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The Chocker FMF

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My wife is now, more open the sex and the pleasure, that comes with lust. She has done our mechanic friend, a couple of times with me watching and without me. She still enjoys his physical cock, and knowing that I want her to be naughty. We had talked about bring another women into our play time, and things got very interesting when I ran into an old girlfriend at a bar, while I was with my wife. The girlfriend, said hi, how are you doing, and all that stuff old girlfriends say, and then give my wife a real body examination, up and down, and then turned and left. My wife wanted to know what that was all about. I told her that Maggie, was a little strange, and she would have to know her to try and figure her out. All night my wife Michelle wanted to know more and more about Maggie. She wanted to know what happen between us and what broke us up. I told to wait till we got home, and I would tell her everything in bed.

After we got home and showered, we hopped in bed and Michelle anxiously awaited a story like a little kid, waiting to hear a story. I told her that I referred to Maggie as the chocker. Michelle repeated “the CHOCKER”. I asked my wife if she was attracted to Maggie. She replied that I had always been with younger sex women in the relationship she knew about. Yes, I think Maggie is hot and very sexy. She asked me to go on with my story. I told her that Maggie work nights and I was working day, so we had a hard time getting together. Maggie also had a younger daughter with a new baby that she was helping with. I told my wife the Maggie was having a hard time getting enough sleep, and that her moods swings were difficult to handle. Her daughter moved to Hawaii and she when with her. That’s why we ended it, and it was all so the last time I saw her.

My wife said Ok, why was she the CHOCKER? Maggie was the first women I had been involved with that wanted to be chocked while I was fucking her. She wanted me to bit her hard and make welts on her nipples and neck; she wanted me to fuck hard in her ass, and chocker like I was raping her from behind. One time we were having sex and I was chocking her, I was so caught up in my pleasure, that I forgot what I was doing to her, that I could have killed her. I came in her ass, and she fell to the floor. I was so scared, because she didn’t move for a few seconds. She loved it and wanted more. That was the last time we were together. In my head I was thinking, what if I would have killed her, how could I explain it to the cops, or anyone else, that I cared about?

My wife added that she did have a nice ass. I told Michelle that Maggie did like pussy too. She and I were suppose to get it on with one of her girlfriend, she had been sexual involve with. But it never came to pass. I asked Michelle if she like to get to know Maggie a little better. Could she imagine Maggie, eating her pussy, or the both of them, 69? I put my hand on her wet pussy and it told the story. This coming weekend I hope to run into Maggie again at the club.

One Friday my wife and I planed that I would go to the club and hopes of luring Maggie back to our house. Maggie would know what we both wanted from her. I started thinking that several years have passed and Maggie might not be into that old kinky stuff. Twenty minutes later Maggie’s arms are around my waist from behind, and she wanted to know where my sexy wife was. At home, shaving her pussy was what I told her. Maggie wanted to know if it was a hot pussy. I asked her if she like to find out. You know I like it both ways right, she replied. “My wife and I were hoping she come home with me and brake in my virgin wife”.” She never has eaten pussy, will that will be fun”.” Do you want to see your wife eat me?”” Yes, and I would love to see you fuck her too”. Well it just so happen that I do have my strap-on in my car, just for occasions like this. Does this kind of opportunity come up often, I asked. No, not husbands and wife’s, but I do have a couple of girlfriends, that I play with. Great, let me call Michelle, to tell her to expect us home soon. My wife answered the phone and I said “baby Maggie wants to talk to you.” Maggie got on my phone and said, “Baby we are coming to fuck you. Ready or not here we come, bye “and hung up. Maggie followed me home, and when we pulled into the driveway, I had a raging hard-on. I told Maggie, I hope Michelle has dressed for our adventure. My phone rang and I panicked, because it was Michelle. I said hello, and she asked what would Maggie like to drink, wine or beer? I asked Maggie and she said wine. Wine I told Michelle. Great! And hung up. As we reached the door Michelle greeted us, in her crock-less panties and a see though halter top. She handed Maggie a glass of wine and said Welcome. Maggie said thank you and moved closer to Michelle and kissed her on her mouth. Michelle placed her arms around Maggie waist and returned her kiss this time with tongue included. Maggie broke the kiss and spun Michelle around and told her she looked hot and sexy. Maggie asked Michelle if she had gotten her vies the week before when she first saw her. Yes kind of, I did know what you had in mind, but you did get to me. I got wet looking into your eyes. My clitoris tingled and I have to know more about you. “Baby you are going to get to know me. I’m going to use you, and you are going to love it.”

Hello, did you two forget about me? My wife looked at me and said you are going to have two wet pussies to fill, don’t worry about it. You’ll get yours. Maggie rubbed my cock and told Michelle that I was excited to see two pussies licking and sucking each other. With her other hand she reached for Michelle juicy pussy and kissed her again. Let move into the media room upstairs where we can play. Michelle led and Maggie followed. Half way up the stairs Maggie kisses Michelle on her ass and turned her around and has her sit on the steps. Maggie kissed my wife’s thighs and long legs. I watched as she kissed and licked my wife’s pussy. I was still at a lower level of the stairs, and had a great view. This lasted for a few minutes. I suggested we take Michelle upstairs and place her on the ottoman, where she can have the best access to her shaved pussy. Michelle’s back was on the ottoman and Maggie knelt, and folded Michelle long leg back to her head. Michelle held her own legs back, and Maggie rubbed Michelle’s pussy with her fingers, and kiss it and rubbed some more. I started to undress Maggie by removing her blouse, the best I could, without interrupting the action. Michelle pulled her knees further back and Maggie tongue made it way to Michelle’s pretty little anus. You like that baby, don’t you? Yes, Yes, I love it. Shortly after that I asked Maggie to stand, so I could remove the rest of your clothes. Michelle stood and kissed Maggie as I pulled her pants down and then she kiss her neck and then she started sucking Maggie nipples.

Michelle asked Maggie to pull my cock out, and told her that she was going to eat her pussy while she sucked my hard cock. Maggie kissed me and then spread herself on the ottoman. My wife got on her knees and worked on her nipples and kissed her way down to her thighs. “I never tasted or smelled a wet pussy before. Your hot, I’m hot I’m so excited” Go for it baby, I told her. Maggie added “Make me cum, baby.” Maggie was playing with my cock as we both watched my wife start licking, kissing and sucking Maggie’s nicely trim pussy. I was so turn-on pre-cum started oozing out my cock. Maggie took it in her mouth, and said “Baby likes pussy too”. She told my wife that if she did a good job that we both were going to fuck her. Maggie had a big black dick for her, and both her orifices were going to be filled. “Does Baby want Maggie to fuck her?” My wife stopped long enough to looked at us and said “Both of you’ll do where ever you want to me.” Maggie grabbed her hair, pulled her up to her face and asked again, “Does Baby want Maggie to fuck her with a big black cock?” My wife looked shocked into her face and said “Yes fuck me baby”. They kissed and held each other. Maggie was in control, of my wife.

I asked Michelle if she loving it. She told me she was. As Maggie attached the strap-on, I kissed and suck my wife’s pussy. She came and then I position her to sitting on the ottoman, legs spread open for Maggie. Maggie stood in front of my wife and placed the black cock in her mouth, and told her to suck on it. My wife licked and got it all wet. Then Maggie told my wife that she was going to fuck her doggie style. She told my wife that she was going to get fuck, until I came in her mouth. I watched as Maggie opened my wife’s pussy from behind and placed that black cock at the entrance of that juicy, wet throbbing pussy. I was watching Maggie fuck my wife, my wife was sucking my cock, and I was kissing an old girlfriend and playing with her tits. It was too much for me, and I exploded in my wife mouth. She sucked and sucked and she was loving it. After my wife cleaned me up with her tongue, Maggie told Michelle to stand up. She pushed her back to the wall, and forced the black cock into her from the front this time. Maggie picked my wife up off the floor and Michelle rapped her long leg around Maggie’s waist. Maggie contained to fuck her, as they kissed passionately. My cock was hard again watching them. Maggie told me to chocker, while she fucked my beautiful hot wife. I thought about it a minute, and decide against it, but didn’t want to tell her, no.

So I took the aggressive role and told Maggie, I had a better idea. I told her she was going to eat my wife’s pussy while I fucked her ass. She told me again to chocker. I told her to get on her knees. Michelle sat on the ottoman in front of Maggie, with her legs spread wide open. I placed a towel around Maggie’s neck like I was going to chocker, but had not intentions of putting any pressure on her neck. Maggie was very excited, and licks my wife’s eager pussy. I moisten her ass, and stated to enter her anus. With my first penetration, Maggie came, and she was loving it. My wife came, and I came in Maggie’s ass. I was done. Michelle and Maggie laid on the sofa, kissing and lick each other’s sore pussies. I showered and then watches them shower, and dry off. The three of us crashed on our king-size bed. They kissed, and played more and I fell asleep.

In the morning we had breakfast, and Maggie told us she wanted to have a lesbian party with Michelle and her other girlfriends at our house, and I could watch them play with her.

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