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The Dressing Room Part II

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I awoke the next morning very rested, but not totally satisfied, even though I'd done myself, I was not satisfied. I was thrilled and happy about having watched my mom seduce my friend, but it left me feeling unfullfilled. What a wonderful evening it had been tho, and I loved it so much. After I was fully awake I realized I was alone in my bed. It took me a minute or two before I could remember where I left my mom and Karen. After going to the bathroom I wandered toward my parents bedroom and it was quite, there was not a sound. I entered the room slowly, so not to wake anyone, but was pleased to find Karen cuddle like a baby against my mom's bosom. I stood for a moment enjoying them and thought to myself, did I miss a show when these two came to bed. I really wasn't too concerned because I knew there would be other times, and I would see plenty. I ran across the room and jumped on the bed waking both of them. Karen was the first to realize what was going on and she hit me on top of the head with a pillow. Mom said she was going to the bathroom and got up and left us alone.

Well we giggled and laughed for a few minutes before starting to devour each other and that may have resulted in the biggest, hardest, longest, wettest orgasm I ever had. Maybe the thought of Karen having my mom and then me having her. I don't know, but I couldn't stop cumming, it lasted for several minutes. My mom was busy in the kitchen and acted like nothing unusual had happened. However when Karen and I were ready to leave for the movies, she came to the door to say goodbye to Karen and then it was obvious something special had happened . She hugged Karen for several minutes, holding her very tightly, she said this will always be a very special week-end for me. Thanks to you, she said and Karen raised herself up on her toes and kissed mom. It wasn't a kiss of passion, but one of respect and love. When they were finished Karen said thanks, I hope I'm invited back and my mom said absolutely, you can come live here if you want. Wow, that was really huge. My mom was so great, and obviously viewed Karen as something more than a sexual thing. That made me feel really good, because I really liked her.

It was about 2 pm when we left the theater, and we went directly to Karen's house. This was going to be interesting, it was the first time for me to meet her parents. As it turned out her dad was not home, but her mom was a delightful surprise though. For some reason not what I expected. It was really cute, they were the same.

She looked very much like Karen, Same size, about 5', maybe larger breast, which were incredibly beautiful, and very properly displayed I might add. Like she really knew how to wear them, if you know what I mean.

She was very pretty and looked more like she Karen's sister than her mother. She was not as perky as Karen.

She was conservative, a bit shy, maybe, but very friendly and really sweet. She was instantly likeable. Her name was Patty and she worked part time at the fitness center as an instructor, she was in spectactular physical shape.

Karen and I were both the only child so life was not too complicated at her house much like mine. We sat in the living room and talked for several minutes, before she anounced that Karen's father would be home soon and we would have dinner. She insisted I stay and eat with them so we could visit more. God, she was so sweet and charming, maybe I was wrong about her being shy, maybe she just needed a little more time to be comfortable with me.

I was really starting to enjoy her and getting somewhat mesmerized by her voluptous breast. She caught me looking a couple of times, but just smiled and looked away. Karen sat with us for a few minutes and then went into her room to lie down, because she she said had a headache. I think she and my mom were up most of the night, and she was nearly exhausted. I stayed in the kitchen with her mother and we talked about the movies Karen and I'd just seen and about the movies she wanted to see. Karen's Dad was not much of a movie fan since english was not his first language. I promised her we'd go to the movies some evening when Karen was working. She was very delighted with the offer and came right over to hug me.

God, she was so pretty. Maybe a bit more Mexican looking, and acting than Karen. That made her even more erotic and very exciting. She had the greatest accent and that just added to her charm.

She didn't hold back as she hugged me, she pressed her breast firmly against me, and said Karen is right about you. You are special. It was only a few minutes later and Karen's father called to say it was going to be several hours before he would be home.

Karen was sound asleep and not interested in waking up to eat, so we had dinner and continued talking and learning more about each other. It was only 4:30, so I invited her to the movies, any movie of her choice.

Karen was not interested in going so we took off, like two single free women. She wanted to see a movie that was showing only at an art theater about ten miles away, but I didn't mind since I was enjoying her so much. Maybe I should admit I was also enjoying her breast more than I'd ever enjoyed any woman's before.

She'd changed her dress and was now wearing a top and skirt. She was showing so much, it must also have been a differnt bra. Unbelieveably revealing, I mean you could see more than just cleavage, and I couldn't stop looking.

Her skirt was shorter and sexier than anything I think I'd ever seen, this woman was driving me crazy and I really was starting to suspect that was what she wanted to, maybe I thought. When we got to the theater it was a foreign film that was showing and one I'd never heard of. We sat near the back of the theater and it was a really nice place. There was lots of leg room, the seats were big and had fold down arm rest, or I guess if you didn't fold them down you could cuddle with the person next to you. I looked around the theater and got my first hint this was something different. It was all pairs of women, and I thought another dumb chick flick. Patty immediately started to apoligize for the movie, she said she couldn't ask her husband to come with her and she was embarrassed to ask Karen, but she was just dying to see this movie. That was puzzling, karen loved her mother and would do anything for her.

Within five minutes of the movies starting, it was clear to me why she was not coming to see this with her daughter or husband. It was a story of two high school girlfriends that just graduated and were going their separate ways to college. They were both 18 now, could take full responsibility for themselves, and they were deciding what things were important to them. What they discovered was they didn't want to be apart and the story was about them realizing their true feelings and starting a loving, sexual relationship.

It was a very beautiful, and a nice story. About half way through the movie, I looked over to see a tears in Patty's eyes, she was very touched by the story and I easily understood. I raised the arm rest, and took her hand. She immediately took my hand in both of hers and started to squeeze. She moved closer to me and was only satisfied when she had her body and her leg up tight against me. She never looked at me but sat with her leg firmly against mine. There was a very explicit scene with the two of them kissing and disrobing each other, God it was a really hot scene, and I thought Patty was going to crush my hand as they the two of them were making out. When the two on the screen were at their very hottest moment, I looked around the theater to see lots of women kissing and making out. I turned toward Patty and leaned a little closer hoping for a response. She kissed me, she leaned over and kissed me right on the mouth. My god was I ever shocked, but totally thrilled. Now I wanted more, I wanted to touch her breast. She was so beautiful and God how I loved her magnificent tits.

She held onto my hand, but she was either watching the story or pretending to watch. Maybe she was sorry for what she did, I couldn't tell. I freed my hand from hers and placed it on the inside of her thigh near her knee, she placed her hands on top of mine and sort of slid my hand up her leg, maybe to encouraged me.

Some of the other couples were still going at it and I noticed a few were now sitting alone. Then I realized the ones sitting by themselves were not really alone, they were sitting lower in their seats and were not sitting real still either. I decided their partners were on the floor in front of them and they were not going to be any problem for us. I got a little braver and started to squeeze, caress, and moved my hand along Patty's leg. She opened her legs a little and moved her one hand over to hold onto my leg. Oh God, I was getting wet already and I decided right then and there I was going to the floor. I might not be able to enjoy her tits, but I was going to take her pussy in my mouth. I looked over at her and she was looking at the couple to our right and one of them was now on the floor sucking her partner. Patty had her other hand on her breast, gently massaging it, so I got braver. I reached over and started to massage her other breast. Patty stopped long enough to reach in and lift her tit out of the bra. Oh God, this was too much, my pussy was screaming and starting to flow a lots of juices.

I looked down and could see her white panties between her legs. I slid my hand up her thigh to touch her.

She moved forward spreading her legs even more, to give me full access. She was so wet already and I knew then for sure, I was going to have her pussy in my mouth. I leaned over and ask her to remove her panties.

Within a minute I was on the floor with Patty's sweet pussy in my mouth. Licking and sucking her.

She had both of her tits out, and sat there rubbing the nipples and I was being totally tormented, because I couldn't have them. I would though, I knew at another time I would have them, but right now I was licking her very sweet pussy. Patty was much like me, she liked to watch. She never took her eyes off the couple she'd been watching, so she was having it all. I was not stopping, I had my fingers deep in my own wet pussy and with her all the way forward in her seat I was chewing on her clit. I could tell she was not going to last long, but I wasn't slowing down or about to stop. I was afraid we'd be interrupted and I wanted the satisfaction of making her cum. It dind't take long.

Within a couple of minutes I felt her body stiffen and she moved her hands to hold my head. She held my head perfectly still and I knew she cumming.

God! she was wonderful and I loved the taste of her.

I eased my mouth away from her pussy and looked up into her face, she smiled. I took my fingers from my own dripping wet pussy, and started to get up from the floor. She stopped me, taking my hand and putting my fingers in her mouth and starting to suck. When she was finished licking and sucking my fingers, she pulled me closer and started kissing me, she wanted to taste her own juices. Oh my God, she was about the most exciting person I'd ever been with and there would be more times with her, I knew there was going to be more.

When we got back to the car, she was all over me. She admitted to me she had never been with another woman and this was a treasured memory she would always have.

We kissed and played, but decided we would have a better chances another time. She did make me promise not to tell anyone, she said her husband would kill her.

He was so jealouse, he simply would kill her. I promised, but I was not sure how I could handele it, if it came up with Karen.

We were out of the movies and back home by 7:00 o'clock and Karen was sitting on the sofa with a big plate of food, watching TV. She looked rested and admitted to having slept all the time we were gone. She knew we had done something, I don't know how, but she knew. Her father called again and would probably be home after 10 pm.

Well I was not going to meet him tonight that was for sure. Karen finished her food and took her plate to the kitchen. Her mother was off in another room doing something, so when Karen returned from the kitchen she came over to where I was sitting, leaned over and started kissing me. After three bouts of doing myself, I was getting turned on really fast. Karen pulled me out of the chair and was pulling me toward her bedroom. I was more than willing if we were going to do what I thought. Once inside the bedroom Karen pushed me onto the bed and jumped on top of me. She said okay out with it, what did you two do. I was so confused and not sure where my loyalty belonged.

Karen I am so sorry, but your mother made me promise not to tell anyone anything. Karen said, good, now I know you two did something and that really does make me happy. She said laughingly, I am going to ask you questions and you better answer. All the time she is lying on top of me and in no hurry to get off. God, I was sure glad she only weighed about 105 lbs. Her first question. Did you go to the movies? Yes. Did you really see "Walk The Line?" No. Okay did she make you take her to the Art Theater on Sunset? Yes. She said, I saw the paper she left open to the movies the other day and she was interested in a foreign film about two girls. Did you go see that one? Karen I said, this is not fair to your mother. It makes no difference what answer I give you will know something I shouldn't be telling you. Karen said, you don't understand. I know my mother wants to have sex with me, as much as your mother wants you, but she is too sweet and nice just like your mother and she won't do it.

Did you have sex with my mother? She was laughing, because she was so happy for her mother. She knew we'd had some sort of sexual contact, and she was thrilled for her mother. She said listen to me, I saw what she was wearing, and she wears that to get my father to fuck her. Did you fuck my mother? She started tickling me and we were laughing so hard her mother came to see if we were alright. He mother smiled when she saw Karen lying on top of me. We were pussy to pussy and Karen's skirt was above her waist.

She was not wearing a bra, so her tits were very close to being in my mouth. My skirt was up under me and both of us were only wearing a thong, so we were not too covered. Patty was no fool and she knew we were enjoying each other more than what meets the eye. She knew we'd had private moments, and she understood.

Karen, she said, your father would go crazy if he saw you like this or knew anything he didn't need to know.

She walked over and kissed Karen on top of the head and then kissed me right full on the mouth, and it was no kiss of friendship, it was pure lust. As she walked out of the room she said it's okay, tell her what she wants to know. She a smart woman and it's okay if she knows. Oh! By the way your father won't be home for at least an hour, so have fun . That was a big relieve, and for the next several minutes, I told Karen everything. She was deleriously happy, she ran from the room went directly to her mother threw her arms around her and kissed passionately on the mouth, I mean a full wet kiss, the kind you dream of. Her mother was in shock. Karen said Mom, I will probably never do that again, but I am so happy for you I couldn't resist. Her mother walked over to me and took me in her arms and started to kiss me, her tongue was in and all over my mouth. Her one hand was on my breast.

She let go of me, and said, are you okay with that.

Karen said, yes mom, and with that Patty took Karen in her arms and said thanks honey. Nobody else is to ever know this. Now you two go have your fun, your father may be home soon.

It was Tuesday afternoon and I was bored. My mom was off doing something and I was three weeks from school starting. I'd already spent most of the day pampering myself. I spent a lot of extra time in the bathroom trimming my hair, shaving my legs, just trying to be ready for any opportunity. My cell rang and it was Karen, thank god for new friends. It was her break so we had a few minutes to talked and she was always good for a laugh. I told her she had saved my day because I was so bored up untill she called. She told me I should go visit her mother, and that got my blood flowing. She said she is just now getting home from the club where she works. Karen said you'll love this, when she comes home she always gets into the shower and then primps for awhile, wanna go over there, she ask.

God yes, I said, do you think she'll mind. Karen hung up to call her mom and was going to call me right back. Oh God, my heart was pounding and my mind was racing with all the possibilities. Karen called back and said, "you owe me." Her mother was just getting in the shower, said she would leave the front door unlocked, and she is very excited that you're coming over... Oh my god, was I ever excited, I'd already stripped off all my clothes and was looking for the sexiest think I owned. I had a one piece burgundy jump suit. It was too small, but perfect I thought to myself. I took off my underwear and pulled the suit up over my ass and chest. God it was tight.

I stood looking in the mirror and you could see my lips clearly right thru the thin spandex. Just perfect, for a lady that wants to get fucked. Oh yes, I needed this so badly. I couldn't go outside wearing only this, so I added a short skirt. I drove a little over the speed limit, as I was getting wet just thinking about Patty. When I got to the house, I rang the doorbell, then opened the door to, see Patty standing there in a skirt, blouse and heels with ties that wrapped around the ankles several times before they tied. Oh God, she looked so hott. I unbuttoned the skirt and let it fall to the floor, stepping out of it I moved up very close to her and said "our turn."

She wrapped her arms around my neck and started to smother me with her very wet, eager mouth. This was another way to spend the summer.

With one hand on her butt, I reached for her breast and no bra, she started to rotate her hips and grind herself against me. She paused long enough to take my hand and lead me toward the bedroom. Once in the bedroom, she turned and said give me a minute. She started to unbutton her top, She let it drop to the floor, she unhooked her skirt, and dropped it to the floor. No panties. She kept the heels and her thigh high stockings.

My juices were starting to flow. She was so beautiful, standing there with those magnificent globes, her nipples were thicker than Karen's, not longer, but nice and thick.

God, they looked so suckable. She was looking straight at my pussy I could feel my own juices really starting to move and I knew she could see my lips and I'm sure my pants were getting soaked. I couldn't wait much longer. She said, lie down right here. I did as I was told, she stepped across my face and stood there looking at my mouth for at least a minute, gently sliding her fingers between the lips of her pussy. Oh God, I watched as her lips were swelling and I was going to get them in my mouth.

Yes, slowly she lowered herself onto my mouth, and said I want you to show me how it's done and then I'm going to do the same thing to you. Oh, she was so sweet, she had the sweetest pussy, and within minutes of my starting to suck her, the juices were pouring into my mouth. Her lips were totally swollen, very full and protruding right into my mouth. I couldn't get enough and just as I was going for her clit, she raised herself off my mouth.

Oh no, I thought, but it was only to turn herself around and she was opening my suit. The suit was so tight my tits spilled out when they were unleashed, but she kept unbuttoning me. She moved to my feet and with my help she was able to pull the suit off. I was completely naked.

She placed her body directly on top of me, much like Karen had done. She said I have dreamed of this day for many years. I am going to lick and suck you until we're both satisfied. She started with my mouth and it felt like she was going to suck my tongue out. Slowly she worked her way down my neck to my tits. She squeezed, kissed, licked my tits forever, and I loved it, but I didn't know how much longer I could last. She move on to my stomach, kissing and letting her tongue explore every inch of my body.

Finally she had her head between my legs.

Now the juices were really starting to come, and I'm sure she could see them. I was so ready, but her lips past across my pussy and down the inside of my leg, Oh my God, I reached for her head to bring it back to my pussy, but no. She was not in a hurry. It took what seemed like forever. Finally her mouth reached my pussy and I pushed my hips up to meet her mouth. I had to remind myself, she was as new to this as I was. She spread my lips with her tongue and was sucking me, bringing me to new heights. She had both her hands under my butt and was now probing for my clit. God, I don't know how she knew, but she was right on. I held her head and then almost immediately I started to spasm almost violently. I rolled her over and took her pussy in my mouth, we remained in a 69 position for several more minutes. Cumming and cumming, time and time again, I didn't think it was possible to get two people so in sync. When we finished we were soaking wet, both juices and sweat, so we headed to the shower. It was definitely a rare and beautiful thing we'd just enjoyed. We lather and washed each other for a long time. Karen was working until 5 PM, so I offered to pick her up from work. I quickly dressed, and was at our designated meeting space when she came out the door. Not bouncing as she usually does, but a slower pace and a pained look on her face. She was wearing new shoes, she said it was too much to stand in them all day and they were hurting her feet. Patty was on the phone when we got back to the house, so we went directly into Karen's room. After getting her to lie down, I sat at the end of the bed with a bottle of lotion and started to massage her feet. It was only a few minutes later when Patty came in and she was beaming with good news.

Her mother was coming from Mexico for a short visit. It was only going to be for three days, but Patty was glowing, it had been several years since her mother was in California and Patty was excited that she was coming to see her new house. She stood for a few seconds looking at Karen's feet and said, you're a real friend, stroked the back of my head and neck and left. It was about ten minutes later, and she was back. She said, she had something to talk to us about and felt she may as well do it now. She explained that her mother's husband had been the Don Juan of their little village in Mexico.

She wanted us to know that he was very attracted to young women and he would probably be really turned on by us and may try to get to us. When we laughed, she warned us to be more serious, she said he was supposedly a changed man since he marrried her mother, but she didn't believe it.

So she didn't want to upset her mother by us being alone with him. We readily agreed it would be no problem, because neither of us had any interest in a guy over sixty.

She went on to explain that it was not that easy. She said the reason he was consider the Don Juan of their village was because he was different, she said he was considered to be the biggest guy you would probably ever have. If you were lucky. His nickname was Pony, and she said you can guess why. It seems all the women wanted to have a go at him at least once, and some did a whole lot more. We were laughing and teasing her about it, and ask if she was ever with him.

Surprisingly she admitted she was, but said it was before he knew her mother, or before she knew Karen's father. Karen, couldn't believe it and questioned her mom. Patty insisted it was the thing to do when she was growing up there. It was she said, like a dare, it was like every young woman got together with him when they came of age. She made us promsise to tell no one and to not hurt her mother by being alone with him. We agreed, but only after she gave us some details about when she was with him.

She said it was a one time and she was not able to do much, because he was too big. She said she was not sure how big he was, but she had been with a few guys before she saw him, and he was maybe two or three times as big as other men. She said she was too afraid to try, because he was so big, but she said they did play around. She went on to say he was very understanding, and was very much aware he could hurt someone, so he was extra careful and considerate. She admitted she was inexperienced and said, it was also the first time a guy kissed and sucked her.

I wanted to see this guy up close and personal, and I was willing to agree to most anything and I'm sure Karen felt the same way. We agreed to protect her mother from being hurt, but we were going to get a look at this Pony Guy.

Patty said they were driving and would be there late the next night, Friday. When Patty left the room, Karen and I started to talk, and make our plans. We decided on Saturday evening or Saturday night, but we were going to see this guy. Karen was working till 5 on Saturday, I would pick her up from work, and we would come here for dinner. She went in and ask her mom if it was okay for me to come to dinner on Saturday. Her mother was most agreeable and said she was already planning for me to be there. Karen's dad would not be home until Sunday afternoon, and she knew we were going to come up with some kind of scheme. We decided to include Patty's mom in our plan, mostly because we needed her help. We thought when we were finished with dinner Patty would take her mother and go to the mall. We would leave at the same time and go to the movies, but, only after we were sure Patty and her mother were well away from the house we would come back and take us a Pony ride.

Love, Solina

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