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The Inquisitor (Chapter 15)

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The princess awoke with a start. Bleary-eyed, she looked round, at last realizing her surroundings. She was still in the Queen's monstrous bed, a soft silk covering her naked body. Bright sun streamed through stained glass, illuminating the room in vivid colors.

Across, she could see her maid attending to the Queen. She was lacing her into a lovely gown of deep violet. Her hair was wrought in a silver coiffure, and entwined with bluish-silver strands. The fury and passion of the night before seemed a dream.

"Ah, my dear..." spoke the Queen. "At last you wake. I bade you and your maid share my bed for the night. I thought it wise not to send you back to your chambers. I am sure my ladies-in-waiting would have been unable to resist you, and you lacked the strength last night to withstand their kisses."

"In truth..." she continued. "You should take care this day. Your strength will be weakened for a time. Such an audience with me... often leaves a person... drained." With these words, a strange smile flickered across her face.

"But quickly now. You must dress. Your maid shall attend you. You have much to do, and a long journey ahead of you. I myself must hasten... affairs of state.... Chrysanthemum..." she said, now addressing the maid. "Bring her to me upon your return." And with that, she turned and left the chambers, leaving behind the maid and a very befuddled princess.

The princess rose, and allowed her maid to dress her. During the night, traveling clothes had been brought up. The maid dressed the princess in these, she having already donned her own. Though very well made, the clothes denoted a lesser station than their normal garb.

"A journey, Chrysanthemum?" asked the princess. "I am to leave the castle?"

"Yes, my love." soothed the maid, "Much has transpired this last night. First, you are no longer the charge of our master. The Queen has claimed you as her own. But be warned, princess! Your true bond still belongs to our master; never forget that. The Queen believes your bond has been broken... your new stone proves it. But she is mistaken! Now more than ever, you belong to him."

"You have heard of the outlanders who have come into our realm. In truth, they camp within sight of this very stronghold."

"Yes." said the princess. "I have seen them from afar."

The maid grew very excited as she spoke. "They are kinsmen of our imprisoned king! The young prince has held parlance with them. You told me of the Queen growing angry when he spoke before on the battlement. They are unaware that the realm now belongs to our Queen. They have come to celebrate the High Moon with their kinsman! They have brought champions... and wish to join us in Tournament!"

"My word!" the princess gasped.

"Indeed." replied the maid. "The Queen was going to destroy them... Last night! But I... persuaded her to choose another path."

"How did you do that, my love?" asked the princess.

"I granted her.... a boon."

"I allowed her to have the last... the very last... of my milk. I have denied her for many seasons now. In truth, I was her chosen companion for an age. But she betrayed me... cast me down.. and now I am but a servant. For that... and another deeper reason... I have denied her and all others my gift. Until our master arrived... and then you, my love." At this she smiled to the princess, warm and loving.

The princess fought back tears as she listened. Chrysanthemum, her very servant, was indeed a noblewoman!

"So, you let her suckle you... and she agreed not to destroy them? Why would that change her mind? Because of her pleasure?"

"No, my love..." the maid replied sadly. "The boon I granted her is much deeper. It comes with a terrible price. I gave you the lion-share before our audience with her... to give you the strength you would need to sate her... withstand her. But now, she has taken the very last. Deep magick such as she has, it will be my undoing." With these last, the maid turned away, and would speak no more of it.

They remained in silence for a time, side by side on the edge of Queen's great bed. At last, the maid once again spoke.

"Our Queen has decided upon a different gambit." Her voice was low and measured, as if she were telling a terrible secret. "She plans to deceive the outlanders... have them believe all is well. She will send an emissary to them, bearing gifts."

"Emissaries? Gifts? Speak plainly, my love."

The maid exhaled a long sigh. "The emissary she sends... is the young prince. And the gifts he brings... are you and I."

"WHAT!!??" screamed the princess. She leapt from the bed, shouting curses. The maid allowed her a short interval, before sharply grasping the princess by the shoulders, her face very close, eyes ablaze.

"Enough!" she exclaimed. "Allow me to explain. You belong to the Queen, my love. There is no denying that... and you shall obey her command. If you displease her, she will destroy you! And others..."

"I can protect you from her no longer. Nor can our master. We are not strong enough. And her vengeance... would be more than I could bear."

"But I am sent as plaything for these strangers!"

"Hearken to me, my love. No harm shall befall you. Your body alone she sends to them. Your will is to be challenged." The maid released her, but stayed close, reassuring. "She means to break you, my love. She knows your pledge to our master. She desires an even heavier price from you. As for me, she delights in my humiliation."

"You seemed shocked at being a plaything. Have you not also been plaything to our master? To me... even to our Queen? This is merely another part of your lessons. You shall not be harmed on your journey, but you will be tested. I shall be with you, and will let no damage befall you. You must trust in me. All will be well."

The maid turned away, and gathered up the traveling supplies which had been laid out. Turning, she added. "You may even enjoy it."

- - -

Before they alighted for the waiting horses, the maid led the princess back to her chambers to retrieve some forgotten items.

When they reached her bedchamber, Chrysanthemum bade the princess raise her skirts. The princess looked to the maid, very confused.

"Have you already forgotten your rules?" asked the maid, mock indignation. She came close to the princess, giving her a sharp smack on the behind. "You know you are to raise your skirts whenever commanded... I should spank you till you are warm and stinging." But there is not enough time." said the maid, a coy pout upon her lips.

Still confused, the princess raised her skirts high, showing her smooth sex to the maid.

"Very good." she said. "Now climb onto the bed, and spread your legs wide. The master has a task for you before we depart."

The princess obeyed, seductively mounting the bed, and spreading her legs wide before the maid's eyes.

The maid went to the chest and unlocked it. For a blissful moment, the princess thought she would bring the long device, and pleasure her with it.

But instead, she retrieved the rounded glass oval she had seen.

"This egg... was constructed by the hand of our master." Said the maid softly. "It is deeply magical. It is linked to his mind. With just a thought, he can make it hum, make it glow hot, make it spin round faster and faster."

"And he desires you to wear it on your journey," she said seductively, as she crawled slowly across the bed toward the princess.

"Wear it, my love?" asked the princess. "But it bears no chain, no clasp to fasten it to my garments..."

But the maid did not answer, merely slowly sliding down until her hot mouth locked upon the princess' smooth sex. Her tongue slathered the princess, sliding deep inside her, making her very wet.

The princess gasped and threw her head back as the maid's hungry mouth pleasured her. Then came a new sensation.

Ever so slowly, the maid began to slide the oval ball into the princess' dripping opening. It entered her, stretching her as it slid in. Deeper, deeper, it filled her tremendously.

The maid withdrew her fingers, and cleaned the princess with her hot mouth. Deep inside her, the oval ball hummed softly, sending soft waves of pleasure from its mass within her. The princess came quickly with it stuffed inside her, her walls stretched round its smooth sides.

"Ah," said the maid, rising and bidding the princess lower her skirts. "Now we are ready to depart. The master bids you wear your device until we reach their camp, and then you may remove it."

They hurried from the chambers and up towards the courtyard. Though the device rode up and down inside her very aroused sex as they hurried along, she clamped it tight within herself. The maid bid her not let it leave her, and she was determined to obey. Its humming had ceased, but the princess found it terribly erotic and very satisfying within her.

The clock tower had tolled ten bells when they met the young prince at the stables. He was dressed in a deep blue tunic, sturdy leggings, and heavy leather boots. He had selected a fine chestnut mare for the maid, and a beautiful palamino for the princess. Their saddles were already packed, and squires hoisted the maid and the princess to their mounts. As she sat astraddle the magnifent animal, the device within her felt all the more pleasurable.

Mounted on horseback, led a little ways by her maid, the princess crossed the portcullis into the outside world. Nearly half a year had passed since the night she'd been first been dragged through. Half a year! The princess marveled at how time had passed. So much of her captivity had been spent in the dungeons, with only the smallest rays of light seeping in. Then had come her judgment; she'd known her fate was sealed. And then, snatched from the block, only to be claimed by that very judge and executioner. How had it come to this? Now servant to a vengeful queen, sent away into the unknown, to and unknown fate.

Though her heart was sorely troubled, the princess was thrilled to breathe in the clean air of the countryside. She had breathed the fetid air of the dungeons, and the heavy smells of the castle for so long; she'd forgotten the fragrance of fresh air. She drank in the scent of trees, and grass... so much of what was lost from her former life.

They rode along throughout the morning. Ahead was Tarquinne, the young prince, carrying aloft the royal banner. Behind rode the princess and the maid, followed by two large guards. The prince informed them it would be nearly a day's journey to the strangers' encampment. The princess let out an exasperated sigh, but said no more. She felt strangely tired and drained, as if her limbs were terribly heavy. She recalled the Queen's warning about her strength being depleted for a time. What sort of magick could so drain a person?

As they rode along, the princess peppered the maid with questions and small talk, which the maid mostly deflected with soft answers. At last she hit upon a subject to which the maid would say more than two words.

"I must confess, began the princess. "I have never seen such a thing as I saw last night."

"Do you mean the Queen's final straw? The trick that caused her to succumb to pleasure?"

"Yes!" exclaimed the princess, then feely silly, looked round to see if any of their small band were listening. The guards continued to ride along with tired looks, and Tarquinne had ridden far ahead. "Have you ever seen the like in another woman?"

"In truth, my princess, there is no other woman such as our Queen." The maid let her answer sink in while they rode along. As they rode, the glass device inside the princess hummed and even slowly spun, sending rippling waves of desire up from her poor loins.

"But no, my love. Very rarely have I seen such a thing. It is not a desire most people possess. But the Queen is.... Different. She must have something of huge size to satisfy her, though she is not slackened. I have spoken with many of her manservants. None of them have told of her being of any different size down there; than any other woman. But you yourself have seen different, have you not?"

The princess agreed, recalling her surprise at the Queen's carnal request, and her shock when she was actually able to accomplish such a feat.

"True, she was stretched when she bore her child. But in time, that is diminished. No, my love, something more inhabits this Queen, and her lust is nearly unquenchable. There is not a man in the realm who can truly accommodate her. I myself have seen her take two men within the same opening alone!"

"That is why..." she continued. "Our master has such free reign throughout this realm. He is free to do as he wishes, because his devices sate her desire. You should behold some of the instruments he has designed for her alone. Such unbelievable machines, even more powerful than those you've experienced. And the size of the devices... monstrous! She has subjected me to a few of the smaller ones, and they were nearly more than even I could handle."

"Really?" the princess asked, not without a hint of devilish glee. "Tell me of them." The big glass oval inside of her grew warm and hummed harder, and her sex grew wet and aroused.

"Very well." The maid sighed, but her coy smile belied her guise. "It was shortly after the Inquisitor arrived. The Queen had rejected many, and was exceedingly vexed. No satisfaction could she find. Then, like a wind, he arrived. The Queen explained she had brought him to conjure devices of torture and pain, to rid her realm of dissent. But..." she added in a whisper, "I know for a certainty, he arrived on his own."

"Very soon after, he did indeed construct terrible machines. And oversaw their horrifying industry. But he also began constructing his own machines. Not for pain, but for pleasure! You and I have both experienced but a few of these lovely devices." She spoke in a throaty voice as she described the Inquisitor's machines, and the oval inside the princess bobbed up and down as the horse trotted along.

"At the time of High Moon last, the Queen gathered her minions to her bed. Those savage ladies-in-waiting. None could fulfill her, and she was terribly wroth. And then came our master to her, whispering tales of untold pleasures. That very night, the castle shook as it did last eve, with the pangs of her upheaval."

"Nay!" exclaimed the princess, though she thoroughly believed it.

"Oh yes, my love." answered the maid. "He brought her to that very chamber before your own, and she tried each. Each of his machines! How many could you withstand? One, perhaps two? She sampled them all! Our master has since told me which machine finished her. T'was the very same he unleashed upon you, your very first night with us. Only he has a special set of attachments, just for her. Trust in me when I tell you, they are so much more massive than the ones you enjoyed."

The face of the princess proclaimed her surprise. She well remembered the toning, vibrating device, with it's forked attachments. She remembered thinking it was the biggest thing she'd ever had inside of her, especially coupled with the second attachment from behind. She could not imagine someone actually enjoying something even bigger. But as the maid had said, the Queen was no ordinary woman.

"After she was satisfied..." the maid continued, "she decided to indulge her other favorite pastime. My own... chastisement."

"She summoned me to her bed chambers. All around her lay her crimson-throated daughters, all lounging about her great bed. Some lay with each other, suckling, touching. Others by themselves, fingers a-blur. They all devoured me with their eyes. I could see their desire to pleasure me till I should cease to exist."

"I stood before her, defiant. With a flick of her wrist, they rent my clothing from me, their sharp nails sometimes clawing at my flesh. Kisses and thrusting fingers greeted me from before and behind. Not gently, but with malice. All at once, she silenced them, and they returned to her bed to watch my instruction.

"She commanded me onto my hands and knees before her. Her minions all spat upon me, the wetness from their mouths slick and cold. Then she introduced me to her new plaything. I cannot describe it's girth. I am thankful it was not the largest device he had made for her. But nevertheless, it was truly massive inside of me. She impaled me with it; over and over, before, behind, and before again. Driving it into me, as her demons kissed and sucked and pawed at me. Into me again and again, all the while, striking it's singing fork, it's tone shaking my entire frame."

Her voice quavered a bit, and the princess saw a shudder run through her. The princess's heart broke for her, and she soothed her with soft words.

"And then, a most astonishing sensation began to build within me, as she gave me the device again and again. I felt my arousal beginning to grow, in spite of myself! So quickly it came upon me, I was shocked by it's force. All at once a devastating climax rocked me, the contraption still inside me. As I succumbed, the Queen's minions all recoiled, as if stung by wasps. They thrashed about until the waves within me subsided. That was the very last time she allowed any of them into her bed. They have all been denied since.

"Amazing!" was all the princess could manage.

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