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The Bank

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This is it. No, it?s not. This is the day. I?ll wait for a better day.

Ruth?s mind went from one thought to the other, plucking off each one in a tortuous game of ?loves me, loves me not?.

She was so absorbed in her mental gymnastics that she narrowly avoided plowing her one-more-payment-and-it-will-be-all-mine convertible into the rear wall of the bank as she wheeled it into its assigned slot. Seeing the red clay brickwork looming immediately before her, she managed to regain enough awareness of the real world around her to slam on the brakes before having to extend that final car payment because of the repair bills she was about to incur.

This is the DAY!

Filled with a resolve she had not been able to muster in the nearly two years since she first met Alex, Ruth slid from the driver?s seat, slammed the car door behind her, and marched to the employees? entrance to the bank. As she stepped across the threshold, her newfound confidence started to give way to old insecurities. Her gut roiled, but rather than succumb as she had always done before, Ruth forced her anxiety and trepidation into the darkest recess of her mind and sealed them inside with the long-held passion that had brought her to this turning point.

Ruth wound her way through the maze of cubicles to her sparse but attractively appointed cube. Her position at the bank did not require her to transact business with the bank?s clientele, so her workspace was at some distance from the section, situated next to the main lobby, where the vital fiduciary business was conducted. As the Senior Loan Officer, Alex?s desk, an impressive expanse of polished mahogany splashed with equally imposing piles of letters, forms and other financial flotsam, was located in the center of the hub of financial activity. Though nested comfortably in its niche among the tasteful gray and maroon fabric cubicles, Ruth?s line of sight to Alex was unbroken; a fact that was at once a blessing and a curse. A blessing, of course, because it gave her an unobstructed view of her desire. A curse because she was constantly distracted by images of the body hidden beneath the finely tailored suits and jackets. Arms, legs, chest, stomach Ruth longed to see and feel against her bare flesh.

Ruth stowed her purse in the lowest desk drawer then settled into her swivel chair. She looked across the seemingly vast expanse of the lobby. Alex was arranging documents and handing to a customer who studied each one diligently before affixing his signature.

So smooth. So elegant. So confident. So accomplished. Ruth marveled at the poise and skill that had marked her beloved?s meteoric rise to close to the top of the bank?s food chain. Daily Ruth observed these qualities which added to her thrill and helped unleash her secret, primal lust. Emotions previously undetected welled-up deep inside her womanhood and manifested themselves, sometimes at the behest of a phallic toy or another type of taboo, elongated object and at other times entirely spontaneously, in a torrent of fluid that washed the walls of her pussy and often puddled embarrassingly in the V of the black silk thong she preferred to wear when she chose to wear undergarments.

As Ruth stared fixedly at Alex, her right hand slid imperceptibly under the skirt which had risen to the middle of her thighs when she sat down, revealing the tops of black hose fastened to the strap of a black garter belt. Her delicate palm pressed against her fleshy inner thigh. Slowly she kneaded and gently massaged it. The feel of soft, pliant flesh through hosiery produced such excitement that it felt like an electrical charge was streaking between her fingertips and well-developed thigh. The coolness of the metal clasp attached to her stocking added to the pleasure Ruth was reveling in behind her desk, unseen by co-workers and customers.

Her finger glided upward along the edge of the thong. She fondly stroked the crease formed where her upper thigh and hip joined and pointed the way to her heated pussy, freshly shaved and softened in scented baby oil. Ruth?s head fell back and her eyelids closed. The gypsy finger wandered over the pursed lips of her labia as it made its way inside her most secretive place. It virtually swam in the lagoon of sensual wetness that had formed in her cunt. The delicate digit meandered leisurely through the cavern; touching every moistened nook; savoring the ecstasy surging within every nerve and fiber of her body.

She pinched her swollen clitoris. She winced at the painful pleasure it generated. She then tugged the sensitive bulb. Though less painful, the thrill it produced seemed more prolonged and pervasive.

Ruth worked her finger in and out, quickening the thrusts. It did not seem to her that her cunt could produce more wetness, yet it did. Short, quick bursts that stimulated images of she and Alex writhing in raw, naked passion. Sexual intimacy in the purest, deepest form Ruth could imagine.

Ruth gingerly removed her finger from the pool before pressing her thighs tightly together in order to squeeze out a stream of cum that now ran between her legs. She brought the drops of nectar lying on her fingertip to her partially open mouth and placed them on the tip of her tongue. Its taste and fragrance were sweet yet tantalizingly pungent. She rolled the exotic liquid into her throat and swallowed greedily. At that instant, she wondered about Alex?s essence and what it must taste like; smell like. Ruth luxuriated in the thought and basked in the sensuous warmth of the solitary passion.

A voice calling to Ruth startled her out of her reverie. It was the Senior Loan Officer beckoning her.

It took Ruth a few fumbling moments to regain her composure. She stood up then tugged at her skirt, making sure the straps of her garter belt and the tops of her stockings were covered. She then smoothed out the light tan fabric, leaving a streak of sticky wetness on it. Ruth was less embarrassed by the telltale streak of pussy juice than she was concerned that the moment she was both dreading and desiring was upon her.

She hesitated. She tried to remember all of the things she absolutely had to say and the exact words she wanted to use, but the thoughts and words were now tiny pieces of an enormous, intricate jigsaw puzzle scattered all over her brain. None of the pieces were connected and others couldn?t be found.

Panicked, Ruth realized she could not assemble the puzzle quickly if at all. She decided to allow spontaneity and serendipity to act and speak for her.

Ruth found herself suddenly at Alex?s desk.

Before she could ask why she had been summoned, the client who had been signing away his life, reached out to hand Ruth the completed documents and in the process, knocked the nameplate off of the desk onto the lush carpet. Ruth instantly bent down to retrieve it.

She picked up the sterling silver plate and studied the name etched into it?Alexandra de Graff.

Repositioning the gleaming nameplate on the desk, Ruth glimpsed, under the unbuttoned Navy blue blazer, the seductive revelation of the deep, tight cleavage separating Alex?s ample, succulent breasts.

Ruth was speechless again.

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