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The Dressing Room Part V

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The Dressing Room Part V

Please read parts ONE Thru FOUR before reading this part.

Early the next morning I was lying in bed hugging my pillow, thinking, what a wonderful fucking I'd received. It was without a doubt, one of the most respectful times anyone had ever shown me. It was tender, sweet considerate, and he left me feeling totally satisfied. It was such a wonderful feeling, maybe like I was more appreciated. I decided I was going to start looking more favorably at older men. Older men that I thought may want to fuck me. Anyway today was school day, and I needed to concentrate on that for as long as I could. As soon as I got into my first class I realized this was going to be a good year, there were so many studs in my classes. They all looked a bit more grown up than when I was sitting in a high school class room. Then I realized some of these students were a couple of years or more out of High school. The guys and gals were all so much hotter. We'll see what happens, I thought, we'll see.

My plan was to go see Patty that evening, because Karen would be working and I wanted to hear from Patty, her story of my fucking of her husband, and I wanted to know if he got what he wanted. Well when I got to Patty's, she was waiting for me and she never looked hotter. She was so turned on from talking to her husband about his fucking me the night before, she practically attacked me. She was wearing a really cute outfit. The thin fabric that her top was made from let me see her nipples clearly. She smiled as she wrapped her arms around me and started sucking my mouth and tongue. I was just as ready, after looking at so many super hot bodies all day I was just as turned on as she was. Within minutes, she lifted her tit from its cradle of what seemed like a modified bra and placed her nipple in my mouth. Oh God, it was really hard and she held it, pushing it deeper into my mouth. When she did let go of her tit. it was to reach down and put her hand under my skirt, she was holding and rubbing my pussy as I sucked her tit.

Gently I started to push her backwards and worked my way toward the sofa.

There was no way I wanted to talk or listen now. She moaned as I laid her on the sofa. She knew what was going to happen, and it was exactly what she needed, after listening to her husband.

This was definitely going to be my sucking her, not the other way around. I was really wet and so ready my juices were practically dripping. The whole day had been too much, there must have been ten gals in my classes that were either tempting or teasing me, and they had me primed to suck someone, but right now I really wanted Patty's slick wet pussy against my lips.

I knew how wonderful it would feel. I kissed and licked her, then eventually starting to separate her lips with my tongue. She was so beautiful and I let her moan and freely enjoy it all before I went any faster. Her juices were flowing and I was now literally drinking from the fountain of her pussy. She was so unbelievably Delicious. I loved the taste of her pussy, how she kept swelling into my mouth and she knew it. She began lifting her hips to push those swollen lips into my willing mouth. She was really into fucking my mouth, and I would have it no other way. God, it was beautiful and I knew she was going to use my mouth the way I wanted her to. She was such a wonderful person, and I loved how she wanted me. Tenderly I slid my tongue along her slit. Then gently touching her clit, licking her again, and again until she started to squirm. Then I began probing deeper into her now very wet pussy. I was going to suck her as long as the juices kept flowing, as long as she wanted it. I reached down to feel my own pussy, and I was so sensitive. My pussy was tender, ready, almost begging for my fingers to do some magic, or anything else that came that way. This was going to be so good and I could tell from the wetness. This was not going to take long. She was so totally turned on and really wet from the phone conversation with her husband, but rather than do herself, she waited, because she knew I was coming to see her.

There was no way I would disappoint her. She fucked my mouth and I sucked her, the tempo built until she was screaming for me to make her cum. Harder she pleaded, harder, she was now really pleading with me. She was loud and fucking my mouth incredibly hard. I couldn't resist, this was it, and I got her clit between my teeth and bit down. There was not going to be a release until she was finished. She grabbed the back of my head and I rolled her clit between my teeth. She screamed, she started to spasm, again and again. With her cuming so hard it sent me over the edge, my fingers did do their magic. It was beautiful, and for both of us it was all day building to this point, so it was extra good. We were finished, totally finished and it was so precious. We lay resting for a few minutes, and then Patty started to talk, telling me about the conversation with her husband.

She said, by the time he was half way thru telling her about how he fucked me, he started to describe what he was doing. He told her he was rock hard from thinking about having me, and he was stroking his cock as he drove. She said, he was absolutely aglow over the whole episode, and told her if she allowed him to, and if I were willing, he would do anything I wanted him to do. I looked at Patty and said, anything? We laughed, and she said, anything. You have my permission to do anything, if you decide you want to do more with him. However, she said, if it's kinky you have to give me all the details. I loved Patty, she was so curious about everything. I said, Patty I have some kinky things I've always wanted to do, and he may be the person mature enough to do it with me. She said that's fine with me, but remember you have to tell me everything. I ask if she wanted to know what I had in mind, and she said, sure if you want to tell me. I made her promise not to tell him, and she was so excited to know and perfect willing to keep our secret. I said Patty, one word, "pee? and she started to grin as big a grin as any you have ever imagined. She said you are going to send him over the top. She said when he's home, he is always following me into the bathroom and wants to dry me with his tongue when I finish peeing, but I won't let him. I don't know why, but I just can't do it. Maybe if he wasn't my husband, but I just can't bring myself to do it. You are going please him beyond anything you can imagine. Patty when I finished with him I want to come to you and have my way with you. Fuck you into exhaustion. We laughed, hugged and kissed a little more. We snuggled until it was almost time for Karen to get home.

When Karen came in, we were sitting in the kitchen drinking an herbal tea that was a favorite of Patty's. Karen laughed and said, "Well you two looked like the cat that ate the canary." We all had a good laugh, because it was almost true. I hugged and kissed her, and her Mom was perfectly okay with that. Patty had a late class to teach, so she left Karen and I alone to visit. Karen was all excited about someone that came in the store that evening. It was a classmate from high school, someone that she had never been a close friend with. However, she said she had always suspected was either bi or a lesbian. She said, her name was Dana, and she'd hung around the store a long time with her this evening.

Almost like she wanted something more from Karen than just a casual visit. She told Karen she was coming back the next evening and Karen was hoping too find out if she did want something more, because she said she was really intrigued by her. I ask her what she looked liked, and the description Karen gave me was really interesting. Sounded like Dana had the look of a tomboy. She obviously didn't have the body to turn one on, was sounded rather plain according to Karen, but very interesting to use Karen's choice of words. She didn't sound like she was very aggressive with Karen, but sort of passive as if she really wanted Karen to do something, or she wasn't sure what she wanted. Maybe hoping for Karen to be the aggressor, and then she would decide if she wanted some kind of relationship with another woman. Karen said she had other customers and couldn't leave the floor. She went on to say Dana had purchased underwear and was going to try them at home. Karen said, she asked her to come in earlier the next evening and she could help her try some other things. Sounds familiar I said. We laughed, but agreed she should help her and so should I. For sure I was going to be there, and I would be willing to help either or both of them. It was a long day, because I couldn't stop thinking about Dana.

There is nothing as exciting as a seduction, and there may be one this very night. Finally I was at the store and Karen was there all alone. She told me she thought Dana would be in any time and now I was getting excited. We talked for a few minutes, until a customer came to pay for some thing, so I started looking around. That's when I saw her walk in, and oh my God, Karen was not really very complete with her description. This was one unusual young woman alright. She had the most erotic or exotic look you could ever imagine. She was thin, maybe 5'4", and had very little shape, but she had this incredible allure about her. Very short dark hair that framed her face. Exciting and yes very alluring. With that look, surely she's had to have some experience, she was no virgin. I couldn't stop looking, and I would do whatever to help Karen get her. They talked for a few minutes while I selected some things to try on. When Karen was finished talking with Dana, I walked over to tell her that I was going to try on the things I'd selected. I told her when I came out she could go in with Dana and I would not let anyone enter the dressing room ahead of me, so she could make her move with Dana, and not worry about anyone catching them. She squeezed my hand and said thanks. I took the second booth and was careful to leave the curtain open. I only had bras to try on, so I stripped to the waist, and just as I was pulling a bra up over my breast, I looked up to see Dana walk in and enter the first booth across from me, and I thought, "bingo". Karen knows what she's doing. What really surprised me was Dana didn't close the curtain, but started to undress with me looking right at her. We smiled at each other and continued with what we were doing. I slowed a little, because I wanted to see her. She removed what she was wearing in about two seconds. Off with the top, her skirt, and she was standing there in her thongs and sandals. She saw me looking at her, and smiled, but didn't make any effort to cover herself.

There was really not much to cover, she was small on top, and not much of a figure, but for some reason she had this very exciting body. Maybe it was the pointed tits, with the bright red nipples, or the tiny waist. God, she was so hot, and really an instant turn on. Her slim figure and small breast left me only one other place to look, and it was magnificent. She had this very full mound of pussy that was almost being presented to you, inviting you. She was beautiful, erotic, and so different. I couldn't stop looking at her; it was so beautiful the way she was standing there. She had the look, and it would definitely draw you to her, I just couldn't stop looking. Karen came in before I got to turned on, She said, Dana, I want to introduce you to my friend Solina. Dana was all smiles and what a great smile she had. Karen was for sure was going to enjoy her. I wasted no time in getting out of their way. It was really slow in Karen's department and I thought how convenient it was for Karen. It was maybe two or three minutes and Karen was back hanging clothes on the racks, and not smiling. When I ask what happened, she said I don't know, everything is okay until I get close to her and she kind of covers herself and won't relax. I took the clothes I had and went back to the dressing room. When I got my top off and thought it was possible to get Dana's undivided attention, I ask her how she was doing with the clothes. When she looked up her eyes went directly to my tits and they stayed there. I said, I hate wearing a bra, except when they show me off. She laughed, but didn't take her eyes off me. I slid my hands up to cup each tit in a hand and started to massage them looking straight at her crotch and I may have even licked my lips. I was not sure yet how it would happen, but I was positive Dana was not going to take her little exotic self out of this store without Karen or I one going with her. She was much too nice to let get away, and besides Karen wanted her more than I did, well maybe? She was not taking her eyes off my tits, so I continued to play with them. I wanted her to get turned on; I took my nipples between my thumbs and index fingers and started to pinch them.

After a minute, I lowered one hand to the top of my panties and started to slide my fingers along the waistband. Now, she was licking her lips, so I put my hand inside my panties and watched as she opened her legs a bit. Her gorgeous pussy presenting itself to me. She was an exciting woman, and I wanted her so badly, but I would wait for Karen's approval. I could feel the wetness of my pussy on the inside of my panties and I watched as Dana pulled her thong away from her body to show me her pussy. She held the thong out with one hand and with the other hand she spread her lips and inserted her finger into her pussy. This was way too fast and too much for me. I thought I was going to cum just thinking about getting my mouth on her. I pulled my hand from my panties and said to her, I can't do this. Karen wants you too much for me to do this. What is the problem with you two, I ask? She stopped for a second and said what about you? I said, of course I want you, but not here, not yet. She said no, I mean, don't you and Karen has a thing going? I said, yes, but it does not exclude you or anyone else for that matter. She laughed and said, oh wow, okay. She said, It's really hard for me to be comfortable and move on her, because I've known her so long. I got dressed, walk over to her and kissed her, long, and wet, very, very wet. Just to be sure she had a good reason to remember who else wanted her. And of course I couldn't help myself, I reached down and slid my hand into her panties, to feel her wetness, unbelievable I thought. I removed my hand from her panties and put my fingers in my mouth. She reached up and pulled my fingers from my mouth and put them in hers. She started to suck, and I was losing it. Okay, this is taking too long and I'm going to tell Karen to come in here and walk directly up to you and kiss you. Dana said, fine with me, do it. When I returned to the department, Karen was just finishing with a customer, so I told her what I'd told Dana. She laughed and grabbed a couple of things and headed for the dressing room. I stayed and looked for several more minutes before Karen came back to the department, beaming I might add. She was going to dinner with Dana after work and wanted me to come with them. When I quizzed her about it, she said I really want her, but not more than I want you. Well I said, wish I could say the same thing about you. We had a good laugh and agreed to meet at a place not far away so we could all be home early and no interfere with school or we'd have some howling parents.

We had a blast, the place was dark and we were in the corner where we had lots of privacy. So we were silly and laughed a lot, but we all knew what each of us wanted. With Dana in the middle Karen and I were constantly playing with her. Our hands kept meeting in the middle and Dana loved it, she said it was a perfect place to meet. At one point Karen went under the table and got between Dana's leg and started kissing and sucking her. Dana was too loud so Karen had to quit. When we went out to the parking lot, I immediately left in my car, but with the understanding that Dana had not seen the last of me. Karen and Dana were sitting in Dana's car and I would learn later what happened. They were both equally aggressive and I was sure they were not going to take long to finish what Karen had started. Karen was off work the next evening so we were going to meet at my house, mostly because my mom wanted to see Karen. My mom was so hot for her, and I loved it because I like the way Patty felt about me. When I got home from school Karen's car was parked in front of the house, so I pulled in the driveway and parked. Dad was away and mom was not leaving the house if Karen was there, so just I parked in front of the garage entrance. I went in the house totally expecting to be greeted, but nobody was there. I walked thru the house and listened, trying to hear them from the bedroom. Not a sound. I went to the back of the house, and there they were. I could see them naked in the pool. Actually naked out of the pool, their swim had turn to sex and I'm sure that was my mom's intention. My mom was lying in the grass on back, and Karen was on her knees with her pussy inches from my mom's mouth. She was holding herself just out of reach of her mouth, just inches away and stroking herself with her fingers. God she was the perfect person to torment someone and she really loved doing it. She kept telling my mom she had to beg to get it, and she hadn't begged enough. She leaned back and started playing with my mom, and now for the first time I was tempted to be there. I wanted to get between my mom's legs and stay there until I made her cum. Karen stayed directly above her mouth. God she was beautiful, the sun shinning on those big full tits, and my mom massaging them and begging Karen to put something in her mouth. Karen inched closer but not enough for my mom to get her in her mouth. God she was enjoying teasing my mom, then all of a sudden she announced she was ready. She climb off my mom and moved down so she could get my mom in her mouth. My mom was going crazy, Karen spread her lips and kissed her fully on her clit, and said this may be the wettest my mom had ever been. Karen continued teasing with her casual kisses on my mom's pussy, occasionally flicking it with her tongue. My mom grabbed her by the back of the head and pulled her firmly against her. Karen laughed, but instantly started to suck and lick with a lust you could never imagine. She had also gotten herself so turned on and now my mom was not letting up. She was fucking Karen with a renewed interest. Karen held my mom's lips apart and was licking and sucking her like a kitty. They were so beautiful, two great, voluptuous bodies entwined in raw inhibited sex. I slipped my panties off and was going to enjoy myself this with them. I was wet and very ready, and it was partially because of the night before. I couldn't stop thinking about how sweet it was to kiss and taste Dana the way I did. I slid my fingers along my slippery wet pussy, again and again, and it was divine. Within minutes I was cuming, but not my mom and Karen. My mom, ask Karen to bring herself back to her mouth, and Karen climbed up to let her pussy rest in my mom's mouth. It was incredible, Karen's tits were shinning from the sweat and my mom was sucking her pussy while she massaged those magnificent tits. Beautiful I thought as I walked to my room. It was only a few minutes when I heard Karen in the shower, so I got a towel and went to see her. As I dried her, she told me about how she and Dana did it in the car. Something she had never done before with another woman. She told me Dana ask if it was okay if she got together with me, and she assured her it was okay and that I was very anxious for that to happen. She gave me Dana's number and I was to call her that evening.

Well I didn't wait until evening, I called her at lunch time and she already home from her classes. I had one more class and I was going to her house, which was only five minutes or so from my house. I was so tempted to skip my next class and go there right away. I was so excited, and my heart was racing. How could I sit thru another class, I wanted her so badly. In an hour and a half I was going to have her.

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