead, she decided on conversation.

"How is it, Chrysanthemum, that you came to be here? Why does a maiden such as yourself still have such sweet milk? Why do you serve the Inquisitor so faithfully? How is it that you have no dark hairs down below? What has happened to them?"

A flood of questions, and to each, the maid gave a soft reply.

"I was captured many years ago, and made slave to the household of a horrible nobleman. I hardly remember things from that time, and the ones I do, I'll not repeat. In time, I came to be in the household of the King, and was nursemaid for his child," she hesitated, then... "and to my own which was lost." she softly added.

"That is how I have milk. I fell under the eye of the master while nursing the young one, and he took me under his tutelage. Do not mistake me, m'lady, he harmed me not. As he will not harm you. Instruct you, yes, he will do that, but never to harm."

Giggling, Chrysanthemum softly stoked the princess' dark and luxurious hair, curling it round her fingers, entwining it with her own golden locks. Growing playful, the maid's hand slipped below the covers and the princess' robe, and played among her dark soft hairs below. "Soon," she said, "These hairs will be gone. I will make you as smooth as I am."

As she said this, the princess was surprised to find her own hand slipping below the covers, and finding its way within the maid soft robe. Softly, her fingers explored the maid's leg and belly, all the while, traveling closer to her smooth opening. When her fingertips had barely touched the maid, she found her wet and warm. As her fingers began to slip about, the maid began to softly moan.

"Yes, my princess... touch me... oh, yes, feel how wet, my princess... touch me there." she purred. Soon she unfolded to the princess' exploring fingers, and their tips found her button rising to meet them.

"Oh yes, my love, slide one in... oh softly... Not too fast at first.... That's it... feel how I grasp at your finger inside me... oh yes, my lady."

"I... I want to suckle you some more," whispered the princess, turning so her face met the maid's. "Please, let me have some more."

Chrysanthemum grasped her own breast, and directed it into the princess' waiting mouth, squeezing softly, until sprays of milk shot forth, and the princess greedily drank it down. All the while, the princess stroked the maid, petting it, sliding a finger in, and then out.

"Ah, that's lovely... yes, my love," she whispered. "I can take another... oh yes, mmmm." She moaned as the princess slid in another... "Oh yes, more,... another!" as the princess obliged. The maid's other hand slipped below the covers and began furiously working her clitoris, as the princess' fingers slid in again and again.

"Oh! Yes m'lady.... Ah! Oh, take your fingers, and make them all meet, like you were grasping a flower stem.... Oh now slow, take their point, and slowly... oh yes!" She arched her head back as ever so slowly, the princess' hand slid into the maid. Gently she withdrew it some, and slid further in, the maid's walls quivering round her hand. The maid's moans grew deeper, as she grasped the princess' wrist, pushing her hand deeper in.

"Oh YES!" she cried, as she began to come around the princess' hand, her own hand still vigorously rubbing her clit, while the princess hungrily sucked at her breast. "Oh, feel me.... Oh yes!"

Gradually, Chrysanthemum regained her breath, and lay holding the princess, who had now drunk her fill, softly stroking her back. "That was wonderful, my lady. Now, we must sleep! I cannot withstand another such as that. And you must regain your strength as well. The master will have more for you soon, to be sure."

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